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Cloud Computing Assignment: Role of Cloud Services in Project Management


Task: Write detailed cloud computing assignment illustrating the application of cloud computing in project management.


Technology description
Cloud service is defined as cloud computing which is capable to deliver on-demand services to the businesses and consumers over the internet connections. The major feature of cloud service is that it enables the companies to store larger data sets effective so that users can access their data from any location easily. Branco, Sá-Soares, and Rivero, (2017) proposed research and examined that cloud services are mainly delivered by the vendors and providers and help the companies to maintain accountability and availability of data over the internet servers. There are numerous cloud service providers for example Amazon, Microsoft, Google and many more.

With the help of cloud providers, business communities can access cloud-related services easily and improve the level of performance in less time. The major benefit of using cloud service is that it is capable to improve the scalability of the systems used by the companies.Elzamly, et al., (2016) reported that because the cloud service providers are capable to deliver effective software, there is no requirement for the organization to invest in its resources and IT networks. Therefore, it is demonstrated that the uses of cloud services reduce uses of larger IT networks and infrastructures from the systems so that business complexity can be managed. Such characteristic help the companies to scale problems and change organizational activities and infrastructure in a reliable manner.

Most of the cloud services are performed through a single computing deviceand does not require additional sources, network and hardware that enable the companies to reduce operational costs from the businesses in a reliable manner. In terms of flexibility, cloud services and networks are more effective and flexible that allows the companies to access data from any location without requiring additional networks. Because of larger flexibility, more than 67% of the companies are moving towards the cloud services and help to deliver these services to the users and stakeholders. Hayajneh, Hamada, and Aljawarneh, (2020) agreed with this point and highlighted that with cloud-based servers; business communities can procure facilities on an on-demand as required. Thereare various kinds of cloud services used by the companies which are described below:

Software as a service (SaaS)
SaaS is a common cloud service used by the companies that help to store larger data files, can be used as a backup plan also helps in the project management plans. There are numerous examples of SaaS cloud services for example G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and many more. In such kind of cloud service, consumers can access, transfer and store information in less time.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
IaaS is another cloud service that has the ability to deliver the infrastructure that numbers of service providers require to control and handle SaaS programs which are not capable to maintain performance. It is capable to serves as the entire data centre model and helps to improve the effectiveness of the business infrastructure. There are numerous examples of IaaS such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google engine and so on. These suppliers are capable to handle all storage servers and networking systems effectively.

Platform as a service (PaaS)
PaaS also defined as the cloud service model which is capable to provide web-based services to the companies where programmers can develop cloud-based applications effectively. Lin, Chen, and Chuang, (2016) found that PaaS delivers a database system and operating network which can utilize for developing cloud-based programs and systems without having underlying factors. Therefore, all these are effective cloud services that can be used in businesses in order to improve organizational performance and reduce business problems in a reliable manner.

Applications of cloud services in project management
There are numerous applications of cloud computing and services in project management domains which are described below:

Accessibility of project plans and frameworks
In this era, many companies are implementing cloud-based servers in the project management systems due to their capability to deliver larger accessibility to the users. Project managers require providing updates to the companies related to the projects where cloud services are capable to develop effective infrastructure and system by which companies and management can access project plans and frameworks from any location.

In terms of flexibility, cloud services are more flexible that allows project management teams to access important information and project structures from any location and in less time. Sarkar and Jadhav, (2016) agreed and highlighted that cloud services do not require additional IT networks and infrastructures by which project management can significantly deliver accessibility of plans to the companies and also update consumers in a reliable manner. In which Software as a service is included where the consumers have access to the significant project applications placed in the server and also able to check performance and updates in regards to the projects or products. Therefore, it is reported that the uses of cloud services are capable to improve the accessibility of project plans and frameworks.

Improving the security of data related to the project
Securing data is a major problem linked with the project management where team members are not capable to secure and confidential information related to the projects. In this era, most of the project managers store data related to the projects in the computer devices where hackers can transfer fraud or malware signals and reduce accessibly of the computer devices.

Moreover, criminals can perform unauthorized activities and access information and data related to the projects easily and data breach problems may be produced in the workplace. Cloud services play a major role in the reduction of security risks from the stored data and in project management security is a major application of cloud sever where managers can secure data effectively. Vatankhah Barenji and Hashemipour, (2017) conducted research and examined that the uses of cloud servers in project management enable managers to store larger data into cloud networks and use as a backup plan where private and important information related to project can be secured. Therefore, it is recommended that while proposing projects, the management team should link cloud servers with the systems so that data can be handled and secured from the security threats in a reliable manner.

Implementing cost-effective projects
It is found that most of the projects failed due to lack of proper planning and larger expenses where management was not able to handle cost-related issues. Yan, et al., (2020) determined that managing cost in the projects is a challenging task for the managers where the performance and effectivenessof the projects. In order to manage such problems, cloud-based servers can be included that have the ability to provide cost-effective services to the companies and allows project managers to manage additional IT networks and hardware effectively. Using cloud servers and networks, project managers can connect the system with a single networkand able to decrease the requirement of external software and hardware easily.

The upside of distributed computing use is to encourage correspondence between individuals from the group and the capacity to tie down consideration of the customer to deal with the task. Such comprehension of the task usage is somewhat another style of cooperation, not the execution of new IT arrangements.

The conventional project management is made out of a specific number of people who uphold the venture administrators in the manner in which we have introduced. With Cloud Computing, this isn't any more important. The most effective lean and digitize arrangement is to make virtual project management. Younas, et al., (2016) reported that 60% of the project management teams focus on the cost of projects where cloud-based programs and servers enable them to operate services with limited resources. As the cloud service providers are capable to deliver effective software, there is no requirement for the organization to invest in its resources and IT networks. Therefore, it is demonstrated that the uses of cloud services reduce uses of larger IT networks and infrastructures from the systems so that business complexity can be managed. Such characteristic help the companies to scale problems and change organizational activities and infrastructure in a reliable manner.

Provide remote work and automated systems
Project management requires automated controlling systems for managing and performing project operations easily. Cloud services deliver a way where project management can develop remote controlling applications for the projects and reduce human errors and problems easily. The recent literature determined that cloud-based servers have the ability to monitor the performance of the projects easily and also helps to develop automated systems so that errors and bugs can be determined from the systems.

The traditional project management networks are linked with the manual systems where team members perform activity manually that increased time and cost in the project implementation. In order to manage cost and time-related issues, many project managers are including cloud servers and networks that help to develop automated and remote controlling systems for the projects. Moreover, SaaS and IaaS cloud services are capable to implement automation of several project development processes by which the performance of projects can be improved easily. Therefore, it is recommended that project managers should link cloud services with the systems so that performance issues can be reduced and the level of quality can be improved.Moreover, cloud services help project managers to deliver technical assistant by which errors, issues and bugs from the project management systems can be managed easily.

From the above evaluation, it may be summarized that cloud services are more effective that can be implemented in the project management in order to improve performance and reduce operational costs. This report examined the key features of cloud computing and cloud services along with the applications of cloud services in project management. It is found that SaaS and IaaS both are common cloud services used by the companies and in project management these services are helpful for leading performance and completing projects with the larger quality.

With the assistance of cloud suppliers, business networks can get to cloud-related administrations effectively and improve the degree of execution in less time. The significant advantage of utilizing cloud administration is that it is competent to improve the adaptability of the frameworks utilized by the organizations. As far as adaptability, cloud administrations are more adaptable than permits venture supervisory groups to get to significant data and undertaking structures from any area and in less time. Cloud administrations don't need extra IT organizations and frameworks by which venture the board can essentially convey openness of plans to the organizations and furthermore update customers in a solid way. So, it is recommended that project management should adopt cloud services for improving performance and reducing operational costs.

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