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Artificial Intelligence Assignment: Revolution of Voice Assistant "SIRI"


Assessment Details:

Write a report on current trends on technological innovation and disruptive technologies. Identify few examples of current trends in technological innovation and then focus the report on one innovation in detail. In addition, identify one company that is using that technological innovation for its competitive advantage and discuss in detail its application. You must be able to identify and synthesise relevant information. You should examine and critically evaluate the most relevant, recent and scholarly research on a topic (in this case, current trends on technological innovation). Write the report by following the structure: an introduction, a series of body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

In this assessment, you will have to complete the following tasks:

a. Inthe introduction, you will have to define technological innovation, current technological trends and emerging technological trends in business, Identify examples of current technological trends and emerging technological trends on technological innovation and describe in brief about those trends. You can provide many examples.

b. In the body of the paragraphs, you will have to identify one current technological trend of your choice and discuss in detail about that technological innovation. In addition, you will have to identify a company that uses that technological innovation for its competitive advantage and discuss in detail its application, Furthermore, you will have to discuss the role/influence (both positive and negative) of that technological innovation in business and society. For this part of the assessments, you will have to conduct literature search from current and credible resources to describe one latest innovative technology useful for business information system.

c. In concluding paragraph, you will have summarise and link the arguments presented in the body to form sound and logical conclusions.


Executive Summary
As per the research on artificial intelligence assignment, technology 'innovation' is controlling the lives of people worldwide. Many industries have been developing and using 'innovative' technologies in simplifying and sustaining the operational processes. It has been practiced from the time of innovating computer devices, using the internet, developing software, digital advancement, social networks, generating 'renewable' energies with advanced devices, and working with "Artificial Intelligence". The development and implementation of "AI" in our lives make daily tasks fast and convenient. The following report on artificial intelligence assignment will analyze the evolution and usage of "AI" in different industries. The report on artificial intelligence assignment will also shed light on the revolution of 'voice assistant', "SIRI", and how it generates benefits to "Apple Inc." The report on artificial intelligence assignment will draw lines on the positive, negative, and beneficial aspect of "AI" through understanding the usage of 'voice assistants' like "SIRI".


Technological ‘Innovation’
Technological 'Innovation' has been practiced from many decades to increase market competition and expand business revenue. It started as a breakthrough from the existing conventional structure within a company or to an individual by implementing technological aspect in planning or building a product/service. It has been proven in the artificial intelligence assignment that 'organizational innovation' mostly related to technological advancement, and it is effective for 'export performance' (Azar & Ciabuschi, 2017). Performance and service growth will increase competition among contemporary organizations.

Some of the earlier examples of technological 'innovation' noted in the artificial intelligence assignment can be the internet connection, cell phone, software for office works, 'photovoltaic' solar power, digital photography, 'RFID' implementation in the retail industry, social media, etcetera. All these innovations have made the human's life more convenient and easier. However, technological ‘innovation’ is not always related to technology; it related to the innovative planning of an organization or a group to plan for acquiring better practice. There are four types of technological 'innovation' widely followed by the world – 'Incremental', 'Disruptive', 'Radical', and 'Architectural'.

Current and Emerging ‘Technological Trend’ in the Business with Examples
Among the different types of technological 'innovation', 'disruptive' innovation is being considered the trending in the current scenario. It makes an organization or a group of people plan for a new market by innovating a new product/service. The systematic and technological 'innovation' in the different industry ensures sustainable growth and competency according to the current trend (Antikainen & Valkokari, 2016). Big organizations, such as “Amazon”, “Google”, and “Facebook” are the significant example of achieving ‘disruptive’ innovation in providing innovative services to a new market segment.

Some of the current ‘technological trends’ in the present scenario of artificial intelligence assignment are,

Emerging ‘Technological Trends’


“Artificial Intelligence” (AI)

It is stated in the artificial intelligence assignment that the implementation of “AI” technology has been widespread by different ‘operating’ systems, such as ‘iOS’, ‘Android’, and ‘Google’. Different computer devices, applications and websites have been implementing ‘machine learning’ technology to achieve high-quality “AI”, which helps in identifying files, images, searches faster than human brains.

“Blockchain” Technology

In the recent data breaching incidents, "Blockchain" technology has been implemented to make secure transaction and data documentation. It can be used in 'supply chain', public and private sectors, and payment operations with specific networks to maintain the transaction process secure without any external interference.

'5G Network.'

In the recent scenario, "VR" and "AR" technology develops a 'virtual reality' scenario to its users. Apart from gaming purpose, the "VR" technology used in the various training process in the US' Army', 'Navy' and 'Coast Guard' ship captains. As per the research on artificial intelligence assignment, the viral game called "Pokemon Go” is the example of using “AR” technology with high-quality augmentation in reality.

‘Autonomous’ Device

Technologies such as, ‘drones’, ‘robots’, machines, and even vehicles become automated. The implementation of “AI” to make the functions related to these devices automated an alternative of any human control. The more development makes these devices natural and acceptable to the environment.


The enhancement and implementation of "Cybersecurity" are needed in providing secure access to the network. The security systems, such as ‘Antispyware’ and ‘Antivirus’ creates a security ‘firewall’ to prevent any external hacking or breaching.

Table 1: Example of Emerging ‘Technology Trend’ and their Details

Identification of a ‘Technological Trend’ from Current Practices and its Overview
The current artificial intelligence assignment will discuss the innovation and development of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) as a part of technological ‘innovation’ in the current situation. It is a successful interference of scientific theories and computer technology in making an innovative program that acts as a human brain, solves problem faster than human and present errorless results. The implementation of "AI" is useful in various industries apart from the computer and mobile operators. It has been used in the medical sector, 'security process', and even as an employee. However, the increasing usage and development of "AI" technology make the management employees fear of losing their jobs (Hmoud & Laszlo, 2019). It is no doubt that the introduction of "AI" has been fastened many crucial jobs accurately without any human supervision. It is evident in the artificial intelligence assignment that some of the common industries that have been using "AI" in acquiring operations are "Information Technology", 'retail', 'financial services', 'health care', 'education', 'logistics' and 'media'.


Fig 1: Adoption Rate of “AI” in Different Industries (Priceonomics Data Studio, 2017)

In the field of a medical emergency, the implementation of "AI" makes the 'deep learning', 'machine learning' and 'natural learning' smooth to acquire vital information from 'big data' which can be a practical approach towards 'precision medicine' (Xu, et al., 2019). It helps in translating “cancer genomics”, providing accurate algorithms, and digitalizes the treatment procedure. On the other hand, the implementation of “AI” in education field is one of the most effective innovations. The in-depth researches on artificial intelligence assignment show that the application of “AIEd" helps in providing administrative and academic services, personalization of education programs, and resolving the critical problems in higher education (Zawacki-Richter, et al., 2019). Many universities and colleges have been implemented “AI” in their official websites to help their students remotely to solve their problems.


Fig 2: Application Categorization of “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) (ContractStandards Blog, 2016)

Apart from other fields, the implementation of "AI" with the help of 'machine learning' technology has been successfully made in the mobile and computer operating systems. The availability of "AI" in a mobile form is itself a complicated process. Various mobile functions, such as 'GPS' technology, tracking, and navigation, have been developed by using "AI" (Jin, et al., 2018). Herein artificial intelligence assignment, it I s mentioned that it has been achieved by implementing sensors and 'mobile intelligence' to make the system well versed. In modern development, the technology developers have managed to turn the "AI" application into 'voice assistants' in different operating devices (McLean & Osei-Frimpong, 2019). It is influential and beneficial in reducing search time, increasing more engagement with the user, and provides an extensive result. Some of the emerging and popular “AI” ‘voice assistants’ are, “Alexa” from ‘Amazon’, “SIRI” from ‘Apple Inc.’, “Cortana” by ‘Microsoft’ and “Google Assistant” on ‘Android’ devices.

Identification of a Company that uses the Identified 'Technological Trend' and its Application Details
The current report on artificial intelligence assignment discusses the technological ‘innovation’ and current ‘technological trend’ will be analyzing the planning and business benefits after launching ‘voice assistant’ “SIRI” by ‘Apple Inc.’. 'Apple Inc.' has launched the first 'voice assistant' in 2009 by implementing "AI" and 'machine learning' technology, which become widespread to a large number of audiences. It is currently available on Apple’s ‘iPhone’, ‘iPad’, ‘Apple Watch’, ‘iPod’, and ‘MacBook’, as the ‘voice assistant’ of “iOS”. It is fast and capable of identifying files, images, links, and other important documents from both offline and online. Users are experiencing like working in a group by using "SIRI" in exchanging important information, sending messages and retrieving information from the internet daily. The building of this technology is very natural, and human-like gesture makes the users feel comfortable and make a convenient conversation (Guzman, 2016). Unlike the 'voice assistants' from 'Google' and 'Amazon', "SIRI" is capable of continuing a natural conversation with its users.

The operations of “AI” in different devices are not as advanced as the 'voice assistants' on mobile. Various 'automated' vehicle developers are looking forward to developing a personalize 'voice assistant', like "SIRI" to make the 'machine learning' program advanced (Brachman, et al., 2020). "Apple Inc." has integrated its "AI" technology so advance that the other industries are looking forward to adopting this program in making their system. The beneficial factors of "SIRI" illustrated in this artificial intelligence assignment make its competence among the contemporary market.

Competitive Functions of “SIRI” from ‘Apple Inc.’

Beneficial Factors

‘Everyday Task’

“SIRI” makes the search process and ‘everyday tasks’ less time consuming and more convenient. It provides details on app reviews to internet searches in an interactive manner. The ‘algorithm culture’, and voice personalization of “SIRI” makes the transparency and trust factor stronger than other conventional ‘voice assistants’ (Phan, 2017).

‘Calls and Messages’

“SIRI” allows the users to take calls and open messages without ‘lifting finger’. The ‘voice recognition’ system in ‘Apple’ devices makes the users conduct various regular activities without putting extra effort. It gives competition to the contemporary companies in developing their “AI” programs more natural like ‘Apple’.

‘Home’ Explorer

The home exploration with the help of ‘voice assistants’ is the current ‘technology trend’. Users ask questions, control the home function, and conduct verbal interaction with advanced ‘voice assistants’ (Hoy, 2018). The exploration with 'voice assistant' also includes the daily 'to-do' list, sending emails and messages, or even just enquiring information from the internet. The natural-like feature of "SIRI" makes it more advanced and acceptable than other brands.

Diverse Language

One of the most compelling features of "SIRI" which differentiates it from others is its language diversity. It gives a fierce competition to other brands as it is more globally acceptable and diverse.

Table 2: Competitive Advantages of “AI”, “SIRI” from ‘Apple Inc.’

Role/Influential Factor of the Identified ‘Technological Trend’: Positive and Negative Factors
The ‘technology advancement’ and ‘innovation’ are planning and developed for people to achieve their daily works fast and accurate. However, the development and implementation of "AI" technology in mobile devices can have both positive and negative influence. On the one hand, "SIRI" provides online searches and interactive session with the users. On the other hand, the users can be harmed with unintentional recording, privacy disclose and data breaching from the 'voice assistant' (Burbach, et al., 2019). The studies utilized to develop this artificial intelligence assignment have found that the cost factor is not the main concerning aspect of 'voice assistants'; it is the security and privacy level. The potential positive and negative influence from the 'voice assistant' "SIRI" from 'Apple' can be,

Positive Influence’

‘Negative Influence’

  • The natural-like interaction capability of "SIRI" offers various self-development activities, such as improving communication skills and speech by making conversation with "SIRI". It is helpful for new employees or managers in boosting their confidence before attending the actual meeting.
  • In the societal aspect, unlike other brand's 'voice assistant', "SIRI" provides an extensive option for choosing the gender of the assistant, its ethnicity and language. It builds trusts and transparency for the users to communicate with “SIRI” freely (Jesionowski, 2019).
  • “AI” implementation no doubt makes the challenging and crucial works fast and smooth. It saves human effort largely in conducting any critical work.
  • The augmented ‘chatbots’ technology from “AI” development in "SIRI" makes business influences on the consumers. It increases business exposure, enhance insights from the consumer, and 'upsell' and 'cross-sell' to the audience.
  • In the societal aspect, "SIRI" can make a negative impact on teenagers who suffers from loneliness. They often considered as talking to "SIRI" as human interaction and sometimes they use abusive language unintentionally. It can influence them on their behaviour towards real people.
  • The increasing ‘technology advancement’ makes people to utilize at a high level. The natural program of “SIRI” makes it more human-like than other conventional ‘voice assistants’. Studies indicated that the quality and enhancement of “AI” technology like “SIRI” acquires trust of the users easily (Nasirian, et al., 2017). It makes the users share sensitive information while interacting with “SIRI”, which can be saved by the device without making any awareness.
  • The continuous development of “AI” makes the program more human-friendly and human-like. As machines like “AI” cannot complain about repetitive works or feel tiredness, it can reduce human resources in many industries. The fear of losing a job because of the advancement of "AI" will be a substantial threat in the near future.

Table 3: Positive and Negative Influence of “AI” and ‘voice assistant’ like “SIRI” on Business and Society

What are the ‘Disruptive Technologies’ in Business and Society mentioned within this artificial intelligence assignment?
The development and optimization of 'disruptive technologies' makes a significant effect on both business and society. The investigation on artificial intelligence assignment signifies that the planning and innovation of new technologies instead of revamping the existing technologies generate more value in the market as it creates a new market and enhances the economic structure and output. Some of the revolutionary ‘disruptive technologies’ noted herein artificial intelligence assignment can be – electricity, television, telecommunication networks in the past. In the scenario, there are hundreds of ‘disruptive technologies’ has been invented, ‘e-commerce’ business, ‘social media’, ‘digital’ devices, ‘internet’, electronic gadgets, 3D print, advanced medical equipment, ‘cybersecurity’, “virtual reality”, etcetera. The rethinking process in expanding the existing market or an innovative business decision depends on various factors, such as 'corporate social responsibility' (CSR), 'circular economy', and sustainable practice (Roobeek & De Ritter, 2016). People and consumers are looking forward to experiencing new innovative services/products. The businesses are also generating 'disruptive technologies' to secure their market competency.

Two of the most integrated ‘disruptive technologies’ mentioned in the present context of artificial intelligence assignment are – “AI” and “Blockchain” technology, which can rephrase the existing working, interaction and societal culture (Dinh & Thai, 2018). The importance of 'disruptive technologies' is the improvement of existing technology and increase the boundary of the development. The business factor, "AI" implementation has generated numerous benefits and fastens the operational processes with a human-like approach. In the societal perspective, the appropriate usage of "AI" can save additional working effort, and save a significant amount of time. It is also beneficial for the growing personality of an individual in achieving their goals or makes any business more visible to a vast number of audiences. The growth that the 'disruptive technologies' generates is comprises of problem-solving factors and new opportunities.


Fig 3: Growth and Importance of ‘Disruptive Technologies’ (Kim & Mauborgne, 2019)


The arguments raised on this artificial intelligence assignment artificial signifies that the implementation of "AI" makes arguments on achieving faster result than human brains and providing errorless information. On the other hand, it also questions the security and privacy of a device while interacting with 'voice assistant' on a personal level. The competition is if the developers generate more advance "AI" technology, it can tackle complex and crucial works easily. Users are becoming more dependable on using 'innovative' technologies, including the current trends – "AI". However, like any other technology, it is essential to educate ourselves with the potential risks and appropriate usage of these innovations. Effective implementation of 'disruptive innovation' can make a business achieving sky-height success.

Logical Discussion on artificial intelligence assignment
Technology ‘innovation’ is significant from the perspective of both social and business. It makes breakthroughs with improved technologies for a completely new market and increases the economic output. In the current situation as portrayed in the artificial intelligence assignment, the development of some of the revolutionary technologies, such as "Artificial Intelligence", "Blockchain" technology, 'Cybersecurity', 'Internet of Things' (IoT), 'Automated' devices, "Virtual Reality" and "Virtual Augmentation" can secure a significant amount of opportunities in sustaining the economic structure. It will also help the users in developing their knowledge and skills to improve their personality and behavior. Despite having some security issues due to the high exposure in some of these technologies, it is essential to wisely treat the innovations and productively make the most of it.


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