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   Free sample   Career action plan to achieve career objectives and personal development

Career Action Plan to Achieve Career Objectives & Personal Development


This report is a self-reflection report, which will enable you to identify a career action plan.

You need to:

Complete a personal analysis of what you have to offer this employer at the moment. This should include your current skills, knowledge and experiences, both academic and from other areas of your life. However, it needs also to identify if there are any areas for development. For example: Where could you do with adding more evidence? What additional skills & experiences do you need to add?

Once you have answered the above, you are in a position to develop your Career Action Plan. This should show both the short-term and longer-term actions required to prepare you for an opportunity in the area you have researched. Your actions must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound)

Finally, you also need to prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and LinkedIn profile. You are asked to complete these exactly as your situation is now, as if you were applying for the position you identified. They can then be tailored and adapted for use in other methods of recruitment, for example on-line application forms.


As per the viewpoint of Di Gregorio et al., (2019, p. 252), career development and corresponding viewpoint highlighted in a career action plan obligate a process to choose a career prospect and initialize the required skills, advancements of knowledge, and other facilities. In this report, I have discussed my personal Analysis with my existing skills and knowledge, and experiences which help me understand the required measurements I need to focus on to better my performance level and adherence to my personal development. I have also created my career action plan where I have discussed the necessary short-run and long-run steps which I need to undertake for the opportunities. Respective curriculum vitae helps me to point out my skills, experiences, knowledge, and career prospects in written format as per management requirements to get the desired level of the job.

Personal analysis
In this report, I have discussed my current skills and pieces of knowledge which I have developed with the corresponding learning outcomes from the class demonstration. Skills and pieces of knowledge improvised my ability to enhance my employability quality. My aim is to expand my career in marketing where I can utilize my personal development skills and bits of knowledge in real terms. After the analysis of career research prospects, there are five personal skills including communication skills, interpersonal skills, networking, empathy, and creativity skills. Considering these personal skills, I have discussed which areas of skills I have developed as my strengths and which areas of skills are still my weakness. Skills for future opportunities are also pointed out where the gaps in developing skills are considered as threats to my career development pathway. In this reflection report linking with the personal analysis, marketing has been chosen where some transformational changes have been observed over the years (Agarwal and Wu, 2018, p. 5). Moreover, as evidenced by Ghosalet al (2021, p. 15), there are three categories under which the individual skills are divided, and are as follows,

  • Knowledge based skills: These are the skills which I have acquired from my educational and practical experiences and it includes my computer skills, expertise in different language, gaining from different degrees, abilities in training and technicality.
  • Transferable skills: These are the skills that are portable that I can take from one job to the other which involves my communication abilities, people management capabilities, solving the analytical problems and possessing the planning skills.
  • Personal traits: These are the unique qualities which I endure such are as being flexible, dependable, working hard, being expressive and punctual to the deadlines and work accomplishments along with being a team player who cooperates and coordinates with all the subordinates and seniors.

Hence, all of these skills and traits are mentioned under the SWOT analysis described below,



  • Communication skill is considered as one of my strengths that helps me establish a good rapport with the other personalities in the marketing profession.
  • Empathy is another skill that strengthens my career in the marketing profession by helping me to understand others’ viewpoints and esteem.
  • I have been enthusiastic and versatile in all roles that have been designated to me. I try patiently handle stress and being respectful towards others. 


  • I have a lack of creative skills which prevents driving originality into the standards of the workplace
  • Weak interpersonal skills disrupt the smoother foundation of making business relationships.
  • I become too critical towards myself in some of the works or project I handle and try to attempt in pleasing everyone, to which I fail. Moreover, there is a lack of technological upgradation and becomes challenging for me to become familiar with the lates software that are launched in the company to function. 


  • Improve level of communication skills is considered as one of my opportunities to develop a good and professional relationship with other personnel
  • Knowledge in networking brings me the ability to exchange efficient pieces of information and ideas between other individuals and that also helps to sustain in a beneficiary business position.


  • Lack of job opportunities in the market threaten my career growth
  • Increasing competition in the marketing job role is another threat to career development.

From the above analysis, it can be summarised that my strength is the flexibility and versatility of my nature, personal skills and behaviour that helps to handle the changes within the working environment. Moreover, as suggested by Homsey (2021. p.25), it is a duty of a manager to develop a supportive team within their working environment and hence, being the operational manager in my previous company, I had the ability of turning around the negative working environment and change it into a positive one where each individual worked as a team along with helping and supporting each other in the job assigned to them.

On the other hand, indicating to the weakness that I hold back is the interpersonal skills, lack of creative abilities along with being a bit technologically led back. Hence, as suggested by Hänninen (2020. p. 133), the management skills need to be strong within an individual working in the corporate world and thus, improving that has helped to become much stronger in team leading and I am constantly improving them foe better future opportunities.

Career action plan
Objective 1:
To qualify the areas of critical thinking and problem-solving that helps me to develop my career pathway even stronger






Development of critical thinking is required to be taken into account which helps to make solutions of all kinds of problems

Algorithms and appropriate plans to participate in the critical pace of work help me to develop my critical thinking skills.

I can achieve the development of critical thinking skills by practicing more problem-solving and instant decision-making as per situational awareness.

I have decided to implement some of the strategies to develop my critical thinking skills at the very first place of career development.

This procedure takes 6-7 months in total.

Objective 2: To develop every certain area of interpersonal skills that help to get desired pace of career opportunities






I have considered developing my interpersonal skills to be more employable in the selected marketing profession.

Developing the communication standards with the participation of more into effective interaction with others help me to develop my interpersonal skills

This skill development can be achieved only by understanding its importance and continuous culture redirected to the natural habitats.

I have considered reaching interpersonal skills development by changing my behavior and tactics more in an effective way

This takes almost 8-10 months.

Core Areas of Career Planning

Expected Outcome

Identifying the vacancy in a chosen profession: here I considered identifying the rate of current vacancies in the role of marketing assistant in various organizations.

I became more ambitious, self-motivated, and also extensive towards my career.

Understanding the importance of marketing and its role in career

I understand that I can get distinctive and experimental results if I choose Marketing as my professional career.

Measurement of the relationship between my choice of industry and my capabilities

This understanding results in improving my focus on cooperation and teamwork abilities.

Understanding my personal standard and quality to get a job in marketing

This results in understanding the current qualities and skills where the existing gaps can be filled up by participating in real-life difficulties.

I state myself as more ambitious towards my career where I can able to put most of my energy into it. These ambitious qualities help me to become more serious about my job and career by making me more mature and responsible. I have experience in operations, management, and construction where I have also developed my 8 years of experience in restaurant and hotel management knowledge. These experiences build my ability to participate in more tough jobs and also make effective relationships with other individuals. I also have the ability to meet strict deadlines where I consider myself steadier and straight even under extensive organizational pressure during peak hours. I have developed a leadership competency with my operational experience that helps me to manage any complex and diversified programs addressed to any kind of compliances to the external or internal needs.

At the end of the paper, it can be concluded that the reflection analysis related to specific personal and professional development areas helps to understand the existing knowledge and skills gapping with the targeted pace of knowledge. In this reflective report, I have mentioned my personal developmental areas and objectives corresponding to my strengths and weakness that evaluate the possible opportunities and threats in my career pathways. it can also be concluded that two objectives have been set to make my action plan for future growth where the core areas of the plan strengthen the possibility of positive outcomes. In this paper, I have also attached my curriculum vitae with my details, interest, objective, career history, educational background, and other areas as well that help to make an efficient document to get the desired level of job in a specific marketing profession.

Agarwal, J. and Wu, T., 2018. The changing nature of global marketing: a new perspective. In Emerging Issues in Global Marketing (pp. 3-11). Springer, Cham.

Di Gregorio, A., Maggioni, I., Mauri, C. and Mazzucchelli, A., 2019. Employability skills for future marketing professionals. European management journal, 37(3), pp.251-258.

Ghosal, L.N., Worsham, R. and Miller, C., 2021. Developing Students’ Career Identity from Choice of Major to a Values-Driven Career Plan. Student Support Services, pp.1-18.

Hänninen, H., 2020. Personal career development: Implementation of successful career management, pp. 100-233.

Homsey, B.O., 2021. An Action Plan for Artistic Identity and Career Development. Dance Education in Practice, 7(1), pp.19-25.


Appendix 1

Name: Berbinschi Marina Roxana

Address: 40 The Grove, NW90TN

Contact details: contact number:  +44 (0)7502445657

Email ID:


  • language skills, English, French, and Germany
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and management skills
  • Efficient risk analyst
  • Research and empathetic skills
  • Skills in networking and assertiveness
  • Creative and innovative skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Key managerial and personal strengths:

  • Developing the strong capacity of utilizing degree of innovation, creativity, and other initiatives to achieve every objective by solving out any kind of complexity and issues with the remunerating strategies and ideas
  • The capability of establishing long term relationships with other employees and managerial staff based on excellence in service, integrity, and transparency
  • More diplomatic decision making procedure and its application into a constructive framework
  • Ability to work in any kind of workplace scenario and Management
  • Established compliances and generated efficient dispute-free statistical reports of the organization
  • Experience in motivational substantial incorporated into the advanced level of productivity, professionalism, performance, and other dynamic teams.

Educational qualification:  

  • Economics and Administrative University, Marketing, 2008- 2011
  • Buckinghamshire New University, Business Management, 2019 -2023

Career achievements:

    • Development of a safe return for work scheme during the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020 where I was able to provide the required tools, plan of action, and others to the organization under stringent restrictions.
    • Building of whole management system database corresponding with the support from be one build limited IT, team, that enabling the wide accessibility for online procurements, forms, and policies, assessment of risks and other control over the documents
  • Able of setting up a good relationship with the developers as equal development and new build which allowed me for implementing more projects over the company place.
    Career details:

Be one build limited, March 2019-July 2021

Operational manager:

  • team management, operations, and supervision
  • Attention to the strategic health and safety of business units
  • Lead to review and actions
  • Attend site director tours and visits
  • Evaluated quality of work
  • Work mitigation and management of legislative requirement standards.

The Wesley Hotel, 2013-2019, March

Deputy manager,

  • Multitasker and well-organised
  • Service focused and customer-centric
  • Strong interpersonal skills and confidence in communication
  • Management of huge pressure with professionalism

Trattoria parmigiana, 2011, September -2013 February

Deputy catering manager,

  • Ensuring the smooth operational framework
  • Management of staffing, inventory, and quality standards
  • Customer service
  • Food quality measurements
  • Handled service feedback and complaints
  • Recognized deficiencies and problem-solving skills
  • High competency

Interest and hobbies:

  • Interest in charity and donations
  • intense to spend time with close ones and meeting new personality
  • Respect and interest for diversity, rituals, and languages

Reading books 


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