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Business Communication Essay On Competent And Incompetent Practices In Australia


Task: You are a country manager for an international agricultural products supplier. The main office is in Australia. You have recently hired 10 new employees from overseas (you may choose the home country of the new employees). They will be arriving in Australia within the next six weeks, and in preparation for their arrival you will write a document about communicating competently and incompetently within the Australian workplace. This document has two parts:
1. An overview of academic literature relating to communication practices/styles/recent research about business communication in Australia.
2. Recommendations for these new employees about competent and incompetent business communication practices (you may focus upon verbal, nonverbal, written, and CMC). There will be four recommendations—two competency behaviours and two incompetency behaviours. That is to say, how should the new employees communicate and how they should not communicate within the Australia workplace. You will need to explain why each of the communicative behaviours are competent or incompetent. The recommendations should be supported by existing academic articles.


The purpose of this business communication essay is to make new employees familiar with the Australian business culture. The new employees were selected and handpicked by the organization. The employees from Malaysia passed this criteria test with a good percentage. This essay describes working and communication in the Australian business culture. The communication styles/ ways, of behaving with someone in this business culture will be described below. The organization has thoroughly gone through and has dug the resources properly for this essay. Different styles/ ways and practices about the Australian business culture are given in the assessment of business communication essay. The competent and incompetent communication practices in this culture will be briefly described below, with the help of some important factors like verbal communication, nonverbal communication, written communication and computer-mediated channel that is CMC. The business communication essay study is going to discuss all these factors and the growth in the Australian business culture.

Literature Review
According to the investigation done for the present paper of business communication essay, the population in Australia is approximate to 20 million. The population in Europe mainly consists of Europeans that is approximately equal to 93 percent of the total population. The people in Australia are from different religions but 75 percent of them are from Christian culture. People in Australia speak different languages in different sections/ regions, but the main and official language used in Australia is English. People in Australia are very friendly and open-minded (Ozdowsk, 2017). They do not like to say ‘no' to anyone, so they speak directly on someone's face. The people in Australia are straight forward than anyone else. People in Australia have a huge feeling of dignity or self-confidence, which makes them feel proud of themselves. These people do not like to hurt their self-esteem and thus no one shows off their talents or achievements in there. If someone has to be polite and wants a positive response from the other side, one should never force their self-promotional or achievements in front of them; otherwise, it is possible to get a negative response. (Pateman, et. al., 2016) The people in this business culture usually greet each other by shaking hands or saying a small hello or good morning, so they feel comfortable talking to you. Australians usually do not like criticism and even if someone criticizes them they do it in a sophisticated way or manner. Hence one should be aware of talking to the person or criticizing them in a good way. Australians are most enthusiastic and they believe in having long debates and debating about different topics for a long time (Jackson & Greenwood, 2015). Even if you get trapped in some log debate or some topics do not fear and get scared there is nothing personal in that and you are in a general topic. People in Australia have a really good habit of keeping their work profession far from their personal life (Köhr, et. al., 2016). The Australians have some habits like being punctual, it is really necessary for them to be punctual and like people who are on time for everything. One should always be punctual in a business meeting; if possible you should reach five-ten minutes earlier. Impressing these Australians is really difficult and if somehow you make them feel good or happy or even if you are impressive they will easily not accept the fact. Since Australians are very open and speak direct, they do not like much of combative marketing techniques, thus the sale technique should be clear and not time-consuming. The hospitality in Australia is a little bit informal and nothing special is there. In this business culture, people are very much into equality and take important or short decisions after discussing with everyone. Hence, the business communication essay study ascertains that the decision-making system is time-consuming in the Australian culture as they are collaborative. Women are very much involved in the Australian business culture, but not much on a higher position or the execution level (Bird, 2016). It has also been noted here in business communication essay that you should never point at someone with a finger; it is considered as disrespect and impolite gesture. One should never show their middle finger or make a "V" symbol in their hands; it is kind of abusing someone. Whenever you meet someone for the first time in Australia you should not talk to them by using their first name or last name directly (this should be avoided), either you should use Mr., Mrs., miss. Or you should say, sir or ma'am. Touching to anyone in a first meet should be avoided. Even if you meet a woman for the first time, allow her to give her hand for the handshake on the first note.

The new employees from different cultures can make use of the below-mentioned communication practices in the business communication essay on the basis of identification of their competencies and incompetence to deal with the Australian business communication culture.

What are the four business communication practices applicable in the context of business communication essay?
Verbal Communication
The most popular and widely used type of communication is verbal communication. It can be defined as a type of oral communication in which the message or information is being transmitted by using words. The words are given by the speaker to emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideas, conversations, presentations and opinions, (Pavlenko, 2019).

1) Competence Behaviour

Effective speaking and listening are one of the most important competencies of verbal communication that includes the mode of communication and receiving the information. Effective speaking depends upon the selection of appropriate words as per the different business situations.

2) Competency Behaviour
Effective listening includes conscious and concentrated mind, avoiding distractions, become subjective, not thinking about the next query and become objective instead of being subjective.

3) Incompetency Behaviour
Inabilities to listen, mouth covering, mumbling, do not have knowledge about the language of communication as well the lack of knowledge of the topic of communication is main incompetents of verbal communication.

4) Incompetency Behaviour
Incompetency of verbal communication may lead to distracting the Australian managers as they prefer quite clear and straight communication without any distractions and fussiness.

Non-Verbal Communication
The business communication essay study thoroughly explores the concept of Nonverbal communication which can be defined as the transmission of information and messages by using a non-verbal platform like facial expressions, eye contact, body posture and the distance maintained between speaker and listener. 

1) Competence Behaviour
The main competence of non-verbal communication includes positive and attentive facial expressions, eye contact, use of paralanguage and making use of artefacts to clear the identity of statements explained by the speaker. 

2) Competence Behaviour
Further the use of attentive body language and positive gestures may have a positive impact on business persons as they need evidences for all types of facts and figures presented to them. 

3) Incompetency Behaviour
The Incompetence of non-verbal communication includes the use of wrong or tiring body posture, and not making eye contact.

4) Incompetency Behaviour
This section of business communication essay indicates that the use of inappropriate facial expressions and other behavioural aspects that may result in feeling uncomfortable with the speaker reflects the incompetent behaviour. (Leavitt, et. al., 2016).

Written Communication
1) Competency Behaviour
The employees can also make use of written communication practices that are more accurate and reliable in business processes. It includes transferring information and messages through email, chat messages, business letters, reports, telegrams, bulletins, and office memos.

2) Competency Behaviour
The business communication essay study determines the role of written communication and mentioned that the main competences of written communication include the use of clear and coherent content, avoiding grammatical mistakes and Australians are very particular about using correct grammatical structures wither is written or oral communication.

3) Incompetency Behaviour
It also includes not pressing content unnecessarily as businesspersons in Australian organizations do not like to enhance the length of formal letters due to irrelevant information.

4) Incompetency Behaviour
There are some major incompetence’s of written communication outlined in this context of business communication essay that is related to using wrong or substitute words, making grammatical mistakes, using harsh words that may have a negative impact on reader’s mind, and not mentioning the main objective or outcome of the entire message, (Longcamp, et. al., 2019).

CNC Communication
The employees can also make use of the most famous communication type in the present scenario named as computer mediated communication. It indicates communication of information and data through using electronic means in the form of video conferencing, audio calls and live chat group video calls, bulletin boards, internet forums, online shopping, and distribution lists. There are mainly two types of CMC named as synchronous and asynchronous.

1) Competency Behaviour
Synchronous CNC enables real time communication among individuals that helps in sharing information and getting feedback or opinions at the same time whereas asynchronous CNC does not facilitate the immediate reply. The main examples of this communication include text messaging and emailing.

2) Competency Behaviour
The competences to employees can be provided by using Synchronous CNC as it would help them to communicate the managers immediately in case of having any query or communicating any important information.

3) Incompetency Behaviour
However, Asynchronous CNC may result in creating major incompetence as it does not allow the sender to know whether the message has been delivered to the receiver or it has been delivered then what is the expression of the receiver, (Song, et. al., 2016). Thus, these practices are required to be used very carefully by selecting effective mediums.

4) Incompetency Behaviour

Another incompetency discussed in this paper of business communication essay is the use of short form during electronic communication that may lead to misunderstandings the main essence as well as the leaving an unprofessionalism behavioural impact on employees.

On the basis of above discussion in the context of business communication essay, it can be concluded that Australian Culture is a diversified culture and thus, the business communication practices are very advanced in comparison to the other economies. Further, it has also been concluded from the analysis of business communication essay study that such practices are influenced by the cultural and basic values of the Australian professionals and thus, the new employees entering into the organization would need to learn effective communication tools. The Australian business communications culture has been analysed by researching existing sources of study. In addition to this, some effective and important communication type is also defined that can be used by the employees to develop a positive relationship with the new managers and colleagues.

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