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Cloud Computing Assignment On Enhancement In Organizational Environment


Task: Submit Mind Map work plan for Ass. 1&2
1. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 1
ONE member of your group should fill in the MILESTONE ONE SUBMISSION FORM (available on the BCO6653 VU Collaborate site) with the following information:

The names of the members of your group

The topics that each group member has selected (remember, you cannot pick the same topic you covered in the first assignment)

The names and URLs (web addresses) of three businesses that you would like to approach for interviews and any contact person you have at the business. You should choose medium to large sized businesses to ensure that they have a large enough IT department. You are required to choose three businesses now in case one of them does not agree to be interviewed or is rejected by your lecturer.

There will be a link on VU Collaborate for you to upload the form.

2. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 2
Approach the Businesses

Once you have received email approval from your lecturer, you may contact the IT manager of TWO of the businesses and ask their approval to conduct an interview. Upon agreeing to be interviewed, you should email them the Letter of Introduction. Before arranging an interview, you should ask the IT Manager concerned to return-email you with their agreement to be interviewed.

The bottom part of the letter of introduction explains to IT Managers that they can refuse to answer any questions they are not comfortable with and that the identity of their business can remain confidential during student presentations of results.

If one of the businesses refuses to be interviewed, you can approach the third business. If you are still having trouble, you should approach your lecturer personally WELL before the milestone is due.

You should submit the agreements by IT Managers to be interviewed (printed emails) to your lecturer in class

3. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 3
References Check
In Session 8, during tutorial time, you are required to show your tutor a full list of references you are using for Assignment Two. This list should be printed out under the heading ‘References’ (as per the Assignment template).

Your tutor will randomly select three references from the list. You should show them the printed or e-copy of the reference at that time. This means you will have to bring a printout or electronic copy of each of the references you intend to use in the assignment.

4. Assignment Submission Milestone: Task 4 + 5
Conduct the Interview (Well Before Session 9!)
As you are conducting an email ‘interview’, ensure that all of the questions are included in ONE email to the IT Manager. There will be the IS Planning/Strategy questions plus one set of questions for each of the other topics.

Do Not ask any questions that are not provided by your lecturer

You should submit the actual email responses by IT Managers to your lecturer in Session 9 and upload them using the respective link on VU Collaborat

You should now be ready to write up the ‘interview’ section of paper (don’t forget to relate your findings to literature analysis. Do not show the detailed word for word responses of IT Managers.

Be prepared to ask for more information if the responses from IT managers have been too short. This is another reason for getting started on Assignment Two as soon as possible.

Finally, complete your introduction, conclusion, references and abstract (literature analysis and interview sections should already be prepared).


The present study of cloud computing assignment deals with the concept of cloud computing which is considered as the most recent paradigms of IT and related to distribute computing. In brief, Cloud Computing is fundamentally a bunch of commodities, which is computer networked in different or same geographical location. They usually operate together to serve a huge number of patrons with various needs and workload which directly depends on the demand basis with the help of the concept of virtualization. The services of cloud computing are on condition that to the cloud use as a utility service like electricity, water, using the business model of pay-as –per –use.

The report would be directly focusing on the various features of cloud computing taking into consideration a comparison relating to the literature analysis and the current practices, which are included in the technology. Moreover, analysis of the technology would also be conducted in the field of implementation and deployment in an organizational environment.

Literature analysis
Subject content
The perception of cloud computing can be reflected as a paradigm of distributed computing which is provided to the patrons on demand which is founded on utility-based computing services. The users of Cloud can directly provide updates that are more reliable and available services to their client in return. The technology of virtualization is provided on top of this physical machine. This virtual machine is provided to the cloud users as per their requirement. Various cloud providers provide services to their customers on different abstraction levels such as Amazon EC2 enables the customers to handlebar very low-level details where the Google App Engine offers a podium of development for the originators to help them in developing their application. Therefore, in the current cloud computing assignment it can be stated that the cloud services can be separated into many categories such as platform as a service, software as a service and infrastructure as a service. These all types of services are offered on the internet to the complete world where the cloud directly acts as a single access point for the services to the customers. The architecture of cloud computing address snags of large scale processing of data.

As per (Murugesan and Bojanova, 2016) it can be specified that cloud computing in recent engagement times has various forms of advantage which are directly helping the organization to excel in various field of work. In this context, it can be stated that one of the main factors is the adaptation of the infrastructure, which is very much important. This is mainly due to the reason that if there are any forms of the problem linked to the infrastructure deployment it can directly affect the performance of the organization and as a whole affect the working area. Therefore, it can be stated that planning is very much crucial so that proper detailing and planning of the need is taken into consideration, which would be helping in the proper formulation of the cloud computing in an organization. Moreover, in some case, it can be seen that cloud computing is placed on the top of the existing infrastructure of the organization which should be done in a proper manner so that there is no problem linked to the proper utilization of the resources of cloud computing.

Currency (most recent)
In recent times, with the invention of more technology in the perception of cloud computing it can be stated that the user would not be thinking of the software or the hardware. The maintenance area is also covered up in the concept of cloud computing which is directly delivered from the culmination of the cloud service suppliers. Virtualization concept plays a very crucial role in the context and it can be stated that it gives an illusion to the user that all the resources are available to them and in most of the situation they can use them as per their requirement. Application using the concept of cloud computing in recent times is gaining huge importance due to the services, which are given, form their end. In the market, there are various cloud service providers, which provide various forms of services to the customers and organization according to their requirement. Among them, one of the most popular ones is the Amazon EC2 and S3 services. Both of the concepts plays a substantial part in the context of managing the various resources which are available in the concept of cloud computing. Both of the facets can be used by the organization, which would be directly beneficial for them, which would be helping them to achieve the various difficult task in a simple manner without any forms of complications indulged into the working area. Therefore, it can be stated in this cloud computing assignment that deployment and usage of both of the areas can assistance in the organization of the data, processing of the data and security aspect of the data. management of data, processing of data and security of data can be stated to be few of the main characteristics which are playing an important role for any forms of organization planning to move to the concept of cloud computing the organization should be having a clear idea of the concept and how the overall technology works. The concept of Amazon EC2 and S3 are stated and explained below:

Amazon EC2 and S3 services
Amazon Elastic computing (EC2) can be considered as one of the principal organization to provide infrastructure as a service. The services, which is, provide form their end is given through the ZEN virtual machine (Kumar, Vijayakumar, and Mittal, 2016). The Amazon EC2 is one of the most popular and biggest arrangements of XEN architecture in recent times. In working, the client can install their won virtual machine. The EC2 uses the concept of simple storage services (S3) for the feature of storing the data. The user can hire a appropriate quantity of storage, CPU power and memory deprived of any forms of upfront commitments. User can directly control the entire stack of software form the kernel upward. The architecture has two components which are the EC2 for computing and S3 for the storage purpose. One of the mina factors, which is focused here, is linked to the factor of securing of the data, which is stored in the context of the EC2. In most of the cases, organization tends to move to the concept of cloud due to the management and control aspect of the data which in most of the cases can be very much beneficial for the working of the organization. Hence the security aspect should be one of the main concern areas which should be focused on the operational of the concept of cloud computing.

Critical analysis

  • Simple storage services: The concept of S3 mentioned within this cloud computing assignment can be considered as an internationally available distributed which has a table with a high-level control of access. The data are stored in the value /name pairs. The names in the storing concept are done as per the UNIX files name and the value can be an object having a size up to 5GB with up to 4K of metadata for each of the object. All the objects in the Amazon S3 must fit into the global namespace.
  • Elastic compute cloud: as the name directly suggests it implies that EC2 rents the cloud of computers to the user with the direct flexibility of choosing the configuration of the virtual machine like the local file size, RAM size and processor speeds (Introduction to Cloud Computing, 2018). The machines, which directly serve the EC2 services, are actually virtual machine on top of the XEN platform (Wohl, 2015). The user can store the disk images inside the S3 and create a virtual machine in the EC2 using the tools which are provided form the end of the Amazon. This virtual machine can be easily be instantiated using java program and can also be monitored for getting an idea of the performance and the working. As the concept of EC2 is based on XEN, it directly sports the Linux distribution as well as other Oss. In the aspect of performance, it can be stated that amazon does not promise about the factor of reliability of the EC2 computers. Any forms of machine generally do not crash according to the prince which is given form the end of the customers but it can be noted that it is safe to use S3to store information which is replicated and reliable service. The EC2 security model is very much similar to that of the S3. The only major difference, which can be sated here, is that the commands are signed with an X509 private key. However, the key is downloadable for the AWS account so that the security be contingent necessarily on the AWS username and password.

Both of the factors discussed in the above context of this cloud computing assignment, can be stated as one of the recent trends, which are seen in the context of, cloud computing. Due to the reason, which is stated above most of the organization, are affecting to the thought of cloud computing and hence gain various forms of advantage linked to the working and the construction of the process, which helps the organization for the future working area (Sugumaran and Armstrong, 2017). Organisation should be adopting to the practices with proper knowledge so that they have a clear idea of the working constant, which is linked, to the cloud computing integration. Advantage can be gain in various manners but one of the most crucial factors understands the concept so that employee or the organization can directly engage in the working area.

Hence, it can be stated that the Amazon S3 is one the perception of cloud computing which in recent times is playing a very crucial role. On the other hand handling of the enormous amount of data at a particular time can be very easily be done form the concept. On the other hand, the factor of availability of the data is also achieved which can be important for the customers. The Pay per use concept restricts the organization from paying too much and pay for the services, which is acquired form, their end. This can also affect the financial area, which is linked to the service, which is achieved, from the cloud service providers.

Sources of reference
Introduction to Cloud Computing. (2018). Cloud computing assignment The Cloud-Based Demand-Driven Supply Chain, pp.43-89.

Kumar, A., Vijayakumar, B. and Mittal, R. (2016). Research Topics in Cloud Computing. Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, pp.676-681.

Murugesan, S. and Bojanova, I. (2016). Cloud Computing. Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing, pp.1-14.

Sugumaran, R. and Armstrong, M. (2017). Cloud Computing. International Encyclopedia of Geography: People, the Earth, Environment and Technology, pp.1-4.

Wohl, A. (2015). Cloud Computing. The Next Wave of Technologies, pp.59-77.

Discussion of Current practices in this Cloud computing assignment
Subject content
Cloud computing in recent times is being adopted by most of the organization due to the vast amount of advantage, which is seen from the technology. One of the main crucial sectors, which can be stated, is linked to the factor of storing data, which can be accessed in a proper manner without any forms of the problem in the sector. The organization can use the data as per their requirement and they can pay as per the usage. In ,most of the cases the organization tends to move to the perception of cloud computing due to the variety of work they can involve and they can directly put all the pressure on the technology. This can be stated as one of the main advantage areas due to the factor that the organization can focus more on the important working factor of the organization and leave the complex task to the technology. The infrastructure of cloud computing can be one of the active parts which help in the process management of an organization which can also be beneficial for the long run of the organization.

Processing of the services in a proper manner is one of the crucial factors, which is linked to the concept of cloud, computing and in most of the situation it can be stated that organization tends to lack the infrastructure which is required for the deployment of the cloud computing (, 2019). There are various forms of platforms, which are available in the context of, cloud computing, which can be deployed within the organization, and it should be focused that the deployment should be made as per the requirement of the organization or the need of the organization.

Currency (most recent practice)
There are three types of infrastructure, which is playing an active role in the context of cloud computing assignment , which is the private, public, and hybrid cloud. The main features, which is applicable in this infrastructure, is the access point. It can be stated as one of the main aspects, which can be very much beneficial in most of the cases due to the factor that it restricts the entree to the particular data of the organization, and it helps in the security of the data, which would be stowed in the concept of the cloud. The availability of the data, which is kept in the concept of the loud, can be stated to be available for the user at any instance of time and in most of the situation can access it forms anywhere depending upon their need and want. Another added advantage, which can be stated in the context of working, is linked to the controlling and the management of the data. Sometimes it is very much an important task for the organization to control and manage a enormous quantity of data, which is produced at any day instance. Cloud computing takes care of the problem and manages the data in a proper manner without any forms of problem seen in the aspect of controlling (Rittinghouse and Ransome 2017).

The cloud computing gives a proper infrastructure of working for most of the organization and in most of the situation, it directly takes control of the various functions which is seen in most of the situation in an organization context. In most of the situation, the employee of the organization should be given proper training so that they can have and direct control of the various functions, which is seen in the context of the cloud computing technology. This gives a proper view to the employee of the various functionality and how to deal with the technology working in a proper manner.

Sources of reference (2019). Cloud computing assignment Home - AIIA - Australian Information Industry Association. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Sep. 2019].

Rittinghouse, J.W. and Ransome, J.F., 2017. Cloud computing: implementation, management, and security. CRC press.

Comparison: Literature and current practices
The main area of comparison, which can be stated in the literature and the current practices of cloud computing assignment, is the security of the data. In most of the working condition of data, which is linked to the notion of the cloud, there is a problem linked to the security of the data. This is crucial due to the factor that most of the organizations tend to store their crucial data in the context of the cloud and there are no predefined rules which are linked to the security aspect. This is a factor of an issue due to the reason that the safety of the data in the perception of cloud computing is not given form the end of the cloud service providers. The security is given from the end of the vendor organization to have direct access to the data (Gai et al., 2016). In most of the situation, it can be seen that the organization do no have any of who has the general regulator of the data and who has access to the data. This can be an issue for the origination because in most cases, there are crucial financial and other important documents, which are stockpiled in the concept of cloud, and in most of the cases, any forms of intruder activity can directly impact the integrity of the organization and the working of the organization as a whole.

Moreover, it can be seen from the current practices that the exposure, which is given from the concept of cloud computing to most of the organization, can be stated to be advancing which is giving various sectors. In most of the situation, it can be noted that more the exposure, which is provided, from the end of the organization more would be an adaptation in the near future linked to the concept of cloud computing (Hashem et al., 2015). As per the platform as a service concept, it is seen that there are various variations of the platform which is integrated into most of the situation which can be utilized form the end of the organization. In the future working prospective, it can be stated that cloud-computing servers should be playing a very important role which would be dealing with the interaction with the customers. More advantage features are available in recent times such as accessibility and more reliability linked to the data, which is generated in most of the situation (Chen et al., 2015). This forms of the backbone of the concept of cloud computing which is utilized by most of the organization in their working pattern. The factor of reliability is one of the crucial points, which is due to the factor that if there are any forms of modification or alteration in the data in which is stored it can directly affect the working area of the organization. Moreover, alteration of data directly means that the data are being accessed by someone other than the authorized person, which can affect the integrity of the data of the organization.

After analysing the context provided in this cloud computing assignment, it can be quantified that the thought of cloud computing is one of the technologies which is gaining importance in recent time. Most of the organization in recent times are engaging in the conception of cloud computing due to the various forms of advantage, which can be seen in the context of working. Take the advantage of cloud computing can only if proper training is employed in the employee so that they can use the concept in a better manner and as per the requirement of the organization. In the future, it can be considered that cloud, computing would be playing a more advantage role and in most of the condition, it would be more beneficial from the point of view of the organization. Cloud computing assignments are being prepared by our it management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

Reference List
Hashem, I.A.T., Yaqoob, I., Anuar, N.B., Mokhtar, S., Gani, A. and Khan, S.U., 2015. The rise of “big data” on cloud computing: Review and open research issues. Cloud computing assignment Information systems, 47, pp.98-115.

Chen, X., Jiao, L., Li, W. and Fu, X., 2015. Efficient multi-user computation offloading for mobile-edge cloud computing. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 24(5), pp.2795-2808.

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