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Change Management For Police Department In Australia


Select one implication and expand it into a consulting and change management report and change implementation plan. To complete this task you will need to consider five key elements of change:

  1. your client(s),
  2. an assessment of the current (or as is) state,
  3. specification of the desired future (or to be) state,
  4. a change vision and the design of one intervention likely to achieve the change goal or vision and,
  5. the design of an implementation plan for your chosen intervention.


Change management is essential for companies and organizations to improve their efficiency. In this view, the police departments should include the use of Artificial Intelligence in their operations. However, they have planned the use of robots and drones to catch criminals and detect weather conditions in the regions. The police departments have crucial duties that involve dealing with dangerous criminals and other unforeseen circumstances. Moreover, the introduction of a new process involves efficient change management which can be dealt through the application oftheoretical concept. This report will analyze the Kotter's change management model for introducing robots and drones in their operations.

Case Study
The crimes have been increased in the world scenario; thus, it requires automation in the police departments. The terrorist attacks and criminal activities have increased due to which the police need to be digital and automated for handling the incidence of crimes. Due to automation, many lives will be saved. It is noticed that police and military have to deal with dangerous criminals due to which they are killed or paralyzed while conducting missions or countering illegal activities.Advanced analytics will help the police in cracking message contents and information that are exchanged in between the criminal groups. The spies and other individuals can share information with the police without any human intervention (Hendry, 2019). The use of drones will enable the police in patrolling the area without human interaction. This is helpful in the border and other communal areas where human interaction can lead to loss of life. Thus, it can be saidartificial intelligence will be very beneficial for the police department as they have to deal with the criminals and life danger situations. Thus, this report will discuss the use of robots and drones in the operations of the police department.

Situation Assessment
In recent times, artificial intelligence has not utilized by police officials. Thus, the police officers conduct several manual operations like managing crowds, patrolling, personal security for the hierarchy, maintainingpeace at the communal places, and many others. The police areengaged with law enforcement thus, they require automated operations for efficient management. The use of artificial intelligence has gained importance in the fields of construction, engineering, product manufacturing, car manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain. Thus, citizens can share crimes and other information that can be dealt with by automated systems (Hendry, 2019). This will reduce the existence of officers in the conversation cell of the department. The police officers can be deployed in other important departments that cannot be managed through artificial intelligence. The use of drones and robots can be done in the night patrolling through which the officers will be informed about the criminal activities and law breakage. Thus, the officer can be engaged in solving cases much faster (Rice, 2019). Therefore, the money generated from the taxpayer can be used in investing AI-driven products like robots and drones. The robots and drones are manufacture with high night vision cameras, longer recording facility, and mobility. Thus, the government can save costs on fuels, van maintenance, and others. It was reported by Hendry (2019) that the Western Australian police has planning to purchase 35 drones for training the officers. Two types of drones can be purchased for the police departments. The drones should beequipped with day and night vision cameras while also consist of modular payloads capacity. One type of drone will be integrated with the sensor and minimal setup while the other will be based on the interchanging multiple payload modules requiring types of tasks. The robots and drones will be used for many social causes by the police department thus, the drones should include high zoom and thermal cameras, floodlights, and speakers.

The drones can be used in mapping the city for pre-storm assessment. The police can map a highly frequented location for protecting the region from natural disasters. It is cheaper than the use of helicopters for mapping and patrolling. Police departments use robots and drones for chasing the suspects. The criminals take several routes to escape from the police (Rice, 2019). Thus, drones will help locate the criminal’s positionand identify the weapons that are carried along with the criminals. The drones arealso helpful in investigating crime scenes thus they provide 3D images and maps within minutes. They can record the entire crime scene which can further be used as a reference by the department.

In California, HP RoboCop has been launched that will help officials in law enforcement and scouting the public areas. The robot is equipped with a 360- degree vision camera, thus, it can patrol more accurately than the manual cops (Thomson, 2019). However, this can also be used in the Australian Police department.

In Adelaide, the robot was deployed for investigating a case. The robocop helped in finding the dead body of the individual for the police. The robots cannot be harmed when they are exposed to bombs, they can sniff explosives, narcotics, and act as message tool. They can help in mining tough mines and help in navigating illegal activities that re carried out in the rugged terrain (Billington, 2014). Two typesofrobots can be useful for police departments. One of the robots will be designed for only bomb disposals while the other will gather intel. In this view, robots like Throwbot are specially designed for situations that can be dangerous for humans. These robots can transmit audio and video data to the user or the operators. Packbot is another type of robot that is equipped with a huge variety of sensors and weighs around 790 pounds. These two types of robots are beneficial for the police force in Australia (Kann, 2017).

Change goal or Vision
The Police Department in Australia should be able to use automated machines for improved efficiency of operations. The use of drones and robots will help in minimizing criminal activity in the locality and help the officers in mapping areas for gaining weather information. The use of artificial intelligence for analytical and other network security work will increase the efficiency of operations in the department (Birudavolu and Nag, 2019 P44).

Optional Interventions
Kotter's Model of Change Managementwill help the Police department in incorporating process change in the operations. Many multinational corporations, restaurants, and government organizations are using artificial intelligence for smoothening their operations (Cameron and Green, 2019 P97). By introducing technology in their process management, the companies reduce disruption caused by manual handling (Kumar, 2019 Chap 2).

Create Urgency- It is essential for creating urgency about adopting a change in the operations and organizational culture (Braun, 2019 P11). Thus, the higher officials and HRM need to create urgency about the change of adopting the robots and drones in their operations.

Forming a Powerful Coalition–The employees should be convinced about the change that will be implemented and its importance in improving the current scenario (Lewis, 2019). Thus, higher officials should conduct meetingsand training sessions for the use of robotics and drones.

Create a Vision Change–This stage involves creating a vision for change. During this stage many ideas floating around that should be collected and firm decision (Rosenbaum, More, and Steane, 2018). Thus, several decisions can be made about the use of drones and robotics in the department. The department may use the drones in several areas that are above human reach. It also has to decide the usage of robotics in crime scenes and mining.

Communicating the Vision – The vision should be communicated amongst all the employees. The officials should be brought together in meetings and communicated about the number of drones and robots that will be purchased for the department.

Removing Obstacles- The HRM should remove obstacles that are hampering change management.The employee should be inquired about the struggles and obstacles in adapting changes. The officials should be trained with IT professionals for building confidence in using AI-Driven devices.

Create Short-Term Wins- The success of change should be shared with the staff and workforce of the company which further motivates them to perform better. Thus, officials should be encouraged and motivated by small incentives and rewards.

Building the Change – It is argued that success is measured too early in many organizations. Thus, implementing small changes will help in achieving long term change. The officials should regularly use drones and robots for obtaining long term success in operations.

Anchor the Changes- The HRM should display vision and values in day-to-day operations. Thus, the officials should be anchored with small success and upgradations in automated operations. Several new devices can be introduced in this stage for increasing operational efficiency.

Table 1: Kotter's Change Management tools


Current State



Create Urgency

Capable of providing more accurate details about crimes and natural disasters

Strategies should include creating urgency and the need for change in the department.


Forming Powerful Coalition

Collective efforts for training for using automated systems

The hierarchy should be included for motivating other officers


Creating a vision

Capable of improving the current process

Lack of need for change


Communicating the vision

Conducting training and meeting sessions

It staffs and trained professionals

Very high

Removing Obstacles

Reducing manual supervisions

Training of the officers


Creating Short-term wins

Officers can be motivated for using automated systems

HRM and Hierarchy should be included for creating short-term wins


Building the Change

Use of robots and drones regularly

Lack of sufficient drones and robots


Anchoring the change

Extensive use of drones



(Source: Authors’ Creation)

Selection of Intervention
The Australian Police have been planning the introduction of robotics and drones in the operations. Thus, it can be said that stepping stone for change has already been laid by the department. Therefore, removing obstacles will be used as an intervention for implementing operational changes in the department. It is chosen as many obstacles that can hinder the change management strategy. As stated before, the department has to decide the budget and number of drones and robots to be purchased. The department should hire trained IT professionals for the successful training of the officials. The official needs to gain confidence in using the AI-driven devices for their offices. Thus, two major obstacles should be removed, one is the budget while other is the training of the officials. Additionally, Brisbane has become a hub for manufacturing drones and robotics so cost is reduced as the cost of importing the devices will be eliminated. The department can obtain good quality, customizable AI-driven devices from these companies.These firms will also provide IT professionals for training the officialsthus, removing the obstacles that might hinder the change management strategy.

Change Plan
The change management plan will take place for more than 240 days.

Table 2: Change Management Intervention Plan






Organizing Meetings

Marketing and Hierarchy officials

1/ 9/ 2020

3/9/ 2020


Agreements on Objectives

Executive panel and some Officials

4/9/ 2020

9/9/ 2020

Not completed

Finical Resource plan

Executive panel and technical team



Not completed

Detailed Requests

Technical team



Not completed

Hardware and Software

Technical team


23/ 10/2020

Not Completed

Legal consultation

Legal team



Not Completed

Risk Analysis

Risk management team

27/11/ 2020


Not completed

Budget Realisation

Finance and executive team



Not Completed

Trail Run

Technical Team



Not Completed






(Source: Author’s Creation)

The intervention will be completed at the end of June 2021, by the end the cops will be able to use drones and robotics in their operations. As mentioned, several companies manufacture drones and robotics that are Robotics Services Australia and Mexx. The marketing teams should compare the budgeting and quality of products between the above-mentioned companies. The department should collaborate with the Robotics Service Australia as the latter is experienced for 50 years in the technical field. Both the department and the company should discuss the budget and configurations of the AI-Driven devices. The technical team of the department should provide detailed requirements of the device and also prepare the budget for the same. The hardware and software have to prepared in collaboration as there many software that can only be used by cops for confidential missions. The department needs to realize the budget during the manufacture of the device. Both the collaborators have been provided efficient time for analyzing the risks of drones and robotics. The technical team should execute Failure Mode Evaluation Analysis (FMEA)for analyzing risks associated with the technology-driven devices.In this view, legal consultation is essential as these may prohibit the privacy of the citizens. The HR team should be collaboratingthe efforts amongst the officials, department, and the robotic company. The trail run will be initiated in January 2021 and the launch will be ready by 1/3/2021. In the below-given diagram, the Gannt chart has been drawn for foe detailing month-wise change management plan.

Table 3: Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart in change management 1

(Source- Author’s Creation)

Ethical Implications
The use of drones and robotics can impose ethical considerations as they breach the privacy of the citizens. The drones are equipped with high definition cameras that capture pictures and videos from distance (Wilson, 2014). Thus, it captures some of the private and confidential situations of the commercial units and individuals. The department should announce in advance before using drones and robotics in specific areas. However, the citizens should be made aware of the use of AI-driven devices so that privacy is not breached. The department should follow all the legal procedures before using the devices in public places.

Change Management is crucial for the organization as it involves time, money, and other resources. Thus, the change management should be done involving several steps and stages for incorporating changes in the commercial or government. The report has analyzed a change management plan for introducing technological changes in the operations. The department has been planning to introduce drones and robotics in the operations of the Australian Police. The change management plan can be initiated by applying Kotter's Change management plan. The incorporation of drones and robotics will take more than 240 days for the police department.

Reference List
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