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Blockchain Technology In Healthcare: A Project Proposal


Task: The main aim of this project is to finding and analysis of using blockchain technology in healthcare industry. In order to conduct the project plan, both primary and secondary data collection methods are used. All those data related to use of blockchain technology in healthcare have been evaluated for this research and analysed in order to make the literature review. Survey questionnaire method is also selected to collect primary data. This project is undertaken to identify the usefulness of blockchain technology in healthcare. The effectiveness and efficiency of blockchain technology in healthcare industry operation process is discussed here.

From this project, it is identified that blockchain technology is very effective in healthcare industry. It helps in maintaining individual patient records and it is one of the best tool in digital wellness endeavours.


1. Rationale
Health care is controlling all of the information and data virtually, and useful data has been saved prepared and distributed utilising the technologies all those tend to be prone to risks and threats (Sikorski, Haughton & Kraft, 2017). The blockchain technologies is usually a revolutionary and growing technologies that may help the business in healthcare in obtaining the information and data efficiently and handle them to provide within an effective and efficient way.

1.1 Problem domain
Medical care gets superior every day, and innovative and modern technology is now being integrated into the current techniques for enhancing the present services being sent to the customers. The information has been developed within soft copy forms and therefore, individual and exceedingly delicate information relevant to the healthcare and personal information are now being gathered and saved to the program for enhancing the assistance (Esposito et al., 2018). Thus, data security and safety of this collected information and details used in this blockchain technology in healthcare have become necessary for the health care in a manner to ensure that the final users and also the people are being released with excellent assistance.

1.2 Objective and reason
The purpose of the blockchain technology and healthcare would be to make use of the blockchain technologies within the preserving, handling and recording the information and details within an efficient and effective method. The goals could be outlined as:

  • To protect the information and data within a practical and useful approach.
  • To make use of the blockchain within achieving the previously mentioned goal.
  • To ensure that the blockchain can provide the reasonable steps those might additionally safeguard the data security and safety of the people.

Opportunity: The task range is to try using the blockchain technologies within achieving the safety steps in the other details and also the data relevant to the person whose information and details has been stored to the medical care data source (Zheng et al., 2017).

Not in scope: The technological software as well as the incorporation of the technologies beyond scope regarding the task to be provided.

2. Supervisor Approval
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3. Research Questions

  1. Exactly how efficiently and effectively could be blockchain technologies utilised in documenting the healthcare data?
  2. Exactly how blockchain could be relevant in controlling the safety of the information and data which is essential for the people related within the healthcare file data source?
  3. Which are the probable methods for protecting the healthcare record data source?

4. Conceptual or Theoretical Structure
The amenable resources are going to be useful for progressing to from inspected documents of a friend. Besides, the fundamental evaluation as discussed in this blockchain technology for healthcare is going to be operated thinking about the poll evaluation which will be helpful and useful within taking into consideration the responses of the achieved person on a comparable environment. The theoretical framework in the evaluation challenges within the conveyance in the additional data analysis determined by the examination of friend, investigation content those tends to be crucial for the research.

5. Methodology
5.1 Analysis of resources: The above-mentioned resources in this blockchain technology and healthcare are going to be used, and also the solved listing of sources within the ten articles is going to be useful for additional fundamental analysis within the stage and also the establishing in method to make sure that sufficient information has been provided within the unique situation and also the end getting influenced is adequately way for declining the stress being raised (Nofer et al., 2017).

5.2 Research method(s):Both primary, as well as secondary evaluation, is going to be used regarding the use of the analysis in this blockchain technology for healthcare in a way to ensure that the ultimate decisions being created works well and competent enough in providing all of the predicted advantages and identity of the effectiveness being presented.

5.3 Data collection: The information is going to be gathered utilising the publicly accessible resources for the secondary information evaluation in a way to provide the literature evaluation on a single circumstance. The strategy used for this blockchain technology and healthcare for the gathering information within the primary information evaluation would be the set of questions utilising the google forms.

5.4 Ethical Issues: The ethical issues tend to be relevant to both evaluation and way to ensure that the related ethical problems could be removed. The information and data are going to be held private through the entire primary review (Yli-Huumo et al., 2016). Throughout secondary information research and also the literature evaluation drafted in this blockchain technology and healthcare, proper citation assistance is going to be implemented through the whole analysis within the way to ensure that the work is done perfectly

6. Project Plan

  • The task is going to be useful and efficient within protecting the information and details kept within the data source of health care.
  • Protecting the information and data of the people and also the relevant delicate and personal info in an extremely guaranteed and decentralised way
  • The methods could be improved utilising the decentralised networking in which the only information on the senders and also the receiver may be the digital signature.
  • The methods could be improved utilising the decentralised networking in which the only information on the senders and also the receiver may be the digital signature.

6.2 Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare

Figure 1: WBS
(Source: Created by Author)

7.3 Risk Analysis

Sl No






Untrustworthy resources

Choosing peer-reviewed scholar articles




Timeline growth

Proper organising

Very High



Uncertain outcome

Accurate output

Very Low

Very High


Ethical problems

Agreement or contract before commencing research or analysis




Increase in Funds

Sophisticated organising and administration

Very low


6.4 Duration
This project will continue for 71 days. The start date will be 25-05-2019 and Finish date will be 1-11-2019

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7. References
Esposito, C., De Santis, A., Tortora, G., Chang, H., & Choo, K. K. R. (2018). Blockchain: A panacea for healthcare cloud-based data security and privacy?. IEEE Cloud Computing, 5(1), 31-37.

Nofer, M., Gomber, P., Hinz, O., & Schiereck, D. (2017). Blockchain. Business & Information Systems Engineering, 59(3), 183-187.

Sikorski, J. J., Haughton, J., & Kraft, M. (2017). Blockchain technology in the chemical industry: Machine-to-machine electricity market. Applied Energy, 195, 234-246.

Sikorski, J. J., Haughton, J., & Kraft, M. (2017). Blockchain technology in the chemical industry: Machine-to-machine electricity market. Applied Energy, 195, 234-246.

Zheng, Z., Xie, S., Dai, H., Chen, X., & Wang, H. (2017, June). An overview of blockchain technology: Architecture, consensus, and future trends. In 2017 IEEE international congress on big data (BigData Congress) (pp. 557-564). IEEE.

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