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   Free sample   Analyzing the marketing activities at woodhouse recruitment

Analyzing the marketing activities at Woodhouse Recruitment


Task: Discuss the issues related to the present business process at Woodhouse Recruitment. Explain the significance of continuous improvement and innovation. Discuss the methods used by Woodhouse Recruitment to market its business


Woodhouse Recruitment: An overview

In 2010, Woodhouse Recruitment was established as a recruitment agency. It extends services related to all aspects of recruitment and selection, including screening and sourcing of potential candidates.The Company was established by a couple named Simon and Petra James, the directors of the Company.

Present business process

Many recruitment processes are involved in the Company's business to place potential candidates in companies expanding globally. The employees of the Woodhouse Recruitment consist of an administration manager, a receptionist, and five recruitment consultants, along with two more consultants who are being hired. As a result, the services of the Company are availed by at least 30 loyal clients regularly.

Issues related to the present business process at Woodhouse Recruitment

The present issues related to the Company's business process are mentioned below.

Service standards: There is no clear definition of the service standards followed by the Company mentioned anywhere.The lack of clear service standards blocks the candidates associated with the recruitment agency.

Social media: The Company has not adopted social media platforms to attract candidates.

Key performance indicators: No clear performance measurement techniques can be used to measure the key performance indicators. The key performance indicators of the candidates who passed the recruitment process cannot be measured.

Sustainability: No sustainability initiative has been adopted at the Woodhouse Recruitment to make it more sustainable in the future.

Staff professional development: No performance appraisal system is applicable in the Company, and there is a shortage of professional knowledge among the consultants. The Company does not perform any activity related to professional development.

Significance and need for continuous improvement and innovation at Woodhouse Recruitment

After analyzing the present issues related to the Company's business process, it can be said that Woodhouse Recruitment requires continuous improvement and innovation.The Company has to take various initiatives to remain competitive and survive within the industry. Continuous improvement and innovation are two vital components of competition, and continuous improvement helps to find out the issues at the primary level so that they can be resolved instantly. The process also helps to change company policies and procedures to accommodate the changing needs of employees and the industry. The innovations help the Company to remain competitive and look for sustainable options.

Opportunities available at Woodhouse Recruitment and its different aspects

Woodhouse Recruitment has several opportunities and trends that can help improve its business processes. The option of using a social media platform can greatly help strategies its online presence.It can also contact colleges and universities and perform a recruitment drive for students willing to work professionally instead of further studies.These days recruitment agencies are conducting online recruitment, screening, interviews and tests, and Woodhouse Recruitment can use these trends to develop its services and consider the candidate's convenience.

To put into action innovation and continuous improvement in the Company, there is a need to analyze the different aspects related to the agency. Analyzing the aspects will help to identify the issues and determine the areas for improvement. These aspects are:

Operations: The business of the Company revolves around recruitment, that is, selection, screening, and sourcing of recruits in appropriate organizations.

Supply chain: The Company’s supply chain comprises its employees.The receptionist addresses calls and enquiries related to candidates and other companies. The administration manager is responsible for checking the complete administration and functioning of the Company.The five consultants help in the recruitment process. The thirty fixed clients regularly use the Company's service to make recruitments. The supply chain of Woodhouse Recruitment is small, but it is effective.

Service delivery:The type of candidates appearing for the recruitment process decides the quality of the service delivered by the Company. More able candidates get selected in 3-4 rounds of the process in companiesthat take Woodhouse Recruitment services.

Segments requiring development and additional measures

The above evaluation makes it clear that the Company's present system requires much development and measures to make it more effective.Woodhouse Recruitment can make use of the following measures to improve its operations:

  • Designing activities for professional development
  • Imparting training and executing programs that can increase professional knowledge
  • Adopting social media strategies to reach a large number of candidates and companies
  • Building performance metrics and standards to evaluate the performance of employees

A few things are working for the Company, like the work of the consultants and the loyal clients it maintains. But certain things are not going well for the Company, like the low number of consultants, lack of strategies to attract potential clients and candidates, and lack of online presence. As a result, the Company must thoroughly promote itself online and offline.

Recommendations for Woodhouse Recruitment

The Company needs to adhere to certain recommendations that can help it remain in the business and achieve sustainability.

  • Begin the usage of digital media
  • Increase online presence through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Adopting innovations and technical advancements to change the working process

• Hire recruitment consultants with relevant professional knowledge, experience and adequate communication skills.

  • Designing training programs to enhance professional development

Innovative business ideas adopted by different recruitment agencies

Many recruitment agencies in Australia have adopted continuous improvement measures and innovations to remain competitive.

JobSerach:The Company has used social media to attract the candidate's attention. The Company widely uses Instagram to shortlist prospective candidates.

SEEK:It has increased its product line by giving education and trainingand offering jobs in different sectors like defense, accounting, government, healthcare, sales, etc.In addition, the Company has been using Facebook to facilitate the hiring process.

Action plan for continuous improvement and innovation



Resources needed



Building website


Microsoft Office, Internet

Between members of the technical team

Enhanced publicity

Blog writing


Microsoft Office, Internet

Between the content writers

Enhanced publicity and increased number of candidates

Connecting with social media platforms


Microsoft Office, Internet

Between members of the PR team

Enhanced publicity and increased number of candidates

Finding candidates


Microsoft Office, Internet

Between members of the HR team

Enhanced publicity and increased number of candidates

Profile screening


Microsoft Office, Internet

Between the consultants


Executing change management programs



Between staff members and HR

Improving knowledge

Engaging trainer for PDP


Monetary allowance for trainer

Between the directors and the HR

Improving knowledge

Beginning the training program


Cabin for training, tools and equipment for presentation

Between staff members and HR

Improving knowledge and personal development

Assessing the usage of social media


Microsoft Office, tools, internet

Between the HR, directors and technical staff

Candidate connected with the agency

Assessing the result of PDP


Microsoft Office, tools, internet

Between the HR and directors

Acquiring professional consultants


After analyzing the business process at Woodhouse Recruitment, it can be stated that the Company has to make changes in different aspects of its operations. The Company has to adopt continuous improvement and innovation to enhance the client experience and attract more candidates. The Company's low performance is its ineffective online presence and lack of knowledgeable professionals. Woodhouse Recruitment needs to use social media strategies, increase the number of recruitment consultants and provide proper training to professionals, along with initiating programs for professional development to enhance its performance in the industry.


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