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Boost Juice Marketing Strategy


Analysis of the Boost Juice Marketing Strategy in Australia


The business strategies adopted by the managerial body of an institute fundamentally depend on the strategies adopted for marketing. Hence marketing is considered as the fundamental function carried out in the business management. The adoption of new technology or infrastructure doesn’t make any sudden or direct impact on the revenue of a company. To create an instant impact on the revenue, management of the companies adopt the strategy of increasing its customer base in the targeted market. The marketing process mainly focuses on shaping the company into an organisation which majorly focus on the satisfaction of the customer. If compared with past decades, the level of competition between the business entities has raised brusquely because of the globalization. In this condition of fierce competition, the significance of marketing strategies has increased because they are vital in increasing the organization’s share in market and in holding the targeted customers. The main objective pertaining with marketing strategies is to raise the revenue by increasing the sales and augment the goodwill and reputation of the brand for the company’s product (Ferrell & Hartline, 2013). Both long term and short term strategies are applied to improve the current condition and revenue of the company. The tools used by companies to influence the behavior of consumers in order to achieve their marketing objective are the most significant aspect of the marketing strategy. These tools, which are also termed as market mix, can be defined under eight aspects. They are a promotion, prices, distribution, product, people, partnership, processes, and physical evidence. This report aims to evaluate the Boost Juice marketing strategy developed by in the Australian market. At the beginning of this report, a brief discussion on the history and background of the Boost Juice is given. Thereafter analysis of the Boost Juice marketing strategy is conducted by evaluating the marketing mix. At end of the report, concise conclusion and valid recommendations are provided which will help in raising the market performance of the company.

Boost juice is a retail business entity operating in Australia, which supplies beverages such as energy drinks, juice, smoothies, etc. Janine Allis found Boost juice in 2000, which now provides its beverage product all over the world. Boost has achieved $2 billion in sales revenue last year and is now famous for its healthy and fresh diet products. Janine Allis came up with the idea of a healthy diet company in an American trip. She has observed that even though the market for fresh juice bar is developed in many countries, the market for it in Australia is still in an underdeveloped condition. Janine came up with the plan for business, ethics, and structure and laid the foundation of Boost Juice Bars. It was in Adelaide that the first branch of the Boost was opened where Janine herself handled the works like making drinks and serving the customers. By working in the firm she was able to identify the taste and preferences of the customers. Because of the direct contact with the customers, she was able to acquire extensive awareness of market and logistics. Boost Juice gradually developed and hired more staffs to meet the increasing pressure on operations.

Marketing Mix Of the company 8Ps
Core concept of marketing strategy is implementing the market mix to enhance the current product sales. For conducting the process of marketing, the investors need to organize detailed research regarding the market characteristics. After that, they have to develop a marketing strategy for the targeted market. Some demand inducing variables defined in the marketing mix are used to amplify the sales of the company. Generally, there are only four variables in the marketing mix, which are a place, promotion, product, and price. These parameters were expanded into eight variables by making some variations in the environment of the business. The detailed evaluation of the marketing mix of Boost Juice is conducted below.

A wide variety of healthy food products like fruit juice and smoothies are supplied by the company. The quality of the product was always being the prime focus of the company and they eventually integrate fresh fruit juice blended with yogurt in their product list. In order to attract health conscious customers, Boost has launched new food products like tropical, spirit, super-food and high protein. The policy of making food products from natural and low-fat material is strictly followed by the company. Hence the company avoids the use of any preservative, flavors, and artificial sweeteners. So far the company is successful in drawing its customers’ attention by adopting this strategy. The most popular product, Super Smoothies designed to provide the consumer with maximum benefit as compared to regular smoothies which are prepared with natural nutrients. Along with providing special products for health-conscious customers, it has also introduced special products for customers having a different taste like tea lovers. Several tailor-made products were introduced by the company to suffice the demand of locals (Boost, 2017).

The company has adopted its boost juice marketing strategy to keep the price of all the products low in the menu. The company has adopted this strategy to draw more consumers than giant food and beverages companies like Coke and Pepsi. But adopting this strategy has decreased the profit margin of the company (Prowd, 2013).

It was identified by the Boost Juice Company that different people from various geographical corners in different countries have different customs, palate, standards, habits and purchasing power. It was ensured by Boost that the advertising strategies in distant countries should be outlined according to the requirements of the local market. The management analyzed the media habits, purchasing power and the consumer interest of the region and implied the promotional strategies according to it. The company mainly focus on the strategy of franchising by selecting the well-known and prominent market players operating the particular region, who had well-versed knowledge about the market (Boost, 2017).

Besides this, the company has adopted an exclusive approach of marketing consisting of above-the-line and below-the-line marketing. By adopting this new method in the boost juice marketing strategy, the company had succeeded in attaining 94% market awareness within the period of five years. The method of above-the-line marketing consisted of promoting the company through radio campaigns, television, and social media (Boost Study Kit, 2015).

As discussed earlier Boost Company has embraced franchising as its strategy for distribution. Of the total outlets of Boost Juice outlets around 70% is allocated to different franchise distributors. This strategy of leasing their brand name and the business model helped the company in generating a wide outreach among the targeted customers (Switzer Daily, 2009).

In its course of development, the company gradually created a partnership with a private equity partner Bain Capital(Fitzsimmons, 2014). The Chairman of the company Jeff Allis had signed a Partnership with the Bill Lisle Regional, the CEO of AIA as part of its product enhancement programme (IFA, 2016).

The culture, employees and the founders of the company are normally referred to in a marketing mix. Since the company followed the philosophy of “love life”, the main focus was given to deliver an exceptional experience to the customer. For this reason, the company built very appealing stores using exciting colors.

The main focus of the company is in the process of service delivery, response time, and the complaints so that exceptional service should be ensured to the customer. So the company had a fast resolution for the customer queries, better response time and better service quality as compared to the competitors.

Better customer experience and positive reviews will help in raising the profit margin of a company. The physical evidence of customer experiences like recommendations, general buzz and the user stories will create a great impact on the company revenue and its goodwill. Observing this the company kept its websites well maintained and shared the experiences and reviews of customers in social media. The company has also followed the strategy to be in the news by tapping the current trends in society.

Facing different issues and competition
As consumer behavior changed with the advancement in technology, the company had to make a drastic change in the marketing management of the organization. Because of the advancement in science, the access and outreach of the companies had raised drastically. Still, some issues arose because of the higher availability of information and data. In the developed scenario a company cannot stay recluse from the social responsibilities and only focus on the process of profit making. They have to preserve and maintain their brand image. Keeping this in mind, many companies started participating and contributing actively to social activities. Boost Company also followed the trend and took initiative in reducing the pollution emission of the company and thereby preserves the ecosystem. Boost introduced various paper cups to contain their products. These cups were prepared from renewed materials and sustainable resources, ensuring no harm to the ecosystem. Besides that, the company practices the use of inks which are not defined as toxic and are safe, which are much safer for the eco-system. As a part of Boost Juice Marketing Strategy, the company started taking part in several philanthropic activities and charity programs(Boost Juice, 2017).

Besides these factors, social media has contributed a major role in changing the dynamics and the structure of the business environment. By the help of online media, the business organizations can easily connect with their targeted customers in the market. The companies pose a subtle risk of customers sharing their feedbacks and reviews in the social media which will be read by a vast audience. To avoid any negative feedback, it is important that the companies should focus on providing the best quality service and thereby provide the customer with exceptional experience and satisfaction. It is further easy to determine the social trend preferences of the customers. Social media also facilitates the instant promotion of the products and any special offer or discount given by the company. Apart from social media, there are other technologies also which helps to increase the productivity and operational efficiency of the company. For example, companies can introduce automation in processes like payroll, purchase process cash disbursement process, etc which will ultimately reduce the human error and reduce the operational cost(Ferrell & Hartline, 2013). The company has introduced Matcha Chat Bot in order to commemorate the introduction of Perfect Matcha Smoothie (Boost Juice, 2017) .

Because of the vast advancement in the field of technology, the approach and the connectivity of consumers have increased. Unlike before, customers go through the whole description of the product and compare it with other products by reading user reviews before buying the project. This new power to the customers has ignited fierce competition among the competitors. Most of the companies embrace their ethical principles and use online media to raise the goodwill and brand value of the company (Fifield, 2012).

How to formulate Marketing Strategy
Several recommendations are suggested below in order to improve the marketing strategy and cover a vast market share of Boost Juice company.

The main focus of the Boost Juice Company is to distribute nourishing juices and smoothies to the consumers. Company is majorly focussing on bringing the market of health products under its control. But the range of products supplied by the company is limited. So it is very important that the company should develop and expand the range of its products. To introduce some diversity and variety in its product Boost Juice can include healthy sandwiches and wholegrain bread in its menu (Hill, 2012).

Boost Juice provides its products at a very low price when compared to other companies. This strategy of providing the products at a low price is done by companies to attract more customers towards it. But because of adopting this policy, the the margin of profit for the company is very low. Boost should deliver a wide variety of products providing premium features at a higher rate to tackle this condition of less profit range.

An inclusive market strategy is being adopted by the company to promote its brand. The company is utilizing media options like radio, social media and television to maintain its connection with the consumers. Inclusion of a company’s philosophy and principle will aid in improving the promotional strategy. Use of attractive colors and sports in the advertisements of Boost Company will help in the company’s campaigns of marketing. Instead of just staying recluse in the market, Boost juice can cooperate with some sports organizations and adventure companies for the promotion of its products (Hill & Jones, 2009).

Special focus should be given on increasing the range and number of retail outlets near the premises of sites like beaches and sports clubs where outdoor sports activities take place. Several retail outlets should also be organized near the colleges, youth clubs and offices to influence and control the target customers of youth.

Boost should collaborate and cooperate with other companies of the same field and try to create a sustainable partnership. Since Boost juice is a giant in the field of healthy food products, it can try to acquire comparatively small scale companies which are operating in the same field. Boost should also enhance its cooperation with and partnership with banks and other financial institutes which will create a financial backup when needed.

In this intense scenario of tremendous competition, the management of human resource plays a vital role in the existence of the company. It is the employees of the company which directly interact with the customers. Employees with high working spirit and work ethics should be employed to get an upper hand in competition with other companies operating in the same market. Better training should be provided to the employees who directly interact with the customers like those working in the retail outlets. Retaining talented employees is also a big challenge for the company. The company should take extra effort in retaining the quality employees by giving a better salary and incentives (Partridge & Sinclair-Hunt, 2005).

The company should invest in installing new technically advanced machines and conducting research to enhance its performance. A better strategy should be planned to ensure the satisfaction of the customers by enhancing the efficiency and capability of employees working in the customer service department by proper training and experience.

To increase the positive reviews and the physical evidence of the company’s service and product, the company can start an online campaign in social media and begin some online blogs. In addition to this promotional videos can be posted on media where it can be viewed by a large audience.

By conducting this assignment it has been observed that the Boost Juice is trying to target the Australian customers who are very health conscious an very careful about what they are eating. The foundation of the company was laid by Janine Allis in 2000 after observing the fact that there are very fewer companies in Australia who provide food for health-conscious customers. In the course of time, Janine gained good knowledge about customer behavior by conducting some researches and working in the company herself. By adopting the scheme of franchising, the company had expanded its branches all over the country. As an effort to sustain in the market company has used the strategy of keeping the price of their product lower than other companies. Boost has focussed not only on best quality products but also in providing the customers with an exceptional experience. For this, the retail shops of boost were colored with vibrant colors and special training was given to employees who were working in front desks. It was being recommended in this report that the company should focus on increasing the number of outlets and should employee younger generation. Boost marketing strategy assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

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