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Advertising Management Assignment of Virgin Airlines


Task: An effective advertising strategy requires an understanding of consumer insights. In order to gain consumer insights, students will develop skills related to designing and undertaking in-depth interviews, and collecting, analysing and interpreting qualitative data.

Graham (2010, p. 146) notes: The old adage says, “Consumers don’t buy features; consumers buy benefits.” Some researchers maintain that this is not the end of the story - that benefits are frequently not an end in themselves, but merely a means to achieving some valued end state (e.g., self-esteem, social belonging, etc.) that is important to the consumer. In other words, we might rewrite the adage to read: “Consumers buy features (attributes) that bring them benefits (consequences) that get them closer to a valued end state (values).”

The major goal of the interview is to examine how people make choices between brands, what attributes are important, and what benefit(s) and/or value(s) they receive from buying the product. The laddering technique is one way to explore the associations among attributes, consequences, and values. It is important to note that you need to use the laddering technique to prompt the consumer to tell you key attributes, benefits, and values. The laddering technique will be discussed in lecture and tutorial sessions.

Each student is to conduct several semi-structured interviews (about 30-45 minutes) on a product category (and brand) with people (2-4 adults) of their choice (e.g., friends, co-workers, or family members). Students are to prepare the interview questions (self- prepared) in advance. Students need to provide their respondents with a participant information sheet and a consent form for them to sign prior to participating once, they understand requirements.

During the interview, it is important that students take notes. Don’t write down everything; just jot down important information. An audio-recording is useful as it enables students to listen back to the whole interview, especially when the notes are not clear enough for analysis. Participants need to be informed of this (audio recording) prior to taking part. Upon interview completion, students should analyse the self-prepared interview questions and how three major components - attributes, consequences, and values - are associated (Reynolds & Gutman, 1988). Students are to then write up a report for submission of the assessment. Students also need to submit the signed interview consent forms with their final report.


Executive summary/abstract
The emphasis has placed in this study of advertising management assignment connecting with the idea of advertisement management of the company Virgin Airlines. Communication guide and engagement follows the idea of systematic assistance so that the company can able to generate its corrective implementation procedure. Moreover, the effective communication technique follows the coordinated service assistance based on the long term work engagement and follow-up. The appropriate service engagement and concentrating on the interview procedure state the future approaches that correctively access the future planning pathway. The interview procedure helps to find the particular information that constructs the idea related to advertisement management. The advertisement management process needs the appropriate system for decision making so that the corrective work planning for the future assessment can able to structure.

In this advertising management assignment, we will be focusing on the Virgin Airline and its advertising management concentrating on perpetual mapping, consumer insight analysis, and ad analysis. Advertising is an effective way of communication and it manages the variety of services of the Virgin Company. Connecting with the customers and applying the best methods helps to generate the idea of systematic work association. The objective of this research is to find the best way of advertising technique so that Virgin Airline can generate its growth and development. The scope of the report is managing the advertisement prospect by engaging with the correct customers from the market. The importance of the research follows the idea of service convenience to the customers that engage effectively with organizational development.

Virgin Airlines in advertising management assignment

Method The in-depth interview has arranged in this segment to generate the major idea concentrating on the future scope of the organization. The pre-scheduled and self-prepared interview will help to take out some of the informative information so that the proper pathway and information involvement can able to construct in this aspect. The data collection procedure will focus on the primary research technique so that the overall information can support future information prospect (Nolet et al. 2015). The face to face interview will generate the idea about creating and structuring the appropriate advertising management prospect for the Virgin Airline. The interviewee is 25 years old and connecting with the interview prospect by taking data from the crew members of the airlines' sector. The appropriate knowledge related to the advertising management and follows the useful criteria based on future planning and implementation pathway has been structured in this segment.

Converted the raw interview data into ladders
The raw material needs to be constructed in a better manner so that further investigation can able to generate systematically. Concentrating and applying proper knowledge and take out the information which is necessary for the research can generate a better idea about the entire aspect (Morrison and Fakih, 2017). The management-related various factors along with the members' views have also stated in this aspect. During this interview, the psychological aspects also need to follow so that the standard information assistance and management pathway can able to generate in this aspect as well. The handful of information needs to strategically consider so that the applicable work prospect while managing the future information can process adequately.

A set of summary codes
The summery codes and the further evaluation concentrates on the idea of the in-depth, individual interview so that it can support the corrective information based on consequences, attributes, and values. Concentrating on the applicable values and generating the supportive information segment follows the idea of the service segment and different managerial practices that the Virgin Airline has considered. The directive work planning structure and follows the area of segmentation helps to coordinate with the entire aspect that builds the measurement and customer value related perception as well. The directive work planning and engaging with the systematic information follow-up correlates with prior knowledge about the services that help to state the further information channeling segment (Morrison and Fakih, 2017). The applicable possibilities and medium of the organization can also provide major idea about this segment.

Created a hierarchical value map
The hierarchical value map provided in this advertising management assignment concentrates on the idea of a means-end analysis prospect that generates the connection between the market needs and the brand attribute. Focusing on the various attributes of Virgin Airlines that considers the idea of systematic work approaches has concentrated on the overall market need in this segment. The directive work planning and understanding the idea of long term systematic assessment can create structured work planning assessment (Osotio et al. 2015). The value-based acknowledgment consists of the idea of long term work based planning so that the applicable system analysis can able to structure further information as well.

Address key findings
The interview process has helped to provide some informative discussion and a good statement. The information has considered the application framework to build the necessary adjustment with the idea of creating the outcome from the overall process. The informative statement in this process connects with- ‘The price range of ozone depends upon the socioeconomic status of the passenger decides to travel’

Virgin Airlines is one of the most cleaned airlines.
‘The baby-friendly cabin crew help is keeping the situation under control’

‘Customers can also send their messages through comments or queries through E-mail. The support team of Virgin airlines is also available on Twitter’

‘Nowadays, every second person wants to have a social status in-crowd’

‘People who love having luxurious trips and the people belonging to the economy class both can travel with Virgin Airlines’

What is the function of Consumer insight in this advertising management assignment?
The insight has proposed the idea of following appropriate service integration based on the preferences of the customers. The corrective work planning management to generate the different entertainment-based options like TV shows, music, blockbuster movies and massive library (Kelley et al. 2015). For the kids, the arrangement is also effective and the baby-friendly cabin provides suitable service as well.

The insight is quite good as customer management can provide major help in generating the brand value and brand awareness for the other customers. Constructing and managing the effective approaches consists of the idea of creating a suitable association based on the long term service processing and integration (Frennea et al. 2015).

The meaningful insight has been stated the understanding of-

The shocking statement in this segment is the information that connects with the social status of the consumer so they afford the high-class flight for them.

Offer values concentrate on the cleanliness and managing the supportive service engagement based on the future service-based association systematically. The directive planning and integration also take any kind of customer quarry and focuses on the review of them as well (Patterson et al. 2017). The sustainable program also helps to generate a major idea based on the corrective work process and involvement.

The actionable approach will generate from the segment of pre and post service based advertisement so that the Airline can able to generate its market effectiveness.

Managerial implications
Based on the consumer insights and key findings from the interviews depicted in this advertising management assignment, it can be said that the target of the advertising campaign will be the airliner travellers. The target will include not only the travellers who travel for spending holidays or leisure but also the ones travelling for business purposes. The positioning strategy that can be used for the campaign is quality positioning. The interviews have helped to know that Virgin Airlines holds a number of advantages in terms of quality of service, costs and performance. The quality positioning will cause the target population to know about the quality of services and performance provided by Virgin Airlines. Thus, in order to position the superior advantages and communicate them to the target population, the quality position strategy is considered to be suitable. The advertising campaign needs to be directed as B2C (Brand to Customers) (Parviainen et al. 2017). Since, the present day world is greatly inclined towards the use of social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram, the best way to promote the advertising campaign is social media. Social media will assist to reach the advertisements to a large portion of the target population. Besides digital media strategy, the advertisements can also be broadcasted in radios and televisions (Parviainen et al. 2017).

It has been found that the other competitive brands of airlines such as Qantas and Tiger Air have focused on the attributes of comfortable seating and benefits respectively. Thus, in order to meet the competitive needs of the market, the advertising campaign should primarily focus on the quality of service and performance provided by Virgin Airlines which include good booking system, reasonable ticket prices, staff performance, cleanliness, availability of baby friendly crew and customer support. No other brands have focused on the end value of customer retention through loyalty. Thus, the advertising campaign should adopt the creative strategy of using customer retention as the end value. This will help in portraying the loyalty and commitment of the brand in serving its customers. While the other brands have primarily focused on the end value of customer satisfaction, Virgin Airlines should concentrate on customer retention for the advertising campaign.

Limitations The primary limitations of the advertising management assignment research are:

  • Since the qualitative means through interviews was used for collecting the data, it took a lot of time (Taylor et al. 2015)
  • The qualitative method also caused an increase in the budget
  • The findings of the research cannot be generalized for the study of the target population (Taylor et al. 2015)
  • Small size of the sample do not provide all the necessary details for the research

Table 1: A set of ladders that you found from interviews with respect to Virgin Airlines

Easy booking system

Reasonable tickets

Efficiency of staff

Neat and clean

Availability of additional benefits such as baby friendly crew

Customer support

Table 2: A set of summary codes mentioned in this advertising management assignment that reflect attributes, consequences, and values

Attribute 1 (A1)

Booking system

Attribute 2 (A2)

Cost efficiency

Attribute 3 (A3)

Performance of staff

Attribute 4 (A4)

Additional benefits or offers

Value 1 (V1)

Customer retention

Value 2 (V2)

Customer satisfaction

Figure 1: A summary hierarchical value map

A summary hierarchical value map in advertising management assignment

Reference List
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Image 1: Advertisement management system

Advertisement management system Assignment

Image 2: Effective advertisement management system

Effective advertisement management system Assignment

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