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Business Process Management Assignment Outlining Organization Objectives And Goals


Tasks: You have been commissioned by your client to analyze their core business process. This is to be done in two stages. Stage 1 (assignment 1), you should provide a review (aimed at the management and staff of the organisation) of the current process and the prospective problems and issues based on your understanding and knowledge. Do not make any recommendations on how to fix the problems at this stage (stage 1). If management concurs with your report, they intend to hire you to complete stage 2 (assignment 2) which is to make detailed recommendations for improvement.

The description of the process in your case study has been provided to you. You should first understand the current process and construct the process models which should include both the main process and sub-process models. To construct models, you are required to use any process modelling tools (such as all examples we provided in the unit- we used Bizagi modeller – a process modelling tool). Bizagi is commonly used in the industry and is specifically for design business processes. It is free software and easy to use. It has a built-in simulation function which can help to check your designed process models if there are deadlock problems. It also has a built-in function to check error connections of the models. Bizagi is our recommended modelling software. However, as it doesn’t support Mac computers yet, you can choose other process modelling software. However, please make sure it allows you to use all BPMN palettes (pool, lane, tasks, events…). The drawing software selected has to be process oriented. We have provided some suggested modelling tools in the unit outline; please check. If you select a different BPMN software, please also check with your tutor.

Each diagram should occupy no more than one page, and it should be ‘landscape’ format, not a ‘portrait’ format. For the case provided, to make models readable, you need some subprocesses. However, how many sub-processes you need depends on your model design. You can have sub-processes in the main process, and also sub-processes inside of sub-processes. It can be multi-layered. Please check the examples which we provided on the blackboard as your references.

Regarding the case, as this is a simulation exercise, the case may miss some details based on your knowledge. You are allowed to make reasonable assumptions based on your experience and research. All assumptions have to be clearly explained in your report.

Models for the case study should use Level 1 BPMN notation, AS-IS models. Please note that some details may not be able to be represented precisely using the level 1 palette- you can explain the limitation in the report.

Each model should be accompanied by a full and detailed commentary which explains what you have drawn, highlighting any features that you were not able to represent precisely on the diagram. For example, for each of the tasks, what are some detailed activities involved; for each of the gateways, what decision it is responsible for. You should use a table to summarize activities and gateways for each model (main and sub-process models).


Executive summary: The business process management assignment emphasis on the business process management and this is that process that not only help the organization to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization but it also helps the same to rectify all the errors that may be organized. The coaching institutes should keep in mind that they should solve the problems of the staff. The major thing that brings success to the organization will be the implementation of the various staff selection procedure. With this, there will be validate the following structure. This part deals with this factor only.

Introduction: This business process management assignment puts an emphasis on the BPM that is business process management. This report deals with the procedures that are being adopted in order to facilitate the coaching specialists. As it is understood that business process management is that process where the organization has set up some goals and this goal is accomplished with the desired aim (Reggio et al. 2017). In the recent terminology that is being used for coaching specialists includes that of the fact that will surround the meaningful organization in the desired function. This will include the task that will make the run according to the different purposes. The model of the organization plays an important role (Rospocher, Ghidini & Serafini 2014). When in any organization the process management is to be followed then it should have a direct impact with the number of ideologies that may encounter the clash between them while meeting the objectives. Today, the scenario related to the BPM, that is business process management is changing. In the recent context it is widely used and accepted as for the purposes of giving the right path and destination (Goedertier, Vanthienen & Caron 2015). This business process management assignment how in most situations recent activities that are being carried upon is dealt with the number of specified organizations. Especially, these organizations will help to attain the goal that is well specified.

Assumptions that Made:There are some assumptions that are made. While running any coaching center the most important thing that is to be noted down is that related to the number of factors like how the payment cycle runs. Here the assumption is taken of the payment structure. When the payment is fully given and the coaching teachers are well satisfied then it helps the organization to achieve its desired goals. These goals should be put in front of the every aspect that should cover almost every aspect. The major thing that is to be noted down is that payment structure should be in compliance with the market standards. The term market standard may be linked directly to the business process management. Let understand what the business stands is for this (Stewart, 2012). If business is taken in the present context, then it means that there should be proper citation of the business standards and the coaching specialists will work according to the desired business performance. This business process management assignment is prepared by our BPM experts from top universities assuring reliable and top quality management assignment help service. This is what to be explained here. In this present context, it should be meant to understand the same meaning that will cover every aspect of the reasons.

Discussion and Analysis
Problem statement:The term problem statement here relates to what are the problems that are faced by the coaching organizations (de Oca et al. 2015). When the coaching institute is being run, then the primary thing to be understood is the problems or a hurdle that comes in while the coaching centers are in the operation. The major concentrated part of the problem is related to the following aspects:

  • There is the problem that is related to the payment structure. The mode in which the payment is being made is survived with direct online payment mode or it is credited to the bank account or some other technological transfer method is being adopted. It is not all the times that the coaching specialists that would have the same running of the function (Kannengiesser & Oppl 2015). So, the desired output is that related to the functioning of the tool of the organization that is to say about coaching and the payment scale that is to be made by the coaching.
  • The business process management assignment it is identified the second problem statement is that related to the interviewing procedure. The procedure that is being adopted here is that related to the fact that would cover almost every organization to take the interview of the desired candidate.

The issues that the organization is facing on: Some of the major issues that the organization is facing on are related to the best teacher or experts that are not available. When any coaching institute is being run, then the students look at what are the teachers and how they perform the well in making convince to the students. The students always want to have a good professional who have a good teaching experience. When some teacher comes who is not having a enough experience then it is being said that there should be no current issues that would come and survive there (Alpers et al. 2015). In the recent time, it is also found that the teachers do not meet the requirements of the coaching institute. So, far the experienced teachers are considered then they make a desired output and the business process management is done through positive mode.

There is also the fact that there is more than 80 per cent of the staff among the teachers that they do not get the payment on the regular basis. When they are failed to get the same [payment, then they decide not to have a quality coaching and teaching (Doumeingts & Browne 2016). Therefore, the most important thing or the part of this assignment is that related to these factors that payment should be made on regular basis to give understanding of the students.

Opportunities that prevails in the processes:There is not a single opportunity that are present there and the opportunities that prevail there. The first thing that is to be considered is that related to the employment opportunities. In the present time, there are many graduates who are well researched scholar and they need to gain pleasure of teaching in various institutes. The institutes look out at the building of the different versions of coaching parameters (Pflanzl & Vossen 2018). These required a lot of tasks that would cover the same task. In the recent times, there are many activities that require the coaching staff to be present will learned one. The learned staff will bring the good coaching center at ease. In this manner, it will run smoothly that will bring the facilitation of the staff that is required to be attained (De Sousa et al. 2015). The coaching staff should follow this process of BPM that would help the organization to achieve the goal of the organization. Some of the best technologies that are being used are multimedia technology that would have facilitation over the number of facilities.

These are the processes that should be made in this way where the coaching parameters should be done in this way. The ease manner that will come in bringing the good and brave step is to bring the better safe and good future due to this.

Limitation: The present processes: When it is the current procedures that are present then the most important thing that is to be considered is that related to the various factor (Caron & Vanthienen 2016). The various factors link it with the current process that shows how the development is taking process. With this development process there are some limitations that are followed. The major limitation is that the staffs are not present in the sufficient number. It means that when the payment procedures are not good then the coaching tutors look out at some other things. business process management assignment searches too work out in the organization (Milani et al. 2016). If one has a look at the present trend being adopted by the coaching industry, then it would be possible to state that the coaching should mention some of its guidelines that should be present there. In the recent times, the way the coaching students are mainly focusing on the same thing is being processed. There is also the procedure that is being adopted to have allocation of the new coaches (Belouettar et al. 2018). When the new coaches are being allocated then it shows how well they really work.

BPMN diagram that represent the way coaching should be followed

BPMN Assignment

Figure 1: AS-IS Proceed
(Source: Created by Author)

The BPM diagram represents that there are some activities that are to be performed. On this business process management assignment, there is individual and procedural activity that is performed in order to have task and the below task is there activities. There is also the role based access control and how it should be organized.

Checking the client information to be based on various standards

client information in BPM assignment

When the coach expert confirms the process


Recommendation process for the coaches as mentioned below

Recommendation process in bpm assignment

How payment process is received

Recommendation process in bpm assignment

How payment process is received

payment-process-bpm assignment

List of Steps to re-design the process in the coaching institute’
The term ‘re-designing’ is that related to the fact that the re-design of the process should be like that the organization needs to go through the re-engineering process that would involve the same building of structure. The re-designing process requires the setting up of the goals and these goals should be set up in the manner so that the goals are being accomplished. There is also seen the final outcome of the research that should be made there (Vasilecas, Kalibatiene & Lavbi? 2016). What is the probability that is underlying the process is that related to the tasks that are performed by the organization. When in any organization, there should be present in such a way that will take up a good initiation that will present the business processes. These business processes are required to be put up the kind attention so that the company looks to build up the same process (Rosemann & vom Brocke 2015). There should be single outflow of the products that should be very well determined in the entire manner. There are many things that are to be displayed in the various circumstances that should have the good teaching to the students.

The main conclusion that can be drawn from this business process management assignment is that there should be used this business process management that includes the rectification of the processes that are covered there. In the entire function, the key role is thus played by both the organizers of the organization and also by those who have played greater role in the coaching institute. The BPM model could be sued to have better understanding of the same function (Bowers & Vinton, 2012). Sometimes, there are many processed and designs that are being implemented in the organization, but due to some reasons they do not attain success. With business process management assignment the failures may come but there is remedy to this that can be followed.

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