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An Overview Of The Administration And Management Of Australian Hardware Training Program


Explain the various Leadership and Management Services for Australian Hardware Training Program.


Introduction: In the assignment the training program which is currently in operation at the organisation of Australian Hardware is discussed. The sales staffs of the organisation go through an induction training program which provided to them by an external agency known as Turn Your Way Up. After evaluating the staff upon completing their training and development program, it was found that the results were not satisfactory. The whole purpose of the process was not achieved. The assignment will shed light upon the shortcomings of the program which was previously being used and new areas of improvement.

Evaluation of Training Program: After evaluating of the training program results it was observed that there was significant negligence throughout the process. The total number of employees who underwent the training was 367 whereas the actual target was 4000. This means that more than 90% of the employees didn’t undergo training at all. After analysing random data points on the sales model, it was found that the achieved outcome was 45% whereas the company had projected a target of 80% because of the training program. By allowing only 10% of the targeted staff to undergo training the average assessment statistics improved drastically as the result came out to be 90%, which would have been the case if all of the targeted employees had gone through training. After evaluating the post training figures it can be observed that the sales staff did not administer sustainability as a differentiator due to lack of training. This led a major drop in sales as the sales model of Australian Hardware did don’t include important opportunities such as future and primary needs of the customer and the sales staff were not aware of that virtue of erroneous training. To contemplate the economic and corporate stand point of the company it is important to acknowledge the long term asset of organisation and sustainability. As a result by assessing the future and present needs customer satisfaction can be increased which leads to increase in revenue. The senior management will have to intervene with a proposal to rectify said issues. Because the massive loss of performance, an opportunity presents itself to utilise the results of this process as a measure of damage control. It was noted that there was dire need to build long lasting customer relationships. The company has projected a customer satisfaction target of 95% which came out to be only 67%. Since more than 32% of the customers were unaware of the sustainable practices of the company, it was decided that the customer interaction should be increased and the sales staff should tell the customers about the communal and ethical activities of the company. This would result in increased trust by the customers towards the Australian Hardware organisation. The managers were instructed to oversee the employee’s way of interacting with the costumers. The support services were significantly improved and more feedback from the customers was collected.

Training Strategy and Schedule: A successful induction training program for the employees is an important aspect of the long term goals of the company. It proves to be beneficial for the company as well the employees as the revenues go up along with the individual sales targets of the employees. While developing the training program strategy the end goal must always be kept in mind as well as the various objectives. These are:

Maximum participation of sales staff in the training program

  • Sales model and sustainability of the company should be included.
  • Enhance the customer support services
  • Increase in revenue should be observed within a month
  • Customer satisfaction should be a priority
  • Customer should be notified about the ethical practices of the company


Timeframe Activity

Teaching or Assessment


Regular conduction of learning activities

Regular training will result in more participation of staff and resolving issues

A fruitful ratio of trainers to trainees should be maintained.

Practical implementation of the sales model

Visual courses and group activites would increase productivity among the staff

Online support for discussion and information should be provided.

Theoretical application about the company practices, products and competitors.

Theoretical approach would increase the knowledge of the staff about various practices and methods

Regular feedback from managers should be provided

Brief explanation on the sustainability methods on the company

Rotational offline teaching on sustainability practices will increase sales staff's awareness of customers.

Coaches and supplies of course offline

Practical, real-time customer service programs

Offline and online consumer experiences increase satisfaction levels

Digital learning tools and supervisors to track offline

Re-negotiating Training Module: The business environment of recent years is such that, maintaining and negotiating various agreements and policies has become tough to manage to withstand change pressure. To tackle this most of the companies in today’s world try to renegotiate in national and international markets in order to effectively manage the business. Considering the long term goals of the company and the new sales model terms of the agreement between the Australian Hardware and Turn your way up had to be renegotiated. This would result in a better sales staff which would increase revenues.

Service scope: Training the sales staff to make the customers aware of the sustainability practices of the company with the new and improved sales model:

  • Approach the customer and greet them
  • Enthusiastically pass information to the customer about the sustainability practice of the company
  • Pitching of various products and services provided by the company
  • Provide customer support throughout the process
  • Collect the feedback and inform them about the companies ethical behaviour

Service specifications: The new agreement of service between the company and the training agency:



Increasing customer sustainability awareness training

4,000 employees

Training on increasing customer satisfaction

4,000 employees

Financial Terms



Payment Term

Penalty by TYWU to AH for offset costs


Paid to date

Additional bonus payment


Paid on successful completion of training by the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

Service Level Targets


Performance standard and timeframe

Increasing customer sustainability awareness training

4,000 employees by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

Training on increasing customer satisfaction

4,000 employees by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

Average assessment score


Monitoring and supervision




Increasing customer sustainability awareness training

Audit of the training and assessment records

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

Training on increasing customer satisfaction

Line manager and third party reports

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

Average assessment score

Assessment records

Completed by the end of the fourth quarter of FY 2015-16

In conclusion, it is observed that there a lot of scope for improvement in the Australian Hardware’s current business scenario. With the help of proper execution and supervision of the proposed training program from Turn Your Way Up organisation. This program will result in higher revenues and sales, this can be analysed by the checking the data from the end of fourth quarter. Leadership and Management assignments are being prepared by our management assignment help experts from top universities which let us to provide you a reliable assignment help online service.

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