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Business Communication Essay: Focusing On Weekly Communication Activity


Task Description: The objective of this reflective essay is to summarize what you learned from the unit and how you believe your learnings could be applied by you in your future career goals.

Sections:Section one: For weeks one to ten you should identify one important or significant concept that you have learned about. You should define the concept and then explain why it is important to you in your current line of work. It is not enough to simply say that the concept is important, you will need to explain why. Section two: Based on your discussion of the ten significant concepts you should provide a literature review of one of the concepts. So for example, if you found that listening was an important communication concept then you should provide a literature review on the current academic understanding of the importance of listening within the work environment. Section three: Lastly, you will need to discuss how two of the ten concepts could be important to your future career aspirations. Here you will need to identify where you wish to be in 5 years’ time, and then discuss how you think these concepts/skills will help you meet your career goal. It is important that you are specific as possible.


Introduction: At present, retention of organizational position in the current competitive market place is required for every organization through focusing on their current operational and marketing strategies. In order to achieve the competitive advantages, organizations also require focusing on maintaining the relationship with the significant stakeholders of the company, such as associated partners, suppliers, customers, and employees. Therefore, the operative business processes can be improved through incorporating proper business communication process as communication process can enhance the relational business aspects and increase collaboration in the workplace culture. The structure of this business communication essay sheds light on the different aspects, factors, elements related with business communication, by focusing on weekly communication activities in section 1, researching about one considerable communicational process in section 2, and reflecting about the future associated with these aspects in section 3. This thesis statement of this business communication essay is to analyze and evaluate the business communication process and its effectiveness on personal career formation. In the next section of this business communication essay, a brief discussion of the weekly communication learning process is highlighted and evaluated.

Discussion: In the 1stweek, one there is an introduction to the Unit and the process of communication. Communication process has the goal of conveying information from one person to another(Schement,2017). The model of communication and its cycle has been discussed to understand how a person should communicate their messages. This concept will help me to encode crisp and subtle messages in my professional and personal life so that such messages can be well decoded by the end user.

In the 2ndweek, two the relationship between verbal and non-verbal communication has been stated. Non-verbal communication is subtle and is generally done through gestures, body language, eye contact and so on (Mehrabian, 2017). This study will help me to understand how to communicate with my peers and inmates with the help of gestures and other non-verbal communication styles that can be help me to develop observation and examination skills.

Week 3 has focused on the purpose of resumes, memos,e-mails,manuals and so on. Developing a proper resume is one of the most essential factors in business communication. The study will help me to develop much more constructed andwell-informedresume so that I can better communicate with the organization where I am planning to grow my career.

In this 4thweek,identification of the audience and the ways communication changes as per the audiences has been focused. The study will help me to identify the different modes of communication that has to be implemented while communicating to different level of audiences.

In this 5thweek, an analysis of the journal article and the proper reviewing of the literary sources have been focused. This will assist me to understand the differencebetween genuine and fake sources that can be helpful for business communication. It will advance my research skills.

In week6, different approaches to public speaking have been considered. This is immensely essential for me as it will enhance my skill of communicating with different people belonging to different genres without any doubt or hesitation .It will be helping me to grow my confidence while conducting a mass communication

The importance of intercultural communication has been detailed in this 7thweek.The study is grave and it will be beneficial for me to communicate with people of different regions when I am on business trips. Intercultural communication will help me to break the cultural barriers and achieve the business goals that may seem to be impossible to achieve at times.

Week 8 has focused on internal and external communication. The study will ensure that in my future endeavors I can understand the various ways of communicating in my professional life and even focus onthe techniques by which I can control my communication in order to maintain and coordinate the organizational activities.

In the 9th week, the study has focused on the difference between teams and groups. The study will hone my skills of communicating with both teams, groups, and there by adapt suitable techniques in dealing with them to get better business outcomes.

Interpersonal communication is crucial and it is discussed in the 10th week. It is necessary for exchange of information, feeling either through verbal or non-verbal messages (Wood, 2015). This will beneficial for me to influence the behaviors, attitudes as well as opinions of my peers and colleagues.

The concept of verbal and non-verbal communication discussed in this business communication essay is associated with both personal and professional lives of individual people. According to the viewpoint of Bonaccioet al. (2016), verbal communication can be defined as a process through which direct words or messages can be delivered from one place to another place. On the contrary, the explanation of non-verbal communication is based on the process, where any words or messages cannot be delivered. Verbal communication can be divided into two distinct types, oral and written, where the non-verbal communication cannot be classified. According to the psychological processes, while people communicating verbally, they remain aware about their communication topics whereas during the non-verbal communication, people might not become aware about what messages they are sending through their facial expressions or body languages.

A number of factors can influence the process of verbal and non-verbal communications. In case of verbal business communication process, the workplace environment, interest level of the involved personnel, and the communicational skills of communicators might influence the conversational procedure. For example, improper linguistic skill of the business communicator can reduce the interest level of employees’ during face-to-face meeting or discussion forum. Besides this, professional communication skills are also associated with the operational efficiency level of business. On the other hand, as stated by Ahmadian, Azarshahi & Paulhus(2017), non-verbal communication skills might be influenced by individual characteristic and nature. Such as, non-verbal communication method is related with mental state of the communicators. Besides this, since non-verbal communication process does not have any defined explanation, therefore, people might not understand the message send by communicators, as they might do not have any idea about the body language or facial expression.

For operating the business with adequate efficiency, it is required to incorporate both verbal and non-verbal communication process while dealing a formal business operation. However, according to the statement of Nickolayevet al. (2015), both types of communication processes have different strengths and limitations. In case of non-verbal communication, it is advantageous for its easy and attractive presentation process. The non-verbal process can be easily understood by the illiterate and handicapped people due to the nature of quick expression. On the other hand, verbal communication, it is more compatible for the organizational operations, due to its complementary nature with formal operations. Apart from this, due to the excessive reliability and flexibility, most of the business personnel try to follow the stages of verbal communication. However, Mavridis() stated that in case of non-verbal communication process, due to the vague as well as imprecise informational representation, the message delivered by the communicators progress in a wrong direction. On the other hand, verbal communication is also problematic while sending message to the people situated in distant places.

According to my perception, I think that I need to focus on the entire concept of business communication process, since it is one of the most considerable part of improving the business associated performance level. For improving my future career, I need to first understand all the necessary elements and factors associated with communication, especially during business communication. According to the viewpoint of Salamon(2015), the proper process of communication has total 7 major elements, such as sender, ideas, encoding process, communicational channels, receiver, decoding process and feedback system. Besides this, I also require knowledge about the differences about formal and non-formal or verbal and non-verbal process, for involving with the decision-making process of my workplace with more efficiency level.

Apart from the above in this business communication essay, I think I also need to understand the process of intercultural communication for upholding my position in the workplace. Since the persons involved in the workplace might come from diversified cultures, therefore, I need to adapt some basis behavioral and communicational skills. Besides this, in order to analyze the concept of intercultural communication, I can take support from the experienced persons, who have sufficient knowledge about the common problems or gaps (as influenced by Littleet al. 2015). Apart from this, I also need to focus on showing proper respects through maintaining proper greetings. Moreover, I also can attain some training classes from where I can learn about the process of intercultural communication and the related factors, for improving my career.

Conclusion: Therefore, through discussing all the relevant points incorporated in this current business communication essay, a brief idea about the standard leveled business communication can be identified. Proper communication is not only necessary for only professional lives; it is also applicable in case of personal lives, as it is beneficial in improving the relationship with the society and community. Therefore, not only for career improvement, but also for improving the social lives, communication is essential. Based on the existing studies, people can focus on the ways described in the previous literatures for knowing the proper stages of communication. However, since the lifestyle pattern is extensively different from the previous lifestyle, therefore, it is also necessary to upgrade personal communication process with the on-going time. Thus, it can be concluded in this business communication essay that people need to focus on their personal and professional communication process by understanding all the necessary processes, steps, and elements associated with communication. Business communication essay assignments are being prepared by our management homework help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable essay writing help service.

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