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Business Consulting Assignment: Proposal for HR Consultancy Service


Task: In the 1000-word written report on business consulting assignment, students are required to prepare a consulting definition document defining one of the consulting services they’re planning to offer a client. This task includes providing a brief overview of the service, the perspective (internal vs external, generalist vs specialist), the preferred consulting model, and a consulting proposal template. Make sure there is an executive summary.


Executive summary
As per the investigation on business consulting assignment, the evaluation of the types of Consulting services helped in recognising the latest trend of using consultancy is the HR consultancy. The HR consultancy focuses on providing support to handle the human resource management of a company where the professional engages in looking into the current business operation while creating solutions to resolve day to day issues that might disturb the current operation. Their internal perspective of HR consultancy allows the client to create an understanding of the current trend that can influence the commitment of the employees while generating a regular perception of the expectations of the company. Also, the use of the doctor-patient model highlights the opportunities available for communicating with the external authority while providing them with the responsibility for improving the performance. The proposal gives an explanation of the potential activities which would be included in the current role of HR consultancy while supporting the clients hiring the consultancy.

1 Overview
Human resource consulting is the chosen consulting service that has been planned to offer to a client. HR consulting is a specific practice that helps provide HR management to a company as an external provider. The HR consulting includes support regarding professional and business issues that involve practices regarding client development, client management, and contract management (D’Cunha, 2017). The HR consultants consider a star area of focus for the employer to determine the perception for need or specialised service based on the current operation of the company that hires the HR consultants. The HR consulting includes the legal structure, the target market and the management team to decide regarding the independent performance of the consultancy that is necessary for satisfying the needs of the client. Moreover, HR consulting has the opportunity to focus on analysing the current HR programmes for the client and recommend solutions that would help me develop and implement effective HR policies that help create a commitment in them (Szeineret al., 2021). The HR consultants also have the responsibility for executing research to identify problems in the company that can disturb the operation of the company that has hired HR consultants as they support the effective management of the performance of the employees while encouraging necessary development.

2 Your perspective and consulting model
The perspective of HR consulting mainly involves the internal consultant where an age of professional is hired by an organisation to look into the problems affecting the performance of the organisation and prepare solutions that can be implemented to improve the overall performance of individual employees and the organisation itself. The internal perspective of the HR managers allows them to use their expertise to offer effective solutions and work as an advisory who reports to the central department highlighting the performance of the employees that is necessary to run individual projects (Obedgiu, 2017). Therefore, while recommending an HR consultant, the internal perspective is effective as it helps in the actual realisation of the advice given by the HR consultant that helps in effective implementation in the organisation.

The evaluation of the internal perception of HR consulting service indicated that the most effective characteristic of HR consulting service is special generalist where the HR consultant is a generalist while having adequate knowledge for providing support as a specialist. The focus on a special generalist is important as the general list HR focuses on the generalised role of HR managers which includes the hiring of new staff along with advising the supervisors to develop employee relationships based on the performance evaluation (Auricchioet al., 2018). The responsibility of the specialist involves providing support only in case of issues and focusing on a particular segment of the human resource department. Therefore, the special general list would be the most effective consulting service that would allow the client to receive all the necessary support.

The analysis based on a special general list indicates that the Doctor-Patient model is the preferred consulting model. It helps in diagnosing the problem within the organisation that has hired an external HR consultant while recommending solutions to treat the problem in the organisation while using the doctor-patient model. It is assumed that an outsider hired by an organisation can diagnose a problem within the company and create effective remedy to solve the issue (Ma et al., 2017). Therefore, it would give major authority to the consultant while evaluating the internal business prospect.

3 Consulting proposal template
3.1 Introduction

SHR consultant is unique as the consultants extend support regarding the issues associated with human resources while developing proper relationships. SHR consultant engages in evaluating the business prospects of the clients while recommending solutions that help in elevating the performance while motivating the employees.

SHR uses an internal perspective while providing both specialist and generalist support based on the requirement and the situation of the clients.

SHR consultants maintain absolute confidentiality from the internal perspective of the consultancy. The team of SHR consultants has 3 to 5 years of experience in HR consultancy and is aware of all the important considerations.

3.2 Objectives
The objective of the consultancy is to

? Extend HR consultancy where the consultant would advise the existing management to administer HR policies and procedures
? Examine the current HR programmes executed in the company while recommending effective solutions that can increase the efficiency of the current programmes
? Develop and revise all the existing HR policies along with planning training sessions that help in complying with the management of the company and support the objective finalised by the company.

3.3 Approach
SHR consultant has the general philosophy of providing utmost support to the client regarding the management of human resources. The consultant adopts the best practices for evaluating the performance of the individual employees minutely to prepare the report including regular monitoring (Ismail et al., 2021).

The following list of deliverables will be provided to the customers to have a brief knowledge of the result received after the evaluation of the current business of the client

  • Report for the evaluation of the performance of the employees
  • Documented solutions that can be reviewed by the management team.

3.4 Project activities

Project activity

Person responsible

Start date

Completion date

Initiating HR programmes

HR consultant



Conducting research to identify the critical situation

HR Specialist



Prepare documents recommending solutions to the HR personnel for resolving the current frequent issues

HR consultant



3.5 Team
The current team of SHR consultants includes

  • X: HR consultant: evaluate the performance of the employees and create the document submitted to the management of the client. Has experience in working as an HR consultant for three years
  • Y: HR Specialist (Recruitment): confirms the need for hiring new employees while preparing their set up for initiating the hiring process including the specifications of the job role that requires new employees. Has experience for five years working as an HR Specialist in recruitment.

3.6 Investment

Project activity




Initiating HR programmes




Conducting research to identify the critical situation




Prepare documents recommending solutions to the HR personnel for resolving the current frequent issues









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