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Business Ethics Assignment On Ethical Considerations For Upstarts Inc


Upstarts Inc., have been approached by Verily, the Alphabet owned healthcare technology company that has positioned itself at the intersection of technology, data science and healthcare to perform an important piece of strategic consultancy work for them, which is a huge opportunity for Upstarts, but which has also raised some questions with the board of Upstarts.

Upstarts Inc., has become well-respected for the balanced approach to understanding questions academically. Each of the academic consultants has published regarding the work they do for clients. For all of its high profile client work, Upstarts always prepares an internal report for the board that explains the importance of the work to the organisation, and any threats to the integrity of Upstarts Inc.

The internal stakeholders of Upstarts Inc., have asked you to prepare a 1,500 word report on business ethics assignment on the opportunities and threats that come along with doing such high-profile work for such a visible client. You are to discuss any

  1. Ethical questions that may arise, which may require careful consideration of the board, such as for instance, in publishing results of consultancy work done in academic journals; or, in participating in experiments with big data collected from Fitbit or Google resources. The board will wish to know the types of ethical questions that will arise and how they will be able to respond to them.
  2. The board will like to see in the report
    1. the top 3 risks and top 3 opportunities that are associated with this work, and
    2. how it will be able to deal with them if they arise
    3. What impact they will have on the company’s sustainability.


The study provided in the following segments of business ethics assignment deals with the ethical considerations based on it the Upstart Inc has been dealing with managing system. The report has been focusing on the risk that is associated to ethics which can be faced by the Upstart Inc. Further the opportunities related to risk has been disused. The methods to overcome the risk is used as this helps in establishing the requirements for Upstart company. The company has been associated with the requirements that is engaged in making the functioning in better ways. The impact on the company’s sustainability has been highlighted in the study.

Upstarts Inc. has been approached by Verily the Alphabet-owned healthcare technology company which has been positioned itself at the intersection of technology, healthcare and data science for important strategic consultancy works them as this has been a huge opportunity for Upstarts whereas it has also raised from some of the questions with the board of Upstarts. Upstart Inc has been focused on balancing the approach for understanding questions academically. The academic consultants have been published regarding the works which they do for clients. The Upstart company prepares an internal report for the board that helps to explain the importance of works for the organisation and they have threats to the integrity of Upstarts Inc. the study would focus on ethical consideration which is needed to be followed during conducting any kind of experiments. Based on it 3 risks, as well as 3 opportunities, has been discussed in the study. The company’s sustainability regarding the works has been highlighted in the study.

1. Ethical Questions
The question regarding managing confidentiality may arise. Hence, confidentiality means which may be informed for managing the availability of resources. It can be accessed by anyone whereas the program coordinators can be considered. As stated by Boiral et al. (2019), the confidentiality regarding collected data is ensured which helps in identifying information that has been excluded from any reports or published documents. The small numbers of peers based on programs which are crucial for considering regarding the reports are expressed for ensuring that there have been several changes for people for recognized even though names are not used correctly.

  • How does the organisation need to manage the confidentiality?

    The publishing results regarding the consultancy work done in the academic journals which eventually that makes the necessities in better ways. hence, before publication, the organisation needs to provide the consent form to the participants to avoid any kind of further issues. In accordance to Fletcher and Webb (2017), the responses that are collected are needed to be used only for the research purpose. Intended contribution means that the persons participating in the assessment allowed from pressure. The participation has been free from withdrawing their contribution for any time deprived of damagingly affecting on participation for upcoming services or ongoing programs. the relationship with any researchers. It could be challenging for encouraging high-risk youth for becoming betrothed in the package as it consequently problematic when the members have been selecting which are not to last in a package. The members for send-off a package of countryside at any time so no weight should be located on those who are selected not to last.

  • Does the consent of participants is needed to manage the ethics?
  • Does the publication needs special guidance to manage the ethics?

The informed consent has been focusing on the people active in the assessment who is fully knowledgeable regarding the assessment which being showed. The contributors essential to be conscious of the determination of the development. The main drive can be knowledgeable agreement with the members who are not able for creation an knowledgeable choice who would contribute in an assessment in better ways. As stated by Jeanes (2017), tThe participants require to made aware of the project who is funding it as there are any potential adverse impacts on their participants which is able for making an informed decision as to whether as they would be a participant as they become distressed in anyways during their participation. Secrecy is a strict method of confidentiality than the privately as the individuality of contributors remains unidentified to the investigate team. There is more problematic to attain than privacy as members in the setting of social investigate which are typically recognised to contract with package managers.

2. Board would see a report
a. 3 risks and 3 opportunities

The risk related that are faced by the academic consultants that are needed to be published is regarding the work as they do not deal with clients. Upstarts Inc. has been preparing which is regarding the works they do not deal with clients. The high-profile clients are not fully aware of the question. Hence, it is very difficult for participants to convince them for participating in the experiments.

The participants are worried about confidentiality as this has created risk while conducting the research. The managing system helps for functioning in better ways that eventually making the necessities in better ways. The confidentiality regarding the necessities for making the use of programming coordinators (Rainer et al. 2018). Confidentiality has also been ensuring such as identifying the information which can be excluded from any reports or published documents.

Anonymity has been a stricter form for managing privacy than confidentiality as an identity for managing the participants remaining regarding the unknown to the research team. The difficulty of achieving confidentiality as a participant as context social research which is usually that are known to program coordinators. The participants have been facing issue while maintaining the privacy

Upstart Inc has been focusing on preparing a report that can help in analysing the importance of works as well as threats regarding the integrity of Upstarts Inc can face. Hence, the ethical questions provide opportunities they are as follows:

  • The questions would help in analysing the importance of ethics while conducting the experiments and preparing the reports
  • The report would help to identify the gaps based on its proper actions would be carried.
  • Participants have an opportunity to manage the system which eventually aids in focusing on an entire system based on its proper functioning would be managed in proper ways.

Overcomes from risk
Upstarts Inc needs to set a standard procedure to overcome ethical issues. Ethical consideration is crucial based on its proper functioning is needed to be managed in better ways. The company needs to deal with similar documents which can review which has taken into the organisational policies which are concerned with workplace ethics. In accordance to Wilkins (2017), the nearby care to the chain of knowledge to involve at the points as well as precise process for doing so. The business has does not have to set up the construction for commerce with the ethical issues which would help in determining for using its own experiences as well as understandings.

The organisation needs to focus on settling up a general sense which is needed to be considered in better ways. The ethical variations are to be considered such as staffs need to focus on equipment that can make a distinction that has been theft wrong. A review regarding the circumstances is needed to be considered to manage the fundamental principles that can get affected. Hence, the defilements of power, impartiality, specialised capability, equality, integrity, honesty as well as confidentiality (Boiral et al. 2019).

The options are needed to be evaluated which can be considered to deal with the fares that are light for the company’s internal procedures, general ethical values upheld by society as well as external laws. The predicts regarding the consequences that can be resulting from each of the options. As stated by Mittelstadt (2019), the circumstances regarding each option might be dealing with both negative as well as positive consequences. The solutions have to be dealt with the issues to an expert within the business. The person has been depending all upon within the company is guilty which is needed to bring up violation which impacts on the overall performance. The addresses ethical issues in a fecund way. It has been manifold moral values that are complicated as well as typically precise as many defilements are as likely. The critics and there are no such guarantees which can continue nameless throughout the whole remedial procedures.

c. Impact on the company's sustainability
The ethics in business cannot be overemphasised for the extent that can be enhanced to deal with the overall corporate performance as well as sustainability. Productivity that is fundamentally dealing with organisational sustainability. The employees of Upstart Inc are one of the crucial stakeholders and they are positively engaged in business growth. In accordance to Weckerle et al. (2018), the management that is considered for dealing with the business ethics to take proper actions which they cannot be positively treated as well as would be able to increase productivity in better ways. Upstart Inc. is looking for an intersection with technology, data science as well as healthcare for performing the piece of strategic consultancy. The decision-making processes in the management system could be determined all among the goals as it helps to maximise the profits as well as enhanced organisational sustainability. Financial sustainability has been dealing with approaches to earning profits (Rains et al. 2021). The government has been looking onward to handling the scheme which finally helps to identify the supplies based on its healthier doings would be carried.

It can be concluded that ethical considerations are needed to be followed by Upstart Inc. for maintaining profitability. It has been emphasised that the ethical issues such as confidentiality, anonymity and hard to convince the participants to participate in the experiments. It has been observed that the organisation can gain chances to interact with participants based on its proper strategic development can be done. It has been identified that ethical consideration helps in managing the company’s sustainability.

Boiral, O., Heras-Saizarbitoria, I. and Brotherton, M.C., 2019. Assessing and improving the quality of sustainability reports: the auditors’ perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 155(3), pp.703-721.

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Appendix1: Ethical consideration

Ethical in business ethics 1

Figure1: Ethical Consideration

Appendix 2: Ethical Risk

Ethical in business ethics 2

Figure 2: Ethical risk


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