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Business consulting assignment proposal for London school of science and technology


Task: How to develop a proposals for London school of science and technology using Business consulting assignment research strategies


ThisBusiness consulting assignment examines the market analysis of the London school of science and technology as the client. Initially, the client's business problem is explained in the report that examines the difficulties faced by the client in the UK. The report discusses the pestle analysis that determines political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors of the UK. Porter's analysis is also mentioned in the report that determines the competitor analysis in the UK market. A SWOT analysis signifies the client's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Finally, three major issues are identified and evaluated in the report.

Background of London school of science and technology and the problem faced by the client
The London school of science and technology faces some problems while operating its business in the UK. London The initial problem identified on this Business Consulting assignment is that the school faces numerous new entrants in the market that are engaging with similar goals. It can be asserted that numerous new entrants in the UK market are also providing similar services as provided by the client. Numerous new entrants in the UK market can execute changes in the competitive market and can fundamentally affect the success of the client in the UK market (Indeed Career Guide. 2022). As numerous educational institutions are entering the marketplace, the price for their educational services becomes lower to compete for the customers. The client will also face significant costs to increase their market entry challenges. The client might attract a more significant number of competitors. Still, the new entrants regulate to be hesitant to start a modern business if there are more barriers to market entry. The client also observes that the need for talented employees is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is also recommended that the new applicants develop their potential to function for the organisation and retain the success at a successful rate. Furthermore, the client is also facing hygiene and health issues for the students as well as the employees working in the school.

Business Consulting assignment Critical analysis

Political factors

·         Minimum wages, working weeks, labour unions, and expected benefits play a vital role in determining workplace regulations.

·         The London school of science and technology will faceissues from the political issues present in UK political conditions. Minimum wages are a vital challenge for the employees working in the organisation. Labour union is an essential factor that can impact the living condition of the labourers and manufacturers of the school. There need to be one holiday and six working days for the employees working in the educational institution. The employees should gain equal benefits like medical insurance and bonus for extra work.

Economic factors

·         The gross domestic product rate was estimated at 2707.4 billion United States dollars in 2020 (Tradingeconomics. 2022). The value of GDP determines 2.40 per cent according to the world economy.

·         Since the GDP rate is stable in the UK, the London school of science and technology can achieve sustainable economic benefits to drive a successful business. GDP analyses the financial value of final services and goods (Callen, 2022). The financial value is developed by the final manufacturer developed in the UK within a specific period.

Social factors

·         The educational system in the UK is continuously updated at regular intervals with sustainable information (Venkatraman, de Souza-Daw and Kaspi, 2018). It can be asserted that the educational system includes modern elements of learning and teaching. Therefore, the degrees of UK education is recognised around the world.

·         The London school of science and technology will gain a more significant number of students as well as teachers to foster sustainable education.

Technological factors

·         Technology is developing at 2.7 times enhanced in the UK (Ismail, 2022). The digital infrastructure of the UK was worth about one hundred and seventy billion pounds in 2016. On the other hand, London ranks 2nd most technological place. (Ismail, 2022)

·         The client will gain the benefits of technological development to foster innovation in education.

Legal factors

·         In the United Kingdom, the employment act 2002 is the fundamental act that needs to be followed by the companies operating in the UK (De Ruyter and Waring, 2004).

·         The employment act also binds the London school of science and technology to the employees working in the particular institution.

Environmental factors

·         Plastic pollution is the major environmental issue that is faced by the UK. Water shortage is another issue harming both the environment and UK citizens. In 2016, 9.6 trillion of water was extracted from UK's reservoirs, lakes, and rivers (Frost, 2022).

·         It is also observed on this Business Consulting assignmentthe London school of science and technology will face sustainability issues regarding the environmental problems that exist in the country.

Table 1: PESTLE analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)

Porter’s five forces analysis
Factors Impact



Competitive Rivalry (moderate)

·         The competitive rivalry is moderate as there is the presence of competitors such as the international school of London, the Roche school, and the American school in London (International-schools-database. 2022).The rivalry can impact the growth of the London school of science and technology. Hence the educational institution needs to incorporate huge impact marketing elements.

Supplier power (low)

·         In the UK market, the supplier power is low, which creates a significant attraction towards the market. The attraction increases profit potential because it is determined by the supply chain management. The client will enjoy the sustainable attraction, which will guide them to gain a more significant number of students and teachers to foster innovation in an educational institution.

Buyer power (moderate)

·         The buying power is moderate because there is a presence of educational institutions that are also delivering education and innovation to the students in the UK. There is the moderate challenge of backward integration that signifies that the institution needs to work along with the changes in buying power.

The threat of substitution (moderate)

·         This Business Consulting assignmentalso observes other schools are delivering science and technology education in the market. Therefore, the company will face a specific threat from the market.

The threat of new entry (high)

·         The threat of new entrants is high, and it signifies that there are high chances of a new entrant entering into UK market due to potential of the market and also due to easy to establish business in the nation. The client company cannot efficiently operate its educational services in a sustainable position.


Table 2: Porter’s five forces analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)



Longhurst et al. (2020) argued that the development of modern online resources during COVID 19 is the major innovation operated by the specific organisation. Students can quickly receive education from the online portal with third-dimensional anatomy elements and technological cadaveric resources. On the other hand, the school is implementing fundamental procedures in analysing and monitoring programmes and modules in UWL programmes (QAA. 2022).

Time is regarded as the fundamental constraint while delivering education through the online portals to the students living in the UK and around the world. Lack of practical education and cadaveric exposure creates lower knowledge deliverance for the students. Teachers also face problems in delivering their knowledge to the science and technology students as per literature findings collected for this Business Consulting assignment




Working remotely and working in collaboration are the primary opportunities while regulating online education between students and teachers outside and within the institution to achieve academic knowledge.

Minimum student engagement is the primary challenge that is faced by the specific organisation while doing business in the UK market. The organisation can experience other threats such as debt, climatic change and inequality. The organisation needs to incorporate changes to manage the threats that could face a considerable problem in delivering education to the management.


Table 3: SWOT analysis
Source: (Developed by the author)

Identification of three issues
1. Competitive rivalry is the central issue faced by the London school of science and technology in the UK market. In the UK, there is the presence of educational institutions that are delivering sustainable education to students from both online and offline portals. The schools such as American school in London, Roche school and the international school of London. The schools are delivering fundamental education to the students that are seeking education in science and technology. The client needs to monitor its rivalries functions, and that will make them aware of fostering innovation and education for the students present in the United Kingdom. The rivalry will drive the organisation's immense educational capabilities in the market. The organisation needs to monitor the changes operated by the other companies in the UK market. Competition operating between companies is fundamental.

2. According to this Business Consulting assignment research, the business areas fundamentally signify the interfirm competition as driven by several other elements in the relational factors.Secondly, political issues such as minimum wages can play an essential role in determining the minimum wage delivered to employees working in a specific educational institution. The institution needs to provide equal wages to all workers working in the London school of science and technology.

3. Thirdly, minimum student engagement is another issue that is faced by the school while delivering online education to the students. Since COVID 19, there are several schools that are delivering online education as a fundamental protocol to stop the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, the school needs to foster sustainable education to engage several students through a digital platform. It can be asserted that if the school does not get enough online candidates, then their business will go down. Therefore, they will face a massive drawback in developing their online business for the abroad students.

As per the above analysis, it can be concluded that LSST needs to focus on improving its infrastructure in order to improve its service quality in the higher education sector and also to attract numerous people to the institution. High and significant challenges regarding competition and the threat of new entry can be addressed by taking appropriate measures like upgrading technology, focusing on improving the curriculum structure and also by providing significant benefits to students. Lastly, it can be stated on this Business Consulting assignmentthat LSST should focus on its virtual learning providence that can acquire a considerable target market that directly and positively impacts the growth of the instruction.

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