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Cloud Computing Assignment: Implementation of Cloud Solution by Samsung


Task: You are required to write acloud computing assignmentreport of 2500 words on implementing a cloud solution to an enterprise in a global environment. Students can choose an organization from any industry (For example, banking, retail, health/hospital, etc.).


Executive Summary
The report on cloud computing assignment discusses the significance of cloud deployment and its cloud computing systems. The report also discusses and evaluates the securities that are required in cloud computing and find easy solutions for the identified problems. Cloud deployments are the significant thing that is required in business as most organizations use the cloud system for the safety and security of the work and authenticity of their relevant data and information. The various types of cloud deployment models are available that is beneficial for the public use and also for the businesses to work in more security and fulfill the organizational requirements as well. The report discusses the service requirements and justification in cloud deployment and its models. The report discusses and evaluates the issues related to cloud computing such as security, privacy, ethics and maintenance and its solution for data safety and security. The report also discusses and evaluates the business process explanation, its applications andits benefits in the organization for better performance and work. For the report, the Samsung Company is chosen. The report also discusses the implementation of the proposed cloud solutions that could be used for the right purposes and work without any violation.

With the advent of cloud computing solutions, the delivery of resources related to information technology is no longer time taking and pricey. The tech companies no longer require large data storage devices to store valuable data, rather, they adapted to the era of cloud solutions for seamlessly assessing and storing data as per the requirement. In this assessment the chosen tech company is Samsung and a detailed analysis of the implementation of cloud solutions to enhance the organizational performance, retain global customer base and increase ROI. The application of cloud computing in the company's business process and the organizational requisitesof complete cloud solutions will be critically evaluated in the assessment process. The safety, security and ethical issues in the context of cloud solutions will be discussed along with possible suggestions for improvement. The ways to implement the proposed cloud solutions to the tech company and the benefits of welcoming this on-demand cloud service will be justified from all the probable perspectives.

Business process Explanation/Application
A business process is defined as methods and procedures that a company uses to achieve goals and objectives in their business or their overall business journey. It may also be referred to as a set of tasks and activities that helps the company to achieve the overall organizational objectives and goals. To achieve the goals and targets the companies should implement some beneficial activities and tasks for a good change and improvement in the organization and at the production and manufacturing level. It is also considered a significant asset for getting organizational goals and targets. In a business process, several tasks are available for the completion of one project (KissFlow, 2021). The several tasks are allocated and distributed to several teams and it helps to achieve the overall work in a short duration. The business process inspires the people to work in harmony and builds a good relationship with their teammates and thither stakeholders as well. It also helps the organizations and team membertour ways of innovation and makes some effective changes in their products and their business processes (KissFlow, 2021). In Samsung, their business processes are very efficient and are mostly relies on their best team that handles all the technological and manufacturing things and issues and their latest technology that helps to complete their work in time. From manufacturing the products to supplying them to their targeted customers all the work is done by their teams that work efficiently. The company operates their business globally and is also considered a global leader in mobile and information technology. The company works with their stakeholders and partners efficiently for more digitization and to transform the product to use more beneficially.

Cloud deployment& Services Requirement and Justifications
Cloud deployment means arranging the applications and data through various hosting models such as SaaS (Software as software) and PaaS (Platform as a Service). It makes it easy for organizations and government officials to save their file use from everywhere whenever and wherever they want to without any obligations and disruptions (Geeksforgeeks, 2021). Various cloud deployment models are being used in deploying the applications such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud and multi-cloud. These cloud deployment models help to understand its significance and the benefits of using it. The cloud system allows organizations and users to use it whenever they want to and the owner of the cloud system could access it from anywhere and everywhere (Atos SE 2021). The significant thing that is required to access the cloud system is the high-speed internet. The cloud system is cost-effective and it allows the owner to every relevant data and input. In the cloud deployment system, there are more chances of getting cyber threats and confidential information might get revealed. For this, strong services are required for the safety and security of the data and therefore, the cloud system providers need to build a strong firewall so that the hackers could not get any chances to get entry (CompatibL 2020). The alarming system needs to be installed in the cloud deployment services to know if there is any kind of unaware movement that is noticed and the owner or the handling person could know about this activity. It also gives security to the organizations if a strong firewall and this kind of alarming services are installed and built in the cloud deployment system. All organizations are using cloud computing and deploying system for the security and safety of their financial and other vital data.

Cloud solution issues related to security, privacy, ethics and maintenance
With approximately 70 years of delighting its customers with its continuous service in diverse domains such as advanced technology, manufacturingof semiconductors, shipbuilding, finance, fashion, medicine and more, adapting to a new technological solution might seem to be a tricky decision for Samsung. With the ongoing demand for on-time infrastructure delivery and high performing software development, cloud computing became essential. But, every new technological advancement comes with its share of drawbacks and ethical issues related to safety and data security which often makes it difficult to rely on the service. In this section of the assessment, the cloud computing issues related to security, privacy, ethics and maintenance will be critically discussed along with possible recommendations to resolve the technological issue.

i) Issues related to security
Cloud computing is definite speeding up the automated infrastructure deployment process (Giannakopoulos et al. 2018). Yet, since the cloud solutions to the technology company deal with tons of data, the chances of a data breach are significantly higher than the physical storage and access options. Samsung decided to leverage a vendor-neutral cloud infrastructure in the very initial phase of its technological up-gradation to cloud computing. Here, the tech giant barely cared about the important data being handled by the third-party vendors without even the knowledge of the source or details of the vendor manipulating the company's data and hacking into the organizational structure of the electronics giant. Incidents of a data breach are common for Samsung as in 2020 about 150 users were victimized with a cyber-security concern owing to cloud computing. However, the cloud computing experts are constantly putting their endeavor to improve the security service to the trusted consumers. Building up security configuration between different subsystems is helping the company resolve the security issues with the smart subsystem clustering system.

ii) Issues related to privacy
Whenever the privacy concern associated with technology comes up, the first thing that hovers around the mind is password security. Even without the knowledge of it, many cloud service users are prone to password hacking. Once the password is hacked, it's not much difficult for third-party vendors to peek into the confidential data of millions of users (Jain, Gyanchandani&Khare 2016).

Many Samsung galaxy users complained of the data selling policies of the electronics giant. Its shady mechanisms to sell users' data to third party users should be considered a wrong move by the company. The problem surfaced not just with the Samsung Smartphone users but with the privacy breach with the Samsung Pay app, which shares the financial information of multiple users with Samsung Pay partners which Samsung does not conceal. Although Samsung admitted the privacy issue exists with the selected galaxy devices and not with every Samsung device, it's a serious privacy issue that needs to address soon. After the flaws were identified and reported to Samsung, the company tried to resolve the issue in a May 2021 software update which addressed the potential vulnerability of privacy breach.

iii) Ethical issues
Unauthorized access to users' data, infrastructure failure is two of the major ethical risks related to cloud solutions. The ethical issues are complex to solve as the sources are very difficult to identify and the entity behind the ethical breach. Since the data is stored in different cloud organizations authorized by the company, cloud storage can never be considered a safer option. One of the major ethical problems with cloud computing solutions is that cloud engineers will always have access to the private information of the users. The company claiming that it has access to the user's data is highly esthetical from an organizational perspective The attempts to data and security breach always leads to several ethical problems related to data leakage.

The incident of data leakage of 150 Samsung users clearly shows its poor corporate ethics which consistently lowered the amount of trust in the tech company. Samsung is searching for a solution to these ethical issues with its integrated cloud-based network which focuses on the advanced security of the users (Singh 2017).

IV) Maintenance issues
One major issue with cloud computing is the maintenance of assets and with Samsung cloud allowing the users to take control of their private data, maintenance issues will pop up. as the cloud vendors continue to get into their services and try to improve cloud security, the maintenance management gets bare to the third-party vendors (VanHoy 2021). These vendors are often involved in unethical practices and intentionally creeps into others data and steal it. IT companies should always be attentive to safeguard users data in the maintenance process. The shared cloud responsibility of Samsung is recently revamped to protect the privacy of its users. Samsung security dashboards are constantly evolving to modify security portals to diminish the maintenance risks of users' data. The company has partnered with ClearScale to deliver a safe cloud solution platform for accessing without the data breach threat.

Implementation of proposed cloud solution for Samsung
In today's technologically advanced world, imagining a tech company without the appropriate implementation of a cloud computing solution is pretty difficult (Aydin 2021). Several tech companies have upgraded to cloud solutions for the delivery of cloud infrastructure, accessing tons of data and unlimited space to store private information and confidential data, Samsung, the Smartphone manufacturer has adopted cloud solutions for its better flexibility and enhanced collaboration. The proposed cloud solutions for Samsung are as follows:

i) Enhancing regulatory control With Samsung facing multiple regulatory issues regarding data breaches and data security, better regulatory control is a proposed solution for the company. The security issues faced by the company would be resolved to a certain extent if the regulatory control for cloud computing is transformed. Skilled data governance and experts in data compliance should be hired for addressing the regulatory issues within the tech company(Martin, Shilton& Smith 2019).

ii) A CS road map
One of the latest in cloud computing solutions, the CS road map is all the rage in the technologically advanced world. Although previously relevant to cloud engineering technology solely, Samsung's experimentation with cloud strategy road will help in documenting the company's cloud strategy and secure the transitional data. If Samsung ponders upon this solution, the cloud technology application of the company will be decently optimized. A significant number of ethical considerations are to be considered to experiment with and build an appropriate cloud strategy road map

iii) Miscellaneous web-based services
Another proposed cloud solution for Samsung would be to roll out several web-based services targeted to the tech-savvy businessman. Gradually web-based applications are transforming the complex and difficult to monitor business domains and hence, Samsung should be more competent in bringing out lucrative web-based services to keep the consumer base intact in the long run. Web-based services purposefully designed for specific business-oriented clients would be extremely helpful in optimizing the growth of the company. All these above mentioned proposed cloud solutions are designed to improve the cloud network of the tech giant and enhance user’s cloud experience to a large extent

This assessment report primarily focuses on the different aspects of the implementation of Cloud Company from various viewpoints. Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has been chosen to explore the unfamiliar aspects of cloud solutions concerning the implementation of cloud service in Samsung. The business process explanation has been decent outlines prior to delving deeper into the cloud computing implementation. Cloud development and the requisite services for a tech company have also been emphasized upon. Certain ethical and security issues have been mentioned in the process of implementation of cloud computing. Although ethical issues come up with the technological up-gradation of cloud computing, it is a way of accessing and storing zillions of data without the existence of a physical storage device. Certain cloud solutions are proposed for the electronic conglomerate which has been aptly implemented by the company.

In brief, this assessment has sketched an overview of cloud computing along with its shares of downsides and proposed solutions to resolve the issues related to cloud computing.

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