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BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment Answer


Task: Conduct detailed research and the corresponding analysis by referring to the relevant sources so that a reliable bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment could be devised by consulting different officials with specialization in resource management, tutoring, conducting researches, etc.

Draft and recommend the better way to apply the procedure of consultation as the crucial element of the operational planning process.

How should various performance indicators be considered in the operational plan so that the level of organizational performance could be efficiently measured?

Develop a proposal that should present the requirement of various resources. The proposal should be prepared by relying on relevant sources and advice from specialists.

The task will be considered when the below-listed parameters are considered in the final copy.

  1. The approaches and various models referred to devise the operational plans should be described.
  2. The crucial part of attaining the goals of the organization by an organizational plan should be elucidated.
  3. Enlist different approaches that would help in evolving key performance for achieving business objectives.
  4. Elaborate on various practices, procedures, and policies that would create a direct impact on the operation plan of the organization.


An organization is always focused on achieving its objectives and the operational plan, which is a very crucial role in serving this cause. By referring to the requirements of the associated clients, the management team of the Glen Cameron Group has devised out an organizational plan. The perspective of customers is taken while considering the requirements of clients in this context. By implying an efficient operational plan, the organization intends to reduce the effort and complication in the process of transporting various goods in between the storage units sustained by the company. The crucial business processes in an organization are highlighted in this bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment report. The development of warehouses and other storage facilities, enhancing buying experience, and maintenance of new transport vehicles are envisioned to be included in the operational plan so that the company could improve its logistic abilities and develop new supply chains.

bsbmgt517 manage operational plan

Legal aspect
The legal aspect should be considered seriously by the officials while drafting the operational plan. The breach in any form of the legal implications would create a destructive impact on the business of the organization. It is the local government of the particular nation that legislates the legal guidelines for conducting a business. The special independent bodies could also charge some restrictions on the practices of an organization, and hence all these aspects should be observed by the managing bodies. Hence it could be said the method and approach of legislation have a very crucial impact on the success of an implemented plan (Kinnick et al., 1996). To avoid any sort of legal complications and the smooth run of the business in the future, the managing department of the Glen Cameron Group should garner ideas regarding every aspect of the legal procedures. The managing department of the organization should understand majorly the implications of Driver permit, Australian business permit, Australian Highway permit, Supply chain permit, etc. which is highly relevant to the business processes followed by them. The company should be very cautious to avoid any sort of legal breach that would risk even the sustenance of the company. The business and other sorts of permits comprise to be the basic element in the business processes of Glen Cameron Group since it is a logistics company. Without proper business clearances, the smooth operation of the organization is not possible. Hence this particular discussion regarding bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment clears it that the legal aspects should be seriously considered by the management of the organization.

bsbmgt517 manage operational plan

Consultative Process
The department of business process consulting in the Cameron Group is managed by the business consultant manager. The officer of business consultant management is liable to ascertain the competence and operative ability of the company in conducting logistic business within Australia. It suffices this aspect that the secondary task of altering the approaches in the business process by implying most modern and innovative technologies emerges before the business consultant manager. The process should be implied by strictly referring to the demand and feedback provided by the customers. At the end of implying the consultative processes, the manager is expected to submit a report that would be later referred to as trace down the faults. The report would reveal the existing weakness in the processes which could be later referred to provide valid recommendations in the future.

The strategy of the business unit
Glen Cameron Group, one of the leading Logistic company in Australia, is selected for analysis in this bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment. Within Australia, Glen Cameron could be considered as one of the dominant organizations in the logistics and transport business which has been operable for a considerable period (Kim & Cameron, 2011). The company excels in providing its advanced and reliable transportation and logistics services for various customers. Though the business of the company is not restricted to just minimal logistic assignments, it also provides the customers with the service of warehouse facilities, interstate transportation, acting as an intermediary or third party in logistics, etc. The company has spread its business on every island of Australia. The approach of the company to establish its business units all over the country has enabled it to conduct the task of logistics and transportation in a very efficient manner. The company has proved its excellence in providing comprehensive services in both inbound and outbound services. To sustain its quality of services, the company conducts the periodic evaluation of the organizational framework, existing technologies in transportation, etc. The approached followed by the company in the business system are listed in the below section of this bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment.

  1. Evaluating the existing system and technology used for delivering freights.
  2. Analyzing various structures and processes followed in the transportation department.
  3. Implying good practices such as buying advanced trucks, implementing efficient management practices, appropriate allocation of vehicles, etc.
  4. Installing the most modern and affordable technologies to enhance service quality. It will help the organization swiftly attaining the goals and objectives of the organization.

Financial period and related sources
Every new strategy or intervention regarding the operational plan would only be implied when the next financial year or period starts. In most organizations, the financial year is considered between the first of March and April end of the next year. By taking such approaches, the company could relate its progress with various financial reports and other market trends (Cameron, 1994). Operational plan of the Cameron Group was drafted by borrowing several ideologies from the operational plan created by Woolworths Company, which particularly is considered to be one of the prominent and dominating companies in Australia (Pang et al., 2006). Woolworth has proven so much before the global market that every aspect of its interventions and organizational approaches are considered to be the epitome of business discipline.

Future vision or mission
It is to provide the customers with the best quality and customized services that are the primary mission of the organization. To attain this position, company management has focused intensively on employing skilled and experienced candidates. The major selecting parameter for selecting the staff is the commitment and open mind towards attaining customer satisfaction. The company has also envisaged some effort to maintain an internal and external business environment that has resulted in attaining individual satisfaction, career advancements, financial security, etc. for the staff members.

By the above discussion in this report on bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, it is evident that the company majorly aims to arrive at the zenith of business growth somehow by maintaining a positive attitude towards its customers. The same attitude of company management has helped it in tackling various challenges that emerged in its due course of business. The company has made a special focus on keeping up the business processes updated by the installation of most modern technologies so that it would not lose its competitive advantage against its customers (Cameron & Curtin, 1995).

A various set of goals have been projected by the managing department of the company that will eventually elevate the company to the position of most reliable and largest transportation and warehouse service company all around Australia. It is by the implementation of various innovative strategies and the most modern technologies that the company has decided to achieve its customized set of goals. As a part of it, the company has brought some brand-new modern trucks so that they could balance and sustain their business in the Australian market (Shin & Cameron, 2003).
Ongoing projects and works
The new projects and the pursuing works should be completed by the management department of Cameron Group by adopting some innovative approaches that will further help the company in its future run. The major aspects at which the company has decided to focus on the ongoing and new projects are listed in the below section of this bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment.

Building contracts
The building contracts constitute to be the most crucial element in the operation of the logistic business. The majority of the processes followed in the logistic business consists of regulating the contracts between parties, withstanding every legal regulation, and securing the deals. The same aspects should be focused further by the higher authorities employed in Glen Cameron Group.

Building quality
Building up the reputation of the most reliable brand by providing the most distinct and featured service is the primary objective of the Cameron group. The company has developed a very large base and network of clients in air transport freight services, railways, and shipping. The company should have regular contact with the clients who are always in dire requirement of warehouses and other storage-related services.

Customer Services
It is the most prevalent ideology in the corporate field that more the customers are satisfied the more successful the business would become. If considered the case of Glen Cameron Group, the customers are very loyal towards the company and are ready to pay extra charges for the same services. The company management should infuse the same confidence among its staff and every team member so that customer satisfaction should be made their primary goal.

The vast networking is one of the vital elements in the business of logistics. It is the responsibility of the managing team of Cameron Group that faster and smooth communication with its viable clients and customers are ensured. Various advanced technologies are used by the Cameron group so that various business leads could be traced in a very fast and responsive way. The same technology enables the company to responding quickly to the query of its customers. The area of freight and transportation consists of various technologies that could be only found out by maintaining a proper working network.

The company has decided to conduct a training program for the in house drivers which would last up to 2 months. The official working at the designation of the Senior Operation Manager is considered to be the supervisor of this project on bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment.

Task Name




New Operational policy

111 days

Mon 8/20/18

Mon 1/21/19

Buying new trucks

30 days

Mon 8/20/18

Fri 9/28/18

Involving new Expertise

20 days

Mon 10/1/18

Fri 10/26/18

Basic Managerial level training

25 days

Mon 10/29/18

Fri 11/30/18

Employee training

35 days

Mon 12/3/18

Fri 1/18/19

End of training

1 day

Mon 1/21/19

Mon 1/21/19

Cameron, G. T. (1994). Does publicity outperform advertising? An experimental test of the third-party endorsement. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Journal of Public relations research, 6(3), 185-207.

Cameron, G. T., & Curtin, P. A. (1995). Tracing sources of information pollution: A survey and experimental test of print media's labeling policy for feature advertising. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 72(1), 178-189.

Kim, H. J., & Cameron, G. T. (2011). Emotions matter in crisis: The role of anger and sadness in the publics’ response to crisis news framing and corporate crisis response. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Communication Research, 38(6), 826-855.

Kinnick, K. N., Krugman, D. M., & Cameron, G. T. (1996). Compassion fatigue: Communication and burnout toward social problems. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, 73(3), 687-707.

Pang, A., Cropp, F., & Cameron, G. T. (2006). Corporate crisis planning: Tensions, issues, and contradictions. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Journal of Communication Management.

Shin, J. H., & Cameron, G. T. (2003). Informal relations: A look at personal influence in media relations. bsbmgt517 manage operational plan assessment, Journal of Communication Management, 7(3), 239-253.


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