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Career Development Assignment - Personal Thematic Statement About Your Career


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


O this Career Development assignment, I am going to discuss career development theories and their relevance in recent times as well as the existing career development policies of the Australian government and how much they affected me personally. In my career which consists of nine years of experience,I have encountered many possibilities and issues regarding career development policies in Australia. I have completed my study and gone through career development programmes of NCI to have a better opportunity in the job market. I have experience in the recruitment department. The major aim of this Career Development assignment is to explain the career development theories and their implementations with my personal experiences and practical encounters. In the end, with my experiences, I have mentioned some possible rectifications for the betterment of the current career development policies of the Australian government.

Theories discussed in this Career Development assignment:
Career Development assignment theories identify persons’ careers from their childhood to their youth. The well-recognised career development theories are traits and factor theory, work adjustment theory, vocational personalities of Holland’s theory in the working environment, Super and Savickas’s self-concept theory, compromise and circumscription theory by Gottfredson and the social cognitive career theory.

Traits and factors theory:
Frank Parsons has invented the trait and factor theory which is counted as one of the most appropriate vocational guidance theories. This theory states that the talents and attributes of a person can be measured and compared with the requirements of any job role (Murisal et al., 2018). It is related to human psychology as it recognised the personality of an individual. The stable traits that instigate a reaction from a person in any situation. It mainly identifies the differences between personality traits. This Career Development assignment theory is related to othercareer development theories.

Work adjustment theory:
This theory is based on the person (P) and the environment (E) as well as how both are interacting with each other and suitable for one another. Together the person and the environment interaction and fittingsare called correspondence of P and E. The theory interprets the choice and development career as a continuous process that requires accommodations and adjustments. According to the Career Development assignment theory, the P searches for working organisations and environments (E) that are similar to requirements while the E searches for working personals (P) who can fit with the organisation("|", 2021).

Holland’s theory:
In his theory, John Holland has mentioned six types of personalities which are realistic, artistic, investigative, enterprising, social and conventional, as these can fit most people("Holland’s theory", 2021). Realistic people like to work hard and build, assemble things. O this Career Development assignment we have been able to identify that the Outdoors are one of the most favourite placesin working environments. Artistic people create and perform arts to express themselves as well as communicate with the environment and other people. The nature of Investigative people is to search and discover things that can improve mankind or help them to sustain as well as take another bigger step towards the world of innovation and discovery. The enterprising nature of people instigates them to interact more with others and lead in any situation. The social nature of people makes every communication easy, natural and friendly. The conventional nature of people likes to follow the pre-settled rules and work with perfection while indoors is the best working environment for their nature("Holland’s theory", 2021). According to Holland’s theory while people select their career as per their personality they can be very successful and satisfied with their profession. Also, similar natured people working together can bring more success and satisfaction to each other. There are cognitive and problem-solving attitudes.His theory is relatedto trait and factor theory as it divided the personalities with the help of interests, favoured actions and characteristics of individuals to identify personalities.

Self-concept theory:
Self-concept, the phrase is itself a complex idea which is a combination of some complex factors such as personal experiences, mental and physical growth, stimulations and characteristics of the environment,etc. According to the theory, the process of career development can be defined as building and applying vocational self-concept in the working environment. ThisCareer Development assignment theory is implementing that career development is an on-goingroute of changingconcepts of self-development through the different roles played by the person (Hidayat et al., 2020).

Gottfredson's theory:
The theory of Gottfredson is all about the active interaction between the environment and the genetic features of a person. The general characteristics such as interests, values and skills of a person are shaped by genetic characteristics as well as the environment in which the person is interacting. According to Gottfredson, though the environment and the genetic character of a person play a crucial part in career development the person is also an active element that can change and influence the environment accordingly (Edwin, and Prescod, 2018). In the career development process, a person searches for new niches and avenues to show their genetic inclinations while maintaining the boundaries of their existing environment. Thus, career development is a procedure of self-creation.

Social cognitive career development theory:
Developing intentions and goals on self-efficacy, expected results and interaction helps to sustain attitudes overtime in the environment. This theory has mentioned that personal compromises regarding social barriers, cultural beliefs, lack of personal supports can be made during the career development process. One’s ability acts as feedback regarding self-efficiency and preferred outcomes which influences the level of performances and goals. This Career Development assignment also explores how uunder-confidence or over-confidence leads to undesirable outcomes such as poorly prepared performance, performance anxiety, etc. (Dos Santos, 2020). The optimum point can push the self-efficiency while developing personal skills and utilising them inan utmost way. All these are the most discussed Career Development assignment theories that can be interpreted while explaining the career development path of any person.

Existing Career Development assignment policies of the Australian government:
Australia is one of the most popular countries for those who want to settle in another country. It is one of the topmost countries among the UN Human Development Index. Also, the progress of socio-economy, high life expectancy, scope of education is high in the country. According to the OECD Better Life Index 2017, almost 73% of people who are aged between 15 years to 64 years have paid jobs that is above the average rate. Only 1.3% have been unemployed over the years which is below average (Y-axis, 2021). Also, the overall income of the average is higher than in many countries. The national career institutes of Australia provide vivid and detailed information to concerned students regarding the current job market and help them to upgrade their skills accordingly. This platform intends to provide career development related all information to its visitors without any barriers of age, education and skills. The Australian government is emphasisingsupporting and developing the skills, education and employment segmentsvastly (Dese., 2021).The experts have provided information in this sector. National career institute has policies regarding providing information to the school leavers and helping them to modify their skills for future employment. The programsexplored o this Career Development assignment is for the age of 15 to 24 and customised for career support.

With partnership grant programmes, the organisation and the government of Australia encourage the industries and the business owners to work alongside for the betterment of the career development opportunities for the youths and unemployed people of the country. The benefits of Vocational Educations and Training and apprenticeship have been explained by the policies named the Australian Training Awards, the Australian Vet Alumni, and the Real Skill for Real Careers, etc. (Dese., 2021).The government of Australia also provides consultations and co-designing facilities for career development goals and to increase the rate of employment among the citizens. The government also supports the employers and industries by providing information and aiming to reskilling and upskilling the employees for the betterment of the workforce of the country. Not only for the Australian students and citizens but also the students from other countries who are here for training purposes and completing educations can utilise these skill development policies for career development. NCI is one of the most popular institutes that actualises the career development strategies formulated by the Australian government.

My experience in the career development sector:
I have working experience of a little over nine years in the recruitment department. I was a foreign student here. After completing my Career Development assignment study I started to search for a suitable job. After attending some of the programmes organised by our institute and National Careers Institute, I realised that I am a social person according to Holland’s theory and trait and factor theory as I feel very much comfortable while communicating with other people and able to converse with them in a very friendly manner. The policies of the Australian government have helped me to understand my inner skills as well as select the suitable career development path along with participating in skill development programmes to upgrade my existing skills and conceptions regarding the job market. Hence, I selected a profession that also performs the same tasks by ensuring that employees of the organisation are always updated and developing their skills and concepts regarding their job role. I have encountered some Career Development assignment programmes organised by the Australian government and NCI with the collaboration of enterprises and employersduring my time of career development(Dese. 2021). Moreover, I can say that Australia is a country with a thriving economy, numerous skill select programmes, provide pension benefits to the employees, identify the qualifications of any person, provide a better quality of lifestyle, numerous visa options for outsiders who want to get a job and settle down here.

Some challenges that I experience during my career development:
During my time of employment, I have noticed the biggest issue in my organisation is gender inequity. Though it is a very common issue and almost every country or organisation have faced this issue at one time or another, but still, it is a big challenge in the path of the overall development of an organisation or the development of the socio-economic environment of the country. Also, another point is that there is an increasing number of temporary migrants in the country over the last few years. Though Australia has sheltered migrants from all over the world for many years, during the last few years, the numbers have gotten bigger than ever. These temporary migrants are working in the country. During this Career Development assignment research, it has been seen that many times the migrants are subjected to an unfair working environment and work culture. These migrants have been vulnerable to exploitations in the workplace as they have less security from the government end. The 457 visa programme which is a topic of debate, is one of the most popular visa programmes among temporary migrants(Aph., 2021). This visa programme is one of the demand-driven programmes and has an uncapped nature. Though there are some standards for getting a work visa in Australia but getting a temporary work visa is easier than in many other countries. I have personally have faced these issues during my early professional years. One of the well-known organisations, Woolworths, has recently confessed that they were exploiting their employees by issuing underpayments for their employees(Studyonline, 2021). It is very disturbing news as they are one of the biggest hubs of the employment of the Australian job market.

Some recommendations in formulating better career development experiences in the country:
Gender inequity or any other workplace exploitations are also common issue experienced by organisations. Many organisations have developed strict rules against these types of wrong deeds. But unfortunately, the number of these organisations are very few. On this Career Development assignment we identify that there must be some policies of the government that can protect the rights of all employees regardless of their gender identity. Thus, the government of Australia must step in and levies some rules and regulations to protect the temporary migrants. 457 visa programmes has been made to accommodate the temporary migrants easier than any other countries but this has some flaws which are making immigrants vulnerable.
Therefore, I am recommending that the government of Australia should use the power of government to stop any kind of workplace exploitation. The government can implement some policies to protect the employees from getting any unequal treatment from their employers regardless of their identity or other reasons. The government of Australia can make the policies permanent by developing the rules through their legislative assembly. The country has sheltered immigrants for many years while modifying the existing rules they can be more welcoming to outsiders.

In conclusion, it can be said that the study has discussed the career development theories and my personal experiences in the stage of my career development. As the background of the study in Australia, I have explained the government policies and facilities that have helped me to develop my career and modify my skills accordingly while being an immigrant. The government of Australia collaborates with institutions and employers for providing better opportunities to the students and employees. Also, the policies regarding work visas of the country are very promising. But some flaws need to be rectified as per the Career Development assignment findings, for the protection of the immigrants and other workers.

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