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Business communication assignment proposal private college broadcast plan


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This Business communication assignment is based on developing a business communication proposal for broadcast from a private college. The proposal is based on the travel domain, and it will be done in an interview format, and the communication will be done in a studio structure. In addition, this proposal will also take into consideration the detailed description of the job of the host. A guest recruitment plan will be developed in this assignment to focus more on the communication style of the guests. On the other hand, four different pursuable proposals will be discussed in this assignment.

Description of Job of Host

Resume for the program host

Resume for the program host


Seeking full-time, long-term employment with a media company that can expand using effective marketing skills and production.


Discussing and preparing program content with the producer

Discussion of relevant topics over the telephone

Helping companies with product enhancements


TV Host for two years


Master of Arts in New Media journalism


Interpersonal skills

Public speaker

Public relations

Communication Style
According to the Business communication assignment research findings, the radio host should be active and enthusiastic in nature and have the ability to present the information in an attractive and entertaining way. It is the duty of the broadcaster to research deeply on the topics on which the programme will be based. On the other hand, they should collect the necessary background information required to feature the programme on the radio. The host of a radio programme must have powerful and effective communication and presentation skills. The ability to generate creative and original ideas as per the situation is an essential skill for a successful communicative radio programme (Smith, 2020). A radio jockey must have a wide range of knowledge about various topics and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the current situation.

Problem Solving Skill
From the Business communication assignment research it is clear that every job requires some set of knowledge and skills. The problem-solving skill is essential for a radio host. It would be easier for the radio jockey to handle and identify persistent issues and unprecedented situations. As per the opinion of Pagano, Antonelli and Tardo (2022), for hosting a programme effectively a host is required to have knowledge of the media law and have the ability to undertake quick decisions as per the need and requirements of the present situation. It would be easier for a radio host to have problem-solving. Before organizing the interview session and scheduling the topic of the day's programme, they must the people on which they would target their programme and prepare the interview questions as per the requirement (Smith, 2020).

Teamwork Skill
Conducting a show on the radio is a challenging job for a radio host. Anything unprecedented can happen without any prior signal. For instance, sometimes guests become uncooperative and do not show enough enthusiasm to take part in the show. However, handling such a situation is not an easy job. On the other hand, sometimes, a technical issue can occur and lead to the deterioration of the environment of the show (Logan, 2020). For all these situations, a radio jockey needs to develop teamwork skills. Sometimes having another host or co-host reduces the occurrence of such incidents, and the programme has been conducted successfully.

Guest Recruitment Plan
Interview plan

The Business communication assignment interview session can be conducted in four days with the help of four different episodes.For these four interview sessions, four different persons such as the CEO of reputed company, the marketing manager of the company, an employee of the company and an existing customer of the company. During an interview plan, there should be a brief discussion; on how a host should begin the session (Liang et al., 2020). The host should have proper background research in the travel and tourism industry and about the company chosen by the host. So they can ask some general questions and collect important information for the rest of the show.

Guests’ Communication Style
The Business communication assignment research shows that Radio programmes are mainly based on sound communication. All that is important for a successful and effective radio programme is the effective communication of the radio host. On the other hand, the communication skill of the guests appearing on that talk show is also equally important for the success of a radio programme. The guests should also have the knowledge to communicate effectively with other participants of the show and convey the information effectively. On the other hand, participants of the talk show must be active listeners (Schettler, Memedi& Dressler, 2019). They must listen to the opinions of other co-participants and communicate with them to convey their message or opinion correctly.

In addition, the other participants must have the ability to think critically about any opinion or statement. It would help them to use their reasoning and logic to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the opinions of others. In this way, the programme can be established as a successful and communicative programme, and the listeners will feel more engaged with the programme. On the contrary, it will approach the alternative solution and approach the problem questions. All the other participants must have social perceptiveness and beware and sensible towards the opinion and reactions of the others (Faisal & Alhassan, 2018).

Key Question
The key question identified on this Business communication assignment that can be asked to all the participants-
• What are the issues faced by all the stakeholders of the company while communicating with the travel company?

Proposal of Radio Program
Listenership and Success of Programme

Broadcasting on the radio is one of the public services for the citizens to get information about various topics, and it entertains a large number of people at a time. The effectiveness of a radio programme can be measured by the range of people who have engaged in that listening programme(Smith, 2020).For the successful marketing of a radio programme, the marketing manager can convince their advertisers to get value money by advertising on a particular channel. It is evident the total number of active listeners cannot be measured directly and immediately (McDonald, 2020). Broadcasting is dependent on the marketing of the radio programme and radio channels. As per Business communication assignment findings, the success of the programme depends on the coverage of the geographical areas. It means how far the microwave length of the radio station reaches.

In addition, it also includes the type of people listening to the radio within the range of the channel. It also depends on the quantitative and qualitative criteria for judging the programme based on the travel domain. On the other hand, the success of the programme will depend on the fact that how the programme is actually reaching the audience. For instance, the radio channel with the same frequency has the potential to reach the same people. However, the people will choose the programme which attracts them most (Naaikuu&Dombo, 2021). As the chosen radio programme focused on the active participation of the participants, the audience will choose this programme other than the alternative one.

Required communication style
This four-way radio programme will require reaching millions of people in this short period of time. It is important that the programme reaches a range of people, not a single person. It needs to establish connections with the listeners. Although radio is an old-day concept, in the present scenario, it has developed itself into a new form of communication. It is not easy to host a show on such communication where only a few people are actively participating in the programme. So for the success of the programme, it is essential to develop an active connection with the listeners through effective and useful communication skills (Faisal & Alhassan, 2018). For the success of the programme, it is required to develop exciting plans and attract listeners throughout the programme (Logan, 2020). With the thoughtful demonstration, the relevant message will reach the listeners, and it needs to be compatible with the belief of the listeners. The Business communication assignment research shows A radio host needs to cater to the heart and head of the audience. Moreover, emotional involvement is necessary to attract a large range of people in a short duration of time. On the other hand, it will motivate the listeners to actively participate in the radio programme (McDonald, 2020).

Alternative program
During the development of the research topic for this radio programme, two programmes were chosen. But the interview mode was chosen; the radio programme had been chosen as it would reach millions of people in a single time. On the contrary, the public interview mode was discouraged, and it would not be as helpful to communicate with a large number of people in just four days. In addition, the anchoring mode, with a few people on the college campus, cannot be such a success, as it would cover only a few people at the given time period. It would not be able to deliver the required message in a consistent, relevant and appropriate manner. On the contrary, with the help of radio communication style, the new ideas would be delivered to the right people.

The idea to persuade the audiences
From the Business communication assignment research, it is clear that radio is a powerful way of communication as it reaches a large number of people more quickly than any other electronic medium. The structure of the brief for the radio programme is also essential to persuade the audience of the effectiveness of the programme.

The above Business communication assignment is about the development of a communication proposal for a radio programme. The travel domain is the main focused area in these proposals. This proposal has included a detailed description of the programme host and the effective communication skill required for the success of the show. It has included a guest recruitment plan and the communication style of guests, and one key question on which the programme would be focused. In addition, a detailed radio program proposal has also been included in this Business communication assignment project.

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