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Australian Banking Oligopoly: Analysing Financial Market Structure


Task: Answer the following question ensuring that you apply economic principles or theory related to the concepts of benefits,costs and market structure in which a firm operates to inform your analysis and support your decisions.Communicate your ideas with correct grammar, spelling and writing style and support your answer with diagrams and illustrative examples as necessary

Drawing on your knowledge of the theory of market structure – supplemented by appropriate media reports commenton the statement of ACCC Chairman, RodSims,that the Australian finance sector is ‘acosy banking oligopoly ’and explain what action could be undertaken to over come the problems created by this situation.

This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s: be able to make decisions that incorporate there levant benefits and cost analysis. be able to explain and defend why it is important tounder stand the structure of the market in which a firm operates.

This assignment provides an opportunity for you to present a detailed analysis of the operation of firms in a particular market context through the application of your knowledge of theory supported by evidence drawn from sources of your choosing.


Budgetary divisions for any nation are critical for them to perform the exercises. It has been observed that the superior the money related segment the way better it is for the nation. The present report outlines the essential aspects of Australian banking oligopoly. The Australian monetary division is exceptionally curiously because it encompasses a comfortable managing an account oligopoly. The venture will outline the issues and the arrangements of the issues that have arisen due to the issue that was made due to that circumstance. These are fundamental for the individuals to perform the inquiry about and get it the exercises appropriately. The task will give all the data related to the circumstance of comfortable keeping money oligopoly.

An oligopoly could be a situation where a concentrated competition exists. In this fcircumstance, there are few dealers or makers and numerous buyers (Manesh & Karimani, 2017). It has been said that the Australian budgetary framework is the showcase of Australian banking oligopoly where there are few and constrained dealers or makers and numerous buyers.

Australian banking oligopoly

Figure 1: Australian Cosy Oligopoly
(Source: Na, 2015)

Oligopoly showcase can effectively receive competitive procedure and the advancement and productivity are higher within the oligopoly advertise. The most extreme parcel of the benefit in oligopoly advertise goes into inquiring about and improvement and the customers can be benefitted in this advertise with higher quality items at lower costs. As the companies spend a part of the sum in inquiring about and advancement, the quality of items from this showcase is superior to the other markets (Na, 2015). The soundness of cost is more in this showcase as the costs of the items are for the most part higher than another showcase. Arranging gets to be less demanding by this and the user can be settled by the technique of oligopoly advertise. The shoppers of this advertising are more enhanced in data and the companies beneath this showcase offer more straightforwardness around their companies through the monetary reports.

It makes a difference the shoppers to pick up believe almost the companies. This showcase permits the items to be created a few times and at whatever point it needs. For illustration, when Apple begins with designed its iPhone, it was completely diverse than what is present. The company has collected information from the customers related to their choices and made strides the phone (Nutter, 2019). Moreover, all the other markets' oligopoly showcase moreover has a few drawbacks such as the higher concentration of the items. In this showcase, buyers are not free to select as the numbers of working companies are exceptionally few. Machination inside the companies can take put for diminishing the competition in this advertising.

Australian banking oligopoly

Figure 2: Australian Banking Sector
(Source: Na, 2015)

Existing ponders tend either to centre on the coordinate and backhanded joins between privatization, regulatory changes, and national productivity or to take after a long convention in regulatory economics of applying industry-specific (halfway balance) comparative statics (Nikaido, 2015). In later a long time economy-wide suggestions have been inspected utilizing models supported by perfectly competitive conduct, with oligopoly rents inferred by the choice of parameters, closure or productivity stuns. Industry-specific fix-ups in such models still require the presumption of perfect competition in all other businesses to create the economy-wide impacts. Whereas this approach of Australian banking oligopoly has been exceptionally valuable amid the microeconomic change move, it tends to ignore the reality that most other financial action is additionally incompletely competitive and subject to regulation, which administrative changes to one industry are improbable to happen without implications for the control of others or for the execution of the economy.

Benefits of this market

  1. The showcase where there's oligopoly, there will be exceptionally tall benefit for the companies show in that advertise. The reason behind this is often that there are few dealers and numerous buyers (, 2019).
  2. The choices present for the buyers are restricted and straightforward and they have to be select from those modest bunches of companies.
  3. Legitimate data approximately the goods and administrations can be gotten as there are few companies offering those products. Since there are few sellers there's straight competition among them with respect to the benefit and cost of the item. 
  4. The dealers got to give the items at a cost lower than its competitor.

Demerits of oligopoly

  1. The buyers get less choice of merchandise and administrations from the advertise as the choices are less and have to be fulfilled with the things that are present (, 2019). 
  2. Another drawback of oligopoly is that the costs are not settled and the companies can inquire for any sum of money at any time. This increases the issues within the economy. 
  3. There's competition within the estimating, but the competitions of the items are exceptionally mooed as there are as it were few companies managing within the market.
  4. It gets to be troublesome for the unused commerce to succeed in an oligopoly showcase as since there are few companies show and they cannot offer the item at a cost sold by other companies.

From the over focuses it can be caught on that it is exceptionally troublesome for the individuals in an oligopoly showcase. The companies of the oligopoly showcase can go to any degree to offer their items and changing the estimating technique of the advertising as well.

Financial market of Australia
The monetary showcase of Australian banking oligopoly is exceptionally created but they are restricted to a few modest bunches of companies. There are all sorts of items accessible within the Australian money related showcase like cash, bonds, obligation, outside trades, subordinates, and values. There are exceptionally few banks and non-banking money related organizations display in Australia that gives administrations to their people (Investopedia. 2019). This appears that there's an Australian banking oligopoly showcase within the nation of Australia. The individuals of Australia got to fulfil with the rates at which they get administrations from the monetary markets. Since there's as it were few benefit suppliers, the individuals ought to fulfil their needs by taking the benefit from those establishing that is shown. There is a number of issues and issues that arise due to the conditions of oligopoly.

Whereas official boundaries to the free stream of common gas over state borders have been removed, the showcase remains exceedingly concentrated on the supply side and it carries numerous legacy agreements that restrain competition. The coming about the need for liquidity in Australian gas markets has blocked the advancement of straightforward spot markets. There are three providers in the eastern Australian gas markets that account for more than 95 per cent of the supply gas. The two officeholders BHP Billiton and ExxonMobil account for 38 per cent and 41 per cent respectively (, 2019). As to framework, the biggest pipeline proprietor in Australia is Australian Pipeline Believe (Well-suited) which possesses a third of the whole transmission pipeline system.17 Australia’s moment biggest pipeline proprietor is Epic Vitality, with almost half the capacity of Well-suited.

There are exceptionally few companies within the monetary divisions and the conditions of the managing account frameworks are exceptionally bad as since they don't care. It has been watched that the money related division doesn't have any settled rate to calculate all the exercises that are given by them. There are exceptionally few choices for the individuals of Australia from whom they can take the administrations and they have to take the administrations no matter what the condition is.

A few variables have contributed to this growth. The deregulation of Australian markets – particularly the drifting of the exchange rate and the evacuation of the exchange controls – was the major calculate within the mid to late 1980s. Taking after that burst in activity, the extension of the Australian foreign exchange showcase has been driven generally by the development in worldwide outside trade exchanging. As in all ‘over-the-counter’ markets, customer-based commerce within the foreign exchange advertising is as it were a little portion of total turnover; it has ordinarily found the middle value of around 20 percent of the overall. Most turnovers is what is regularly alluded to as ‘inter-dealer’, which involves merchants executing monetary standards among themselves to lay off positions coming about from customer bargains and to decide the exchange rate at each point in time. In Australia, an increased extent of this inter-dealer trading is with merchants in other countries, reflecting the developing significance of trading in monetary standards other than the Australian dollar.

These are fundamental issues that are found within the advertising of the fund in Australia. These are exceptionally imperative for the monetary frameworks to require control of the circumstance to bring out the circumstance so that the individuals don't confront any kind of issue (Tyers, 2019). Here, as it were the buyers get influenced, which causes a parcel of problems for them. It is additionally observed that the individuals ought to utilize those administrations from those teach or else they cannot get the administrations in Australia. These are basic for the advertising to require control and bring a few changes so that those issues can be fathomed.

The budgetary division of Australia ought to have settled rates for all the administrations that are provided by them which has to be controlled by the Government of Australia so that they can alter things agreeing to the requirements. The financial sector of Australia has to make the showcase open so that there can be more educate arranged within the showcase in arrange to supply more benefit to the individuals of Australia.

The monetary establishing got to distinguish ways through which they can give superior benefit so that the customers don't get any kind of issues within the working of the institutions (Creighton, Gower & Richards., 2019). The over arrangements ought to be utilized within the monetary segments so that the issues can be illuminated and the managing an account segment can be given a unused shape and the comfortable market of oligopoly can be expelled. These are fundamental parts of the nation that's essential to be given legitimate care so that the individuals don't get influenced within the entire process.

The Australian banking oligopoly report illustrates that there are few issues within the Australian money related markets that are fundamental for them to change in arrange to supply proper benefit to the individuals of Australia. To create the vital changes, the Government of Australia ought to act so that there are no issues with the changes done by them. It is additionally vital to settle the rates of the administrations given by the money related division so that the individuals don't confront any kind of issues profiting those administrations. These are basic for the showcase to support and the open to end up pressure free so that both the parties are given sufficient fulfilment.

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