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   Free sample   Building nursing skills using pico nursing research assignment methods

Building nursing skills using PICO nursing research assignment methods


Task: How can nurses using PICO nursing research assignment techniques to build their knowledge and skills?


In this PICO nursing research assignment, Evidence-based nursing practice, different evidence-based research approaches to nursing and systematic approaches for locating evidence to track a clinical situation have been elaborated on in detail. These are done based on nursing approaches and their systemic approaches to healthcare practice.

Different components of PICO
On this PICO nursing research assignment we observe there are different components of PICO that is associated with clinical questions in terms of anatomic parts that constitutes Problems/ Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcome that facilitates the overall researching outcome. PICO is a mnemonic that is used in order to clarify several questions. This mainly acts as a framework which thinks of a specification about aspects that are to be investigated. This PICO nursing research assignment format is mainly considered as a widely known for the making of strategy in order to frame a foreground research questions.

Patient or Population: Age, sex, race or the patient, primary problem, health status Intervention: Planning done for patients includes diagnostic test, medication and procedure Comparison: The alternative to be considered using another test, medication or procedure and lastly with the watchful waiting

Outcomes: Wish accomplishments associated accurate diagnosis, relieving or improving the symptoms and also in maintain functions. These are the considered as the different components of PICO in clinical evidence based research. EBP is important in making clinical decisions making in the case of nurses or midwives because it mainly aims in providing the most important and effective care which is available and also to improve the outcomes of the patient. In such case patients also expects to receive care that is based on the available evidence. As per the PICO nursing research assignmentfindings this is the only reason nurses or midwives takes decisions based on Evidence-based practice. This helps in creating the best approach toward providing care to the patients in the health care system (Silva et al. 2021).

PICO nursing research assignmentResearch evidence
The hierarchy of evidence is mainly considered the core principle in Evidence-based practice and this mainly attempts in addressing several questions. This evidence of hierarchy mainly allows taking a top-down approach to locate the best evidence in searching the recent and well-conducted review. The systematic review mainly includes the critically appraised topics with evidence synthesis and specific guidelines. The next step is critically appraised individuals, randomized controlled trials, and cohort studies. Case-controlled studies and background information are the last steps of the systematic review process. The systematic review mainly results from the studies that are available and also based on a particular area resulting in strengths, and weaknesses of the collated studies. This has several qualities which address and focuses on formulated questions, use systematic and methods that are explicit. This will further help in highlighting, selecting, and critically identifying the research and also in collecting and analyzing the data that has been gathered from the studies and are included in the review (Flynn, et al. 2018).

This mainly offers a benefit in case of a specific clinical situation as it clears a comprehensive overview of the evidence on a certain topic. This also highlights the methodological concern in research studies that improve future work. For example, it can be said that researchers may collect data through specific medical tests, exams, or questionnaires on a group associated with adults over time to learn about the effects of specific lifestyles on cognitive health. These kinds of studies may help in identifying new possibilities for specific clinical trials.

Clinical guidance necessary for evidence based practice
Evidence-based practice or EBP is mainly the integration of Clinical expertise opinion. The specific knowledge, judgment, and specific critical reasoning associated with it require specific kinds of training and professional experience. This PICO nursing research assignmentmethod mainly provides a nurse to use a critical appraisal and scientifically proven evidence associated with the delivery of health care quality for a specific amount of population. Through this practice, nurses get the opportunity for delivering improved care to patients. There is some key evidence-based practice that involves giving oxygen in case of COPD conditions, drawing on the overall evidence to have a clear understanding of properly giving oxygen to patients who are suffering from COPD. This mainly integrates the clinical expertise having the best availability with external clinical evidence associated with research in a systematic way (Ramanadhan et al. 2018). The specific use of PICO nursing research assignmentqualitative research methods in nursing is common as it provides specific evidence-based research. There is a proper need for Clinical Nurse Specialists to become properly informed regarding the findings associated with the qualitative approach as a shred of evidence for the nursing practice and its changes. These research approaches help in making quality decisions and also in providing care based on nursing that has been done upon the clinical expertise in a proper combination with research that is current and relevant associated with the given topic. These approaches mainly help in creating an evidence-based practice as the main foundation in nursing research studies (Benevene&Buonomo, 2020).

In the end, it can be said that there is a proper need of selecting approaches in order to generate ideas about evidence-based research so as to understand the clinical situation in a significant way. Using the PICO nursing research assignment methods will further help in understanding the overall approaches of nursing in a healthcare system.

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