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   Free sample   Clinical leadership assignment on role on clinical consideration for nurses

Clinical leadership assignment on the role on clinical consideration for nurses


Task: On this Clinical leadershipassignment we analyze Clinical leadership importance to nurse considerations. Still it comes with experience, efficiency, confidence, and clinical skills. Being a graduate and novice registered nurse, it is not feasible to attend clinical leadership; rather it is better to opt for the process through which clinical leadership can be attained


Forum 1: this Clinical leadership assignmentassess the role of clinical consideration inClinical leadership for nurses. It comes with experience, efficiency, confidence, and clinical skills. Being a graduate and novice registered nurse, it is not feasible to attend clinical leadership; rather it is better to opt for the process through which clinical leadership can be attained. In order to do so, I wanted to be confident enough as a registered nurse as I have to deal with different types of situations where decision-making plays the most significant role (Dos Santos, 2020). Without being confident I cannot take effective decisions. Self-confidence is been defined as the notion of one's ability to accomplish a task or goal which is crucial to do. Being more focused on being confident, I can be competent enough to prove myself as a registered nurse. The registered nurse is even expected to have adequate clinical skills. Clinical leadership assignmentresearch shows perfect collaboration of clinical skills and confidence can only help me to be a competent registered nurse (Stone, Cooke, & Mitchell, 2020). Decision-making or confidence mainly plays the role before the action during the planning phaseswhereas clinical skills or efficiency can only help me during the execution phase. Henceforth, the perfect collaboration of both confidence and clinical skill can help me to be competent in the field of nursing.

Forum 2: Clinical leadership is the assimilation of several personal and professional attributes as it is the process to influence point of care innovation to improve individual care practices as well as organizational processes for achieving safety and quality during care outcomes. Registered nurses are required to attain clinical leadership in their individuality to confirm safe care in the clinical setting. In order to do so, the nurses need to have better participation in the decision-making processwhich depends on several factors like relationships with other medical staff, efficiency, clinical skill, etc. The underlyingfactidentified on this Clinical leadership assignment in this regard is decision-making cannot be performed effectively by the registered nurse if she is not having greater autonomy. Autonomy helps the nurses to have the freedom to manage any minor incident as per their experience (Pursio, Kankkunen, Sanner Stiehr, & Kvist, 2021). It even ensures the nurses about further help if needed. Hence, it is very clear that the decision-making process is directly connected with autonomy as well as clinical leadership which even clarified that without autonomy clinical leadership cannot be achieved. However, only with autonomy, clinical leadership cannot be attained as accountability is another most important factor to exercise to improve performance, morale, trust, and reduce fear (Drach Zahavy, Leonenko, & Srulovici, 2018). The treatment or care needs to be trustworthy, ethical, and clinical leadership accommodating all the qualities. Accountability and autonomy are the most important concerns for the registered nurse to attend clinical leadership

Forum 3: The healthcare sector or nursing practices belong to emergency services which severely demand the use of innovation in the process. A registered nurse can better practice innovation in the process by identifying and defining the problems in every possible way. It is even important for the registered nurse to think differently to get the best solution out for a particular scenario. In order to exercise innovation in the best possible way, it is further important for the registered nurse to build a network so that the innovation can be implemented easily and throughout the setting (Zhao, & Yang, 2018). The Clinical leadershipassignment research also shows Innovation itself can help the nurses to attend positive outcomes through a unique, definite problem-solving attitude. Further nurses can even attend a positive impact in the clinical setting by offering resources for the patient to initiate disease outcomes and life support. They even help the patients out with medication procedures and associated procedures to be efficient in self-care. Nurses even extract a positive impact by helping the patient with emotional coping skills to better deal with stressful situations(Cummings, (2021). By confirming both physical and mental well-being, nurses can confirm a positive impact on the entire setup.

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Dos Santos, L. M. (2020). How does COVID-19 pandemic influence the sense of belonging and decision-making process of nursing students: The study of nursing students’ experiences. International journal of environmental research and public health, Clinical leadership assignment 17(15), 5603. Drach Zahavy, A., Leonenko, M., & Srulovici, E. (2018). Towards a measure of accountability in nursing: A three stage validation study. Journal of advanced nursing,Clinical leadership assignment 74(10), 2450-2464.
Pursio, K., Kankkunen, P., Sanner Stiehr, E., & Kvist, T. (2021). Professional autonomy in nursing: An integrative review. Journal of nursing management, Clinical leadership assignment 29(6), 1565-1577.
Stone, R., Cooke, M., & Mitchell, M. (2020). Undergraduate nursing students' use of video technology in developing confidence in clinical skills for practice: A systematic integrative literature review. Nurse Education Today, 84, 104230.
Zhao, H., & Yang, C. (2018, October). Application of Workshop Based on Network in Practical Teaching of Rehabilitation Nursing. In 2018 9th International Conference on Information Technology in Medicine and Education (ITME) (pp. 384-387). IEEE. leadership assignment

Reply post: The discussion has attracted interest by confirming the connection between autonomy and accountability. The established connection helps the discussion to be transparent enough to any reader as the main point is being clarified initially. The use of resources is even recommendable as per the discussion as it successfully proves the claim without spearing any gap for authenticity issues. The discussion is not very clear throughout due to the complex language. Though the main point is very clear through the discussion;still it is not a very organized, well-structured, or free-flowing write-up to get the entire idea at once. In the write-up, the language remains quite difficult to understand at times as the use of punctuation is even not appropriate to convey the whole meaning easily. As a whole, it could be a better version if the language would be easier to interpret.


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