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Artificial Intelligence Assignment: Technical Intelligence Role In Digital Optimization


Assessment Task: The report is to be based on the following case study scenario about the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) includes groups of technologies that cover different fields such as machine and deep learning, predictive analytics, process automation, speech recognition, biometrics, and natural language processing. AI is seen by many businesses as the answer to increasing costs of human employment and used in a large number of industries in different ways. It has allowed the implementation of smart cities, developments in the medical sciences, special effects in movies and even the management of back-office type work. However, major concerns have been raised by many critics, some who are from the ICT fields themselves, that the use of AI must be controlled to prevent an unethical takeover by machines over humans.

You are the Head of ICT in a large logistics organisation with over 200 staff, established around 20 years ago. Your organisation’s head office is based in Sydney but it operates in various states of Australia and some countries in the Oceania region as well. Your organisation provides end to end logistics solutions to a large number of companies including warehousing, manufacturing and mining. Some of your client companies are expanding and they would like you to provide logistical solutions based on AI.

As a result, your organisation is now exploring options to expand the business in the next five years to include services based on AI. As a part of their expansion plans, the CEO of your organisation has asked you to investigate the technology and types of applications that can be used to provide services to your clients in the warehousing, manufacturing and mining industries. On the other hand, he wants to ensure that ethical limits of using AI are also observed with the use of AI. You have to complete this investigation in the next three weeks and draft a report with some recommendations for the next Executive Management meeting.

Your research and the subsequent report should cover the following tasks:

  1. Definition of AI and the most up to date developments in the field that relate to logistics based solutions. This investigation must consider at least five different types of applications using AI. You should investigate examples from various industries within Australia and other parts of the world. Especially investigate the current uses of AI in logistics operations that service the transport, warehousing, manufacturing and mining industries. You could also include examples from other industries. Your report must identify actual examples of uses in the current market.
  2. Based on the findings from the previous section, propose three AI based applications your organisation could use to expand its logistics business in the next five years. As a part of this analysis, consider the potential advantages and disadvantages of the applications you have investigated in the previous section, and the various risks (positive and negative) with respect to the solution/s you propose. When considering the potential advantages and disadvantages of the applications you have proposed, specifically explore them from an ethical, social and legal point of view. Ethics of AI in general and the specific applications you propose must be considered as a priority in this discussion. Relate this discussion to the proposed directions for your organisation.
  3. Your analysis and proposed solutions in task 2 should provide three to five recommendations at the end of your report. Make sure that the specific recommendations have been evaluated as a part of your report discussion. The three AI applications and the ethical aspects of using AI must be considered in your recommendations. The recommendation section should directly focus on addressing the organisation’s current problem.

The report should be at a strategic level. It must not consist of highly technical or operational details as some of your Executive Managers are not from an information technology background.


Executive Summary
This artificial intelligence assignment explores the technique that is widely used in the technical world. The use of artificial intelligence is also involved in the business field and for the establishment of the new business.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence involves many technological features that cover all the different areas. Some of the areas that use artificial intelligence technique are like deep learning, predictive analytics, process automation, speech reorganization etc.

This technology gives the two main reasons for the use of this technique in the market and also its importance in the future scope:

  • The use of this technology artificial intelligence in the market for the increasing effects of human employment
  • This technology helps to develop the implementation of smart cities, developments in medical science, special effects in movies and also used in the business as a back office work.

There are some rumors about the use of artificial intelligence is that this technique controls to stop an unprincipled conquest by machines over humans. Artificial intelligence is also recognized as machine intelligence. It makes the machine capable of doing more work and helps human to solve the problem of doing hard work. Improvement in the field of artificial intelligence in the short term and in the long term goal provides the opportunities for the development of digitization in the digital market. Digital market improves the use of artificial intelligence to make the life more easy and interesting. This technique is recognized as a machine-friendly technology to make the work more in a simpler manner.

In addition, the importance of the technology and its advantage and disadvantage in the market for the future scope and improves the risk analysis of the Artificial intelligence in the digital world. Risk analysis with the artificial intelligence technique, includes the extra improvements in the field of robotics, job loss from AI, medicinal issues, accountability, supermodels like Sofia all these are the example of risks in the field of artificial intelligence in the future. In this report understand the role of artificial intelligence in the human’s life and its importance in the business marketing.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Organizational Framework: This Artificial Intelligence Assignment assignments has been prepared by our IT experts from top universities which let ensures we deliver reliable IT management assignment help service. Technical Intelligence is the company based in Sydney (technical intelligence, 2005). This company is basically an artificial intelligence company that is used to develop the use of artificial intelligence models. The company currently works on the model of classroom automation. This model is in running stage and involves overall control of security systems, audio or video display, types of lightning, sensor etc.

The company TI introduces the projects on robots and other automation areas. This company uses the software according to the requirements. This company is recognized as the head of ICT in a large logistic organization. TI is having a collection of staff’s approx 200 and also has various branches in the other areas of Australia. This company provides end to end logistic company. The model of classroom automation is a good and defined project for the education system. Students get a large amount of profit through this project.

A great amount of positive feedbacks from the customers for the previous projects improves the development of the classroom model project. The future plan is simplified in two major sectors over the five years are:

  • Marketing strategy for the implementation of the products in the previous models or also in the current models
  • Improvement in the area of Artificial Intelligence in the automation area/ robotics that involves personal programs or healthcare issues

1.2 Objectives and Role: The main purpose of this artificial intelligence assignment is to give the reference of automation technologies in the TI, according to the flexibility of increased in the automation work in the business model with having an eye on the upcoming projects (Velik, 2012).

The main point or the goal of this report is to introduce about the artificial intelligence. This report also gives a brief notation on the automation area and their usefulness in the market. It also delivers the future scope of the company and the project model over five years that will take benefit from the ICT abilities to perform an advantage over the company's competitor.

Therefore, the above-mentioned features are the key objectives and rules for the development of the company.

1.3 Methodology: In order to study the concept of artificial intelligence, various journals, articles, reports and case papers have been used. Further, a wide search on the internet has also been carried out to learn about the current situation and future of the technologies as well.

1.4 Outline of the Report: The artificial intelligence assignment includes a widened study about artificial intelligence and its role in the logistics solutions. Further, five different types of AI has been used in this regards as well. In addition to investigating various examples in Australia and other areas across the globe, the project studies the contribution of AI across various industry fields. On the other hand, the report also proposes three AI-based applications for the chosen organization as well. Lastly, the report develops a list of recommendations in relation to the overall study.

2.0 Key Terminology
2. 1 Artificial Intelligence: This artificial intelligence assignment explores the use of machines that helps human for work in the business. It is a branch of science that deals with the use of machines which finds solution to multi-faceted problems in a more human-like style.

This usually includes the borrowing characteristics from human intelligence and applying them as algorithms in a computer-friendly manner. There are various different programs are introduced by the government for improving the works of artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence, 2018). Company use these government policies for the improvement or the development of the company

2.2 Automation: Automation is basically an allocation of human control purpose to control technological tools. Automation is the use of control systems and in arranges knowledge dropping the need for human involvement (Automation, 2018).

3.0 Current Application:
3.1 Reason or the Importance of AI: It is noted that Artificial Intelligence is an important part of the digital world. Computers are basically well used in performing automatic working out, using fixed program rules. This makes the artificial intelligence tools to execute simple droning tasks professionally and is also dependable in nature (Artificial Intelligence - Overview, 2018).

3.2 The Five Different Types of Applications Using AI: There are some applications of artificial intelligence are as follows:

  • Professional Arrangement
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Words Acknowledgment
  • Computer Apparition
  • Robotics

Professional Arrangement: Professional Arrangement of a computer program is designed to react as a professional in a particular province. Theses professional arrangement is presently considered to support experts and not to replace the work. These arrangements are used in different areas like medical analysis, chemical examination and geographical explorations etc.

Natural Language Processing: Natural language processing terms as the language used in the technology should be understandable by the humans and the natural generation languages.

Words Acknowledgment: The basic method of interaction between the humans is the fetching of words. The main objective of words acknowledgment is to understand the methods and the concepts of the humans. Computers do not understand common languages, therefore to make a computer understand these acknowledgments of words this application is very important.

Computer Application: Computer application or the vision is used to sense their environment. The main object of this application is to give the vision to the computer to sense the things and these features are helping to make the computer understandable.

Robotics: Robotics is one of the biggest examples of Artificial Intelligence. A robot is classified as an electronic device that works on the algorithms or the commands of the programmer. Human tasks and the multi-functions are done by the programmed electronic device called robots. This is an interesting project of the Artificial Intelligence (McCarthy, 2007).

3.3 Uses of AI in logistics operations: There are three uses of AI in logistic operation are defined as follows:

  1. Harnessing data
  2. Customs Brokerage
  3. Predictive Analytics

Harnessing Data: A clear concept of testing or analyzing the data from the supply chain is identified by the method of harnessing data. It is well-known fact that a high amount of data is analyzed that supply chain generates on daily basis. This information may be structured or in the informed manner, artificial intelligence will make these enable to the logistics of the industries to exploit it (How can Machine Learning boost your predictive analytics?, 2018).

Customer Brokerage: The AI can computerize and go faster to the brokerage of the procedure in civilizing the boundary of error and generate more charge economy.

Predictive analytics: It is a form of go forward analytics that uses both new and chronological data to predict activity, performance, and trends. It involves being relevant arithmetical analysis method (Patrick, 2018).

All these operations that service that service the transport, warehousing, manufacturing and mining industries.

4.0 Market Opportunities for TI
4.1 New Markets (Asia): Asia is recognized as a growing market that promotes artificial intelligence. It is noted that the use of the TI as can successfully expand into the nation and shall gain a lot of competitive edge factors with the help of the AI technologies. In addition to enhancing system automation, the technology enables fastening of operational processes as well. Further, the firm can successfully take of employee shortage situations. The integration of AI in the company shall also contribute towards enhancing product quality.

On the other hand, in countries like China, the government has taken a deep interest in investing towards increasing the presence of AI across the nation. It is noted that there exists a huge potential for business development in the market. Being a large country, firms tend to enhance building up competitive edges over rivals. This can be seen as an opportunity of AI in the nation.

4.2 Organizational Learning and Problem-Solving: Artificial Intelligence is a field of study dedicated to complex problem-solving. Learning in the area of AI is machine learning and its approaches. Deep learning is also one of the main features of the artificial intelligence. TI as a business can gain a lot from the features of the artificial intelligence, which are, involvement in the game factors, Image colorization is also included in the artificial intelligence feature, connections with transport systems, Generating images by text is also an example of artificial intelligence.

Speech or words, images, videos all are related to the artificial intelligence. Language issues and other kinds of reinforcements of learning generate the future of the artificial intelligence. There are various research has been organized for the wellness of the future scope of the AI. This is another factor that will act as an opportunity for TI.

The computer vision is also an important application of the artificial intelligence. This feature has many different kinds of tasks like image generation, image captions, image style transfers etc.

Artificial intelligence is all about the study of super-human style performance of the computer electronic device. Deep learning refers to the super-human quality on simple perceptual tasks. To understand human performance and estimate the followings are used for the device performance like object detection, face detection and emotional classification, food re-organization, activity reorganization, and the computer visions are examples of the artificial intelligence (Future of Artificial Intelligence – AI Scope and Career Opportunities, 2018). It is noted that all these characteristics shall significantly contribute towards enhancing systems and operational processes of the organization. Additionally, future scope of improved speech, voice and image quality with the improved electronic device will be taken into consideration by the management of TI for business growth and development. The personal assistants will become more personal and context awareness. More and more systems will run exactly on point.

5.0 Advantages and Disadvantages
The company's strength in artificial intelligence is to introduce the new and modern featured models. The artificial intelligence assignment analyzes the needs and then develops the solution with the help of artificial intelligence. The working and introduction of the devices in this digital world for the collaborations of the systems enhance the artificial intelligence. This type of system is analyzed in the company present scenario. There are various different programs are introduced by the government to improve the works of artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence assignment reviews government policies for the improvement or the development of the company. All the growth including the development of workers is dependent on the enhancement of the employee (Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence, 2018).

This technology is used in the internal market for reducing the hard work of the people. This technology introduces the era of digitalization in the market. The digital market is easy to use and fast to respond. This makes the system in a good and in a great way for the improvement of the knowledge of the new technologies (Technology and Innovation for the Future of Production:Accelerating Value Creation, 2017).

There are some advantages and disadvantages are described below:

5.1 Advantages

  1. They will almost certainly be more and more used in the ground of medication
  2. Knowledge-based expert system, which can cross-reference symptoms and disease will greatly improve the accuracy of diagnostics.
  3. Object reorganization will also be a great aid to doctors,
  4. Along with image from X-ray machines, they will be able to get a preliminary analysis of those images.
  5. This, of course, will be possible only if people solve lawful questions that arise by giving power to a machine to control or influence the health of a human.
  6. Improvement in the digital world
  7. Make multiple profits by producing a number of products.
  8. Reduce hard works of the common employees.

5.2 Disadvantage

  1. Excess use of electronic devices
  2. Low physical work, improve deceases
  3. Hazardous to use the more electronic devices for the children
  4. Create a gap between the human relations
  5. Radiations and harmful materials harm the environment.
  6. Chances of more radio-active decease problems.

6.0 Risk Analysis
6.1 Positive and Negative Views: There are some positive and negative views of artificial intelligence (The Positive and Negative Effects of Artificial Intelligence on Our Lives, 2018). Positive scenario is to take the company and the individuals in the digital world. Low-cost problems in doing any electronic programs. This artificial intelligence study introduced a good and powerful study for improving the work stamina and reducing human pressure. However, at the same time, there are some negative points also that concerned about the features of the system of AI. The negative impact of this study is the negativity of the minds of people to not work. Physical work is dropping down, which is harmful to the human health. The connection or the interaction between the people keeps going less. People have no times for others and take their decision individuals. These are the things which create negative impacts because of the excess use of Artificial intelligence.

6.2 Safety, Social and Ethical Deliberation: The Safety, social and the ethical consideration is very important for the human life security. There are some findings are allocated in the table below with problem types, causes and their responses (Dignum, 2018).


Problem Types







Noise Pollution

Bad infrastructure design at the workplace

Separation of humans during the process

Proficient and Individual service




Immediacy to humans

Operating Surroundings


Over ascription of human uniqueness

No new sensor developed

Design approach reducing size, mass and forces.

 Mutual and personnel management


Mental Health



Safety principles

Authority and power limiting

Separation and speed supervising using nearness sensor.


Table: Risk Analysis

6.3 Other Risks: There are some other risks in the use of artificial intelligence are described below:

Safety: The safety of the human life is very important and one of the important risk in the digital world of artificial intelligence. Safety is necessary for the use of electronic devices, however, these devices emit harmful radiations. Theses harmful radiations are hazards for the human health and also increase harmful radiations in the environment.

Lawful: All the works should be legal in the concerned with government policies. There are various discussions that raised the case of artificial intelligence and its use in the market. The government has made some rules and values and some limits for everything. Excess use of this gives harmful effects. During any wrong thing, the government has to take actions. Therefore, to use the work legally is very important.

Both this risk issues need to be taken care of by the management of TI business for the better results in the production as well as in the international market level (Application of Artificial Intelligence to Risk Analysis for Forested Ecosystems, 2018).

7.0 Conclusion
The main motive of this assignment is to give the reference to the organization AI and to its management about the improvement of automation in the company in the market field. This artificial intelligence assignment describes all the issues of the artificial intelligence. The importance of artificial intelligence in the market and its uses. This report also describes the features of using digital devices and their usefulness in common lives. However, the harmfulness of the electronic devices and the excess use of it are also introduced.

This artificial intelligence assignment describes the role and the path to develop the technology in the market. A new introduction of artificial intelligence devices in the company TI improves the work efficiency. The enhancement of the company depends on the introduction of new technologies. These technologies help the company man for multiple productions at a single time.

The expansion of the company is based on the improvement of the dependencies of work on the machine. It gives relaxation to the people from the work and performs the task is a fast and ten time more speeds. This study gives both the positive and the negative points. It also encourages the gap between the interactions of the people.

The risk management is also very important while using artificial intelligence models. The concerned about the benefits and the security of the persons is also introduced in this report. The government policies and their limits are described and thus, this is also very important for the development of the technology in the company on the international market.

Therefore, this concludes that the excess use of the technology is harmful. This artificial intelligence assignment also explores the limited use of this study generates a good environment and produce a large amount of production in the company.

8.0 Recommendations
8.1 Market Expansion: It is recommended that the firm needs to undertake extensive marketing and advertising in order to ensure successful business expansion into nations like Japan and China. Further, the management of TI should also involve in organizing training sessions for the employees of the firm. This will help to enhance their technical know-how and thereby will allow the firm to integrate AI in a proper manner. Further, the production and sales department is suggested to learn about the needs and demands of the people in the two countries and thereby increase production and sales operations accordingly.

8.2 Implementation of AI: On the basis of this assignment, there are some recommendations that are recommended that TI Company and follow the strategies.

  1. To use artificial intelligence technique, there are some importance measures should be follow like the safety, security and the limitation of the devices.
  2. To improve the TI Company, use of automation is necessary. Therefore, use proper planning should be needed for the better result.
  3. Automation techniques are use to improve the digital world.
  4. Use legal policies and insure of the government limitations of the material use.
  5. Invest in development artificial intelligence programs. And commands to improvements of the electronic devices like robots.
  6. Use of three uses of AI in logistic operation are defined as follows:
    • Harnessing data
    • Customs brokerage
    • Predictive analytics
  7. Use of applications Professional Arrangement
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Words Acknowledgment
    • Computer Apparition
    • Robotics

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