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An Annotated Bibliography on Impact of Facebook on Business Communication



Select ten journal articles related to the impact of facebook on business communication and prepare an annotated bibliography.


Article 1:
Chin, C. P. Y., Evans, N., Choo, K. K. R., & Tan, F. B. (2015, July). What Influences Employees to Use Enterprise Social Networks? A Socio-Technical Perspective. In PACIS (p. 54).

The researchers are associated with the University of South Australia and the School of Business at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. The major objective of the article on business communication is to analysis the use of enterprise social networks or ESN to increase the engagement of the employees and betterment the practice of knowledge sharing within the company. The study is aiming to use this new type of social platform and the utility of this new social platform in the large Australian community. The study informed that the implementation of the ESN will improve the technological, social, organisational, individual and compatibility of the employees of any business organisation. Though, Burke and Kraut (2016) have verified Facebook to be a valuable tool for external business communication. It can be stated that the utilisation of the platform of social media like Facebook will improve the overall communication system inside any business organisation.

Article 2:
Haddud, A., Dugger, J. C., & Gill, P. (2016). Exploring the impact of internal social media usage on employee engagement. Journal of Social Media for Organizations, 3(1), 1-23.

The researchers are from the department of business in Southwest Minnesota State University, School of Technology Studies at Eastern Michigan University and Robert Bosch LLC. The main platform of knowledge sharing and collaboration is using an internal application of social media. The researchers have stated that the enterprising of internal social media usage will improve the performance of the organisation and also bring a positive change in the workforce of the company. Their subject matter was an organisation situated in North America. Through their research, researchers informed that the making use of social media platforms for internal business communication is very much associate with better self-competencies, entrepreneurship, accepting behaviour towards changes and communication. Although, according to article 7 Facebook can also encourage staying healthy efficiently to the consumers. In the conclusion, it is established that the research supported the facts of exercising social media like Facebook by signifying the betterments.

Article 3:
Weber, M. S., & Shi, W. (2017). Enterprise social media. The international encyclopedia of organizational communication, 1-9.

The researchers are an associate professor of Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota and the School of Information Technology st the Carleton University. The main purpose of the research is to interpret the usage and the utility and calculate the possible amount of practice in social media platforms for the progress of the organisation. They informed audience that the business organisation is using Facebook as their internal communication tool among their employees so they could connect, exchange information and socialise with their colleagues. Due to the issues regarding social media communication many organisation has built proprietary social media that can be only used by their employees to communicate internally. But in the article, article 10 Facebook is capable of efficient external business communication by converting data into an interesting way. The advantages of using Facebook as an internal business communication system are still proving to be relevant.

Article 4:
Andersson, R. (2019). Employee communication responsibility: its antecedents and implications for strategic communication management. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 13(1), 60-75.

The researcher is associated with the Department of Strategic Communication at Lund University in Helsingborg in Sweden. The main aim of the research is to fill the gap of the lack of definition in the department of strategic communication regarding communication responsibility. The researcher gathered the required information from 4726 employees who were working in ten different organisations. Half the number of them was used to investigate the various factors and others were used to apply the testing of structural equation modelling. The research informed that openness in the atmosphere of internal communication; supervision and managerial level of communication will improve communication responsibility and increase employee engagements. Though according to article 8 Facebook can be used for promotion, advertisements and delivering information to the consumers. Therefore it can be said that Facebook can be the perfect platform for internal communication in the form of business communication to increase employee engagement.

Article 5:
Gunawan, J., & Gunawan, F. E. (2019). Factors that influence employees’ intention to use enterprise social media as knowledge sharing media. CommIT (Communication and Information Technology) Journal, 13(2).

The researchers are associated with the Bina Nusantara University in Indonesia and Binus University in Jakarta, respectively. The main aim of the research was to discover the factors that are the most influential while the employees are using social media communication. They have collected information through survey method from 374 participants. After they had used the Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM) to interpret and process the collected data to reach the conclusion which is professed usefulness and enjoyment are the two most influential factors of the internal business communication among the employees of any organisation. They informed audiences that professed enjoyment is the most influential factor among the above mentioned two. Though Bekoglu and Onayli (2016), Facebook can be used as a digital marketing tool as well. It can be said that Facebook fulfilling all the criteria therefore become one of the most coveted internal business communication platforms.

Article 6:
Burke, M., & Kraut, R. E. (2016). The relationship between Facebook use and well-being depends on communication type and tie strength. Journal of computer-mediated communication, 21(4), 265-281.

The researchers are associated with Facebook as computer scientists in the department of Human-Computer Interaction and Tepper School of Business and School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Their main objective of the research is to enterprise the information that the use of social media platforms is related to individual well beings both mentally and emotionally. This will help people to feel the belongingness, investing in social relationships, being compassionate and supportive. They also inform to the audience that communicating with the targeted trusted audience grow their belief in the products. It is always more trustable to having a recommendation from a trusted well-known tie that any other form of advertisement. So, with one click on Facebook, any organisation can get more business than any other way. Though Gunawan and Gunawan (2019), has mentioned it is used for enjoyment but here the research showed that it can be used as an external business communication platform.

Article 7:
Kite, J., Foley, B. C., Grunseit, A. C., & Freeman, B. (2016). Please like me: Facebook and public health communication. PloS one, 11(9).

The researchers are associated with the Prevention Research Collaboration, School of Public Health, Charles Perkins Centre and the University of Sydney at Sydney in Australia. The major goal of the study is to recognize the features that are posted by the health organisations of Australia which get the maximum user engagements. The private health organisation in Australia is using the Facebook platform to promote health and campaign required behavioural changes and activities to get more attention from the people to reach more of them. They surveyed private health organisations’ Facebook pages in Australia to conduct their research. Their report informed audience that Facebook posts with videos have the most number of views, but this could be the result of the in-build algorithms of Facebook. Although, Andersson (2019) proved that social media like Facebook will increase internal business communication, not only that this study proves that it can also grab the attention of external sources.

Article 8:
Ureña, G. V., Murillo, D. H., Murillo, N. H., & Garza, F. M. (2015). Purposes of the communication between companies and their Facebook followers. Revista Latina de Comunicación Social, 70(1), 110-121.

The researchers are related to the Monterey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico. The main objective of the study is to interpret Facebook as one of the sources of important information regarding the communication between the Mexican telecommunication companies and followers. They have informed audience that those social networking sites are instigating more curiosity due to the unexplored possibilities of new opportunities and challenges regarding the platform among the business community in Mexico. They analysed 2000 posts to reach the conclusion, among them 1000 were made by the telecommunication organisation and the other 1000 were posted by the followers of the company. From the study they had concluded that the company uses Facebook to promote, advertise or for public relations, while the users use it for complaining purpose, getting information and stating incidents. Though Weber and Shi (2017), have proven that Facebook can use for internal business communication for the betterment of the company.

Article 9:
Bekoglu, F. B., & Onayli, C. (2016). Strategic approach in social media marketing and a study on successful Facebook cases. European Scientific Journal, 12(7), 261-274

The researchers are associated with Dogus University in Turkey and Goldsmith’s University of London in England. The technological development in the digital field has affected marketing as well as the strategies planned by the business organisation. The major objective of the study is to inform audience that the enterprises are using a magnet strategy where they will be interacting with their consumers through applications, competitions and surveys and megaphone strategies where they will be using advertisements and videos on their Facebook pages. The new approach and the strategies for the campaign of digital marketing are developed by business organisations. The most desired marketing tool is Facebook pages to the consumers and the business owners according to their research. Although Haddud, Duggar and Gil (2016), stated that it is also an effective tool for increasing employee engagement through internal business communication. But the author also mentioned the lack of data as a disadvantage.

Article 10:
Salloum, S. A., Al-Emran, M., & Shaalan, K. (2017). Mining text in news channels: a case study from Facebook. International Journal of Information Technology and Language Studies, 1(1), 1-9.

The researchers are associated with the Department of Engineering and IT at the British University in Dubai, the University of Fujairah in Fujairah in UAE and the Department of Computer Systems and Software Engineering in University Malaysia Pahang at Pahang in Malaysia. The researchers tried to inform the audience that the praising node of text can be created by the ample amount of use on Facebook. The use of Facebook is spreading worldwide with the advancement of the digital technology market. The organisations have also been opting for the digital marketing platform to reach their consumers rather than the traditional marketing ways. The total of 33815 posts is analysed from 16 different channels in the study. Therefore, it is proven that the platform can affect people in advantage of any business organisation. Although, Chin, Evans, Chu and tan (2015) state that it is also capable of successful internal business communication in any business organisation.


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