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Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal: A Detailed Report


Task: You are required to finish the Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal. The below-mentioned deliverables would provide an idea regarding how the written submission should be outlined.
- A relevant evaluation of the teaching plan to be executed in your local community by including the public health and community health provider should be conducted after drafting the teaching proposal.
- Feedback should be appealed from the provider that would specify the strength and opportunities required for the development.
- The Community Teaching Experience Form should be completed by the student.


Health Promotion/ Primary Prevention in Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
It is the deed of sustaining proper health and wellness among the public that is majorly directed by the concept of Disease prevention or Health promotion. The effective strategies to derive out some practical approaches to achieve health care are devised under these two concepts (McKenzie, Neiger & Thackeray, 2013). The strategies which are developed under these concepts that are labelled as primary prevention activities. It is the activity of making aware and encouraging the people towards leading a healthy lifestyle and thereby develop a well-disciplined and good habit which is intended under Health Promotion.
Preparation to be made before Teaching in Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Community teaching work plan proposal

Name and Designation of the Teacher


The duration of teaching that is intended to be conducted


Targeted community and its aggregate


Place of Teaching


Amenities and equipment required to conduct the class




Estimated Cost


Epidemiological Rationale to be conducted in the Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
The concept of wholesomeness, empowerment, and contribution should be considered while organizing various proposals, programs, and policies related to the activity of health promotion. Various factors that make direct influence over health like personal, environmental and socioeconomic could be controlled at the individual and communal level if regular health prevention programs are conducted (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2011). Various aspects of health like mental, spiritual, and physical are focused under the campaigns of Health promotion.

Nursing Diagnosis in Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
It is the activities of self-care and health maintenance which is majorly targeted by nursing diagnosis. The major activities under the nursing diagnosis comprise of sustaining a broad perspective towards acquiring new knowledge and being updated towards various medical treatments and disease diagnosis, implying various approaches and methodologies which are crucial for stress reduction, purging the practices which create a negative impact on the healthcare, etc. (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2000).

Willingness to learn new things
Nurses are required to sustain eagerness and a keen mind throughout their careers. Since the nurses are expected to engage with the patients and clients at an emotional level with a medical acquaintance so that the treatment should be provided in an impeccable manner, they should be updated with every new change in discipline or technology. Conducting a training program with other professionals and colleagues would increase the efficiency of the members included in the health care and social welfare team. The best practice to be followed in the social care team is to openly discuss the issues and challenges with each other. This would sustain proper communication and clarity of the circumstances among everybody.

The implication of various theories in the practical conditions
Health officials should have a thorough idea of how to imply various medical theories in the practical environment. It would ensure the quality delivery of medical treatment to the patients and other clients. If considered medical theories for health promotion, in particular, it is the salutogenic theory which is more relevant in the practical environment. The salutogenic theory is more efficient to be implied in the practical conditions when conducting health promotion programs. Rather than the normal notion of focusing on the disease or medical condition of the person, the salutogenic theory would focus on the health attributes of the person. It is crucial that medical workers should understand the basic concept behind the salutogenic theory before implementing it.

Objectives to be followed in the Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal
As per the provisions mentioned under HP 2020, the major objective of conducting the health care promotion program is to: -

Community teaching work plan proposal

  • Create a surge in the number of efficient medical employees.
  • Enlarge the community of people with appropriate medical insurances.
  • Increase access to primary healthcare centres for the public.
  • Make aware the public to ensure the dental insurance.

The behavioural objectives to be developed and the associated content and strategies while Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Behavioural Objective and Domain


Methodologies/ Strategies

Increasing awareness among students regarding the significance of sports life.

The recommended sports for the student are football, cricket (which ensures the physical engagement) and chess and carom (that encourages mental development and strategical thinking). Whereas football and cricket serve as the outdoor games, chess and carroms would assist entertainment within indoor.

The clear chart would point down the major differences and impact of outdoor and indoor games. It is recommended that the pictures of various games should be included to increase engagement with the audience.

Making aware the students regarding the major factors which pave the way for certain diseases

The diseases to be considered in this context are measles, Cholera, Malaria, and Diphtheria. Whereas Cholera and Diphtheria are caused by a bacterial infection, Measles is caused by viruses, and Malaria is caused by mosquitoes.

The chart prepared for this purpose should list down various diseases specifically and their symptoms. The health of children should be analyzed from various perspectives. The students are required to place relevant pictures regarding the symptoms of the respective diseases.

Stating down one of the healthy food from the prescribed food groups

In general, the pyramid of food is classified into five different foods which are Cakes, Vegetables, Artificial sweeteners, Pizzas, and Seafood.

The Food pyramid should be displayed in the chart in the most engaging ways with the audience. The pictures of the respective food should be placed after providing a detailed explanation of it. A separate table should be included in the chart which displays the particular that has eaten by the child in lunch and nutrient content engaged in it. It should be predicted that what should be eaten by the respective child to suffice the deficiency of minerals and nutrients.

The concepts of creativity should be implemented while drafting strategies for teaching. The concept of creativity should be endorsed each time when the semesters are at the end. The implementation of the nursing interventions and various medical tools should be dexterous, flexible, fluent, and unique by relying on the creativity concepts (Dudek, 2006). It would be very effective for the nurses if a particular creative thinking course is applied since it facilitates the development of medical thought process that would get handy in their future clinical career. Such developed skills could be used to endorse various health practices and protection against contagious diseases.

Community teaching work plan proposal

Systematic assessment of the objectives
The below focus points should be analyzed for the systematic assessment of the objectives.

Community teaching work plan proposal

  • Significance of playing various outdoor games and the ways to endorse the habit of playing outdoor games among the students.
  • The major intend behind analyzing the food habits of the students by following the course of meal consumed on a daily basis and the consecutive impact of it on their body.
  • Importance of making awareness regarding the symptoms and root cause of severe diseases. Collecting the data regarding how severely the disease has affected the well-being of people and the valuable lessons learned from it.

Systematic assessment of the goals
The efficiency of the strategies adopted for the task of teaching should only be decided by comparing the before treatment and after treatment medical condition of the patient. It is very crucial that the concept of appropriate attitude, medical knowledge, and nursing skills are thoroughly understood by nursing students (Miracle, 2003). The acquired efficiency after conducting the training would bring quality to clinical governance and bring aggregate growth to the whole medical field. 

Systematic assessment of Teachers and the lessons delivered by them
It is in the last phase of the program that the effectiveness of the lessons delivered by the respective teachers is analyzed. It is by analyzing the lessons that the patient retains after the process that the efficiency of teaching is calculated (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2011).

It is based on the personal approach and individual understanding that various hindrances and challenge appears while conducting the teaching process. The performance gap between the recommended method and the applied method should be understood while teaching the students. Otherwise, the whole effort of dispensing knowledge about various treatment and awareness programs on the prevention of treatment would go in vain (Dudek, 2006). While engaged in the process of teaching, the basic elements like professional values, preventive measures against the diseases, and appropriate philosophical approaches should be addressed by the personnel.

It is the process of understanding the basic needs and medical condition of the person that is considered to be the formal step of the training process. By conducting this step, it could be ensured that the medical faculty has a thorough knowledge of the patient's condition, and the respective treatment method could be applied according to it (Miracle, 2003). The core intention behind conducting these activities is to ensure that the patient is getting the best treatment facility possible. Various tricks to tackle the obstacles like the use of eye contact as a non-verbal technique to create a personal touch in communication should be taught to the students.

The impact on teaching process by conducting the community teaching work plan proposal
 The process of teaching facilitates a thorough platform for nursing professionals to exchange medical and clinical expertise among each other and help the upcoming students to enter the field with more advanced medical preparation. The next generation of nursing professionals could be made very advanced by appropriate teaching process since it helps in shaping the career and success of the student (Pender, Murdaugh & Parsons, 2011).

Community teaching work plan proposal form

Personal Credentials
Full Name:

Permanent Residence:

City, State:

Office Address:

City, State:

Residential phone number:

Present Designation
Current Title:


Address of the employer:

City, State:

Annual income:

Academic qualification
Name of the university:




Experience in Teaching

Year of employment:

City, State:

Dudek, S. (2006). Nutrition essentials for nursing practice. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Miracle, V. (2003). The latest in cardiac nursing. Nursing Management (Springhouse), 34, 14. DOI:10.1097/00006247-200300001-00004

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