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   Free sample   Business sustainability assignment identifying operation difficulties being faced by alcoa corp

(MGMT20132) business sustainability assignment identifying operation difficulties being faced by Alcoa Corp


Task: how can Alcoa Corp use business sustainability assignment research techniques to identify and examine difficulties faced on its operations?


1. Introduction
This business sustainability assignmenttarget is to build a novel value proposition for the mining company named Alcoa Corporation. Aluminum is produced by the mining business Alcoa Corporation, bauxite and alumina.The company works in energy portfolios, networks for refining alumina, and bauxite mining regions. The business has been operating in bauxite mining regions. “Value Proposition” helps organization to put their goods and services in such a way that attracts customers.Additionally this became the most important for the organizations to know regularly the problems and loop wholes with this operation and processing the services of the products by creating a high level competition to others. “Value Proposition” application is to be done in sustainable pattern to for stakeholder increment and reduction in legal burden. The information will create a unique value proposition using no more than five tools. Alcoa Coro, blockchain technology developments, and sustainability targets accountable for consumption and production have all been picked to round up the business sustainability assignment.

2. Business model description for Alcoa

business sustainability assignmentKey Partners

Key Activities

Value Propositions

Customer Relationships

Customer Segments



As part of its business strategy, Alcoa creates, develops, and produces its goods for consumers.



The majority of Alcoa's interactions with its customers are self-service. Customers use the company's products with little contact from staff.



Key Resources


The physical resources of Alcoa are its primary resources.

 It maintains such hubs all over the world and runs the biggest light metals research laboratory in the world in Pittsburgh


The sales and business development departments at Alcoa are the organization's primary channels. Through its webpage, social media accounts, and participation at conferences, the business advertises its services.

Cost Structure

Revenue Streams

The sales and business development departments at Alcoa are the organization's primary channels. Through its webpage, social media accounts, and participation at conferences, the business advertises its services.

Alcoa only has one source of income, which comes from the agreements it makes with customers to sell them its goods.


Key Partner- The vendors supplying raw materials and parts for many of Alcoa's products are its most important partners (Lallaset al., 2021). In order to incorporate client preferences into new offerings, the company occasionally cooperates with them as component of the product development process.

Value Proposition- Innovation and status or brand are Alcoa's two main value propositions (Nigam, Benetti&Mbarek, 2018).

Customers Segments-Customers from numerous various client groups with very distinct needs make up Alcoa's diversified markets business strategy (Shrivastava&Vidhi, 2020). Aeronautics, Aluminum, Alumina Ore, Automobiles, Metal fabrication, Corporate Transport, Electronic Goods, Military, Electrical, Industry Power Plant, Majority Of firms, and Packaging are the markets that it focuses on with its solutions.

3. Value proposition development
It is observed on this business sustainability assignmenta value added proposition is created by matching the benefits of its goods and services to those of its clients (Panickeret al.,2021).Since its inception, the company has welcomed innovation. Some of its contributions are as follows:

• Making bauxite ore electrolysis a cost-effective method for producing aluminums.
• Constructing the nation's first skyscraper with an aluminums exterior.
• The Cadillac Eldorado produced the first aluminums rim for a passenger vehicle.
• Creating the first easy-opening technology for cans of beer.
• The development of the RSR joining technology, which allows automakers to change the weld type.

4. Business operations development
It is observed on this business sustainability assignmentthat the goal of Alcoa is to transform the aluminium sector for a more sustainable future. Through the expertise of their workforce and improvements to its processes and goods, the organization realises this vision. With the most complete line of low-carbon products in the market, Alcoa needs some of the top operators in the industry with cutting-edge technologies and game-changing inventions (Prosser & Johnson, 2018).Maintaining the finance sheet's strength, transforming the portfolio, and utilizing our sector's highest environmental goals for a sustainable society. sustainability assignment - Supply chain development
Alcoa Company needs a Tech company for their supply chain. Aspired assists its clients in hiring and developing a remote autonomous dedicated workforce. Our team of experts locates new and developing tech centers and matches our best engineers with organization’s working to solve challenging problems(Abdulla Kalban, 2018).

6. Financial value capture
Alcoa’s ability to capture financial value may be determined by looking at their highest level and bottom lines, which often fluctuate with the pricing of the commodities they produce (Pidunet al., 2019). A general overview of Alcoa’s current business sustainability assignmentmodel is provided below-

  • The escalation and dissolution- Alcoa is actively purchasing specialty components companies, such as RTI Metals, which increased its exposure to titanium and aerospace parts.
  • Sort of going back to fundamentals- Alcoa has returned to its roots as a producer of basic materials like bauxite, alumina, and aluminium, covering the whole aluminium value chain. It holds significant positions across all industries, including the top global mining position for bauxite.
  • 7. business sustainability assignment - Competitive advantage
    The business sustainability assignmentresearch shows the approach consumers engage with services has drastically changed in today's hyper connected, digital environment. More companies are going online to welcome new clients since COVID-19. In order to lead in its industry, Alcoa must implement cutting-edge technologies to better serve its customers. By using blockchain technology will improve and increase the security of ‘Data management’, which is the highest and most important benefit for Alcoa. Due to the technology's distributed ledger, which is completely decentralized, the data is kept intact and is easily accessible (Kalaitziet al., 2019). The possibilities of data falsification or tampering are completely eliminated in blockchain-based systems, in contrast to conventional data architectures. Increased security due to the significant increase in cyber risks brought on by the Internet's development, 360-degree security is now essential.

    8. business sustainability assignment - Strategic fit
    Alcoa sustainability initiative aims to minimize negative impacts and enhance value across their worldwide presence to make a difference in society. Alcoa Company has sustainability as a top strategic focus. They are of the opinion that by meeting society's growing need for sustainable solutions that will benefit our Alcoa firm, stakeholders, and communities all over the world that they can quicken the value creation process.Maintaining Alcoa operations, protecting their operating permit, and expanding their asset base while generating long-term value for the community and the environment (Hekneby, Ingvaldsen, & Benders,2021).BHP, an Australian mining company that also extracts several other commodities, is now using business sustainability assignmentblockchain technologies. Bauxite and aluminium are mined by Alcoa Corp; not many businesses have successfully implemented technology and improved operations in this industry.

    9. Identification and assessment of assumptions and uncertainties
    Numerous use cases involving the operations and commercial activities of the Alcoa Company could benefit from the usage of blockchain technologies (Jain et al., 2022). Application possibilities and components of marketing strategies that can be impacted.

    • Automated billing for users and distributed generators is possible using Blockchains, smart contracts, and smart meters.
    • According to consumer's energy profile, individual interests, and environmental concerns, sales tactics may change.
    • Blockchain technology may enhance the management of micro grids and decentralized energy systems.

    Development of local power platforms made possible by distributed system for localized P2P energy trade or can greatly enhance power self-productivity and consumption. The business sustainability assignment research shows Alcoa company canincrease the productivity of bauxite and aluminium and responsibly utilize assets with great transparency and traceability, therefore investing in and deploying blockchain-related devices will be strategically fit into the goals.

    10. Phased development plan to address uncertainties
    Alcoa's development plan involves three phases-

    • Alcoa contributes a first $5 million contribution throughout the years 2021 and 2022 to phase one plan development efforts, which will also involve increased production tests and the design specifications of a demonstration plant with a capacity of about 1,000 mtpy.
    • Phase two would see the construction of a demonstrator facility and the start of system design for a comprehensive HPA operation that could generate 8,000 mtpy.
    • The third phase would see the beginning of the comprehensive plant's development.

    Both of the last phases are dependent on ultimate investment choices. According to current business sustainability assignmentestimates, the comprehensive plant will likely cost around $200 million, according to careful engineering reviews (Rousseau, 2018).

    11. Selection of innovation tools and techniques
    This business sustainability assignmentuses five separate innovation tools for a variety of objectives (Zaenchkovsky, Kirillova&Zeman, 2022). These tools' stated objectives are as follows:

    ? Value proposition Canvas- It will meet both consumer wants and deliver cutting-edge products. The business will benefit from improvement, thus it will need to train and educate its workers on how to use this technique. The anguish may come from the expenses and labor required to follow the law. Creators will be added to workers, suppliers, and system integrators while better services are encouraged. Retaining corporate clientele and a strong ROI will ease the burden.
    ? business sustainability assignmentSWOT analysis- This will make it easier to examine the product's advantages, disadvantages, dangers, possibilities, and suggested improvements. The business has resources and a well-known strong brand that might be used to strengthen its activities and weak areas in terms of energy use. Extraction businesses that could be a threat have been encouraged by the increased use of information technology and the strengthening of regulations. However, cooperation and invention could aid Alcoa in pursuing economic factors.
    ? Market Segmentation- Market segments will be examined through the determination of segment, targeting, and positioning. The income and business of the clients will be used to segment the market. America and Australia would be the locations. Since manufacturing facilities contain a variety of mineral types, they will be targeted. Customers will be drawn in by positioning because of the quicker, higher-quality, and error-free services that will be provided.
    ? Total Addressable Market- Understanding the market that may be exploited is made easier with the aid of total addressable market. With a CAGR of 7%, the total addressable market is expected to reach USD 159.74 billion.
    ? Customer Profile- A customer profile aids in comprehending potential clients' expectations.

    12. Candid and critical self-analysis
    This business sustainability assignmentis the result of my research into creative features that Alcoa Company requires in order to enhance their safety and security. I first lacked the analytical abilities that the assignment demanded. Since the majority of the tools are utilised through websites and online applications, I was concerned about their use before I even started. I had to look for technology that could be readily operated and downloaded because I lacked the expertise to use the software. Additionally, I came across various marketing concepts, terms, and techniques that may be applied in the actual world to extrapolate the circumstance for a better understanding.I've met a portion of the learning objectives after completing the various sections since I now know why and how the value proposition is created. My professional and working lives will be aided by this knowledge in the future.

    13. Conclusion and recommendation
    Thebusiness sustainability assignment analysis found that Alcoa Corp. had difficulties sustaining its sustainability objectives, such as energy consumption, at all levels of the value chain.

    Utilizing blockchain will enable to trace various functions and provide real-time information, which will help to reduce resource waste caused by segmented processes. Because of the company's reputation, utilizing technology will help it gain a competitive advantage.

    Blockchain technology will make it easier to track resources along the value chain, from metal forms to concentration. Alcoa Corp.'s B2B clientele benefit from an increase in value as a result of this. The interactions between the sellers and various stakeholders are dispersed. Transparency should therefore be incorporated at every stage of the value chain. Clients give samples as proof when finished products, such aluminium ore, are delivered to B2B customers. Thus, the three parties (mining companies, clients, and labs) may be brought together on one platform by using blockchain technology to leverage the process. The business sustainability assignment findings show this will make it easier to access information and gather real-time information.

    14. References
    Lallas, E., Santouridis, I., Mountzouris, G., C. Gerogiannis, V., &Karageorgos, A. (2021, November). An Ontology based Conceptualization of Data Integrity Regulatory Compliance in Pharmaceutical Industry: The SPuMoNI Case. In 25th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics (pp. 460-465).business sustainability assignment

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    Value Proposition Canvas

    1.Alcoa Corp. is advised to use blockchain solutions, according to a value proposition map


    business sustainability assignmentSWOT

    2:SWOT analysis for the blockchain technology that Alcoa Corp. is advised to use

    Market Segmentation


    ·         Premium brand names

    ·         Resources are available.


    ·         A lack of dedication to sustainability

    ·         A lack of operational and environmental concerns strategies.


    ·         Key market participants' use of cutting-edge technologies.

    ·         High investments in tech tools are being done in blockchain technology.


    ·         Investigating the market with cutting-edge technology and creativity.

    ·         Using innovating technique to create unique devices and processes in mining and production operations



    4: Total Addressable Market

    business sustainability assignmentCustomer profile


    Based on end operations, the clients are divided into categories. Consequently, the mix of suppliers of raw materials and buyers of finished goods. Additionally, clients will be divided based on where they live, with priority given to individuals in Australia and the United States.

    business sustainability assignmentTargeting

    As a result, retailers and manufacturers on a micro, large, and huge scale will be addressed. Customer targeting will be based on income.


    The process of improvedservicescan be presented as efficient and effective.



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