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Business Process Management Assignment: Case Analysis & Planning For McDonald


Business Process Analytical Plan
To prepare this business process management assignment, choose a realistic and detailed organisation or project, and analyse the Business Process Management (BPM) methods and techniques taught in the first three modules. Students are required to work on a process analytical plan (including As-Is and To-Be process mapping). In your analysis, consider and include the following:

  • Critically analyse the role of business process management in your chosen case study
  • Critically evaluate approaches to business process management and systems, their associated risked and implementation processes

The Business process analytical plan contains:

  • Business or project process briefing
  • Case based business or project process mappings (As-Is and To-Be)
  • Critical analysis on two mappings where are applicable: Good Bad and Ugly; Costs and Benefits; Advantages and Disadvantages; Feasibility and Sensitivity etc.


Business Process Briefing
1. Overview of the Case study selected in the business process management assignment (This is the Introductory Part)
McDonald is one of the leading US based fast food organisations throughout the globe and the company has currently more than 1700 outlets throughout the world. The Fast Food Giant McDonald Australia and Stockland has signed a project to develop 350 apartments in existing McDonald’s Parramatta site during the year 2018 (Cummins, 2018). The ultimate objective of the project is to develop expensive community retail and service with revamped restaurant of McDonald and car parking.

2. Business Processes of the Project/Organisation
McDonald Australia has considered 8 business processes in the entire project including Inputs, Outputs, Task, Flow, Resources, People, Systems and Objective.

Inputs: Raw Materials including Brics, Ceramics Sand and other techniques

Task Implementation: Project sanctioning, contract with suppliers, purchase of materials, Project planning and implementation

Flow: The top down approach and bottom-up approach of work flow

Resources: Materials and Human resources

People: workers for the construction and employees for managing the project (more than 100 labour estimated and 4 project managers)

System: Concrete frame construction

Outputs: Construction of building as per estimation

Objectives: Revamped McDonald’s business place as well as development of residential area

3. Most Important Processes
Most important processes among 8 processes are resource allocation and implementation task according to the requirements. According to the overall analysis of the case, task implementation is the most vital process. It has been considered as a process as it has some procedures and designing of plan are important. Based on the business process checklist analysis, it can be said that the task implementation process consists of a group of activities and different subtasks are logically related to each other. Hence, the implementation of task is the vital process of the project.

4. Identify the process
Task Implementation process include Modelling, Automation, Monitoring and controlling. The modelling is the core part of task implementation, which is done based on requirements. The Automation phase helps to continue the project and it links between modelling and controlling.

Process Mapping
5. What Kind of Process and Why?

The task implementation process has been considered as a strategic development process as based on the effective performance the objective of the project would be fulfilled. Hence, different parts of the task are needed to be synchronised properly to ensure the quality of performance. Hence, strategic actions are important to implement the task successfully and that can be done through continuous monitoring process. The effective control would help to identify the strategic progress and it can be verified whether the modelling or automation system has been successfully implemented or not.

6. Problems with the Process
Based on the project of McDonald Australia, it has been identified that the company has made investment of 8 million AUD to complete the project successfully. Hence, the issue is the cost of different raw materials is gradually increasing and it has developed the cost of the project. As a result of this issue, the company has faced a problem regarding implementation of the project and successful completion. Although the project has successfully approved during the year 108 but the project is under process. Hence, the replanning of various tasks to control the cost has become a significant problem and hence, the management has focused on the cost restructure process. Furthermore, the problem has been faced in terms of implementing the automation system and hence, it is important to focus on the improvement in the automation system.

7. Justification for the Chosen Process
In the case of task implementation process, it is essential to focus on the organisation of people and planning. Furthermore, employee motivation to handle different types of work is essential to get effective result from the project. The task implementation process is needed to be considered to enhance value to the customers. Buildings are needed to be constructed appropriately for attracting customers and creating value to them. The application of technology is an important matter in this case and the McDonald has to focus on the implication of the IT system for enhancing the performance. Hence, different types of resource application are a crucial factor in the case of task implementation process.

Process Mapping As-Ins

Process Mapping in business 1

Process Mapping in business 2

Figure 1: Existing Process Mapping
(Source: Developed by Author)

Process Mapping to be

Process Mapping in business 3

Process Mapping in business 4

Figure 2: Process Mapping (To be)
(Source: Developed by Author)

Critical Analysis of Process Mapping
8. Using BPM to solve the problem and why BPM is used?

According to the view of Brocke et al. (2014), the business process management is an important matter in the case of implementing changes within the organisation or to tackle a new project successfully. Furthermore, business agility and reduction in operating errors can be developed based on Business Process Management. The Business Process management system considers technological advancement which reveals that enterprise resource planning has been followed by the BPM (Segatto, Pádua & Martinelli, 2013). In the project of building constriction of McDonald to develop the outlet and developing residential area, the BPM is important. This is because it would help the company to ensure strategic development and project would get success. In the implementation of BPM technique six phases of the concept are essential to consider including identification of key resources, process modelling, analysis of the BPM, redesigning the BPM model, Implementation of new model and M&C the new BPM.

Process Mapping in business 5

Implementation of Business Process Management (The graph is collected from PPT module)
(Source: Developed by Author)

9. KPIs for the Process
Based on the view of Jeston and Nelis (2006), KPI analysis is an important matter in the case of a business performance development. The ongoing project evaluation is the important matter in the case of identifying loopholes in a project successfully. Customers and employee are major drivers in the case of business process management. The variance analysis is an important key performance indicator for a project which helps to helps to identify the fluctuation in the actual performance from the budgeted performance.

Formula of Variance Analysis = (Standard –Actual Performance) = Variance. If actual is greater than standard, it is called favourable (f). On the other hand if actual is less than standard, it is called unfavourable (U).

In the process of measuring performance of McDonald, the variance analysis has been considered as an important technique and it would help to develop the modelling and automation of the process. Furthermore, the evaluation would help to redesign the plan and the objectives of the project can be achieved easily.

10. Role of IT in the case study
As mentioned by Martínez-Rojas, Marín & Vila (2016), Information technology is an important matter in the case of developing and implementing a large construction project successfully. The use of effective information system would help the project manager to continue the project effectively and the McDonald can revamp the business outlet in Sydney. Hence, the ERP system has become important to the management of McDonald’s Project. The project is currently under construction and except cost issue other areas are in control of the construction project. The technological development in the project management would help to ensure quality of the project. The role of Information Technology in the case of McDonald’s Project are mentioned below

  • New opportunities for the purpose of collaboration, coordination and exchanging information
  • Enhancing Computer aided designing and Visualisation
  • Effective, planning, scheduling and management of site
  • Effective integration and computer aided Business & Information management
  • Computer aided cost estimation

Based on the above discussion, it can be stated that the computer software based cost estimation would help to revise the budget of the project successfully.

Brocke, J. v., Schmiedel, T., Recker, J., Trkman, P., Mertens, W., & Viaene, S. (2014). Ten principles of good business process management. Business Process Management Journal, 20(4), 530-548

Cummins, C. (2018). Stockland and McDonald's team up at Parramatta. Retrieved 25 June 2020, from

Jeston, J., & Nelis, J. (2006). Why should you do BPM - what are the main drivers and triggers?Business Process Management (pp. 16-19). Jordan Hill, GB: Routledge.

Martínez-Rojas, M., Marín, N., & Vila, M. A. (2016). The role of information technologies to address data handling in construction project management. Business process management assignment Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 30(4), 04015064.

Segatto, M., Pádua, S. I. D. d., & Martinelli, D. P. (2013). Business process management: a systemicapproach? Business Process Management Journal, 19(4), 698-714.


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