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Marketing Strategies for Exporting Australian Avocados



• Provide some innovative strategies for the companies operating with the export of Australian avocados to mark their entry in Hong Kong. Analyze the strategy you have introduced and provide the pros and cons of implementing it. (You could refer to the cosmetic and beauty products which may include body oils and face mask).

• The people in Asian countries are not familiar with Australian avocados. Analyze the factors influencing an increase in the trend of avocado consumption in Asian companies. Also, analyze the factors present in the global market which are elevating the increase in the consumption of Australian avocados.

• Provide the importance of implementing Add an avo every day, which is already very famous in the domestic market of Australia, in the domestic market of Hong Kong. Also, check that whether this strategy is viable the cultural and diverse barriers in the domestic market. Give some recommendations to the importers on your behalf to increase the sales of avocado through the retail units.


1. New Product Promotion
The domestic market of Hong Kong had shown a steep increase in the trend of consumption of Australian avocados. The climate and soil of Australia are very suited for the cultivation of Avocado fruits and is currently a leading exporter of top-quality Australian avocados. The domestic market is a very potential market for the import of Australian avocados since the population is strongly preferring the Australian avocados in their diet. Although it is a fact that Hong Kong re-export the extra Australian avocados to the country of China. Though Hong Kong doesn’t depend on Australia alone for the Avocado import, it also imports a major share from Mexico. Since there are new entrants in the domestic avocado market in Hong Kong, the traders in Australia should devise a better strategy to capture the market. The company could portray itself as a very reliable brand for the Australian avocados since there is a very high demand for it in the domestic market. If the goodwill and status are well maintained in the domestic market, the sales would boost to a great extent eventually resulting in an immense profit. Although it could only be attained by contemplating the existing customer requirements and purchasing trends committed by them and generating new strategic decisions according to it. The use of the product market growth matrix could aid in acquiring a large number of consumers and clients. Thus, helping in dominating the major section of the domestic market of Hong Kong. These strategies would be crucial to enhance the sales of the company and thereby placing the company in a very safe and profitable position in the market. The company could utilize various units to carry out the retail distribution of Australian avocados in the domestic market of Hong Kong, which are: -

  • Vendors
  • Supermarkets
  • Food store chains
  • Hawkers
  • Department Chains

The use of vendors would be a very good idea to increase the sale of the company’s high-quality Australian avocados. It should always be kept in mind by the management of the company that there are many new entrants in the domestic avocado company of Honk Kong from various parts of the world. Thus, the company needs some innovative and effective strategies to keep its position in the market. The company needs to enhance the new strategies for advertising its products and should appropriately implement them. The promotional strategies should only be implemented after study the buying patterns of the customers so that any chances of its failure could be ignored. Hence proper survey should be conducted to understand the preferences and requirements of the customers. Since the Honk Kong Population is very particular about the food they are eating, so the company should strictly provide fresh products to the consumers. The quality of the product is the crucial deciding factor that eventually matters in the sale of the product. The demography of Hong Kong should be studied thoroughly by the management so that the product should comply with the cultural diversity and palate of the different sections of people (Balmer and Gray, 2003).

2. What makes Australian avocados popular?
As discussed earlier in this report, the Australian avocados are majorly cultivated on the lands of Australia. China has also raised a large demand for the Australian avocados along with Hong Kong. The Australian avocados are being used in salads, sandwiches, Mexican dishes, etc. by the population in Australia. Hence, although the avocado is produced largely in Australia, simultaneously it holds a high demand for it. This is making the condition of very less surplus so that the extra crops could be exported to other companies. As the Asian countries have less consciousness regarding the inclusion of fruits in their regular diet, hence most of the countries have initiated many awareness programs regarding it in their respective countries. This program was given this much significance because of its nutritional value and presence of fiber. This would make it certain that all the people would understand the importance of a balanced diet by including fruits of which the Australian avocados have the most nutritional value. This move by the regional governments would help the fruit importing companies in gaining a very high profit. Hence the company management should consider this positive push by the regional governments, and hence the strategic moves should be planned according to this factor. This project should be encouraged by the government of Australia since the export of Australian avocados would bring exclusive development in the domestic economy of the country. As mentioned earlier in this Australian avocado report, the companies in Australia are making strategic advances because of the high availability and harvest of the Australian avocados in the native soil. Thus, the company could implement the below provided actions and recommendation to expand its own business: -

  • Very efficient and attractive awareness and advertising programs to make the customers well aware of the details and various products of the customer.
  • Carrying out a campaign to make the population aware of the health benefits of consuming Avocado.
  • Conducting a very detailed and thorough analysis of the local market should be done by the company to reap extra profit in sales.

If the company would be successful in increasing the sales of the Australian avocados, then it would consequentially lead to the proportional growth of the economy. The move would also increase the per capita income of the farmers, and thus creating an overall improvement of the agricultural sector. Although the companies should be very strict in providing very premium and high-quality products so that their goodwill should not be affected (Gray, 2004).

Hence it should be noted by the management team that the international parameter should be satisfied while distributing the products to the customers. The quality of the product would play a very crucial factor in increasing the sales, since the population of Hong Kong and China re very specific about the quality of food they eat. Major factors while exporting Australian avocados to Hing Kong would include:

  • Implementing very good planning in the department of sales which could bring extra revenue to the company.
  • Recognizing the factors which have the potential to affect the sales of Australian avocados.

Any advancements by the company to increase the volume of sales of Avocado fruits would eventually make a huge progressive impact on the domestic fruit market in the operative nation. The company should devise out some new innovative strategies to increase its availability even in the remote and rural areas of the country to reach out to every possible customer. It would be one of the master moves to increase the sales of the company. Many possibilities of new markets and different markets abroad should be identified by the management so that higher peaks of revenue and profit could be earned in the denominations of foreign money. This could be a very smart move for the company if the exchange rates are in favor of the company. These actions could only be completed if the management and the various departments could work very cordially.

3. Communication and marketing of Australian avocados

The factor of communication for the daily business process and hence the company should possess the best communication system to stay active in the market. The advanced system of communication would help the company in maintaining proper and efficient communication with their vast range of customers. It should be kept in mind by the officials the technique of communication should be very simple and efficient so that any alteration could be made according to the changes in the dynamic avocado market. By using these communication systems installed in the company, various benefits of consuming the Avocado fruits supplied by the company could be mentioned to the consumers. The major aspects that the management team could explain to their customers are being provided below: -

  • Providing customers with various aspects and benefits of consuming the Australian avocados.
  • The requirements of the customers should be mentioned to themselves, since many of them are devoid of self-awareness about their needs.
  • Mention both the long term and short term associated benefits of including avocado fruit in the diet.

The company should adopt a very appropriate and effective method to communicate the properties of the products provided by the company to customers. To make a large number of sales, the management of the company should adopt a more interacting approach towards the customers. While taking the interactive approach, the officials should describe various features of the product which should tempt the customers to buy it.

Hence the officials should make the management strategies solely dedicated to educating the customers about the final product provided to the customers. Although while pursuing this process the staff should consider the below provided precautions: -

  • The primary stages and rules to be followed while interacting with the consumer.
  • The policy of the company towards its marketing strategies and the future course the company wants to lead itself.
  • Devising out a more relevant and efficient method to give the clients a sense of customer satisfaction.

Hence the company should express and elucidate the benefit of consuming Australian grown Australian avocados. The company should various cultural diversities and various customs followed in society so that the approach of the company shouldn't hurt any customer's feelings. Thus, the company should create and imply their marketing strategies in the domestic market of Hong Kong only after studying the purchasing trend and regional customs followed by the population. A thorough analysis of the regional customs would help the company in pointing out the necessary changes to be made in the approach of the company. It was being discussed in this report that the Avocado fruit is not still a famous fruit among the population of China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries. Although the consumption of Australian avocados is increasing at a very exponential rate in the Asian market. The implementation of a very efficient system of communication would make a very good impact on the output of the outlet. The implementation of a better communication process would lead to an increase in the range of loyal customers (Sweeney, 2004). Australian avocados assignments are being prepared by our marketing assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable best assignment help service.

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