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Business Marketing Assignment: Application Of CADDIE Process To Village Cinema’s


Your organization’s marketing manager is very impressed with your presentation of blueprinting of customer experience for the organization. He now wishes to know more about the marketing strategy planning process and has asked you to prepare a document dealing the strategy development process which can be used as a roadmap for developing the organization’s future marketing strategy. Your task is to write a business marketing assignment explaining and applying the CADDIE process to your chosen organization and with the strategy document.


Executive summary
The current report on business marketing assignment sheds lights on the marketing measures of CADDIE is an excellent marketing approach which is having the ability to attract the attention of the customers, and thus measures are executed for the better strategies measures, and thus the designing of correct marketing attributes can be done. As people often seek for large screen viewership for the old films and classic hits of all times, it is this opportunity that will it cinemas takes as a result of pandemic shutdown where delaying new releases is replaced with old classics and international blockbusters. This not just helps in keeping the customers going and revisiting for amusement and entertainment purpose to serve the customer oriented service but the dropping sales resulting in deep financial debt is possible to be overcome to some extent by village cinemas in Australia. It is even found that the protocols like social distancing, sanitizing and wearing off mask and shield are incorporated within the screens operated by village cinemas as a part of global alliance to release films which are considered to be no time to die. The series of classics like James Bond, Titanic and civil war I tried to be screened in the operators where 40% of the total debt amount is possible to be redeemed. The rest of the amounts are tried to be mitigated through the strategic orientation by which government support collaboration programme has been of sufficient help.

In the recent era of increasing globalization, it has been evident that the business is in needs of smart marketing techniques. It has been productive in developing coherent measures in creating awareness among the customers and thus allows them to serve the business in an effective manner. The implication of the different models has been taken into account by the business so that the marketing of the products and services are done in an effective manner and thus ensure that the business is able to achieve their goal without any kind of confusion. The increase in the competitive measures has increased the marketing needs. It has been effective in developing the idea that the business is in needs of smart marketing approaches like that of the CADDIE. The business-like Village Cinema's are produced using these marketing technologies so that they can address the competitiveness and thus ensure the smooth execution of the services in the targeted markets.

The report shed light on the strategic evaluation of the CADDIE business marketing planning process. The report seeks to shed light on the proper use of the approaches in the context of the selected business of Village Cinema’s and thus ensure that the coherent measures of executing the strategic measures are taken into account in an effective manner. Measures will be taken to identify the issues faced by the business in the process of implicating the CADDIE business-marketing planning process, and thus proper recommendation is illustrated in this report.

CADDIE business-marketing planning process
Collect and analysis process are essential in the development of the strategic norms, and thus measures are executed for better marketing attributes. The needs of the marketing action plans are evident, and thus the use of the CADDIE measures of coherent marketing is determined to be efficient in ensuring success to the organization in an effective manner. The execution of the business marketing measures is determined to be the planning process of the business (, 2021). The proper recognition of the marketing knowledge with the clear vision of the organizational objectives is determined to be productive. The plan of the business information, operational as well as the financial aspects is taken into considerations. It is the role of the chief marketing officers to evaluate the market condition, and thus measures are done. The use of the CADDIE approaches of business marketing is the crafting process of the marketing plans, and thus measures are taken for the execution of the strategies in an effective manner. The CADDIE business marketing measures are the stepwise plans which are determined to be productive in fetching better working measures leading to the productivity of the company (, 2021). The below is the mention of each of the components of the CADDIE business marketing approaches so that a better understanding of the evidence can be implicated.

Collect: It refers to the collection of information about the market threat of the buying perception of the customers. It has been productive in evaluating the fact that the use of both primary as well as secondary data is needed so that the understanding of the correct intention of the customers can be evaluated (Kotabe and Helsen, 2020). The data collection is the integrals part of executing correct and more successful marketing measures having the ability to attract the targeted customers.

Analysis: This stage is associated with the evolution of the collected data. The needs of the experienced marketing team are needed so that the extraction of the underlines evident can be demonstrated. It has been evident that the team, with their knowledge and data interpreting skills, are able to understand the market type (Lindgreen & Di Benedetto, 2018). This is at the same time is productive in fetching better strategic norms, and thus measures are taken for the further market measures are executed.

Design: The information collected from the data analysis are determined to be effective in designing the correct marketing measures. It has been evident that this stage is critical as the implication of improver's data in designing the marketing plan might act negatively for the business, and the business fails to execute their strategic measures in dealing with the wider customer bases (Lindgreen & Di Benedetto, 2018). The design of the marketing measures for the business includes the proper meeting with the technical and the marketing team to deal with the mode of marketing and the content that will be used for the promotion of the product or the services.

Develop: It is the main stage when the proper marketing measures are done. It is the final stable before the implication of the marketing measures (Brennan, Canning & McDowell et al., 2020). It is effective in developing a strong idea about the strategic measures in dealing with the proper customer's needs and thus executes the proper marketing strategies.

Implicate: The stage includes the time when the customers are exposed to the marketing measures. This might be a television advertisement or just an asocial media promotional measures (, 2021). The proper launch of the marketing measures is needed so that a source of attraction is created for the business, and thus proper measures to deal with the marketing agenda can be executed.

Evaluation: The collection of the feedbacks from the customers regarding the strategic measures used in the marketing approaches is determined to be productive. It has been evident that the marketing team with the inspection of the issues faced by the marketing measures can be collected (Lindgreen & Di Benedetto, 2018). The initiatives to address the issues can be done in the next design of the marketing aspects.

The use of these marketing measures is implicated in the business of Village Cinema. It has been evident that the company, with the use of the correct marketing measures, has been able to attack the attention of the huge customers base. The proper implication of the CADDIE business marketing approaches is demonstrated below with the proper execution of the issues faced by them in this context is evident.

Application of CADDIE process for village cinemas, Australia:
Business organizational processes unnatural to encounter with several challenges while operating in a specified flow across the market industry. The entertainment and showbiz industry stands as no exception when evaluation of crisis is conducted. Will it cinemas is one of the most popular Operator companies recognized for largest cinema screening theatres which are spread across Australia. with a large array of 600 screens popularly located across 58 distinguished sites of Australian state, will it cinemas builds up larger business associations by venturing into partnership link to it event hospitality along with entertainment limited company (Froehlich, 2020). When CADDIE Market analysis tool is applied towards assessment of this organization, the currently faced crisis scenario is taken into crucial consideration. It is the challenge that this company is facing which got revealed when the strategic measure of marketing tool like CADDIE is applied in the present framework. Deriving a subsequent solution to such an issue also becomes a part of this strategic manifestation by which a recommendation is advised to overcome the crisis prevailing at village cinemas in Australia.

  • Collection of data-
    Village cinemas located at various points of Australian lands have been a popular and crowded hotspot for masses and classes irrespective of different age groups cast and Creed to uniformly visit. The point is recognized for entertainment and amusement purpose well large gatherings took place in huge amounts for decades now. However, on collecting recent data from the earlier half of in the year 2020, a steep decline is revealed from the statistical figures where 84% of the total population of Australia I found two discontinues their visits to search cinema theatres as a public joint (Ferri, 2020). The COVID-19 restriction created as a pandemic protocol has hammered the cinema halls to abide by stringent practices. Movie goers are imposed with the regulatory behavior of adapting social distance well viewing the on screen films, drama and Theatre. Due to the close down of cinemas taking place in most of the countries of the world, Australia also needed to observe such a drastic decision that’s hampering the normal business flow for organizations like village cinemas. In the form of secondary data, it has been collected that international release delays have resulted in large scale uncertainty regarding blockbuster screened across theatres like village cinemas for an indefinite period in the future. Even being an independent operator does not help village cinemas to cope up with the unprecedented crisis situation. Due to the sudden lockdowns prevailed in Australia, restriction's got automatically imposed regarding indoor attendance in any public confined area.

    Paying rents Started becoming a new challenge on a financial front that needed will it cinemas to cope up due to the long term sales drop and lack of funding cause true a sudden disruption. It is a common worry that got impacted upon such popular and large scale availability off multiple screens off village cinemas that even if smaller contributions are made to pay the rent along with staff salary, the revenue amount that shall get generated when not hit them save in terms of quick returns. Out of 600 cinema screens more than 524 hold with 439,772 seats are found to be closed as a part of COVID-19 protocol. On the basis of rent crisis, 85 million is gone into losses do too the loss of generating revenues across the box office by a huge amount of $1.23 billion which accounts to be one of the world’s greatest tragic data that screens of Australia have observed (Ranci, 2021). It is under the industrial reports provided across Australia that village cinemas accounts to hold the largest decline in driving down the revenue through the first closures due to pandemic oriented lockdown across all streaming platforms.

  • Analysis –
    While analyzing the collected data, the customer perspective about the crisis is found to be quiet alarming as a significant majority off 73% is found two abide by such a closure. It is uniformly agreed by all the residents of Australia in different paths that such a close down was essential. This brings the box office related revenue to be predicted with analytical data to create severe uncertainty for an indefinite period of time in the future (San et al. 2021). When an aggressive tactics is applied by village cinemas to create a marketing understanding to judge the crisis situation, it is revealed from CADDIE model framework that for months to come, creating normalcy as previous times wait crowded demand creating high sales of tickets is likely to be an unforeseen event. This essentially brings an analytical understanding that some of the survival strategies need to be adapted in order to sustain in these current crisis times. Village Cinemas in order to keep themselves operational across at least 200 out of 600 Theatre openings generated promotional advertisements to sell tickets at high discounted prices.

    On analyzing further, it can be stated that the wholesale closure of the multiplexes observed in other parts of the world like UK, US and Asian countries have compelled Australian village cinema like operators to behave in a similar pattern (Ranci, 2021). This resulted in big international releases to be discontinued and get resulted in delay for an indefinite period of time. As the economic issue is found to be at the core and speak off all shortcomings, will it cinemas is likely to derive the marketing appeal where the cheapest of the costs of tickets for streaming services after a comparative study through market research penetration is established for keeping the independent theatres open. In order to create attraction quotient by generating sales to overcome the economic crisis, the wholesale closure of multiplexes is tried to be presented to some extent. It is the raised debt amount that village cinemas endured across each of the 600 Theatre operations getting closed across distinguished areas and regions of Australia, which resulted in a financial crisis during the current pandemic situation.

  • Creating a design as strategic measure –
    Keeping the national association of cinema Operators under consideration, village cinemas operating across Australian regions are found to be witnessed with effective government plans. When the organization is found to seek for opportunities to overcome the crisis with a mitigation plan, it is the government of Australia which comes at rescue to fight the difficult situation with strategic means of survival (Wulandari, 2018). Due to the delays in releases, both global as well as Australian cinema theatres got closed for an indefinite period of time. However creating online channelization by associating partnership with the generated fund after government support can help such an operator to derive financial effectiveness. It is also possible that new releases and international hits of blockbuster orientation are seized and hence the theatres and movie operators like village cinemas have to encounter with such steep losses. As a strategic means to rebounds with effective practice, a market survey is possible to address and understand the demand for classic hits and old blockbusters to gain are release in the theatres is possibly approached for.

    By generating $20 million of box office revenue, the Australian government is found to create financial support to uplift the dropping spirits of operators like village cinemas (Ferri, 2020). It has not only helped revive the rent payment along with staff maintenance but also helped in financial investment protocol to attain partnership Association with the online streaming platforms to get a fair share of revenue income as their profit margin. When people are restricted at their homes Anne not asked to step out to visit public crowded areas like theatres, such a decision of gaining partnership in the online entertainment streaming platform with legit grant of screening multiple films which are patent on buy them has been a reasonable and intelligent decision with marketing strategic framework. Such a give and take relationship to allow permission to the online platforms to screen the films which were originally patent owned by will it cinemas has resulted in gaining a fair amount of percentage as a profitable benefit quotient from the online screening platforms.

  • Development of strategic plan to deal with the crisis
    As a part of recommendation advised to village cinemas during the crisis faced by pandemic all COVID-19, there is development step taken up in the form of marketing measure so that the crisis is dealt in an effective manner. On the basis of Rapid recovery strategy, improvements from COVID-19 case rate have led to widespread vaccination. It is a positive note for a competitive field like cinema operators to bring back normalcy into practice (Froehlich, 2020). It is on the basis of strict protocols maintained that improved hygiene environment is likely to be created across state and local level of guideline maintenance. But the help of recommending masks as a must to step inside the premise of theatres, will it cinemas is likely to upgrade their policies on the basis of current pandemic global circumstances. In order to create a continuity of screening of any new release and even the old process, such restrictive government led policies and protocols are needed to be oriented. There are restrictive occupancies in terms of movie Theatre participation where seat availability is likely to be 50% of the entire crowd capacity. This would not just help the social distancing and avoiding of spread of the pandemic but will also uplift the standards of the Theatre which can abide by the current pandemic protocols.
  • Implication Of strategic measures –
    Do too the COVID-19 pandemic, the Theatre operator will it cinemas had gone down in terms of financial profitability with intensification of economic debt. On the basis of recommended measures by applying marketing strategies to promote their partnership alliance through online channels, effective recovery from the crisis situation is possible to be generated (May, 2021). Similarly, the screening of old popular cinemas across the Theatre has helped the continuity of people visiting such theatres for amusement and entertainment are not stopped and rather continued. It is on the use of this strategic evaluation that people’s inclination to see old movies in a big screen are also radically expressed. More than 40% of the entire financial loss is possible to be redeemed only by the use of old blockbuster screening off movies as per customer demand. The other half of financial loss is possible to be redeemed with the help of smart investment with the help of government support plan towards Online streaming platforms.
  • Evaluation also effective marketing strategy –
    But the help of smart decision-making and effective marketing tool utilization, the Australian Theatre operator, village cinemas, is able to recover from the crisis scenario created in the form of current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It can be stated that a customer centric approach and an undenying urge to continue with the business slow in all possible means has made will it cinemas create a capacity to redeem themselves even from a state of steep financial loss (Horan & Reid, 2018). Even after 84% of theatre screens being closed down and 73% of the viewership gets hampered, the intensification of financial debt could not make them lose hope. The use of smart marketing drive approach helped them recover from the problem situation by channelizing their investment in online streaming entertainment portals. The customer requirement of viewing the old super hit blockbusters in a big screen is also mitigated as a form of sales renewal which helped the crisis to be overcome.

It is found that CADDIE model is used as a marketing measure for deriving competitive edge across the Australian industry of entertainment and box office amusement. Do to COVID-19 pandemic, village cinema is found to endure deep losses and closures to disrupt their business operations. However, the use of intelligent marketing strategies like proper investment upon online portals to screen there all time hits of which their patents were authenticated helped them to derive high profits to overcome the financial debt. The crisis in terms of lack of visitors and ongoing business could possibly be overcome through the process of old blockbuster movie screening in each of their theatres. Such an evaluated framework helps to create understanding about the way in which village cinemas recovered and restructured their business in an indomitable manner.

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