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BSBLDR403 Lead Team Effectiveness Assignments: How To Write It Appropriately?



  1. Provide a brief account of the significance of inspiring the team members to achieve a higher level of efficiency in the team activities.
  2. Provide a brief account of the role of backing up the team members in recognizing and solving the problems.
  3. Elaborate the ways to confirm your involvement and contribution in the teamwork that could be considered as a role model by other team members and consecutively improves the reputation of the company before them along with the customers.
  4. List down and explain the leadership styles which are usually implied in the corporate environment. Identify the leadership style that suits you the most.

The above-provided questions are generally asked in the assignments related to BSBLDR403 lead team effectiveness. Hence it should be used for reference purposes only. The below-given description is the solution for the customized set of questions asked in the BSBLDR403 lead team effectiveness assignment. Please expect some contextual variations.


In this type of task, the student is expected to provide a detailed description of the various ways to apply different communication channels and the proper way to keep in connection with the management.

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

The below section is drafted as per the major deliverables mentioned in the marking rubrics.

Describe the way and significance of sustaining open communication with the line manager.
By means of open communication, it is intended to conduct bilateral communication in an honest, respectable, and broad-minded way. By adopting the method of open communication, the personal relation with the whole team could be improved.

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

It is by conducting regular feedback sessions, meetings, and performance reviews by using appropriate communication technologies that open communication would be sustained with the line manager. By sustaining a positive and amiable office environment, a suitable atmosphere for open communication could be sustained. The best way of holding up the mode of open communication with the line manager is by establishing a two-way feedback system. In this system, both the engaged parties could share valuable feedbacks regarding each other’s performance. It would help in understanding the objectives and views of each other.

Describe the major concepts comprised of synergistic communication. What are the chances that you would implement them in your operational environment? Answer by referring to BSBLDR403403 lead team effectiveness?

Communication strategy adopted in the team set up by which the major issues and arguments are put forward openly before every member, by which the issues are discussed from each member's point of view to arrive at the most relevant and effective solution is termed to be the Synergistic Communication. The major benefit of implementing synergistic communication is that the person could create a trustworthy and long relationship with the team members and other clients. The synergistic communication would be more efficient in the instances where the team requires a continuous and steady pace of growth since it brings transparency to the performance of the team and its primary objective. If considered from the point of view, I would obviously encourage the implication of synergistic communication in any working environment since it helps to arrive at the most relevant solution for an issue by pondering through every possible aspect.

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

Elaborate on the significance of proper reporting and communication in achieving higher progress and productivity in the teamwork. How could a team achieve higher productivity?
The quality and frequency of communication play a very crucial role in enhancing the productivity and development of the team. High awareness regarding the performance parameters, team objective, the continuous transaction of feedbacks, etc. would only be achieved by effective communication strategies. Better communication strategies would help in revealing further opportunities for improvement in the team approach.

Simplicity in communication could be achieved by using a systematic and well-structured format. Hence it is highly recommended that the team reports should be drafted in a well-structured and systematic manner. It is by analyzing the data provided in periodic reports that the higher authorities assess the progress of the team. There should be high clarity in recording the objectives achieved by the team that would help in analyzing its efficiency.

Specify the best way to transfer the message from management to your team members.
It is by conducting timely official meetings with the team members are made aware of the message of management regarding team performance. The use of tools like whiteboards, bulletin boards, online communication, etc. could be used to effectively convey the messages to the team members. However, special care should be taken to convey personal feedback to the members. For such instances to share the personal feedback, one to one meeting should be conducted. The senior should consider the graveness and seriousness of the personal feedback and should convey in an appropriate way to the concerned team member. The public display of the information regarding the team performance and various new policies adopted by management on bulletin boards would increase the efficiency of communication between the team members. The personal feedback should not be displayed on such public boards, since it would end up in official harassment and set down in individual morale. It is the duty of the team captain to ensure proper communication between the management and the team members.

BSBLDR403 Lead team effectiveness

How could be the management made aware of various issues and problems?
The same periodic and systematic approach should be adopted in making aware of the managing body regarding the new issues and challenges. Since frequent face to face meeting is not possible in this instance, the professional mode of communication like a memo, email, and other modes of digital communication should be utilized to sustain periodic communication with the management. The team leader should decide a specific timeframe so that the regular though periodic transaction of information should be ensured with the management. To conduct the continuous, follow up on whether the presented issues are addressed by the management, the team leader is required to conduct regular meetings with them.

By this point, you have covered all the deliverables for the BSBLDR403 lead team effectiveness, though it should be ensured that the report is submitted before the tutor before the deadline. In some cases of the BSBLDR403 lead team effectiveness assignments, another activity is assigned to the students to check their in-depth knowledge regarding the topic.

The below-provided task is considered by the tutor as evidence of the assessment.

Case scenario assessment
You have been appointed as the facilitator in an organization. The management of your organization has decided to make some crucial changes in the business process. As part of which it is decided to include a new customer service team in the company system.

The new team of customer service would be created by including both the experienced employees and fresh employees. The below table should be utilized by the facilitator while developing the new customer service team.




Proper use of pronouns like “We” instead of “I” before the team members.


Notified the members regarding your expected results and the time limit within the particular goal should be achieved.


Using first-person pronouns like I and You while conducting the group meeting


Described the group on how the assigned task should be completed.


Mentioned the appropriate method to achieve the goal in a faster and efficient way.


Confined the discussion so that only necessary information is passed on to the team members.


Discuss with the group regarding your responsibility towards the group and the duties you should perform along with them.


Ensured that all the necessary data to achieve the goal has been passed over to the team members.


Listened to the opinion of the group members on how the strategies to achieve the objective should be designed.


Provided the group with all the necessary amnesties so that they could develop their own set of goals.


Pointed out particular regulations and approaches that should be followed by the team members while conducting the task.


Conducted the performance evaluation of the team members before the management.


Ensured the counter opinions and ideas from team members regarding the task.


Give ample support to your team members while introducing them before outsiders.


The group members have been informed about your approach towards the goals and the way of working.


The analysis is conducted to the personal level so that each member’s thought process, objectives, skills, and personal values are ascertained.


Every team member's interest is taken into account while preparing the strategies.


The team members have the awareness that the final intention of the management is to empower the unit into a self-managing team.


The group members have been encouraged to share their perceptions and knowledge in the new environment of customer settings.


The values and standards that the organization expects from a team member should be made clear to everybody.


A professional working relationship is maintained within the team while performing the task.


The proper environment for the competition is sustained within the team members.


There is an efficient system of constructive conflict resolution to focus on cooperation within the team.


A collective effort is invested in sustaining certain values and norms in the working environment.


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