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Business Consulting Assignment Exploring The Role Of Consulting In Business Development


Task: Write a reflective journal on computer architecture assignment analysing the theoretical concepts captured from the weekly material.


This business consulting assignment is a reflection of my experience while working for a firm and concepts I have learned from the business. When I was hired as aHR executive for BTO Solicitors LLP, I was asked to help them find solutions for the health sector to improve its overall quality and performance. We, a team of five, have worked hard to gather data, examine the problem, and devise a solution that would work for our client. Having worked as a HR executive for BTO Solicitors LLP, I can now exhibit some of the information and skills I have earned.

Task 1: business consulting assignment - Learning and Skill Development
Previous learnings

The experience gained from this business consulting assignment has helped me develop some useful skills and information that I may use in future endeavours. Because I believe I will need these talents in the near future, I made sure to put in the time and effort necessary to cultivate them with the rest of the team. This is what I expect to happen. As a result, I am proficient in these abilities, and the information I've learned from taking part in this programme may be put to good use in my everyday life.I have gained a considerable degree of confidence in both my activities and my performance, and this is due to the fact that I am capable and that I am knowledgeable. This feeling of self-assurance has given people more motivation to improve their knowledge and skills in order to increase their chances of landing a job. As a direct result of my hard work in the classroom, I have seen an increase in my level of proficiency. This is the most confident I've ever felt about myself, and it's outstripped any previous period in my life.

Skills enhanced from the project
After finishing the business consulting assignment project with the rest of the team, some of the most valuable skills I have learned in a short period of time. As a consequence of everyone on the team putting in the time and effort necessary, we have all improved our skills in a number of areas. Since all of my previous learnings capabilities are so important to my professional life, I hope that all of my newly learnt knowledge and ability will be useful to me at some point in my career. All of these skills are seen to be crucial to a person's success in the workplace, and this remark is stated at different points throughout a person's career. Business consulting has not only taught us theory, but it has also given us practical experience and improved our professional demeanors. I had a great time working with my team and consulting with a real-life company owner. I gained a lot of knowledge as I went along. This business consulting assignment has helped improve my academic skills have improved, particularly in the area of referencing and citing sources in written work. In practise, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that gave a deep grasp of both the internal and external customer. This journey has taught me essential problem-solving abilities that will help me better serve both internal and external clients. It was a laborious process that required the participation of each and every employee in the company. Everyone in the group has a certain role to play in the filmmaking process. One of the duties of the employment was to do in-depth research into the task that was given to us. In order to be successful, we needed to work together effectively, thus I had to develop my interpersonal skills.

Implementation of the learnings
I began by working through this challenges encounter on this business consulting assignmentwith the other members of the team in order to obtain the relevant skills and information that are helpful in my professional life. All of these activities are being pursued with the end aim in mind, which is to accomplish this specific objective. In addition to acquiring these qualities, I have made it a priority to educate myself on the ways in which these powers and this information may be used in the actual world of work. Due to the fact that all of these abilities and information are necessary in the vast majority of occupations, it is very important to put these talents to use (Ozano, 2020). For instance, throughout the course of the employee's normal workday, the employee is expected to engage in conversation with the vast majority of the company's stakeholders in order to fulfil the duties associated with the employee's position. The employees' better capacity to seek help from other members of the organisation as a result of their improved communication skills has resulted in a significant simplification of the tasks they are responsible for. In addition to this, it is required of the workers that they have a high degree of leadership ability. This is due to the fact that having leadership ability enables me to aid the employees working under me in completing each task in line with the organization's ultimate goal. Thirdly, in recent times, measures have been required to be conducted in the social media platform specifically when dealing with the COVID-19 conditions, which is quite vital(Limbani et al., 2019). For this very same reason, being proficient in the operation of various social media platforms is useful to one's working life.

Task 2: Plan of Action for Development of Skills
If workers wish to present a more professional image in the working world, they will need to develop their abilities in order to satisfy the requirements set out by their employers and to fulfil the duties associated with their positions. In addition to this, employees are expected to possess a wide range of skills in order to successfully adapt to the shifting conditions. With the help of the development of the right skills, a candidate may be successful in achieving their goals in the work (Pambuena and Bernarte, 2018). It is possible that devising a plan of action that includes the SMART framework will prove to be an effective method for acquiring these skills. The action plan lays out all of the details, including what exactly needs to be done as well as how exactly that work should be carried out(Beristain Iraola and Álvarez Sánchez, 2021). Every one of these skills is very essential if one want to advance their level of expertise and understanding in their chosen line of work.

Time Management Skills
One of the most significant abilities an employee may possess is the ability to successfully manage their own time, since this helps the person to carry out each work of the organisation in the most effective and efficient way possible (Shahrbaaki et al., 2020). The total output of the business has increased as a direct result of the increased capacity of the staff members to more efficiently plan and organise their working hours. To show their mastery of this skill, workers need to demonstrate that they have made an effort to complete the task within the allotted amount of time. This is one of my skills that I recognise as being one of my weaker ones.


Doingbusiness consulting assignment tasks within the time that has been allocated for them.


Checking each activity to see whether it can be completed within the allowed time and determining the actual hours needed to complete the tasks.


Displaying a higher dedication to improving the overall quality of the job, while also being conscious of how time is being used.


Taking up more responsibilities at work within a certain amount of time.


We were able to complete what we set out to do in a little over a half a year's time.


Decision Making Skills
Making good judgments may be the difference between a bad decision and a good one for the business. A person who is able to make decisions demonstrates their ability to relate concepts to the goals they are working for (Coates and Clerke, 2020). Having employees who recognise and appreciate their capacity to respond fast can help foster a healthy work environment.


One needs to have a crystal clear understanding of precisely what it is that they want to achieve.


Set attainable goals or checkpoints along the route that a person might strive for and then rejoice when they reach them. This is a helpful tool to monitor their progress and get a sense of how near they are getting to achieve the objective.


The objective must to be comprehensible and attainable. Despite the fact that it must be practical, it must also be something that will excite and drive the person.


The objective needs to be something that has personal significance which will serve to keep them motivated to work toward achieving the goal.


Determine a certain amount of time that has to pass in order to accomplish that objective.


There are a variety of skills and information necessary for an applicant to become more proficient in their area of work. This study also touches on the possible repercussions of obtaining these skills. As a result of the proper evaluation, the level of confidence is also shown. An action plan for the improvement of three competencies, including time management, reading, and public speaking, is now being drafted. The SMART technique identified on this business consulting assignment is used to design the action plan for skill improvement.

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