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Cloud computing assignment: Challenges of using Cloud Technology in Hospitality Sector


Task: Conduct a research on cloud computing assignment and prepare a detailed report on the challenges of using cloud based technology in hospitality sector.


Technology development helps in forming a new system and desired benefit for the organization by increasing their overall value. This is because it helps in creating an atmosphere that is more flexible, agile and helps in operating better processes. Cloud technology is one of the most evident and recently used technologies in the hospitality sector that help is adding value and promoting business strategies in various situations [4]. Cloud based technology help in managing system through sophisticated and dynamic software that allow in delivery immediate service to the customers.

Cloud based technology or cloud computing has strategic and operational advantages to the business that help them to meet operational needs. However, cloud technology has not been adapted at a large rate by hospitality sector over the world as it was expected. This is because there are number of factors that have discouraged the adoption rate of cloud technology in the hotel operations. Cloud technology is a method that helps in atomizing the computer services with the help of internet accessible. The cloud technology has helped in adding value to hotel processes through cost reduction, improved storage and analysis of data, fast processes and others [1]. However, various challenges follow the benefits such as security issues, finding a trustworthy server, legal issues, scalability and others. Thus, analyzing the challenges of cloud technology is important to effectively implement the technology in the business. The rising importance of cloud technology in hospitality sector has increased the importance of the research [2]. This is because the research will enable identifying and controlling challenges and increase the benefits of cloud technology in service provision.

Various challenges has been pointed out by the hospitality firms till now and analyzing such challenges extensively along with stating the effective strategies to reduce the negative impact of such challenges while using cloud technology. This is because hotel sector involves direct communication with the customers and managing challenges becomes important to improve customer interaction and hospitality services [2]. The problem that the present cloud computing assignment seeks to answer is the increasing challenges of cloud technology in hospitality sector and the way it is affecting the services served by the hotels.

The cloud-based services in hotels are used in various software applications such as central reservation system, property management systems and revenue management systems. The purpose of the research is to analyze the issues or challenges that act as a barrier in the implementation of these services in the hospitality sector. The purpose of the research will be met with the help of various objectives such as:

  • To examine the use of cloud technology in the hospitality sector in provision of various services.
  • To investigate into the challenges or issues the hospitality firms face when implementing cloud in their operations.
  • To suggest strategies that can help reduce cloud technology challenges in the operational process of hospitality sector.

The methodological approach is a systematic process that helps studying the research objective in question and solves the identified research problem. It helps in understanding the methods or practices that can be applied to specific problem. The present research paper will make use of mixed research that will integrate both primary and secondary data collection method. For collecting secondary data, the researcher will look into past researches into challenges faced by cloud technology in hospitality sector. Moreover, primary data collection will make use of closed question survey process to collect data from managers of large and small hotels that is making use of cloud technology. The survey will be conducted using ethical process and through online questionnaire consisting of 20 closed ended questions. The data collected will be analyzed using qualitative and quantitative method for an in-depth knowledge of challenges of cloud technology in hotel sector [19]. Thus, the approach to the study will be in an extensive manner to gain in-depth understanding of the problem and creation of accurate research outcome.

The potential or determined outcome of the research will be effective operational and privacy challenges that cloud technology will have on the hotels. The result will show the negative impact or issues of cloud processes in various hotel services such as customer services, hotel reservations, customer data management and others. Moreover, the study also expects to achieve the knowledge on various strategies that the hospitality firms can implement to reduce the challenges of cloud services and increase its benefits. Thus, the completion of the study developed in this cloud computing assignment will help in filling the knowledge gap in relation to cloud technology in hospitality services.

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