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Career Action Plan Based on Personal Analysis


Task: This report is a self-reflection report, which will enable you to identify a career action plan.

You need to:
• Complete a personal analysis of what you have to offer this employer at the moment. This should include your current skills, knowledge and experiences, both academic and from other areas of your life. However, it needs also to identify if there are any areas for development. For example: Where could you do with adding more evidence? What additional skills & experiences do you need to add?

• Once you have answered the above, you are in a position to develop your Career Action Plan. This should show both the short-term and longer-term actions required to prepare you for an opportunity in the area you have researched. Your actions must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound)
• Finally, you also need to prepare a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and LinkedIn profile. You are asked to complete these exactly as your situation is now, as if you were applying for the position you identified. They can then be tailored and adapted for use in other methods of recruitment, for example on-line application forms.


This particular report presents a career action plan where I will be providing a demonstration on employability of graduates where my career options can be more enhanced. In this report, I am going to introduce the evaluations and the engagements where that is considered as a preferable career along with the labour market information. The current study has focused on the details of personal SWOT analysis and SMART objectives for the purpose of career development.

Personal analysis
Personal analysis refers to an individual's anatomy or more precisely an individual's analysis through which someone can get to know the strengths, weaknesses, individual opportunities, and most importantly the Threats. (Pluchevckayaet al., 2017, p.548) Most importantly these domains serve an individual not only the measurements to monitor but also serve the way to control an individual's personal threats.

2.1 SWOT Analysis


  • I have incredible communication skills where I can organize my fellow workers.

·         I have a higher adaptability skill where I can adapt to situations accordingly.


  • I do not have any experience apart from the nine months experience where I am a bit low in knowledge compared to other experienced fellow workers. 


  • I have a talent for recognizing the emotional needs of any customer where I can provide solutions instantly. This can be an opportunity for me to play an extra part apart from my job role where the very organization will be benefitted.
  • From my previous experience, I can say that I have extraordinary problem-solving skills though I can also maintain the work ambiance. This directly contributes to the companies’ productivity.


  • I am not a familiar person with technologies and I am unable to work with ‘Chabot’. Through time I can learn this particular domain with appropriate training.


Table 1: Self-SWOT Assessment
(Source: Created by Author)

2.2 Justifications of the SWOT Analysis
I am going to discuss an analysis where my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats will be discussed in a vivid and effective way where anyone can get a glimpse of my key areas and even I can find my weakness and threats where I can improve my skills more in order to have a better future.






My aim is to master all the aspects where I can resolve all the customer experienced problems through online chat conversation or through voice chat. 

In order to do so, I need to learn first the technology and the outcomes and above all the procedure to use the software ‘Chabot’. 

To master the software I am following various sources such as YouTube lectures, many E-journals, and most importantly I have a plan to join an institution for this course.

After learning the ways to use and provide solutions on a real-time basis it would be comparatively easy for me to serve resolutions to customers.

Approximately it will take 6 months to accumulate the ways and processes of ‘Chabot’.


Table 2: Self SMART Analysis for short-term goal achievement
(Source: Developed by author)

Objective 2:To accumulate more experience in hospitality activities including table services and order taking

I need to cross across many more professional work experiences where I can be aware of the very situation and also with a vast experience I can provide better solutions to the customers and even it will help me to learn more ways to organize more people in the very work environment. This is one of my long-term achievements where I want to find a better place with a lot of experiences.






My aim is to gather more experiences that will benefit me on a long-term basis.

In order to do so I need to work with organizations for practical experiences and also I can pursue courses in some private organizations.

To gain more practical experience I am planning to work with organizations where the surroundings will create an influence directly on my learning process.

As a matter of fact, I have worked and have collected nine months of experience.

Approximately it will take 6 to 9 more months where I can be in such an organization and can similarly gain experiences. 


Table 3: Self-SMARTAnalysis for long-term gaol achievement
(Source: Developed by author)

Objective 3: To enhance my employability skills in the future,/






The employability skill development would help to enhance my performance in the future and I can develop my competency level.

The objective is measurable with respect of some specific standards

The employability skill can be achieved easily based on the enhancement of communication and effective interaction skills

In the modern competitive world, it is important to focus on the group performance and in this case individual performance is also important.

The objective can be easily achieved within 5 months


Table 4: Self-SMARTAnalysis for long-term gaol achievement
(Source: Developed by author)

As my primary concentration is hospitality management I need to groom myself more and apart from this I need to gather more work experience and also need to learn how to use the application 'Chabot'. Moreover, my experience is nine months and I have learned some of the required skills and also I have developed some of my skills by working in some organizations.

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Appendix 1
Personal Acquisitions

As an optimistic and ambitious character, I have undergone many responsible approaches, where I kept my responsibilities properly. I also have worked in an organization as a waiter for around nine months in the hospitality sector where I have proven that I have skills to organize an individual to achieve personal goals and I can also freely work under pressure.

• I have an amazing skill to manage the whole team and also they can freely work in such a work atmosphere.
• Apart from this, I have the required knowledge to sell a product and also I am in the practice of it.
• Dealing with line management was another concentration of mine.
• I can even relate to the customer requirements and also can provide services or products accordingly.

Educational Background
Jacques M. Elias high School, Sascut, Bacau, Romania
Work Experience
Working as a seller in Patisserie Romana, Edgware (2014 - 2018)

Job Role: Seller
Knowledge Cities: Prospecting strategic skills, active listening, communication, and most importantly product knowledge.
Working as a waitress in Braseria Timisoreana, Edgware (2018 - 2021)

Job Role: Waitress
Knowledge Criteria: The first requirement is excellent attention to detail and fine customer service, order receiving, table services, and also a part of this job was to handle complaints of customers. Above this the particular job required me to be an organized one and also the job focuses on musty tusking human behaviours.


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