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Coca Cola Case Study: An Analysis Of Organizational Behavior


Task: Drawing on your own personal workplace experience , write a mini case-study (max 1200 words ) on: The key components of my effective team.

Following the case-study, two questions are to be posed which encourage the reader to analyse different aspects of the case in close detail. Students should also provide a brief 200-250 word example answer for each question in order to demonstrate the potential learning outcomes of the case. A minimum of four distinct references from academic journals are to be included in the assignment. They can be part of the case, the example answers, or spread across the two sections.


Organizational behavior in this coca cola case study refers to the study of activities or behavior of the employees inside a commercial enterprise. The reflective case study has been made depending on the issues faced the famous soft drink company Coca Cola. The aim of this coca cola case study is to figure out the strategies with which the company can utilize it human capital in order to make the organization a better place to work. At the same time, I have described the opportunities through which the company can continue its growth in the local market.

coca-cola organizationa behavior case study

Coco Cola has been serving the world for more than 130 years however, the organization is facing extreme problem in the market of the island country like Sri Lanka. The company is facing a downtrend regarding its brand value. In the year 2014 the brand value of Coca Cola a around 34 billion dollar whereas it has decreased to nearly 32billion dollar in the year 2018. It means the company has faced an acute loss of around 5.4 percent. In this coca cola case study discovered certain factors that have caused such an acute downfall of the branded organization. One of the factors is the mismanagement inside the organization. In the following coca cola case study, I have highlighted how the improper workforce management of Coca Cola has leaded the company to such an adverse situation.

Reasons of the downfall of Coca Cola Company
Communication: In order to identify problem lied behind the downfall of the Coca Cola Company discussed in this coca cola case study, I found certain issues and communication is one of such issues. The entire set up of the organization is so much corporate like that the employees hardly get time as well as scope to share their opinion or thought with other. It has affected the growth of the company in two different ways. First of all the staffs has could not get chance to share their problem with their leader. As a result, they could not develop their skill in order to improve their performance. On the contrary, the company lost the opportunities of utilizing the innovative ideas of the workers that could have been fruitful for the Coca Cola Company.

Feedback sharing: The HR of the team leader did not pay proper attention on sharing the feedback with the staffs of the. As a result, the employees did not get the chance to improve their skill. Sometimes, they lacked of the proper knowledge of using the latest technology while producing the various products. This situation had a negative repercussion on the company’s growth as a lot of employee left the firm out of lack of dissatisfaction. As an irreversible effect, the company had to face an acute shortage of labour that has hindered the production rate. In my opinion the shortage of the human capital is one of the most important factors that has affect the growth of Coca Cola Company in a profound way.

Motivation: I think motivation is one of the factors that are responsible for the shortage of the staffs inside the organization. It is true that Sri Lanka is one of the densely populated area in South Asia. As per the recent report held on 8th May, in the year 2019, which is refered in this coca cola case study the entire population of the country is 21,008,582 (Chandrajith et al., 2019, pp-12, pp-37) which is approximately 0.27 percent of the entire population of the world (Wijesuriya et al., 2019). As a result of such huge population the country enjoys the facility of plenty human capital. May be that is the reason that the company treated its staff as a factor that can easily be replaced by some other employ. The management of the company did not pay attention in order to motivate the employees. For instance in this coca cola case study, they did not arrange proper compensation or increment which was quite demotivating for the staffs. As a result, the employee showed less interest in order to enhance their performance.

Absence of proper training: I found in this coca cola case study that one of the reasons of the downfall of Coca Cola Company is the lack of training the needed to be provided to the employee in order to enhance their performance. Like other country like Australia, UK and many more the company did not have proper training facility for their employees. I think, that is the reason why the staffs that were unable to perform well were easily demotivated. In addition, the management did not take any measure in order to increase the efficiency of their workers. This situation had a adverse effect on their work performance which consequently followed by the decrease in products’ quality.

Improper human resource management: Before writing this coca cola case study, I had gone through certain researches, which illustrate the error of the human resource management of Coca Cola Company. For instance, the company has collaborated with four bottling firms that created a big issue as the organization brought around ten thousand workers (Chiu, Fischer and Friedman, 2019, pp-109). It was actually double of the entire work force. As a result of such collaboration the company had to encounter with the problem of complexity of the unnecessary staffs as well as resignation of termination of employees (Chiu, Fischer and Friedman, 2019, pp-98). It created an unstable situation inside the organization that had a negative impact on the reputation of the company. In addition, the human resource managers did not show proper interest in order to attract or retain the quality employee who could play significant role in betterment of the company.

Attitude of team leader: The team leader failed to motivate their team members. Most of the time they could not encourage their subordinate staffs and thus they could take proper initiative in order to achieve the company’s target. In addition, the team leader r the supervisors did not perform the proper monitoring of the tasks of their subordinate team members. Even they showed reluctant to share proper feedback which could improve the quality of the performance of their team members. The irresponsibility of the team member or the management of the Coca Cola Company has increased the uncertainty among the subordinate staffs of the organization. In my opinion this kind of attitude of the higher authority was quite responsible for the loss of status of the world famous Coca Cola Company.

Relation between the management and the staffs: I discovered that the company management was failed to build a lateral relation between the employees as well as the team leader inside the company premises. I have discussed earlier in this report that the workers hardly got chance to talk about their problems whatever they faced at the time of performing their task. The management of Coca Cola Company hardly arranged meetings in order to discuss the problems of their staffs as well as the possible remedies to resolve those problems.

Proper working environment: The management failed to create the proper working environment that can encourage or motivate the employees to give their best performance (Jones and Comfort, 2018, pp-43). As I have earlier mentioned that Coca Cola Company provided a strict corporate environment to its employees. This situation created obstruction in building an emotional attachment between the workers as well as the management of the organization. As a result, the employees failed to understand that their improvement was closely related to the success of the company (Jones and Comfort, 2018). That was the reason in this coca cola case study why the workers of the Coca Cola Company did not take enough enthusiasm in order to provide their best performance for the organization’s upliftment.

Questions and Answers
Question 1: What are the factors that are responsible for the downfall of the Coca Cola Company in Sri Lanka?
The coca cola case study has been resulted in the identification of the downfall reasons for the successful execution of the works for the company. The study had narrowed the reasons for the major issue alignment including the lack of the information, absence of the training and development, and lesser motivational strategies had resulted in the downfall of the company. The integration had resulted in the major issues for the development of the facilities and implying the management of the works for enduring the continuation of the facilities. The lack of information was the major reason behind the implication of the issues of the Coca Cola for the enduring of the works. The information management had resulted in the cognitive management of the factors aligning the successful and effective completion of the development.

The issues in the team management had also ensured the cohesive and managed performance development for the work information management. The human resource management issues resulted in the major setback for the continuation of the innovative work alignment and development. The formation would also enable the effective formation of the works that can result in the major issues of the continuation and development. The issues of the works would result for making compilation issues in the formation of the effective work development. The major issues in the alignment of the human team management of Coca Cola were issues in the HR department for implying effective communication process.

Question 2: Suggest some possible remedies through which the company can overcome such situation?
The major identified issues of the Coca Cola were the lack of the information, absence of the training and development, and lesser motivational strategies that had resulted in the major setback for the company. The coca cola case study resulted in highlighting the major issues in the completion of the works. However, the use of the effective strategies can result in the cohesive and effective development of the plan for easing the operations of the Coca Cola. Some of them have been explained below,

Proper Training and Development: The proper training and development referred in this coca cola organizational behavior would be marked for managing the effective formation of the works that can endure the management of the works. The training and development would also ensure the compilation of the works. The ensuring of the facilities would also make sure that the works are effective completion of the works.

Induction and Communication Program: The induction and communication program would be developed for the enduring the continuation of the works for aligning the management of the works. The communication and induction program would enable the completion of the works. The alignment would also ensure the completion of the works.

Information Sourcing from Credible Sources: The sourcing of the information from the credible sources can be used for ensuring the effective development and improvement of the information for Coca Cola. The sources in this coca cola organizational behavior would be genuine and provide authentic information for the completion of the strategy development. The information management would also ensure the successful completion of the works.

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Jones, P. & Comfort, D., 2018. The Coca Cola Brand and Sustainability. Indonesian Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research, vol. 1, no. 1, pp.34-46.

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