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Business Management assignment: Questions on the concepts of Professionalism


Task:In A Word document, reflect on the following:

  1. What is your understanding of the term 'Informed consent'?
  2. Drawing on your textbook, and own understanding, what is a 'Professional'?
  3. How are these concepts relevant to your chosen profession?


Understanding the concept of Informed Consent
Based on my understanding, Informed Consent could be defined as the process through which the researcher is able to disclose particular information regarding the research where the participant can be considered to accept or to reject the information voluntarily. It is usually done before starting the research. The concept of Informed Consent is a crucial thing discussed in this Business Management assignment since it also adds the value to the research data. There are various steps involved in order to obtain informed consent in this Business Management assignment which are listed below

  • Firstly, the participants needs to be informed about the goal of the research and its need
  • Secondly, we need to discuss about their contribution which also includes the future results
  • Thirdly, we need to explain about the steps which will be taken in order to protect their data.
  • Finally, their rights to withdraw the research needs to be notified.

In this Business Management assignment it is observed that it could be ethical as well as legal since it involves the human participation. Informed consent involves various challenges even then, we need to understand the obligations and hence their data should not be misused and they needs to be given liberty to decide the fact whether they need to accept or they need to refuse the recommendations which is being provided for the medical treatment. (Lokesh P Nijhawan, 2013).

Concept of “Professional” with reference to textbook
With reference to the textbook, professional is defined as the standards which are being set to each of the individual based on the nature of the job they do. To be more professional, it’s important to have the three common factors such as compassion, competence and the autonomy. It not only includes the scientific knowledge, technical skills but also understanding of the human rights. For one individual to be more professional they needs to dress smartly at their work place by doing the good job. For few other, professionalism could be termed as the advanced degrees and the certifications that they receive. People are considered as professional when they have specific knowledge on the specialized things. It is gained through the personal commitment and process involved in improving the skills. Here the skills are considered as the foundation of the knowledge. They also work in the serious and the thoughtful way in order to obtain the success in their field. They are considered to be more reliable and serious about the work where they also keep their knowledge up-to-date and they can also continue to deliver their best and succeed in their field. Professionalism is found with people who are honest and maintain the integrity and maintaining the promises. People with Professionalism satisfies the needs of the customer and they work accordingly. Professionalism is defined as the process of understanding and satisfying the needs of the customer. Hence it is inferred in this Business Management assignment that these are the reflections based on the professionalism. (Norton, 2010).

Concepts relevant to the chosen Professional
The concept of informed consent is being related to the profession which is chosen by me. The profession which I chose over here is Business Management. Based on the reflection in this Business Management assignment, informed consent is considered as the agreement that helps to perform something to occur when the factors which are relevant are disclosed. The business management needs to perform the information consent and based on those particular implications, system of checks. It also consists of the several components where the ethical issue is being identified by the informed consent .In the business management, process involved in the managing of the certain level of information is much important. Several trails needs to be conducted in order to find out the issues among them. Here the consent also enforce based on the various standard and the re-consent is considered much easier since they can able to get it through various media formats. Since for the business management, all the permission activities are based on the permission and it’s saved as the confidentiality of the data. In the business management profession, document needs to done before it. The business professionals also update the informed consent is stored based on the time and date. The informed consent also has the ability to trace all the records. (Clouse, 2018).

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