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business plan development using Artificial Intelligence assignment research


Task: How can businesses use Artificial Intelligence assignment research techniques to develop effective business plans?


External Environmental Analysis


As per Sui et al., (2015)Mauritius was able to overcome all of its problems because to the country's political climate, which played a significant part in the country's development in all areas, including economic, social, environmental, and technical. Due to pandemic, the IT firms have been losing it efficiency 2020. Employment, deficits in the federal budget, and the national debt have all continuously risen even while economic growth slowed by 3 percent to 4 percent.

Devotees and campaigners identified on this Artificial Intelligence assignment have taken use of artificial intelligence capabilities to spread their message. According to the amount of data stored in the foundation of a firm, the marketing campaigns are tailored to "fit" the personalities of those they are targeting.

Artificial Intelligence will remain in place if customers find it useful. It is also expected to have a long-term impact on legislative matters in the coming years. To support customers' insurance on AI innovation, laws and guidelines may use stronger defences as they stand. A company's use of external information must be regulated by at least some quantifiable standards.

Artificial Intelligence may aid in integrating companies, tacticswhether in government or elsewhere, communities, and belief systems despite possible concerns. The use of Artificial Intelligence may help alleviate the burdens of management if done correctly.


Applicants for jobs lack the skills needed for the positions they are applying for. This has ramifications for sectors in need of highly trained workers. Due to the Covid-19the rate of unemployment is high in Mauritius, and many businesses are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill open jobs.As far as financial concerns are concerned, artificial intelligence (AI) is critical in establishing full information. On this Artificial Intelligence assignment observe even if it isnot often seen to be a demanding technology, has the potential to enable prophetic financial investigations. On a smaller scale, it may be used to enhance a portfolio(Singh and Malawalia, 2021).

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, may be used by foundations in order to mitigate or even prevent the negative effects of financial slumps. These advancements in AI may elevate financial elements to a new level of prominence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) will continue to be a hot topic in the next years. Many aspects of how people do business or go about their daily lives were impacted by the coronavirus. It facilitates the selection and use of AI in general.


In the last decade, the amount of money spent on new ideas has increased. Customer demographics may be determined by income dispersion. Segmentation of rural and urban areas, as well as wealth, healthcare, and education hotspots. The country's social development is the focus of both government and non-government organisations in the area. There are so many opportunities for business and non-profit organisations to work with the government.

In order to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the nation at a grassroots level, the aforementioned programme is designed to promote and aid small-scale projects.When Artificial Intelligence assignments are integrated into frameworks, there will be more significant societal consequences in the near future.

Suppliers will be able to get to know new and recurring customers, as well as potential new ones, in a whole new manner. Despite the fact that certain AI highlights are already in existence, they are likely to be further defined as the IT industry progresses.

AI-powered gadgets and bots are also the subject of discussion. Artificial intelligence, especially in its early stages, may play the role of facilitating authoritative and, in any case, dull tasks.


Intelligence derived from computers provides a wide range of efficiency and performance metrics. There has been an increase in the Mauritius government's budget to Rs.24 billion, of which Rs.11 billion has been invested by the Mauritius government,Increased productivity is a byproduct of computerization. Despite this, a lot of people talk about the challenges of fully digitising and implementing AI advances. The rapid use of AI and AI by organisations comes with real operational risks.

These threats may be minimised via thorough investigation and the use of the proper approach. No problems are involved in problem solving. It may even aid in the progress of one's career. Using Artificial Intelligence and enhancing customer outreach may significantly cut costs if the primary goals have been established.


The use of Artificial Intelligence assignment makes it possible for legal experts to automate the work of lower-level lawyers and paralegals. Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve the precision of contract surveys in certain cases. Tax policy has been altered to reduce the tax on royalties paid to non-residents from 10% to 15%. Until the end of the year, large corporations may take advantage of tax breaks. National residency property tax has increased from Rs.385,000 to Rs.400,000 for individuals. The tariffs on TVs up to 32 inches have been eliminated, while the tax has been reduced by up to 15% on TVs larger than 32 inches.

It is possible to recall the words for large amounts of information and archives by remembering the terms used in smaller projects. When fully realised, it is also suitable for completing specialised constructions (Vallatiand Grassi, 2019).


Managing the environmental impact of AI is a challenge. Efforts should be made to modernise the frameworks that support it soon. Relieving AI's inherent consequences is complicated by the need for immediate attention due to existing crises in the current climate(Panpatte and Ganeshkumar, 2021).

The usage of surrounding terrain in server farm cooling has improved. Combating AI's environmental impact and problematic innovation is best accomplished by holding the innovation industry accountable as progress and development progress.

Industry Analysis
There is a bright future for artificial intelligence in the healthcare, retail, automotive, industrial and financial technology (fintech) industries. From 2019 to 2024, the Artificial Intelligence assignment industry is predicted to grow at an annual rate of 26%. Demand for virtual help and the expanding use of cloud-based technologies are the primary drivers of this industry.



·         The AI's home market is both a strength and a hindrance to the company's expansion and innovation. Artificial Intelligence in the IT business may easily flourish in its native market without much innovation, but more research and development is needed to join the worldwide market.

·         According to recent studies, IT companies using AI can compete on the global market.

·         Brand recognition in the home market is particularly high in the IT industry. Eynon and Youn (2020)have shown that a company's name recognition is an important factor in gaining new clients in technology-related businesses.

·         In spite of the fact that this IT business has implemented AI technology in the backend operations, it has been unable to harness the technology's potential in the front end procedures.

·         Because it has grown primarily in its native market, this company's chances of success in the international market are lowered due to a lack of diversification(King et al., 2019).

·         Business models that rely heavily on patents and copyrights are easily imitated. There are several challenges in enforcing intellectual property in the IT business. It is difficult to stop start-ups from disrupting markets at various levels,



·         The company may expand its product and service offerings by using AI technology in other areas in order to get a competitive advantage.

·         In the wake of the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the firm's technological environment is being reconfigured. These advances may be used by the company to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and revolutionise operations.

·         Existing consumers must be kept pleased, and new customers must be acquired. The firm started diversifying its product range by introducing additional brands and features as it learnt more about what its consumers desired(Lin et al., 2018).

·         Increased consumer negotiating power has placed downward pressure on the IT company's pricing throughout the years. Horizontal integration is an option for the organisation, but I feel it will only be a short-term solution. Artificial Intelligence (AI) requires significant changes to a company's economic strategy, not just cosmetic ones, according toSikka (2022).

·         The company works in a market where pricing tend to stay the same for long periods of time.

·         Since the company's easy access to capital might be cut off at any time, it needs to reduce its dependence on debt in order to thrive.

·         GoodFirms has compiled a list of the best big data developers in Mauritius and can be a big competitor in new business. In order to make the greatest choices for their company, stakeholders need a strong team behind them.


Key People and Skills
Technical Skills

Artificial Intelligence assignment identified that Machine learning may be useful when activities become too complicated for humans to comprehend or code. Helping to detect patterns based on sensory input is where neural network approaches come into play. When it comes to voice recognition, translation, and picture classification, neural networks have been the go-to method. The fields of computer science and linguistics are brought together in natural language processing, or NLP(Maisiri, et al., 2019). Text, audio, and video may be included in the work. Petabytes and terabytes of streaming data are just one area where AI developers will be heavily involved. They must have a thorough grasp of big data technology in order to deal with massive amounts of data.

Programming Skills
Robots can be used to automate tasks, but they need to be programmed to perform properly. Robotics is employed in a wide range of industries, including space exploration, healthcare, and security, to name just a few. Mechanical gadgets or robots that can be controlled by people are their major focus. Writing and modifying computer programmes, interacting with other experts, and designing prototypes are all critical talents for this position(Akyazi et al., 2020).

Marketing Skills
Experts in a variety of artificial intelligence fields, such as machine learning, computational statistics, and applied mathematics make up a research scientist's skill set. It's important to note that these are the areas where the most progress has been made, in particular: deep learning, graphics models, reinforcement learning computer vision natural language processing and representations of data(Vlai et al., 2021).

Negotiating Skills
It is easy to get caught up in the media frenzy around artificial intelligence providers, and it might seem that they have the upper hand in negotiations. According to researchers, organisations who don't adopt and use these new and disruptive technologies risk losing their competitiveness in the market. However, it is feasible to design mutually beneficial contracts that are flexible, agile, and most crucially, scalable. All that is required is an approach that is aware and an acknowledgment of concerns and potential hazards(Dinnar et al., 2021).

Money Management Skills
To begin your money management journey, you need to locate the proper motivation. Just be certain that your goal is within your reach first. Effective money management necessitates the creation of a budget. Financial stability and wealth creation are the primary goals of experienced money managers.

Financial Feasibility
Cash Flow Forecasts


Projected Balance Sheet


Projected Cash Flow Statement


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