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   Free sample   Campaign strategy assignment campaigning about free education for the unprivileged kids in the usa

Campaign strategy assignment campaigning about free education for the unprivileged kids in the USA


Task: Develop a campaign strategy assignmentfor an activist campaign or social movement of your choice. Drawing on your learning’s from the unit, use the planning template to consider the details of your campaign and expand upon ONE of the campaign tactics you have selected.


Campaign goal for the campaign strategy assignment

The goal of my campaign strategy assignment is to provide education to children who are not privileged. Education is one of the basic rights which can actually help one individual to grow in life. There are thousands of bright minds who need a bit of mentorship and they can make a beautiful future for us.

Issue in the campaign strategy assignment
Children will be the future of our society and it is one of their basic rights to get an education. In order to design a future for them in the form of a campaign strategy assignment, it is also necessary to include unprivileged children as well. As per the statistics, around three million children are there who are not receiving any kind of education in the United States. Across the world, the number is around 600 million children and adults who do not receive their basic right to education as per the reports of Unicef (Thomas, &Jadeja, 2021). At the same time, it is found in the campaign strategy assignment that the recent pandemic also has had a significant adverse effect on the number. During this period, huge numbers of children did not get their education. This often leads to child abuse, child labour and early marriage.

Campaign objectives
Every child has the right to learn new things and think of a future for himself. While going through the campaign strategy assignmenta few objectives will be targeted in order to reach a maximum number of unprivileged kids. Few are mentioned here for better understanding purposes.

? To identify the exact number of children not receiving education
? To reach at least 70 percent kids within the given time period.
? To arrange a fund for them
? To finish entire thing within 6 months
? To try to provide them as much as possible support

Inorder to access the children who are not privileged and not receiving education, it is important to set up a target for the campaign strategy assignment.

Primary Target
Firstly, an entire month is required to identify the kids who are not privileged and not receiving any kind of education (Brifkani, 2021).

Secondary target
In the second step, we need to target a few sponsorships which will help these kids to get a future with education. A few philanthropists are needed for this campaign as they might help to sponsor all these kids. At the same time, awareness will be created so that normal people can know about it. It will help to convey our messages to the philanthropists if we can reach an audience.

Theory of change statement discussed for the campaign strategy assignment
With the increasing population of the world, there are many kids who are not privileged enough to receive an education. Education is needed to make them understand their capabilities in life (Saunders et al., 2021). As per the campaign strategy assignment children are said to be the future of our society. Like all necessary rights in life, education will enhance their capabilities and sharpen their minds. They can eventually lead the country in the future in every possible field if we are able to provide them with a perfect future. My goal is to serve them their basic right while providing education free of cost. So that they can dream of a safe and secure future for themselves. This campaign will ensure providing education free of cost for those who are in dire need of education. Scholarships and internships will be provided afterwards so that they can achieve their dreams. Theory of change statements generally provides an idea about the importance of intervention in order to achieve success in any campaign. In order to receive success, we need to identify in the campaign strategy assignmentthe kids in the locality who are deprived mostly. At the same time, we need to find out how many of them are not getting a proper education (Shih, 2018). If we can find out the total number of unprivileged kids in the neighbourhood, the number and statistics can be presented in front of the common people. While showing them the data, they can easily understand what is going o with education with these kids. They will help us to raise a fund. In the meantime, if we gain popularity while reaching an audience, it will eventually help us reach the investors as well. We need investors and philanthropists who will help these kids to achieve their dreams. If they can come on board, then it will be easier for us to arrange scholarships for the unprivileged kids as soon as possible.

Forcefield Analysis

Forces against change

Forces for change

Pandemic was a force against change. It actually made so many kids stay at home while they were not learning anything.

Philanthropists can work as a force which may help to bring change in such situation. People are working so that children across the world may receive education. It is found in this campaign strategy assignment that often these philanthropists also donate money so that kids may receive their basic rights of living.

At the same time, unwillingness of the parents may be another force which will actually work against the change. Often parents do not have enough money or willpower to educate their children and it can oppose the change eventually (Schulten, &Seikel, 2018).

Government and their policies may also become a huge force that can work for the change. It is found in tis campaign strategy assignment that often the governments take essential steps so that children may receive their education (Sargrad et al., 2019).

Another huge force is child labour. Often children are sent out to do laborious work. Poverty is the main reason behind such force. It generally stops a child to receive proper education as he needs to focus on earning money.

Establishment of schools and collgeswhic will provide education at a low cost may also work as a force for such change. As per the campaign strategy assignment availing education may interest the children and they may focus on their studies instead of doing nothing.

Lack of developmental process can hinder the success of the change (Khan & Ahmed, 2021). Often in rural areas it is not possible to establish a school. This often may can work as an inhibitor while trying to educate children as much as possible.

Employment after education can be another factor which will facilitate the change. Often the kids are provided with practical and technical lessons which they can implement later in life. It is found in this campaign strategy assignment that it will be easier for them to find a way to live their life with dignity.

Power map
? Philanthropist
Philanthropist is the key group which will provide maximum help in this case and they will provide help financially.

? Government
Government may also provide some kind of help in order to spread education as much as possible. As per the campaign strategy assignment findings government will provide all sort of political help so that this campaign may achieve success in the long run. Various schemes of government in order to educate the kids will be utilised during this process (Kaur & Ahluwalia, 2019).

? Human resources
Human resources will be mainly supplied by the normal human beings who want to volunteer for such a cause.

? Activists
At the same time, among these people we may take help from activists who are fighting for the cause. They may help in the campaign while trying to make people more aware.

? Broadcasting channels
Broadcasting channels also may provide some sort of help while creating awareness in various public platforms. It is found in this campaign strategy assignment that in this way more people will get to know about the campaign and we will be able to achieve success in the end.

Communicationstrategy for the campaign strategy assignment
? We will show the world the statistics. As per the numbers there are 52 percent unprivileged kids who are not receiving their basic human rights (Ruff, 2019) in Australia. This statistics can be the communication strategy for our campaign. ‘Let’s help our kids this time!’, ‘We want 100 percent literacy!’ can be our grabs for the campaign.
? We will simply show in front of people, government and philanthropists that 52 percent kids are still not receiving education. As per the findings in the campaign strategy assignmentwithout education chances of unemployment rate has become 3.5 percent, 16.8 percent is suffering from depression, 38 percent teenagers are using drugs. Sexual abuses increase more. So government and others should try to provide best for the future generation of the nation

In order to achieve success in this campaign strategy assignment, a few tactics will be required.
1. We will try to focus on social media platforms while spreading awareness. These media platforms will significantly enhance the chances of the campaign to reach a huge audience (García, & Weiss, 2020).
2. Mainly the young generation will be targeted so that they work for other unprivileged kids across the world. They will be asked to work as a volunteer.
3. At the same time, various events will be organised in schools and colleges and activists will be invited. There they will be asked to share their journey and the struggle of the younger generation without education (Cui, & Hanson, 2021).
4. Various seminars will be arranged so that people may get to know more about this campaign. Handing out leaflets about the campaign will also help.

My tactics
My personal preference in the campaign strategy assignmentgoes to the awareness created by social media platforms. These days often people use these platforms in order to achieve maximum attention from the audience. Using hashtags on Instagram and Tinder may help this campaign to reach a wide base of audience. Thus awareness can be created. It is found in this campaign strategy assignment that as mostly young generation and media professionals use these social media platforms, it will be easier to approach them. If some celebrity joins the campaign, it will eventually get more momentum from the crowd. It is very much important to reach the audience in order to achieve success (Biryukova&Makarentseva, 2020).

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