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Management Strategies Contributing to the Success of Cadbury


Task: Evaluate whether every customer considers the Cadbury marvelous creations brand to be a most preferable one?


Cadbury is one of the most renowned chocolate company which has won the trust of the customers all over the globe. Cadbury had now come up with a new edition called Cadbury Marvelous creation in the global market. The company had decided to launch the marvel creations to provide an innovative complexion to the company. The immense triumph of the Cadbury dairy milk had encouraged the marvelous creation to deliver the products with some innovative flavors like Cookie nut crunch and Jelly popping candy. The company had tried to make variations in the product by using different flavors, sizes, textures, different methodology of preparation, etc. The major motive of this report is to conduct a very thorough analysis of the factors which had led to the great success of the Cadbury marvelous creations in the global market. The brand of Cadbury has become very famous among the chocolate customers and has taken the place of an iconic product in the market. The products of Cadbury also hold the place of primary choice in special events (Reynolds, 2013). In the below section of this report, a detailed analysis of the success factors of the Cadbury company is provided.

Psychographic background of the Brand target
Since chocolates are mostly preferred by young children all around the world, the company has targeted the population coming under the age group from 5 to 12. The management of the company is following the ideology of focusing on the customers in all facets with no disparity among the male, female, old, and young. The use of psychographic classifications is the factor that is approaching Cadbury's marvelous a unique one in the market. Since the majority of the customer group consists of children, the company has utilized the strategy of presenting their company in different flavors and colors. The concept of psychographic classification depends on the assortment of the product, point of view or preference towards it, and thought the process of the customers. By adopting this strategy, the company had attained the position of a loyal brand in the market of chocolate and sweets and consequentially became part of every customer's lifestyle. The process of implementing the psychographic classification depends on the trends and buying patterns followed by the customers in the market (Haseeb, 2016).

An Associative Network Analysis of Cadbury Marvelous Creations
As discussed earlier, the targeted customers of the company are majorly children, since chocolates are very famous among them. The preferences of children and their likings regarding flavors have been studied by the company very seriously to increase its sales and revenue in the market. The innovative products of the company such as dairy milk and dairy silk were a huge success that consequently led to the launch of another division Cadbury Marvelous creations. This division had devised out new combination and flavors in their products like that of banana, a combination of roasted nuts with biscuit crunch and caramel. The products of the Cadbury Marvelous Creations are mostly consumed by the students as they are used as stress relievers while learning. Many advantages of chocolate like good health of heart, brain, and good mental condition were marketed by the company. Because of these benefits not only the customers of the targeted age group found the product attractive but also the people of other age groups (IPA, 2012).

Mind Map followed in cadbury marvelous creations

Fig 1: Mind Map followed in Cadbury

The strategy adopted in Brand Positioning
Various factors could be taken into account while examining the strategies followed in the Cadbury marvelous creations-

Product- The new product introduced by the Cadbury marvelous creation comprises of various mixtures of new favors. The most popular and preferable among children are sugar-coated candies. As a strategy to draw the attention of the customers from all divisions of the market, different variants in the chocolate products have been introduced by using the mixture of caramel, biscuits, and nuts.

Place- The management of the Cadbury marvelous creation has taken bug caution in expanding the reach and availability of its product at every place in the global market via the medium of various supermarkets, small shops, sweet and bakers’ shops, and media stores. The establishment of the Cadbury marvelous creations, the company intends to deliver its customers with a very customized and inimitable chocolate eating experience.

Promotion- To promote its product, Cadbury marvelous creation has implemented the means of various communication media like press media, social media, and other different sorts of electronic media to grab the attention of customers from all facet of customer diaspora. For any product, its marketing and advertisement are very crucial for better sales and to attain it Cadbury marvelous creations had provided attractive discounts on special occasions like national celebrations. As a plan to magnetize the children, the marketing term of the company had designed various sorts of advertisements including young celebrities to inspire and attract the younger generation (The economist, 2010).

Porters Five Force Model TATA Motors Australia

Fig 2 Promotional tools
Source: (Kerin, Hartley & Ridelius, 2013)

Brand Characteristics
The company of Cadbury marvelous creation has developed its image and position as a family-friendly and most fancied one in the global market of sweets and chocolates. The company had designed and marketed its product in such a way that the customer should buy the product without any second thought and accordingly provide the user with an unforgettable and pleasant experience. The Cadbury marvelous creation had adopted the brand positioning of its products similar to that of the similar to that of the products introduced in the past which included the factors like persistence in its taste, perseverance in its quality, major component of a celebration, stress-reducing food, substitute of snacks, food suited for a gathering, and replacement for a nourishing food (Kerin, Hartley & Ridelius, 2013).

Strategy elements (product, price, and place)


Location/ distribution


shape, size, etc


(discuss primary comms strategy)

Reasonable and affordable. Based on the various products.

The excellent distribution system, Every corner i.e. superstores, shop, baker shops and media stores

Brighter colors build environmental sustainability through packaging. All shapes and size such as small blocks, large blocks and bars

Press media and electronic media such as television, internet, outdoor, etc.

Brand elements

Brand logo (promise)

Brand attributes



Brand personality

Most delicious and best-tasting chocolate, a moment of pure magic

It stands for goodness, shares values such as togetherness of family, fun, reliable, and personal values of enjoyment

The color is purple with the logo of Cadbury written on it. Logo on the product in a bold beautiful font that shows the relation of milk in the product.

Best for the occasion, customers’ first choice at the time of any kind of celebration.

Communications elements

Brand visuals/ad imagery


Brand Values 

To provide a Real taste of Life in Good quality products in new flavors.

Various taglines based on occasions such as ‘Glass and a half’

True values, true happiness, ability to revitalize and re-energize the customers.

Competitors Analysis
The food industry brand utilized in this analysis is well renowned Cadbury. The chocolate and sweet market has a lot of new entrants, which is posing an imminent danger to the sales of the Cadbury products. The major competitors of the Cadbury marvellous creations are Mars and Nestle (Brassington & Pettitt, 2003). The afore mentioned companies are performing well in the market and thus posing a very tough challenge to the company.

Like Cadbury marvellous creations, Nestle has also posed itself as a company providing very premium quality tasty chocolates. Although Cadbury had come up with new and innovative products, the products of Nestle are posing a strong competition against them. The primary motive of the Nestle company is to ‘think globally and act locally’. In the below section, analysis of Nestle is provided.

Elements of Strategy (Place, product and place)


Position / distribution


shape,size, etc

Advertising (discuss primary comms strategy)

This factor relies on the type of product. This element also depends on the expense of its packaging and utilization.

This element would depend on different type and characteristics of Distribution Channels hence developed various suppliers like different retailers and wholesale providers.

The company had adopted an Eco- friendly material for packaging. The method of packaging should minimize the wastage of food by adopting different shapes and sizes. (Nestle, 2017)

The advertisements of the company should adopt some tactical approaches like including moral and social messages. The company could make the task of promotion through some media like social media platforms, Tv ads, and other websites.

Elements of branding

Symbol of the Brand (promise)

Characteristics of the brand



The personality of the brand

The major motive and proposal of the brand are to provide its customers with healthy and zero-calorie product.

The product should provide the required demands of the consumers. The brand should be very tasty, required quality and healthy.

The use of attractive colors would help to attract customers to the outlets.

The optimistic and amiable attitude of the company would make a better impact on the reputation of the company.

Factors for effective communication


Use of visuals/ad imagery in the brand


Brand Values and goodwill

Promoting the trade of fair products by maintaining the level of balance in safety and innovation in the product.

Good Food, Good life

Honesty, better collaboration for attaining realistic approaches (Bhasin, 2016).

Below is given a thorough analysis of Mars: -

Strategy elements (product, price, and place)


Position/ distribution


shape, size, etc


(discuss primary comms strategy)

The factor of cost in this company relies on many elements like the amount of expenditure commenced while conducting programs like marketing and advertising.

To draw more customers various well-decorated shops and outlets would be installed and aid of various retail channels would be taken to imply it.

The method of packing should be in the way that its safety and stability as a measure of which they were packed in pillow bags.

The campaign for promotion is conducted through the means of television ads, social media platforms, etc.

Elements of branding

Symbol of the brand (promise)

Characteristics of the brand



The personality of the brand

The company has given high priority for providing premium quality products to its customers at a very affordable price.

The major opinion about the product among the consumers is that the chocolates are of high quality provided in very good packaging.

The logo is in dark brown displayed in the written form mars in a very attractive font.

The image and reputation of the company are of very amiable and fun-loving.


Factors for effective communication

Use of visuals/ad imagery in the brand


Brand Values and goodwill

The management of the company has dedicated itself for providing the customers with very clear and detailed information about their products

A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play, and Mars your day

 The brand value of MARS reflects factors like mutuality, freedom, responsibility, and quality (Hoovers, Inc. (2012).

As per the thorough analysis conducted in this report, the fact was made evident that Cadbury had established itself as a very famous and reliable market in the global market. The consumers all over the world had given testimony that the chocolates of Cadbury are very delicious. If conducted a detailed brand audit of the company Cadbury marvelous creation, it could be ascertained that the effective use of psychographic classification had helped the company to attract all sorts of customers, especially the children. The customers all over the world put the products of Cadbury at the top of their preference list. The company had placed itself at a very unique and dominating posture in the global market by introducing the product comprising the mixture of cookie nut crunch and jelly popping in their products. Cadbury marvelous creations assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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