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   Free sample   Brand management assignment on management strategy of cadbury to analyse its reinventing implementation

Brand management assignment on management strategy of Cadbury to analyse its reinventing implementation


Task: How does Cadbury manages its brand through brand management and brand equity? Can you provide recommendations for the company for better management with your brand management assignment?


Part A: Report

Organisations and take views can elaborate on the co-created perspective of an organisation to manage the stakeholder to enrich the reputation. The present brand management assignmenthas provided a brief and clarified idea about the brand management strategy of Cadbury to analyse its reinventing implementation. In addition, the brand management assignmentalso evaluates the customer's experience for demonstrating the sources of brand management and brand equity of Cadbury.

1. Analysing the market challenges in the brand management assignment
Cadbury is the confectionery giant in recent scenarios which maintains loyalty in snacking. However, the organisation witnessed manufacturing issues due to poor storage facilities by the retailers. The brand management assignmenthas highlighted that Cadbury sale has faced 15% of negative publicity that impacted the brand reputation of this organisation. On a contrary note, the controversy of Cadbury has depicted this organisation as a responsible MNC in developing countries that degraded the confidence of stakeholders. Salmonella contamination has forced this organisation to recall more than 1 million chocolate bars which have already affected more than 40 people. In addition, the rising price of fundamental materials like milk, Cocoa and others degraded the customer satisfaction level. Moreover, misconceptions throughout the market scenario and the Salmonella crisis have degraded its market position of Cadbury. It has been reported in the brand management assignmentthat Hershey’s, Nestle and others are the main competitors of this organisation Cadbury.

2. Evaluating the brand objective to address market challenges
Confectionery giant Cadbury pursues their main objective of being the world's best and biggest confectionery company by engaging the stakeholders appropriately. It has been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the concerned organisation has explained the innovation in mainstream chocolate which is made of fresh liquid milk. As a result, it provides a feel-good factor to the consumer base that supports the tagline “Our product is your smile”. It has been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the organisation analyses the consumer measures to investigate and identify the basic understanding of brand equity to provide a shaped infrastructure to the organisation. In accordance, the organisation statement represented that the company is intended to work together for creating the brands people love. In addition, the organisation also follows integrity respect for other people and supported teamwork to get an efficient competitive advantage in this market scenario. According to the understanding of this brand management assignment, the concerned organisation maintains a centralised structure of organisation infrastructure that develops its decision-making activities with distinctive labour management. As a result, it emphasizes the participating nature of employees that provides innovative ideas for developing strategic executions.

3. Critically analysing the brand strategy to retain market position


Figure 1: Nutrition information

In order to maintain transparency in business, the organisation provides whole information of ingredients that can develop the customer engagement activities. In order to improve the brand reputation, the organisation also maintains corporate social responsibility by implementing sustainable business practices. Moreover, the organisation has implemented a strategy to reduce its global footprint with this broad emerging market for managing a healthy balance sheet. As a result, it delivers high revenue growth and accelerates the income margin to some enough extent. It has been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the organisation's business plan included the agenda of getting high acceleration in the financial performance scoreboard that also kept a strong focus on sustainability. However, the warehousing strategies of Cadbury faced issues regarding poor product management that degraded its brand reputation in 183 years of history. It has also been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the whole confectionery market fells to 2.7% in the same period which affected the sales activities of this organisation accordingly. In order to reduce the trade regarding brand extension, the organisation has implemented a new policy and slogan to engage the stakeholder in identifying new group opportunities in this market.

4. Highlighting the implementation strategy
Value proposition in the brand management assignment

It has been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the value proposition of Cadbury has been changed in mid of 2000. The organisation has intended to provide some classic but normal services to the consumer base to improve its international position. In that case, the organisation intended to maintain the quality of the product by ensuring the required salary and wages to the Employees for developing performance excellence.

Brand iconography
The organisation and logo featured the name of Cadbury in bold and rounded. In addition, the glass and a half symbol were created in 1928 to reflect the importance of milk in the Cadbury recipe. Brand iconography plays a crucial role in promotional activities that can engage the consumer base. The brand management assignment represents a visual language to develop the functionality of marketing advertisement.


Figure 2: Logo of Cadbury
Route to market

Social media, TV media, print media and others are highly used to promote the products of Cadbury. It has been reported that Cadbury invested a massive amount in advertising to attract its target audience. United Kingdom Australia and India are the top three markets for Cadbury. According to the demonstration, the organisation segmented its market based on demographic, behavioural and psychographic factors which are also focused on income and occasions accordingly.

5. Demonstrating the resource implications
Operating segments of Cadbury have changed the measure of operating profit by analysing the certain Global supply chain and commercial technology financial resources. Measurement of the stakeholder resource improves the long-term efficiency of Cadbury. It has been reported in the brand management assignmentthat the organisation mainly focuses on basic resources to emphasize the top 13 brands which provide 50% of confectionery revenue. Along with this the organisation also implemented bottom-line implications to develop the communication plan, stakeholder engagement, deliverables and others for brand development and overall profit. Evaluation of the risk management report and its submission to the government reduces the threat regarding human resource issues and legislative hazards.

Conclusion and recommendation
It can be concluded in the brand management assignmentthat in order to improve brand reputation, organisations can implement a traditional model of brand management along with required innovation. As a result, elaborating the understanding of commitments to fairness through transparent data evaluation is able to explore the agenda of maintaining consistency in brand management. However, the confectionery organisation is highly recommended to emphasize its warehousing and raw material resources for improving its brand reputation.

Action plan





Time bound

Improving project management by high investment for developing global share

Supply chain reconfiguration

Reduce threat regarding manufacturing

Global expansion through advertising

2 years


Table 1: Action plan

Part B: Self-reflection

Self-reflection helps an individual to analyse the strength of knowledge based on critical analysis. This segment of this brand management assignmenthas evaluated my personal key learning about brand management based on the scenario of Cadbury marketing.

Evaluating the personal key learning from strategic brand management
Contingency approach of business management analysis the international activities for evaluating the brand management. According to the brand management assignment, contingency theory and concept develop the model of performance relationship that investigated 4 external environment moderators like competitive intensity, foreign market buyer, export policies and domestic competition. I think the concerned organisation Cadbury has analysed its market scenario by evaluating the execution of its main competitors like Hershey's Nestle and others. In order to grab a competitive advantage in the domestic and international market the concerned organisation, Cadbury has analysed its supply chain management and commercial Technology based on the high investment.

An attractive logo and promotional tagline contributed a significant percentage to organisational success. From this brand management assignment, I have learned the importance of advertising and promotion for developing brand management. In addition, I have also gotten an idea about the importance of Human Resource Management to develop participating nature in the workplace which can emphasize the product and service quality. Moreover, it also improves my theoretical perspective based on B2B brand management which has improved the organisational infrastructure of Cadbury. As per the contingency theory, analysing the ability to evaluate benchmarks based on the market scenario can help organisations to eliminate risk regarding a product recall. I have also emphasised in this brand management assignmentmy idea about organisation strategies to fight against price rising issues for improving brand reputation. As a result, it develops a smile understanding of comparative branding advantage.

Demonstrating the way to build up insight based on the most valueable ting learned in this course
This brand management assignmenthas provided a clarified idea about the importance of analysing market scenario to improve customer satisfaction. From this course I get idea about the organisation activities of Cadbury regarding effective pricing strategy to engage the target customer base. As a result the organisation become able to sustain their position after a notable sales degradation. In addition evaluation of the market segmentation like demographic segmentation behavioural segmentation, psychographic segmentation and others help the organisation Cadbury to improve its innovative ideas as per the consumers demand which made this organisation more consumer friendly and attractive. The brand management assignmenthas also provided a valueable learning about the importance of logo and taglines which contribute high brand reputation in this market.

Previous segment of the study has analysed the importance of demonstrating the voice of a brand based on descriptive identity. Developing communication as a strategic approach emphasizes organisational reputation in this prison market scenario. I think successful brand management can be maintained by developing value propositions and supporting the objectives. It has been reported in this brand management assignmentthat the concerned organisation Cadbury has implemented taglines for attracting the consumers which play a crucial role in brand management. This study has improved my idea about the importance of brand logos and taglines for attracting the consumer.

It can be depicted at the end of the brand management assignmentthat evaluation of self-understanding based on brand management has helped me to analyse my knowledge. As a result, I have applied a theoretical perspective to define the present scenario. It can develop my problem-solving skills and analytical skills simultaneously.


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