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Comparing Laudato Si’ withSDG 1 (No Poverty) aligned with community development


Task: Write an essay by providing a comparative analysis of Laudato Si’ with SDG 1 (No Poverty). Explain the relevance of the topic with reference to community development, course of study and a local community organisation.



The need for community development is relevant across the world. A large section of people, organisation and governing bodies have undertaken measures to develop local and global communities. Strategies that empower an individual or group of individuals and help them to access basic human rights is known as community development. Community development has gained importance in recent times because it has positive and socioeconomic impact on the society (Durán-Díaz,, 2020). Laudato Si was one such patron saint who contributed to the development of community in various ways. This essay aims at conducting a comparative analysis between the principles of Laudato Si and SDG 1 (No Poverty). SGD 1 is a global goal that has been initiated by United Nations (Global Goals, 2023).The objective behind conducting this comparison is to help people understand how the principles of Laudato Si has been engaged by the authorities of UN in order to eradicate poverty in the coming years.

Comparative analysis

According to the framework of Sachs it is the responsibility of the governing bodies across the world to focus on economic development, social inclusion, and sustainability of environment. The comparative framework of Sachs is known for eradicating poverty globally by advising countries so that they can focus on economic reform. Thus, the framework of Sachs can be engaged with SDG 1 that emphasises on eradicating poverty by providing equal employment opportunities to people across the globe. The Sachs framework aims at eradicating poverty by 2025. Whereas, UN focuses on eradicating poverty by 2030. Thus, the SDG 1 can be compared with the framework of Sachs. Increase in rate of inflation is increasing the price of products across the world. The comparative framework of Sachs helps nations across the world to develop initiatives that aims at reducing poverty, hunger, and illness. The framework of Sachs says that western countries or developed nations must provide 0.7% of their income to the global development program. This program can further contribute to the people who are living in poverty-stricken areas.

The post-development theory reveals that western countries got developed due to their exploitation strategies from the developing and under-developed nations during the world war. Europe became a developed nation and lead the pathway because it has exploited resources technically. The fossil fuels were exploited, people were given less wages. All these exploitations aimed at developing the infrastructure of the nation. This post-development strategies adopted by European countries have impacted the climate and community in general. Thus, the framework of Sachs can be aligned with this post-development concept. It is the current responsibility of these developed nations to contribute significantly to other developing and under-developed nations to reduce the gap between rich and poor. This is how powerful nations can collaborate with governing bodies of other nations and reduce exploitation and create a poverty free and healthy society.

Laudato Si, the pope Francis focused on creating a poverty-free society. The pope believes that in the 21st century the urge for development and living life with dignity is gone. This is increasing the gap between rich and poor. People across the world are getting exploited.The pope has developed an action platform website that aims at moving towards sustainability (the Laudato Si, 2023). The action platform briefly describes about the response to the cry of the poor. This platform is engaging people from different parts of the world so that they work in solidarity and help people overcome challenges related to poverty. This viewpoint of the Pope can be aligned with the 1st SDG. United Nations along with other organisations have tried to eradicate poverty in various stages but the outbreak of the pandemic has changed the lifestyle of people across the world. It has been estimated that almost 70 million people went back into poverty. It has also been estimated that half of the workforce in the globe has become vulnerable and they are unable to access necessities and living their life without any dignity (United Nations, 2020). The objective of SDG 1 is to create a poverty-free society and reduce the income gap between rich and poor community. This has become slightly difficult due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Moreover, the authorities of the nation are trying to reduce the gap between rich and poor and prevent exploitation of these communities by the rich people in order to reach their goals by 2030.

Laudato Si believed that human beings are the creation of God and they have the right to enjoy and live their life with utmost dignity. He As per the principle of this pope, the widened gap can only be reduced if equal employment opportunities are provided to people across the world. This has been one of the major reasons, the pope emphasised on modernisation and advancements of technology. The pope believed that leveraging advanced technology can create employment opportunities and this is how people across the world can live their life with dignity and respect.According to this SDG poverty can also be eliminated when people with low income can get access to clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene. Such approach towards poverty eradication can also restore the dignity of human beings in each part of the world. The steps that are undertaken by United Nations are highly appreciable but these steps can only become successful if multiple nations come together and contribute to the restoration of human dignity. For example, the governing bodies of Australia believes that boosting the education system within the country can significantly contribute to equal opportunities. Thus, the governing bodies have initiated programmes and technology that are providing funding to school students in order to ensure wellbeing of students (Australian Government Department of Education, 2023).

The course study is nursing. The objective of this course study is to train individuals so that they can take care of patients in healthcare setting. Nursing has a close association with catholic form of teaching Catholicism engages in both environmental, developmental and healthcare issues. (Cichos,, 2020). Laudato Si is a pope who followed Christian religion. He was also followed and loved by non-Christianbecause of his ideologies and principles. According to his believe, the entire world is evolved spiritually for recovering the vision of God. One of the major visions of God is to take care of poor. People who are below the poverty line are unable to access food, basic healthcare, and education for their children. Moreover, the pandemic has also impacted the world population. Due to the pandemic people have lost their jobs, they are forced to live in extreme conditions and this is also increasing the mortality rate and degraded healthcare. Moreover, the life limiting condition is affecting children among certain backward communities which is increasing the death of children (Marston, 2015). Thus, Laudato Si invited people to hear the cry of poor. In one of the encyclical letters, this renowned pope communicated with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN. He mentioned the urgent need for radical change in humanity conduct to the members of the organisation (Pope Francis, 2015). The SDG 1 goal and nursing can be interlinked with each other because poor people in the society can be empowered with the help of proper healthcare facilities. Individuals who are getting trained as nurses can increase awareness among poor people and help them get access to basic healthcare facilities.

Australia is one such nation that has always focused on ensuring equality within the nation. This has been one of the major reasons people governing bodies of Australia has supported various local community organisations. The objective of these organisations is to develop the society, promote the need for poverty eradication, education, and protection of environment. Action on poverty is one such organisation that operates in the local areas of Australia. One of the major objectives of this organisation is to connect communities with philanthropists (Action on Poverty, 2023). It is believed that due to outbreak of the pandemic, the progress of United Nations towards eradicating poverty will slow down. Thus, to help SDG work on their track, more resources should be allocated and initiation from various nations are of utmost importance (Mukarram, 2020). As per the strategy of Laudato Si it is the rich who needs to change and wealth should be alleviated in order to eradicate poverty from the society. This perspective can be aligned with the actions undertaken by Laudato Si. There are various rich people across the globe who are desiring to work for the less privileged population of the country. Laudato Si who believed in Christianity also believed in working collaboratively with people across the world. In this religion, people are encouraged to work in solidarity with other humans and help them to overcome extreme conditions of poverty and hunger (Cichos,, 2020). This aspect or learnings of Christianity is leveraged by the chosen local community organisation named Action on Poverty. The partners of this company are working together and use innovative technologies to reduce healthcare problems like dengue and many more. Finally, legal empowerment of poor people is of utmost importance and this can be done by training next generation people so that they can handle climate changes (Green Law, 2023).


This report aims at compare the principles and learnings from Laudato Si with the SDG 1 i.e., No poverty. From the report it can be concluded that Laudato Si has gained popularity because he has spoken about community development and its alignment with religious teachings. It has been found from the report, that UN has engaged the principles of Laudato Si while developing the SDG. Laudato Si has empowered people across the world to listen the cry of poor people and work on eradicating their problems. Thus, in the future it is the responsibility of people across the world to come together and work for the under privileged community. Education should be provided to children because it will help them to get jobs. Moreover, western developed countries must focus on contributing a small percentage of income to other nations to create balance in the society.


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