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Business Consulting Assignment: Analyzing Client’s Project


Task: Business Consulting Assignment Task: The scenario is that you have been instructed by your client to produce a report demonstrating your understanding of the client project through the use of secondary research. You are not required to provide a set of solutions to the client’s problem at this stage.

Using the client project brief which you have been allocated, answer all three of the questions below.

Ensure work is supported with evidence from research (academic theory and company research)

A brief introduction and conclusion is also required which is included in the word count.

Further guidance on research sources will be provided in Week 8’s class.

Word count is 1,500 (+/- 10%)

1. Clarify who your client is, and what is the problem they are facing
2. Using research, break the problem down by critically analyzing and presenting areas of importance to the client such as competitors, target customer market and influencing factors from the external environment
3. From your above analysis, what are the top three issues that the client is facing?


The aim of the business consulting assignment report is to demonstrate an understanding of client’s project through secondary research and a detailed analysis of the clients’ problems by breaking it down on the basis of several external factors. The report demonstrates the project of two clients, where one is targeting the promotion of a newly designed program, “thinking into character”, while the other client targets the relaunching of Regent Tutorial College.

Client 1
Brief Background of Client and Problem

My client is Rasika, who is the experienced marketing professional of the Regent Group London. Regent Group is one of the education institutions that focus at providing a stimulating and supporting learning environment to students from around the globe. They offer wide number of courses to the students that help them to enhance their career prospects through developing new skills. They have modern campus and study environment that can support and advice the students based on their needs and help them achieve successful future.

The problem that the client is facing is to promote the new “thinking into character”, a transformational program of Regent Group that will fulfil their moto of “the end of education is character” and make their program successful. The “thinking into character” program is a free digital course that is designed to help students to aim higher, think bigger and achieve their dreams. The problem that the client is facing is to find an effective marketing campaign to promote their new digital programin highly competitive and changing external environment.

Areas of Importance to the Client
For promoting their brand for TIC, it is highly important for Rasika, the marketing professional to know the competitors, target customer market and other influencing factors in the external environment that will support the success of the new program and development of new marketing campaign. The critical areas for the client are:

Competitors- the most important area for the client is the number of competitors they will face in the market that offers similar programs to students. There are number of institutions in UK that offers self-development programs, which offers equal development opportunity to the students (The Times of India 2021). It is important for Regent to learn about these competitors and the content of their program to differentiate their own “Thinking into Character (TiC)” program through the digital marketing campaign. However, the Thinking into Character (TiC) program is one of a kind by Regent and will be delivered as free digital course compared to other personal development programs.

Target Customer- the second most important area to the client is to target potential customers for their new programs from their marketing campaign. The target market of the new Thinking into Character (TiC) developed by Regent are the students that are willing to indulge in personal development and holds higher educational and career goals. However, targeting students are highly challenging to target students because they behave in a different manner and keep high expectations that becomes difficult to fulfill.

External Environmental Factors
Along with competitors and target customers, the other critical areas to the client such as the external environmental factor that would impact their marketing campaign strategic decision and their success.

Technological Development-the digital tech boom in UK is yet another important area for the client because the new program will be delivered through digital medium (Technation 2021). However, offering digital course also needs high expertise and choosing most effective digital platform according to the expertise of the customers becomes challenging.

Social Preferences- UK education system is known for offering high chances for personal development for students. Students high prefer to study in UK to develop their personality along with getting education (The Times of India 2021). This, will be highly beneficial for Regent Group to attract students for their new program. However, educational sector of UK is highly competitive and this might impact the overall benefit.

Top Three Issues of the Client
From the analysis the top three issues that the client is facing are:

  • To choose the most effective digital platform which the students can easily use and holds high expertise. It should suit the expertise of all the students that is willing to participate in the program.
  • Highly competitive environment of UK for personal development program that makes it difficult to attract target market.
  • Challenges in targeting the students, which is the potential customers of Regent Group for the new program.

Client 2
Brief Background of Client and Problem

The second client is the Regent Tutorial College of the Regent Group that was formed in 2020 by incorporating three organizations of Regent such as Regent Nursery, Regent Learning Center and Regent Independent College. The client aims at celebrating diversity and tolerance and meet the needs of the students on individual basis. Further, the college aims at providing students with purpose to achieve their goals and prepare them for higher education and beyond. The main contact person of the client is Rasika, which is the marketing professional in Regent Group and manages events, internal communication, PR and others.

The problem that the client, that is Rasika, the marketing professional of Regent is facing is to increase the awareness of the college that will ensure that all the existing and potential clients or customers are aware of the new brand that is the Regent Tutorial College and associate themselves easily with the brand. The client wants to built the awareness of the new brand and increase the local community and customers of Regent Tutorial College brand. She wants to increase the regional commercial value of the new brand of Regent.

Areas of Importance to the Client
The problem faced by the client can be broken into other categories that will present other areas of importance to the client. Rasika is facing the problem of increasing brand awareness and recognition of the new brand of Regent and thus the other important area for her to consider are competition, the potential target market and the available technology.

Competition- analyzing and understanding the competitors in very important when planning to increase the awareness of the brand. Every brand has competitors and it becomes important to plan and spend significant amount of time to research on competitors and develop effective strategy (Alkhawaldeh et al. 2017). Regent Tutorial College will face fierce competition from known universities in UK such as Kingston University London, University of Huddersfield and others (Zoominfo 2021). Thus, it is a problem for Rasika to develop the brand awareness of their new brand in such a competitive environment. However, the brand recognition of Regent Group in UK will help in reducing the problem.

Target market- similarly choosing the most effective target market for the new brand is yet another issue for the client. this is because it will help the organization to effectively choose the strategy that can increase their popularity among the target market (Rahman2018). The target market of the brand are the students that want to prepare for their best future and education. However, choosing the most potential student that will be encouraged by the exposure of the new brands will be a challenge. Thus, choosing the most effective target market is a problem and forms the most important area for the client.

Available Technology- the kind of technology available to the client is yet another important area for them. This is because choosing the most effective technology to reach the client is important to increase brand awareness. Interactive digital medica is having positive impact on customer attitude and thus helping in increasing brand awareness (Ahmed et al. 2017). However, finding advanced technology will not be a challenge for Regent because UK has developed its digital platform and IT business and this will facilitate them to expand their recognition to wider customer groups at less time.

Top Three Issues of the Client
From the above analysis it can be stated that the client will face three most critical issues when outlining the branding strategy and public relations campaign for their new brand, Regent Tutorial College. The top three issues are:

  • To overcome competitive pressure and effectively increase brand recognition among potential customers.
  • To analytically choose the target customers that can help increase the awareness of the brand effectively and be interested in being a part of the new brand.
  • Lastly, Rasika will find it difficult to choose the most efficient technology as a part of their branding strategy and public relations campaign.

Thus, from the above analysis it can be seen that both the clients have different issues and effectively solving the issue is a challenge. However, as a consultant we will provide all possible advice and assistance to Rasika our client that is looking for help for building a marketing campaign for the new “thinking into character” program and branding strategy for increasing brand awareness of their new brand that is Regent Tutorial College. However, the client in both the brief aims at solving three most crucial issue that they are facing after analyzing the most important areas of their broad problem.

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Technation, 2021. UK Tech For A Changing World - Tech Nation. [online] Tech Nation. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2021].

The Times of India, 2021. Here’s why an education in the United Kingdom can set you up for a future filled with possibilities - Times of India. [online] The Times of India. Available at: [Accessed 12 May 2021].

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