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Career Development Essay: An Insight On Plans


Assessment Details: The purpose of the essay is to develop a clear and inspiring vision of what you want to achieve in your career in the near future. In the essay students need to succinctly review the literature, particularly focusing on skills important to the development of their career/profession. Students are expected to critique the literature and to adheres to the word limit. Essay should also contain reference list written in Harvard style. You may also wish to include the important of skills and how it will make a positive difference in your career/profession and role of a professional manager.


Background: The primary aim of the career development essay is to offer an insight into the skills, competencies that the author has developed as a civil engineer. The paper has also provided an insight into the career plans that the author aims to attain in the short term as well as long time. A literature review of the essential skills that will assist the author of the paper in achieving success has also been discussed for an enhanced idea about the skills and competencies. The author of this career development essay is [Name of the Student] who has pursued his engineering syllabi from the [Name of the University]. The career development essay has been concluded with a summary of the discussion in conclusion along with some recommendations that may be of great assistance for the author and other individuals similar to him.

Literature Review: Managers are prominently one of the most integral and essential parts of an organisation or a project. The reason for the above statement has been provided by Venkatesh, Rai and Maruping (2017), where they state that the managers are the bridge between the workforce and the governing entities. Furthermore, they are also the ones who ensure that the work in progress is timely and is being carried out with high effectiveness and efficiency. Hence, it is of great prominence that the managers pose certain qualities so that they can perform their roles with high efficiency. Some of the primary skills are interpersonal skills, delegation & organisation, problem-solving, decision making, mentoring & monitoring, communication and motivation along with several others.

According to Mencl, Wefald, and van Ittersum (2016), one of the most crucial skills for the managers is interpersonal skills. The reason for the above-made statement has been justified by the fact that if a manager intends to mentor and monitor others then, it is of core need that the team should respect the former. One of the ways to attain the skill mentioned above is through both professional and personal level. The discussed ability can be achieved through team building activities or social activities while maintaining professional boundaries. The above-discussed skill demands need for another skill that is communication. Communication is one of the most prominent skills in any profession. However, it is crucial from a manager's perspective because as discussed above the managers are a bridge between the governing entities and workforce (Chaudhari 2016). As the managers play the role of the bridge; hence, it is crucial for the managers to have proper communication skills so that they can share and convey the information with accuracy and in understandable language.

Another crucial skill is motivational skills; the manager should be self-motivated so that they can motivate the workforce to provide their best. According to Choy, McCormack, and Djurkovic (2016), organisation & delegation are also one of the primary skills for the managers as they have to juggle different and multiple responsibilities. Multiple duties here involve designating duties to the employees, attend meetings, present progress reports, carry out local decisions and similarly many others. The discussed skill can greatly be assisted by forwarding planning & strategic thinking making it one of the much-needed skills in a manager. Noe et al. (2017), in their paper, have stated that to keep a workplace organise different stages needs to be carried out and henceforward planning assists in mitigating those issues. Furthermore, to ensure that the planning is successful the managers require to adopt strategic thinking which is compatible for both the employees of the firm as well as suited for the organisation (Sparrow, Hird and Cooper 2015). Hence, planning and strategic thinking are also crucial for a manager.

Change and conflict are possibly the biggest troublemakers for a firm or a project and hence, mitigating it with great caution is a primary need so that no damage is caused to the firm and the operations stay continuous. To attain the objects discussed above the managers should have decision-making and problem-solving skills (Noe et al. 2017). The discussed skills are very crucial to acquire as they need to consider both the employers and employees perspective and the decision should be beneficial for the firm in the long run. Calmness and exceptional attention are the primary pillars of the discussed skills and can assist the user in leveraging the skills. Commercial awareness and mentoring skills are also very much needed skills as they help the managers in ensuring that their actions are being utilised and not going in vain (Smith and Dodds 2017). Furthermore, the mentoring skills help in developing skills in the team which will impact on the manager's credit.

Hence, to summarise the discussion above in this career development essay, it would be justified to state that the managers are primarily one of the most crucial resources for an organisation as they ensure that the operations being undertaken are running smoothly (Basten et al. 2018). Thus, it becomes of great necessity that the managers develop specific skills so that they can excel in their designated responsibilities. Some of the most primarily needed skills for the managers have been discussed and detailed above; however; the skills required for the managers are not limited to the discussed ones. The above-discussed skills have assisted the user and will continue to support in the future.

Personal Analysis



Communication, motivating, technical aware of the civil works and leadership are the skills that the author of the paper posses.

The opportunities that the author possesses are to lear5n the skills that he does not have and improve his overall personality and characteristics. Furthermore, further sharpening and refining of the current skills is also the opportunity that the author can leverage (Cottrell 2017). Additionally, the author is progressing towards the corporate world so the author avail with the opportunity to improve the acquired skills and learn from the practical implication of the powers in the real world.



The author aspires to offer his very best in the jobs designated to him and through exponentially increasing performance attain high designation in the form of work.

The achieving of the skills identified in the literature review will assist in acquiring the author’s aspiration and would enable him to attain greater corporate heights.

Setting SMART Goals

What does the author want to learn?

What the author has to do?

What support & resources will the author need?

How will the author measure his success?

The target date for review of results.

Commercial awareness

Author has to engage in news and will have to keep updated about the current changes in the market both technically and commercially.

Internet accessibility, print media and awareness.

The author will attempt to predict some situation for and evaluate himself with the prediction made by experts and the outcome of the circumstance in the discussion (Chaudhri 2016).

One-quarter year.

Decision making and problem-solving skills

To face different circumstances and follow different leaders as well as assessing their approach for decision making and problem-solving.

Internet accessibility, print media and awareness along with opportunities to test the skills of the author.

The author will maintain a track of his daily progress and how well have he tackled the situation. The scoring will be done based on a Likert scale from 1 to 5.

One quarter year

Further enhancing technical skills

Will learn different tools that are useful for the author most prominently tools associated with managerial assistance and civil works such as CAD, designing tools, blueprint reviewing, statistical tools (Excel and SPSS) and others.

A system, tutorials for learning tools (YouTube or University websites), internet, expert’s guidance and tools that are to be learnt.

The author will undertake different self-projects and will ask the expert for suggestions. The problems that are available online for free will also assist in measuring success.

A year.

Personal Objectives
Short-term goals (next four months)
Develop the primary skills that are prior that the author lacks in terms of managerial needs such as interpersonal skills, commercial awareness and others along with further refining the technical knowledge that the author has to make it sustainable at the corporate level. Interpersonal and commercial awareness are the most primary skills that the author wants to achieve in this period.

Medium Term Goals (next 2 – 3 years)
Develop the advanced managerial skills such as problem-solving, decision making, delegation and organisation. Another objective would be to learn new tools and techniques that would be of great assistance in achieving the refinement and excellence of technical and managerial skills. Finally, to reach a high-level post in a corporate firm with the acquired skills.

Long Term Goals (following 3 to 5 years)
To achieve excellence in all the skills that have been identified and discussed in the paper along with other powers that would be of support. To reach a level higher than the primary manager in one of the best corporate firm.

The career development essay emphasised to conclude on the fact that managerial skills are broad and are crucial to acquire. However, learning different abilities will serve in ensuring that designated jobs are attained to fulfilment with a high level of satisfaction. Hence, the author of this career development essay has developed a plan to achieve those skills and will devote himself to attaining the objective. The guidance of experts, following experts and continuous efforts to keep self-updated with the tools, technology, techniques and dynamic awareness is capable of achieving the goals established by the author. Hence, in conclusion of this career development essay, it can be stated that the author is devoted to the purposes and will make it in the long term. Career development essay assignments are being prepared by our management experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay writing help service.

Basten, F., Evers, A., Geijsel, F. and Vermeulen, M., 2018. 21st century leadership skills for learning networks.

Chaudhri, V., 2016. Corporate social responsibility and the communication imperative: Perspectives from CSR managers. International Journal of Business Communication, 53(4), pp.419-442.

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Cottrell, S., 2017. Critical thinking skills: Effective analysis, argument and reflection. Macmillan International Higher Education.

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Smith, B. and Dodds, B., 2017. Developing managers through project-based learning. Routledge.

Venkatesh, V., Rai, A. and Maruping, L.M., 2017. Information systems projects and individual developer outcomes: Role of project managers and process control. Information Systems Research, 29(1), pp.127-148.


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