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Business Analysis Assignment: Weekly Portfolio


Task: This task is to develop five weekly portfolios using the readings from each week, i.e. a portfolio each week from Week 1 to Week 5. Each portfolio should demonstrate your reflection on the corresponding week’s topic mentioned below (6 readings as below).
Six Readings:

  • Week 1 - The Role of Business Analyst: Chapters 1 and 2, Prescribed text.
  • Week 2 - Strategic Management: Chapter 3, Prescribed text
  • Week 3 – The Business Analysis Process Model: Chapter 4, Prescribed text
  • Week 4 – Investigation Techniques: Chapter 5, Prescribed text
  • Week 5 - Stakeholder Analysis and Management: Chapter 6, Prescribed text

Each portfolio is about the development of an annotated bibliography for each different reading material(s) (300 words per annotated bibliography). Note that Week 1 involves two chapters for readings, hence we expect the Week 1 portfolio to contain two annotated bibliographies about two readings.

For each annotated bibliography, you need to start by providing a clear reference (as each listed reading item is ordered as 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., and 6.) i.e. each different reading material is a different reference and has a different annotated bibliography. Provide a clear reference in each portfolio first. Next, you must remember to start each of the following items in a new paragraph on a new line:

  1. A concise and effective summary,
  2. Your critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents and
  3. The shortcomings (or a knowledge gap) that you identified in the reading, such as important issues that have not been discussed, but are very much needed as key issues to be considered and included in a reading.


Week 1: The Role of the Business Analyst: Chapter 1 and 2
Chapter 1
Paul, D., Yeates, D., Cadle, J., 2014, Business Analysis, BCS Learning and Development Ltd., Swindon

As per the article illustrated in this section of business analysis assignment, business analysis refers to the discipline that involves analysis and critical thinking of business needs and providing necessary solutions to business problems. As the name suggests the role of a business analyst involves analysis of business processes. Most of the Business analysts possess a business background and have limited knowledge and understanding of software development compared to the experienced IT (Information Technology) analysts. Problems arise when IT forms a major part of the business and the analyst proves to be inefficient in that department. This may lead to miscommunication with the developers that could culminate in the failure of the business organization. The use of IT is of paramount importance and is a key to business growth as it provides opportunities for organizations to focus on their core processes and competencies.

2.critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents of business analysis assignment
Recruiting can often be subjected to criticism in all sectors because of their inability to transfer skills to the internal staffs. Secondly cost which is an important issue as recruiting them means paying them a considerably higher wage/charge compared to the internal counterparts. As the name suggests the role of a business analyst involves analysis of business work ranging from strategic, business and IT system analysis.

3.knowledge gap or shortcomings
Business analysis resolves localized business issues. IT system analysis refers to the analysis, involving use of software packages and data modelling etcetera. A business analyst should also have good interpersonal skills, characteristics, as poor communication skills are often cited as the major cause of problem between IT and Business staffs (usage of technical jargons), good team work ability as business often involves collaboration, information collection. Good analytic skills involving critical thinking and leadership skills for proper management. The different points regarding this topic needed to be added in this chapter. It also does not provide with how to handle the stakeholders who are the employees or the managers.

Chapter 2
Sonteya, T & Seymour, L 2012, Towards an understanding of the business process analyst: An analysis of competencie

A business analyst may be used as both external & internal consultants. Reasons for recruiting internal business and analyst is the lower cost which is otherwise a major issue, speed at work (no time intensive), as they are already familiar with the organization and are likely to retain their knowledge of the business domain. Business analysts can also be appointed as external consultants. Appointing them brings a broader business perspective because of their diverse skills and expertise (though always not guaranteed).

2.critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents
The concept of strategic analysis examined herein business analysis assignment refers to the analysis of the organization business strategy. The aspects of strategic gap analysis are not done in proper manner. Therefore, a major aspect of the strategic analysis is not covered. Business strategy is concerned with the different organizational units and their marketing ability in terms of product choice, product price and customer satisfaction and their plans to gain advantage over their business counterparts/competitors in the market.

3.knowledge gap or shortcomings
The major gap in the current context of business analysis assignment is strategic analysis shortcomings in case of business processes and implementations. The detailed information regarding the stakeholders is essential to have a detailed insight on business analysis. It gives an overall analysis of the stakeholders. Instead of that, there should be each category defining each stakeholder. That will help providing a vast knowledge to the students. It further analyses each of the category. However, there is no mention of the strategies to manage organisational functionalities and stakeholders which doesn’t provide clear view of the business analysis approach. The change in strategic decisions needs to be done. It mentions the different degrees of interest.

Week2: Strategic Analysis
Chapter 3:
Paul D., Yeates, D., Cadle, J., 2010 Business Analysis, British informatics Society Ltd.

The word ‘Strategy’ refers to a set of plan or actions designed by an organization in order to achieve the long-term goal or aim. The three major components of strategic analysis or management mentioned in the business analysis assignment comprises of the following as defined by (Scholes, Johnson & Whittington, 2008)

  • The organizations resources (internal and external) and competences.
  • The organization values, assets and expectations, goals and aim.
  • The long-term direction of the organization.

Strategies operate at different levels in the organization ranging from corporate strategies at the top most level to business strategy to operational strategies.

Corporate strategies are influenced by the government and business investors in the making in the corporate sector that forms very basis of all strategies.

2.critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents
Operational strategy involves the delivery of the corporate and business strategies through the development of operations (products/services) to the people.

Strategy is associated with individuals and develops from their experiences and views at different levels. It usually emerges from people doing the work e.g. people working in the business domain and works by adopting a formal planned process of work execution for overall success of the business organization in the long run.

3.knowledge gap or shortcomings
So far the strategy used in the present aspect of business analysis assignment has been regarded as a cogent, logical and organized process. Execution of novel strategies involves risk in the process of bringing changes. Time plays an imperative role in the proper implementation of the strategy. It is also important that the organization has the necessary resources that are required for the change or if it is flexible and if the changes are going to impact the organization positively. It is important to have an experienced strategic leader to bring about the change as many successful strategies are driven by the leaders in the making.

Week 3: Business Analysis Techniques
Chapter 4
Paul, D., Yeates, D., Cadle, J., 2014, Business Analysis, British Informatics Society (BISL), Swindon

The below discussion on business analysis assignment contains a critical analysis of business analysis processes and methodologies. It mentions the important facts that have not been mentioned in the reading. The lack of divergent and convergent thinking is missing in the reading. The separation of the opinion data from the factual data has been mentioned. Further it states and analyses the gaps and the shortcomings. A gap analysis has been put up in the discussion. The different gaps in the business have been discussed and mentioned below.

2.critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents
The article selected for this segment of business analysis assignment should separate the factual data from the opinion data. It should be clear about which one is the final statement and which ones are being opined by the authors. Involving the divergent and convergent thinking is also necessary. The management of the stakeholders are not the same for all each of the categories. Hence, in order to give the students a better understanding of business analysis, the different stakeholders and their position in the market need to be described. The high interest is difficulties of managing the stakeholders properly.

3.knowledge gap or shortcomings
This part intends to analyse the gaps in the reading analysed herein business analysis assignment. The views stated with “as is” have been compared with the desired future. It has been hypothetically stated an existence of a “to be” system. The main business activities are needed to be analysed and keep them documented as the “as is”. That will be a business process model. The analysis of the gaps of the “to be” system model could be done in the same way as mentioned previously. Identifying the other changes that may help leading towards the “to be” system is very essential. There could be different options of the changes. Changing the number of the areas such as improving the business processing and activities, job roles, information systems and many more. The elements should be selected in accordance of their acceptability.

Week 4
Chapter 5
Paul, D., Yeates, D., Cadle, J., 2014, Business Analysis, British Informatics Society (BISL), Swindon

The current research paper examined in the context of business analysis assignment is the overview of certain circumstances that needs engineering as a requirement. The research is about analysing a business model. This part states the points that have not been included in the text. This can be called a critical analysis of the reading. It provides the knowledge regarding different challenges of business. It analyses different opinions, knowledge and insight regarding finding the mess in the business. It aims to have the knowledge of the key problems.

2.Critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents
The processing of required data, like analysing it, accumulate it have been mentioned. The decision of lifecycle solution or the environmental changes that a business may need or the materials that need to be used for the further development of the employees are the topic of discussion in this section. The passive resistance and the frustration may have impacted on the results. The strategies include to be kept informed and maintain transparency while changing. It is noted herein business analysis assignment that the power and interest analysis have been mentioned in the chapter.

3.Knowledge gap or shortcomings
Keeping record of each document regarding financial and technical involvements are another very important responsibility of the organization. A set of like options should be accumulated and a business case should be involved and improved to be presented to the business managers of the organization. Also, the validation to the needed documents is important. The requirements should be checked and analysed. The lifecycle of the business needs to be decided in this part of business analysis assignment. There needs to be a concrete plan of what implementations are necessary currently. The necessity of environmental changes or the organizational culture may be improved. The identification of the actions that will help measure the benefits are important as well.

Week 5: Stakeholder analysis and management
Chapter 6
de Oliveira, G.F. and Rabechini Jr, R., 2019. Stakeholder management influence on trust in a project: A quantitative study. International Journal of Project Management, 37(1), pp.131-144.

This chapter illustrated within this business analysis assignment contains the different learning objectives of the business analysis. It defines and identifies the stakeholders and understands the management of the stakeholders. It further mentions about developing the stakeholder management plans. It further defines the effective stakeholder management. The stakeholders are important in order to bring success to the business. It states that if the stakeholder management is not up to mark and turns out poor, it will cause great harm to the business and it may fail anytime. The major stakeholders can also cause problems if the requirements of them are not met and if they are being ignored in some way. The thorough homework regarding the stakeholders is very essential before starting off with a project. The chapter further mentions the different categories of the stakeholders and their activities. Eventually it analyses the stakeholders. The Critical analysis of the reading has been made in this business analysis assignment. It also contains a gap analysis of the reading. The stakeholder’s views have been also been focused on.

2.critique on what the reading has not covered well or is inadequate in the contents
This chapter within this business analysis assignment has discussed and analysed the stakeholders. It mentions different learning outcomes of the business analysis. The different steps of identifying the stakeholders have been mentioned here. It defines the distinctness of the stakeholders in the organizations. The categories of stakeholders have been mentioned. The category includes customers, strategic partners, competitors, suppliers and regulators. For example, the competitor stakeholders may have various strategic plans and the organizations should be aware of that. Keeping all the updates regarding the competitors is as essential.

3.knowledge gap or shortcomings
The chapter mentions the analysis of the stakeholders. The analysis includes the categories of stakeholders, power and interest of the stake holders. The analysis of the power and interest has also been mentioned in the chapter. Then it mentions the basic stakeholder management strategies and the degrees of interest. The chapter analysed in the business analysis assignment provides with a general analysis of the business stakeholders.


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