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An Article on Multimodality in Clouds over Sidra


Task: Provide an analysis of the Multimodality in the clouds over Sidra.


This report assesses clouds over Sidra concepts and their association between the concepts of relationship and communication which covers the aspect further than the notion of the language is termed as multimodality. Because of the new advancements and technologies in the communication and various modifications in the social conditions the concept of communication has changed to cope up with the new conditions. Thus, the concept of multimodality has become very significant in understanding, implementation and further analysis in the region of academic research. To implement this sort of evaluation of the different types of methods, tools and procedures should be adopted (Machin 2016). As per the clouds over Sidra, modern models of communication include the use of text and messages has created the rise of serious problems in the semiotic interaction in various linguistic mediums. If taken an example, the methods like display of visual arts along with the audio background, cinematography, page design, dress designing, signs, and gestures have succumbed to the changes which have happened in the dynamic society. This cloud over the Sidra report majorly focuses on the virtual reality presentation done by Cloud Over Sidra. In this presentation, the voyage of a young girl named Sidra by reckoning the modest methods of multimodality.

Clouds over Sidra

How to determine Multimodality on Clouds over Sidra?
As per the comments on clouds over Sidra by Within (2016), the brief video named Clouds Over Sidra, which is made under the production of the company named VRSE which is managed by Koblin and Chris Milk. The character Sidra is a 12-year-old Syrian girl who describes her experience of living outside of her homeland. In the whole duration of the video Sidra discusses to the viewers about every aspect of her life form the very part of her birth to the present-day experience i.e. the experience of being a refugee in the camp of Jordan ( 2016). The major characteristics of this video are that this documentary is recorded in a 360-degree Virtual reality format. The total length of the video is 8 minutes. It was commented by the viewers that if the video was being recorded in a normal video framework then it could have made a much larger impact. The 360-degree ambiance of the video had provided all the details regarding the surroundings of the viewers. Thus, it was very successful in making a very wholistic communication with its viewers by providing a three-dimensional realistic view. As per the comments made by Within (2016), the best instant in the video relevant to the above-provided context was the scenario when Sidra is watching the television. In this scene, the audience could feel like they are also watching the television along with her. The experiences like this have the potential to affect the minds of the viewers in a very deep way thus raising a lot of emotions in them. In a very short period of time, the viewers and journalist could enjoy the 360-degree virtual reality. It was being stated by Biocca and Levy (2013) the art of storytelling have been now progressed from merely a text narration to excellent experience of senses. The visual was first recorded in a very basic format with very modest audio and video features which was later upgraded by including some attributes like 3 Dimensions, making it more interactive by use of modern gadgets, etc. The added aspects had created a very great impact on the viewers since it had given very realistic and detailed attributes to it (Dunleavy and Dede 2014).

The clouds over Sidra technology emphasises on virtual reality has evolved from just being a video game feature to very relevant communication media. Through the use of this technology, a person could communicate very immense and detailed information regarding his surroundings to the audience. By this technology, the opinion and assessment of the viewer could be influenced and changed to a greater extent. The technology of virtual reality was primarily used to record the surgery of the cancer patient in Britain to provide the public with a live stream of the on-going surgery process from the point of view of a surgeon ( 2016). As per the opinions made by the renowned researcher Kim et al. (2013), the technology of virtual reality could provide the viewer with a more realistic human approach and provide more considerate and associated attributes to it. The viewers could actually experience the actual ambiance there could have been in the Colosseum in the archaic age of 70 AD and also that of modern drastic experiences of the refugees in Jordan from Syria by the new advents and discoveries in the field of virtual reality. Although there are many advancements in this field, the concept of virtual reality is still in a very immature stage. The researchers and the technicians working in this field claim that the viewers could be endorsed with the facility to enjoy the live experience of news, sports, and other such interesting events by the year of 2020. Researchers Karutz and Bailenson (2015) have claimed that video genres like journalism events, ongoing events, and documentary could be made possible to be viewed in the format of virtual reality. It could be thus estimated that the more genre of arts and communication could be conversed more efficiently by incorporating the technologies like interactive virtual reality spaces generated within the clouds over Sidra, and three-dimensional holographic AR projections. By the inclusion of such techniques, the real environment of the recorded video could be imitated in the surroundings of the viewers, whether it is his bedroom, classroom, outdoor, etc. If the technology like 3-dimensional attributes is included in the virtual reality instruments then the user could make a more realistic analysis of the recorded context proving to be a very educational and entertaining experience to the viewer. As per the comments made by the Emma-Ogbangwo et al. (2014), it is the lack of bandwidth and unavailable video processing techniques, which is making it hard to make the transmission of virtual reality videos to the users in their respective houses which if have solved out, would provide unbelievable experience to the viewers. As per the information put forward by the article of (2016), the current providers of the virtual reality content in the market are majorly Oculus Rift and HTC live. The advancements done by these companies are such to the extent that a current breakthrough is expected which could make the viewers feel it by touching it and thus make him perceive the real experience of the condition (refer to Appendix 1). As per the technicians in the field, the audience could experience the digital content provided in the video as though it is really happening in the actual circumstances (Liu, Yin and Zhang 2012).

Although the opinions on clouds over Sidra made by Hardt (2007) makes it clear that the concept of multimodal analysis consists of the inquiry of every aspect of the process of communication. Nevertheless, it majorly provides its emphasis on the type of text messages which consists of various pictorial, symbolic, and semiotic technique of communication so that intact mood and context the person wanted to convey. Various modes and resources of this methodology would be the digital media software and hardware. It also includes some of other technical factors like appropriate sound, type of art used, script, visual graphics, and other image recordings (OHalloran and Smith 2012). The major gestures in the semiotic communication is done by making use of various parts in the human body like face, palm along with the most significant component, which is the message conveyed through audio. The concept of semiotic communication has its own benefits and limitations if considered it in the limits of depth in analysis, either in a collective way or in altogether way, and the challenges face while the installation of the process (Poria et al. 2015). Hence these challenges pertain to the process of semiotic communications the analysis of general principle discussions and the evaluation of the text should be conducted to overcome it. The technique which is mentioned first would lead to a theoretical problem without arriving at a hypothesis or assumption. In this method, the other theoretical traditions are contemplated and are integrated into the current study (Benjamin 1970). The concept of multimodality comes into relevance only if the individual refers to various quality research papers and various customs followed in the related academic field to arrive at the desired outcome. To elucidate the different types of texts used in the form of communication from various general principles, the tool of theoretical generalization is used (Burset, Bosch and Pujola 2016). If looked at the opinion made by the Djonov and Zhao in his research in 2013, the aspect of analytical information bears the highest significance in this tool it is very evident the restrictions present in the process of examining, recording, referring to the researches, etc.

If looked at the video named cloud over Sidra, it is a very brief life story. The video could not have been acquired that much impact if it was posted on a social media platform like YouTube or Facebook. The major challenge before the producers of the video was to somehow generate a brief video clip which would be way different from other generic videos but retain a great relevance in its content by telling a very simple story which could affect all the viewers at a very emotional level (Kaiser 2016). Hence to make the clip an extraordinary one, the tactic of the multimodal approach. To follow this, they had posted this video on many relevant websites and Virtual reality platforms with high surrounding audio (Kiros, Salakhutdinov and Zemel 2014). The approach of the third person narrating the whole context had made the video different apart from all other videos. Although the term third person is very figurative since Sidra herself had explained all of the context and conditions in the background audio which had created a much more influence on the viewers in a very emotional way. This approach was adopted since the real emotion or feeling regarding the relevant situations could only be depicted by the first person and would be more effective than the narration of any other skilled narrator (Taylor, 2013). As a part of augmenting the impact on the viewers, the organizers and directors of the video, i.e. Chris Malik and Gabo Arora had incorporated the attributes of Virtual Reality, the move which actually have boosted the influence of the video clouds over Sidra. Although the tempting part of the clouds over Sidra's video is the sound of the 12-year-old girl. It is so convincing that the viewers would slip into the high emotional turmoil the instance he hears the narration (Wall and Crevecoeur 2016). Many clouds over Sidra reviewers had found some sections of the clouds over the Sidra video very impactful (Bateman 2013). Those moments constitute the sections like at that of 0:52 when the narrator herself narrates her unhygienic condition she is being exposed to in the refugee camp. This condition could be analyzed by the viewer by looking around the surroundings using the Virtual Reality gear. The maximum use of the virtual reality is also displayed in the sections between 3:16 to 4:13 where the habits enjoyed by the men in the refugee camp are mentioned by Sidra. Since this, a real-life documentary a very minimal amount of editing is done on the video clip which has actually provided a sense of reality among the viewers (Ohanian and Phillips 2013).

In this clouds over Sidra report on the clouds over Sidra it was observed that the tool of multimodal analysis is very significant and bears a lot of scope in the field of communication. Not only limited to the practical application, but the concept of multimodal is also very significant and relevant in the academical field. Because of the new advents and discoveries in the technologies, now the filmmakers could include multimodal semiotics into their form of art. The piece of communication could be augmented more by referring further to the research paper in the relevant field. The use of various gadgets along with the efficient implementation of Augmented reality and virtual reality would provide the viewer with a very unforgettable clouds over Sidra experience.clouds over Sidra assignments are being prepared by our information technology assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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