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business leadership assignment on leadership analysis techniques


Task: how to analyze a business leadership style using academicbusiness leadership assignment research skills?


This business leadership assignment analyses business leadership styles. Nelson recently graduated from an Australian university which is very prestigious. Nelson learnt innovation and new project management methods from this university. When he graduated from university he got a job in a well-reputed organization. Mr. Farahat who is the CEO of the company was very impressed by Nelson’s performance at the university. Mr. Farahat asked Nelson to be the manager of all the projects in Japan. Nelson never travels overseas so he terrifying of this huge task. Edvard who is working for the firm for the last 7 years, thought that Nelson is not suitable for this huge. He complained to the CEO but he ignored Edvard. The purpose of thisbusiness leadership assignment report is to give an explanation that what kind of Leadership style Mr. Farahat possesses. Analyze responsible leadership theory, techniques, and tools to establish communication and project success.

business leadership assignment -Leadership Style
Mr. Farahat possesses a Transformational leadership style. Most of us have probably been in a group setting where someone took charge, interacting with the others and establishing a shared vision (Busari et al., 2019). interacting with others, developing relationships, creating energy, and inspiring passion. We'll probably think of this person as a transformational leader. Change and transformation are highlighted by the leadership strategy known as transformational leadership. The business leadership assignmentresearch shows leaders who use the stratpgy of maximizing each individual's potential, motivates their followers to achieve more than they had previously imagined possible.This type of leadership may be quite effective in companies attempting to go through substantial adjustments or transformations.

In my opinion, Nelson should be in charge of the project because he has the potential and determination to complete the project. Nelson got his job because he has the ability and he has knowledge about project management and he learnt innovations and new methods that can be useful in his new project management. This huge responsibility can make him more experienced which can be beneficial for the organization.

Based on the leadership and conflict resolution tools and theories, how can you create peace between Nelson and Edward

From the business leadership assignment findings it is recommended that the most important thing for Nelson and Edward is to establish effective communication. They need to be able to talk to each other openly and honestly about what is going on and what they are feeling. If they can do this, then they will be able to resolve their conflict and create peace between them. Nelson and Edward have been locked in a conflict for some time now. It's crucial to first comprehend the underlying causes of the conflict in order to bring about peace between the two. Once the root cause is identified, both parties can then work together to find a resolution that is acceptable to both.
The first step is to identify the root cause of the conflict (Nneka, 2019). It is important to understand what each party is feeling and thinking in order to find a resolution. One way to do this is to have each party share their thoughts and feelings with a neutral third party. This third party can then help to identify the root cause of the conflict. Once the root cause of the conflict is identified, both parties can then work together to find a resolution. It is important to remember that there is no one right answer to the conflict. Instead, both parties need to find a resolution that is acceptable to both. This may require some compromise from both sides.

In order to create peace between Nelson and Edward, it is important to use responsible leadership techniques and theories. The business leadership assignment findings show these techniques and theories can help to establish effective communication in the organization. By using these techniques and theories, both parties can work together to find a resolution that is acceptable to both.

business leadership assignment - Leadership Tools
There are a few key tools that can help to make a project successful:

Communication: In order to be a successful leader, it is important to be a good communicator. This means being able to effectively communicate with your team, stakeholders, and other interested parties (Shad et al., 2019). Good communication can help to keep everyone on the same page and help to avoid misunderstandings.

Delegation: A successful leader knows how to delegate tasks and responsibilities to their team (Ren et al., 2018). This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal and that the workload is evenly distributed.

Conflict resolution: Conflict is inevitable in any project. A good leader knows how to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently (Wallensteen, 2018). This can help to keep the project on track and avoid any major setbacks. Motivation: A successful leader knows how to motivate their team. This can be done by providing clear goals, offering rewards, and Recognizing achievements. Motivated team members are more likely to be productive and produce high-quality work.
Time management: the business leadership assignment shows A successful leader knows how to manage their time and the time of their team (AsghariYazdkhasty&Madani, 2018). This includes setting deadlines, creating a work schedule, and ensuring that everyone is on track. Time management can help to keep the project on schedule and avoid any delays.

business leadership assignment Recommendation
Edward and Nelson are both going to work on the same project and Edward will be Nelson’s main consultant. Personal conflicts can be the cause of project failure. Some recommendations help them to work together without any conflicts:
1. Establish clear communication channels between Nelson and Edward. This will help them to understand each other's expectations and needs, and avoid misunderstandings.
2. Encourage Nelson and Edward to sit down and discuss their differences. This will help them to understand each other's perspectives and find common ground.
3. Help Nelson and Edward to develop mutual respect. This will enable them to work together more effectively and resolve conflicts more constructively.
4. Encourage Nelson and Edward to brainstorm solutions to their disagreements. This will help them to find creative ways to resolve their differences.
5. Help Nelson and Edward to develop a plan for moving forward. This will help them to stay on track and make progress in resolving their differences.

Thisbusiness leadership assignment report concludes that Mr. Farahat possesses ta transformational leadership style and he tries to encourage Nelson. Nelson can manage the project. Conflicts can destroy the team and project. The recommendation given in the report can help them to work together. As mentioned in the business leadership assignment report Edward going to be Nelson’s main consultant which means they need to work together without any conflicts.

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