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Business Communication Essay Analyzing Competent And Incompetent Behavior Of Australian Workplace


Task: You are a country manager for an international agricultural products supplier. The main office is in Australia. You have recently hired 10 new employees from overseas (you may choose the home country of the new employees). They will be arriving in Australia within the next six weeks, and in preparation for their arrival you will write a document about communicating competently and incompetently within the Australian workplace. This document has two parts:

1. An overview of academic literature relating to communication practices/styles/recent research about business communication in Australia.

2. Recommendations for these new employees about competent and incompetent business communication practices (you may focus upon verbal, nonverbal, written, and CMC). There will be four recommendations—two competency behaviours and two incompetency behaviours. That is to say, how should the new employees communicate and how they should not communicate within the Australia workplace. You will need to explain why each of the communicative behaviours are competent or incompetent. The recommendations should be supported by existing academic articles.


Communication explored in this business communication essay is one of the most important factors of all the businesses and it helps the companies to become more productive and amount of conflicts can be reduced. Communication has several importance in a business and different styles are used to communicate with different people in an organisation. This report will discuss the perspective of a case study. This report is based on the case of joining 10 overseas employees in a company of Australia and the employees will be joined in the company within upcoming six weeks. Types of communication vary from different countries and the rules and regulations and the competent and incompetent style of business communication in Australia will be discussed.

Overview of the study (1500)
Business communication practices: Communication is highly important in the business and a business consists of different types of communications. The business communication can be used to increase productivity and motivation of the employees. Business communication can be divided into two types such as internal communication and external communication. Two types of communication will be discussed below in this business communication essay:

Internal communication: The style of communicating within the organisation is called the internal communication. It takes place within the different departments of the organisation. Different types of internal communication will be discussed below:

Upward communication: In the upward communication of the company, the communication takes place from the subordinates to the higher authority. The information of the organisation is collected by the subordinates of the company and then the report is produced to the higher authority. Every organisation has different rules of reporting and the reporting heads of every department is different according to the organisations. Ideas of the subordinates are shared with the higher authority for approval of the topic and in case of any feedback needed by the higher authority; the feedback is communicated to the higher authority by the subordinates. In this case of business communication essay the employees who are coming from abroad need to learn the reporting standard of this company and applying the standard, they need to report to their higher authority when needed.

Downward communication: The downward communication means the type of communication that takes place from the higher authority to their subordinates. The higher authority is supposed to circulate the information in case of any new rules ad regulation in the company. The budget of the company is circulated by the higher authority to the entire organisation. It helps the organisation to increase the circulation within the organisation. Maximum time the downward communication comes as an answer of the upward communication. Thus it can be stated in this business communication essay that the upward and downward communication goes hand on hand. In this case, the rules and regulation will be circulated to the new employees and it will be an example of the downward communication.

Horizontal communication: The information that is circulated among the horizontal plane and the communication among colleague is called horizontal communication. This communication takes place within the employees at the same stage of designation. Horizontal communication is important for the company to reduce the conflict and the relationship among the colleagues becomes better by a successful communication within the colleagues. The horizontal communication consists of decision-making, task accomplishment and problems solving. A good relationship among the same stage of employees makes the working environment better and a healthy motivation can be managed (Bucata and Rizescu, 2017). In this case of business communication essay, the relationship between all the employees will be considered as the horizontal communication.

External communication: External communication is used to manage a good relationship among the external people of the companies with the internal people of the company. In this communication, the relationship within the outside world can be managed by the company.

Media relations
A company needs to maintain good relationship with the media to maintain the positive impression to the world. In case of press release and other information media relation is important for the company. Communicating with media is important and crucial for the companies as the information that needs to provide the media cannot be simple. The information needs to be measured and effective. In this case of business communication essay, the employees coming from overseas will need to learn the style of communicating with the media.

Company spokesman
The spokesman of the company is responsible for establishing communication within different parties of the company to the outside people. The person is liable to pay attention on the communication part of the company to all the people. It can be with the higher authority of the company and the media. The management and the public relation is maintained by this person of the company and managing print media and all the other promotional event is the responsibility of the spokesman. Crisis management of the company is also a huge responsibility of the spokesman.

Communication styles
According to Dasgupta (2013), communication has different styles and knowing all the styles is important to manage the effectiveness of the communication of the company. Different styles of communication will be discussed below:

Verbal communication: Verbal communication discussed in this business communication essay means the communication in which the information is transferred through words. Vocal exercise is needed in the verbal communication of the company. The examples of this type of communication are conversations among the people. Telephonic conversation, face to face conversation and other communication conveyed through spoken words. This communication style is conveyed using body language, words, feelings and quality of expressions. It is one of the easiest ways of communication to be understood by the people. In this communication the sender must keep in touch with the receiver to make the communication complete (Hasanaj and Manxhari, 2017). Modulation of tone has a huge impact on this communication and the communication depends on the quality of voice.

Written communication: This communication discussed in this business communication essay takes place through writing and nor spoken words are needed for this type of communication (Padhi, 2016). It is the most formal way to communication for the organisational people. Those communication styles does not need any words or voice modulation for this communication. In this style, the receiver does not need to keep in touch with the sender but there is a timeframe within which the receiver needs to reply to the sender. The body language and tone of the sender cannot be understood in this style and it sometimes creates miscommunication within the sender and receiver.

Non-verbal communication: In this communication the media is the body language, gestures and postures of the sender. It does not use any written and spoken words. Only the body language and the gestures are understood from this communication. It has a high chance of being misunderstood if there is any mistake in the body language of the sender. It is mentioned in this business communication essay that t he gestures and postures need to be right to make the communication successful. The success rate of this communication is high within the known people.

Electronic communication: Electronic communication mentioned in this business communication essay is one of the most popular easy of communicating with the people nowadays and there are several Medias for the electronic communication. There are several types of electronic communication are used in the company and it helps to improve the electronic communication of the organisations. Electronic mail, social media are the most popular electronic communication media. In this type of communication, the sender can reach up to huge numbers of receivers in a short time. It can help the companies to increase the effectiveness of the communication and awareness of the products can be increased using this communication style. The cost of communication is low in this method.

Business communication in Australia
According to Guide (2019), Australians do not follow very strict rules for formal communication. They are very much relaxed, calm and composed and do not perform their communication in a strong manner. These are very much essential, as not all, the people will like this kind of activities all the time. It has been observed and discussed in this business communication essay that sometimes these cause problems in the communicating process as the business people do not like that people will connect with them informally. These are very much important for the people so that they perform well and satisfy the requirements of the people who are on the other side. These are very much important to have good communication among the people in order to have proper formal relations with the people. Various important activities miss out if the people do not connect formally which are not even followed and liked by the people.

As opined by World Business Culture (2019), it has been observed that people should not be self promotional when they face any Australian. The people of Australia do not like any kind of activities like this. The people of Australia accept and like humours at all times. They do not love being very much serious all the time.

Recommendation and conclusion
Competent: In order to be highly productive in the organisation, the employees should be highly competent and the competent communicators have some specific characteristics such as adaptability, cognitive complexity, empathy, ethics and self-awareness.

Adaptability: Adaptability of the communicators mentioned in this business communication essay is highly important and it helps the people to increase the flexibility of the communication (Teal and Street, 2009). Being adjustable is highly important for the company and the communicators of the company and the adjustability makes the point of adaptability of the communicators highly significant in the company. It improves the behaviours of the employees and understanding the compatibility of the company will become easier. The leader will be aware about the intention of the employees to behave properly in the company. 

Empathy: Empathy is another sign of the employees to become a good leader. Empathy helps to understand other situation and the thoughts of the people of the company can be improved in this way. Empathy is important to understand the situation of others and it can help the companies to have a good environment and the productivity of the employees can be increased in this way. Internal conflict of the company can be reduced with the help of empathy (Abu and Rezeq, 2018).

What are the characteristics of Incompetent communication in the business communication essay?
The employees should avoid the characteristics that show the incompetence of communication. Some characteristics of the incompetent communication are inability of listening, mumbling, mouth covering, improper body language and using slang (Grudin, 2015).

Inability of listening: People who are not willing to listen others properly are considered as incompetent people. Bad listeners can never be good communicators. The people should listen properly to understand not listens to reply. Incompetent people cannot relate to others and they cannot give importance to others.

Mumbling: Mumbling nature of the people mentioned in this business communication essay makes them talk to themselves and the people do not open their mouth while talking. This nature should be avoided by the employees and they should talk properly to make others understood about their view point. Mumbling makes people incompetent and it should be totally avoided.

Improper body language: Body language of the people of the people should be proper and the gestures they follow should be correct and it will help them to become competent (Kwofie, 2016). Improper body language makes the employees incompetent as it can portray some other meaning to the other people.

The business communication essay discusses various types of communication which is important in a business process. It includes internal communication, external communication, upward communication and downward communication, etc. The business communication essay establishes the fact that communication is important for every business and provides some recommendations on what is to be avoided and what is to be followed to improve the process of communication in an organisation.

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