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Child Development Assignment Examining The Needs Of Toddlers


Task: Prepare a child development assignment discussing the strategy to apply for the children with specific needs.


 The study examined in the child development assignment has stated below the steps, the children grow up overcoming those steps sequentially. The age group of the toddlers is portrayed here and the needs of the toddlers based on gender are also illustrated here. Based on the needs of the kids of this age, the parents will impart an appropriate lesson to their children to rear them appropriately. The child development assignment has also covered child development strategies, theories based on the intake capacity of the kids of this age.

The strategy to apply for the children with specific needs
The toddlers can be divided into three groups based on the ages of two to three years, one to two years, and twelve months.

Needs of the children (based on age): The toddlers from zero three ages do not need huge amounts of food because at that time the babies do not grow so fast during that time. The parents should provide them with plain milk and normal drink and the parents should not provide them with sugary food during that time. Plain milk is the best food for them and healthy food habits should be incorporated into them by their parents from this stage. The parents will allow them to stand, walk, run and jump alone without the help of their parents. The parents will try to draw their attention to the big screen where healthy games, cartoons, and other colorful plays and videos have taken place and that is the biggest step to grow a child mentally. The study used to prepare this child development assignment mentions that this is the stage when the parents will not force their children to take more food and every parent should know that generally a baby intake less amount of food during this period. Parents will give them the freedom to consume the amount of food which is required for them to grow up (Dozier & Bernard, 2017). Vitamin D, Iron, and other necessary vitamins should be included in their diet chart.

regular diet of toddler

  Figure 1: The regular diet of the toddler
(Source: Dozier & Bernard, 2017)

Discussion of gender imbalance on the case scenario of child development assignment: The needs of the boys and girls are also different in this age, generally, it is seen that girls sleep more than the boys of this age. The boys learn to walk earlier than girls. Food habit does vary between boys and girls; it entirely depends on the intake capacity of the children. It is not that boys eat more than the girls or the opposite; it based on the hunger of both genders (boys and girls). It can be affirmed from the survey of the behavior of the children that the boys learn to walk and run quicker than the girls without the help of their parents. The mischievousness of the boys can be spotted easily than girls; in this field, girls are far back from the boys of this age.

The social background of the parents: The growth of the children of this age is dependent on the social background of the parents. The nurturing and rearing procedure of the children in the poor and rich families are different from each other. The children who take birth to a rich family get everything from the very beginning and the children never get acquainted with the term scarcity from the beginning of their life. On the other hand, the discussion provided in this child development assignment also signifies that the children of the rich family get healthy baby foods and drinks as per the advice of the experts and specialist doctors. On the other hand, the children do not get the required food and drinks at the initial stage because their parents are unemployed. Not only the monetary status but also the lack of knowledge of the parents about healthy food habits, prevents the children of those families to grow naturally with the help of the appropriate food and drink. However, the monetary status and the proper knowledge of the parents are very important behind the natural and smooth growth of the children.

The learning objective of each lesson for toddlers:  A child generally gets admitted in the school at the age of three but imparting knowledge to the child gets started in the home before that age. Parents impart a necessary lesson about trees, birds, the sky and others to their children before the age of three. However, the children get habituated to learn at home with the assistance of their parents. Once the parents teach the necessary knowledge to the children about what they are observing in their surroundings, it needed to explain the significance of those objectives to their kids. This is a great way for the kids to remember about those for a long period (Ralli & Payne, 2016).

The assessment of the outcome: Once the parents are imparting a lesson about the objectives, the children are observing around, the parents should explain the significance or functions of those to the children. The best outcome of this kind of teaching mention in the context of this child development assignment is that the children can remember it life and that is why the teaching or imparting lesson is important for the kids of this age.

What is an age-appropriate learning activity
For the balanced and smooth development of toddlers between the age of two to three years, one to two years, and twelve months, the flowing strategic plan can be framed based on their intelligence and happiness:

Encourage the toddlers to engage in creative plays or games: As per the research carried on this child development assignment it is inevitable for the parents to make the children engage in creative plays or games and that will help them to grow intellectually and physically also (Brownell & Early Social Development Research Lab. 2016).

The way to boost the learning capacity of the toddlers: The best way to boost the learning capacity of the toddlers is just to allow them to do what they like most. This is not the time to pressurize them rather it is important to perform the job in front of them to encourage them to repeat that. As per the findings obtained within this child development assignment it can be stated that this is a fruitful way to boost their learning capacity.

creative video games help toddlers

Figure 2: The creative video games help the toddlers to grow intellectually
(Source: Ralli & Payne, 2016) 

Perform the activities which give them happiness and satisfaction: It is needed for the parents to perform those activities which will be liked by their children. The children need to stay in happiness and satisfaction in this age and that can be ensured by the parents. 

Equipment that can be used for the completion of the planning
Small riding, wooden blocks, color pencils copies, puzzle-solving boxes can be given to them because they need to use their brains or intellect to play with them. On the other hand, it has also been noted in this child development assignment that the children perform those activities playfully and it indirectly helps them to grow mentally and physically (Schwarz, Van Kleeck, Maguire & Abdi, 2017).

Child development theory: As per Sigmund Freud's child development theory the developmental process is described as psychosexual stages. The important stages are oral, latent, phallic, genital and anal. In the oral stage, it has been observed that a toddler derives pleasure employing several activities including chewing. In these stages, it is very much essential for the parents as well as the teachers to keep an eye on the developmental activities children based on which it becomes easier to assess the extent of growth and development (Patterson, DeBaryshe & Ramsey, 2017). At times there may be arrived conflicting issues in children which should be resolved efficiently; otherwise, it may create serious issues in their growth as well as a developmental process.

At the same time, it is very much essential for the parents of their children to provide a sufficient supply of necessary food items for their toddlers based on which they can easily get the chance to build their health accordingly. The balanced diet for toddlers is very much important based on their ages and activities. In this context of child development assignment, it needs to be stated that if a particular toddler fails to complete its stages accordingly then it may create a profound impact on their personality as well as behavior structure in the later years.

The particular activity mentioned in the child development assignment will prove to be suitable for the age group ranging from one to two, two to three and twelve months. During this period, the act of creating a playful mind is important for the parents. The particular activity proves to be prolific in terms of developing the mental as well as physical growth and development of the children. Through doing such activities the children will be able to learn new things regularly which will help them in the years to come.

A learning activity using a technological device or method
There has been observed a rapid advancement in the technology sector which has indirectly made a profound influence in adding necessary tools for the purpose of giving education to children. Various kinds of innovative learning activities help the children to take lessons. There tend to be many kinds of learning activities for children based on their age groups. In fact, technology has really proved to be a helpful medium for the teachers through which they can easily give education to the children. Teachers take the help of the technological tools for the purpose of giving education to the children depending on the age groups. Through using class craft technological tool it becomes easier for teachers to engage toddlers in numerous types of learning activities.

Class craft: The role of class craft discussed in this segment of child development assignment aims to use the relevant gaming principles for the purpose of engaging the toddlers towards accepting the educational procedure by creating a suitable environment. Through using class craft tools toddlers get the chance to work in a united way through which they can be able to build appropriate academic as well as social skills. It is known to all that toddlers love to learn things by means of playing; therefore the designers have created the games in such a way that it will easily be able to attract the attention of the toddlers.

technological device in child development

Figure 3: Use of the technological device
(Source: Skinner, 2016)

The reason for choosing this innovative tool within the case scenario of child development assignment is that through using these tool toddlers will be able to get the chance of making development in educational as well as the health sector. This particular tool will prove to be beneficial for the toddlers in the sense that children will be able to learn a variety of things by means of playing which will be beneficial for them in proper growth as well as development. Through using the innovative technological device it becomes relatively easier to provide education to the toddlers (Skinner, 2016). Along with this, this particular strategy explored in the child development assignment helps in encouraging their growth and development both mentally and physically. It is very much essential to keep an eye on the developmental activity of the toddlers on a regular basis in order to understand their developmental process.

Follow up activities: At the time of introducing the innovative technological device for the purpose of developing their inner capabilities, there can be observed slow but steady progress in the sense of the children. Gradually with the passage of time, they will be able to use their senses accordingly. However, it is very much important for the individuals, who will guide them should make the toddlers learn the technological activities accordingly otherwise it may cause problematic issues in rearing up the toddlers in an efficient way. At first, it may create some issues for the children to get accustomed to this particular thing but it is important to arouse interest in the day by day so that they can easily accept the technological device through which they can easily learn innovatively (Vittrup, Snider, Rose & Rippy, 2016).

In this context iTunes to be mentioned that it is essential for guardians of the toddlers to look at the developmental signs of their toddlers based on which they can presume the extent of growth happening in their toddlers. After giving education to the toddlers it is the duty of their parents to look at the developmental stages of the children that have been happening through the learning activities. In order to measure the developmental gains, innovative ways should be taken by the teachers as well as parents based on which they can be able to assess the growth and development of the toddlers. Through drawing activities, meaning which one are shorter and longer it becomes easier for teachers to make an assessment of the developmental gains of the toddlers.

The next step mentioned in the child development assignment for the teacher as well as the parents of toddlers to increase the level of education based on the capacity of their toddlers. In this regard, after seeing rather assessing the growth of the teacher as well as parents should think of the next step for their toddlers. Through giving one specific task it becomes easier for teachers to assess the developmental extent of the toddlers. Along with this, the extent to which the development is happening should be measured in a scientific way based on which the toddlers can be able to express themselves freely in front of their teachers as well as parents (Arnott, 2016). The specific needs of the children should be determined at first for their guardians for the purpose of giving proper education to them. The things that children require at the time of doing their activities should be kept in mind. Hover, it is also true that they should not be given too much access to use their time as per their wish. Rather teaching activity should be modeled in such a way so that it becomes effective as well as prolific for the children to grasp them effectively as well as efficiently.

Thus it needs to be concluded from the overall analysis done in this child development assignment that it is very much essential for the parents as well as the teachers to keep an eye on the developmental process of the children on a regular basis. At the same time understanding the specific needs of the children will be essential for the purpose of developing their health activities. In order to do this, proper observation is very much required to form the parents of toddlers for the sake of providing a healthy future for them.

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