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Impact Of Adidas Marketing Strategy On Consumer Behaviour In United Kingdom Market



I will need 1200 words for introduction chapter And for that I have attached:

  1. Introduction structure
  2. Introduction sample But for Introduction chapter the writer will need the objectives and research questions For that I have attached the final literature review file iso that writer can read and put the objectives and research question on sequence order. Also I have sent the other chapters methodology, results and analysis, discussion chapter, So that it will be easy to write the Introduction chapter. Also here are:

Objective 1: To investigate whether the advertising strategies of Adidas are influential enough remain in the mind of consumers Research

question 1: Explore consumers awareness of Adidas communications?

Objective 2: To identify consumer awareness of the trends of introducing new products that Adidas has undertaken Research

question 2: Rank these product in terms of how new to the market they are?

Objective 3: To evaluate the costumer preferences of marketing channels utilised by Adidas on their potential customers Research

question 3: How does the marketing channels used by Adidas influence customers' retention and loyalty?

Objective 4: To recommend some modifications in the marketing strategies followed by Adidas for improving relationship with consumers Research

question 4: What strategies could be adopted by the company for improving their marketing strategies in order to develop a positive consumer relationship? Please try and put on sequence order in introduction chapter. And Aim also you know.


Chapter 1: Introduction
1.0 Introduction
The present report is focused on analysing the Adidas marketing strategy in a detailed manner. In the competitive market, analysing the needs and wants of the consumers in order to meet them by providing adequate products and services has become a challenging job for the companies. The behaviour and attitude of consumers are likely to undergo tremendous changes with time and changes in social trends (Ramya and Ali, 2016). Marketing strategies play an indispensable role in developing a strong relationship between the customers and the organizations. In this context, this research project has investigated on analysing the impact of the Adidas marketing strategy on consumer behaviour (CB) in the UK market.

The present chapter provides an introductory evaluation of the background of the research along with the explanation of the research aim, objectives and research questions. The reason for conducting the research and the significance of the research is also described.

1.1 Research Background
CB is regarded as one of the most important elements in business organisations. According to Kanten and Darma (2017), the decision-making approaches of the customers fluctuate rapidly. In the sportswear market of the UK, CB is dominated by brand loyalty and brand image of the organisations. It has been identified that the different sportswear brands have maintained a particular purchasing idea among the customers. As different types of brands are revolving with time it is very difficult for the sportswear companies to retain the customers with a single brand. Hence, the sportswear market of the UK is concerned with the decision making of the consumers (Sisodiya and Sharma, 2018). In Adidas, the improvisations of different products such as Adidas originals and Adidas NEO have enabled the organisation to achieve a strong market position. In order to leave a significant impact on the consumers, Adidas in the global context as well as in the UK has adopted different strategic marketing techniques. However, the impact of these marketing strategies are not analysed and therefore, this present research is aimed at the assessment of the impact that the Adidas marketing strategy have on CB.

1.2 Research Aims
The aim of the present research is to investigate the influence of the recent Adidas marketing strategy on CB in the UK market.

1.3 Research Objectives

  • To identify the extent to which the advertising strategies of Adidas are performed in order to have an influential impact on the mind of the consumers
  • To analyse the level of consumer awareness in relation to the trends of new product introduction of Adidas
  • To assess the preferences of the customers regarding the marketing channels used by Adidas
  • To make effective recommendations for the modifications of Adidas’s marketing strategies in order to improve the relationship with the customers.

1.4 Research Questions

  • What is the level of consumer awareness regarding the communications undertaken by Adidas?
  • What are the ranks of different products of Adidas in terms of how new to the market they are?
  • How the level of customer loyalty and customer retention is impacted by the marketing channels used by Adidas?
  • What are changes that can be made by Adidas to improve marketing strategies and build a positive relationship with the consumers?

1.5 Research rationale
Marketing is a business function that is related to the identification of the needs and demands of the customers, production of the goods or services, and the delivery of them to the customers (Ang and Rusli, 2018). However, it has been evidenced that marketing is not only associated with the productivity, engagement of the employees and the application of strategic goals but also relates to the development of a strong relationship with the consumers for positively influencing the CB. Organisations in the sportswear industry in the UK face several risk factors due to the highly competitive market. The Adidas marketing strategy is needed to adopt effective market research in order to lure the attention of the consumers and for choosing proper communication channels and marketing strategies.

In the view of Hassanein et al., (2019) the sportswear or apparel market in the UK usually faces difficulty to understand the decision-making process of the consumers due to the factors such as income background, perception, cultural factors and fashion maintenance. Apart from that, the marketers of the sportswear organisations also fail to identify factors such as customs and tradition that have a significant impact on consumer decision making. Adidas, one of the important sportswear companies in the UK has adopted a number of strategic marketing techniques in order to influence customer behaviour and reduce the impact of the risk factors that negatively impact on CB (Matovi? et al., 2019). The present research, therefore, sheds the light on the impact of the existing Adidas marketing strategy on CB.

1.6 Research significance
The findings of the research are based on the influence of Adidas marketing strategy on CB. The research findings indicate the extent to which different marketing strategies and the choice of marketing channels of the company have a potential impact on the minds of the consumers in the UK market. The changes that are important to be incorporated in the existing Adidas marketing strategy are also identified from the research findings. Therefore, the information gathered from the research process is significant for the marketing personnel of Adidas as well as the whole organisation so that effective measures can be taken to build a strong relationship with the consumers. The research also includes theories regarding marketing strategies and CB and therefore, can guide the researchers investigating similar topics serving as a secondary source of information.

1.7 Literature Review Findings
The literature review section of this research project on Adidas marketing strategy has explored the concept as well as the theories regarding CB and the purchase decision making of the customers in relation to the sportswear markets of the UK (Wang, 2014). The theory of reasoned action and Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory has been identified to impact greatly on the decision making of the customers. Moreover, the preference of the consumers toward the marketing channels has been identified to influence greatly on the changing behaviour (Tuck and Riley, 2017). The association between the concept of customer behaviour and branding in relation to Adidas has been also identified from the literature review. The literature review has found a strong association between the marketing strategies and the relationship between the company and the customers. The literature indicates marketing channels used by sports companies positively influence customer loyalty and retention. However, the effect of consumer decision making on sports apparel companies has not been identified from the literature review which has created a gap in the literature.

1.8 Structure of the dissertation
The present introductory chapter has provided an evaluation of the research background and explained why it is important to conduct this research along with the inclusion of the research aim, objective and research questions. The next chapter of this research project is the literature review that explains the perspectives of different researchers and scholars regarding the topic and identifies the gap in the existing literature. The third chapter of this research is the research methodology, wherein the methodological choices made for conducting the research are described. The fourth chapter of the research project is the results and data analysis and hence the chapter includes the collected data and their analysis. The fifth chapter includes the discussion of the findings as well as the literature review. The last chapter of the research includes the conclusion of the research along with the research limitations and future scope.

Adidas marketing strategy

Figure.1: Structure of the dissertation
(Source: Created by the learner)

Chapter 6: Conclusion and Recommendations
6.1 Conclusion
The research was aimed at the identification of the influence of the Adidas marketing strategy on CB in the UK market. In order to accomplish the aim, a primary research method was applied by the researcher and customers' perspective toward the Adidas marketing strategy was analysed. The literature review conducted in the research has indicated that there is a strong link between the marketing strategies and the communication channels used by the apparel companies in the UK and the purchase decision making processes of the consumers. However, the literature review had failed to explain the extent to which the customer’s behaviours impact on the marketing strategies of the organizations. The findings of this research indicate that the majority of the customers of Adidas are aware of the shoes sold by the company while they have less knowledge regarding other products such as jackets, bags and glasses. Therefore, it has been interpreted that Adidas lacks loyal and retained customers in relation to bags and glasses. From the results, it has been also identified that the customers of Adidas are generally most influenced by the quality and design of the products as well as the brand image, while the impact of the customer service and value for money is much less on the consumer decision making process.

Based on the research findings, it can be said that Adidas lacks brand awareness, customer loyalty and customer retention for selective products and the marketing channels that it uses in order to aware the customers regarding these products are not very efficient. In the view of the majority of the customers of Adidas, provision of good quality products at a lower price and a continuous innovation of the products can help the company in attracting the customers. The findings of this research indicate that Adidas has utilized communication channels such as Facebook, official website, online advertisements and films in order to attract its customers. According to most of the customers, the advertisements were the most interactive initiatives by Adidas and a significant percentage of customers associated Adidas with shoes, while few associated the brand with clothes, reflecting the fact that the company required to increase its brand name and visibility in the clothing lines significantly. Moreover, the majority of the customers rely on the official website for purchasing from Adidas. Adidas can also use creative pages along with the official websites in order to generate creative awareness among the customers and increase the potential of the marketing strategies to influence consumer decision making.

6.2 Linking with Research questions
Research question 1: The first research question of this research was to find out the level of consumer awareness regarding the communications undertaken by the company Adidas in the UK market. This particular question has been addressed in the literature review section as well as the results and data analysis section.

Research question 2: the second research question was to identify the ranks of the products of Adidas in terms of their introduction to the market this particular question has been addressed in the results and data analysis chapter especially in the analysis of the data collected through question number 4 and 8.

Research question 3: The third research question was to identify the way in which Adidas marketing strategy can influence consumer loyalty and retention levels. The literature review section of the research describes the impact of marketing on consumer loyalty and retention in the sportswear market in the UK and thereby has helped in addressing the research question to some extent. Apart from that, the analysis of the data collected with the application of question number 3 and 9 has also helped in addressing the research question.

Research question 4: the fourth research question relates to the identification of the strategies to improve the marketing performance of Adidas and build a strong relationship with the customers. This research question is addressed in the literature review chapter as well as the data analysis section. The analysis of the results relating to question number 6 and 7 has helped in addressing his question.

6.3 What are the valuable recommendations for the case scenario of Adidas marketing strategy?
On the basis of the suggestions made by the customers of Adidas in the Up, the company can be recommended to focus on continuous innovation of its products. In order to enhance the awareness of products such as glasses and bags, the company can take up the Adidas marketing strategy of continuous innovation along with the provision of higher quality at a less price. The positioning of the products as per the preferences of the consumers regarding the quality as well as the communication channels can help Adidas in building a strong relationship with them. As majority of the customers has preferred the official website and online advertisements as a potential communication channel, the company is recommended to focus on upgrading its website with latest information about its various products and concentrate on online advertising strategies to attract customers.

 6.4 Research Limitations
Time constraints can be regarded as one of the major limitations of this present research. Due to the cost limitation, the researcher was unable to access important secondary sources of information. In relation to the research methodology, the choice of only the primary research method and the avoidance of secondary research can be regarded as a limitation of the research. According to Johnston (2017), secondary research helps in gaining a deep insight into the subject of research. Apart from that, the selection of the non-probability sampling technique has increased the chance of research bias in the present research.

6.5 Future Scope of the Study
In the future, the limitations regarding the research methodology can be avoided. Along with the primary research on Adidas marketing strategy, the secondary research method can be applied to collect secondary data. The choice of a probability sampling technique would enhance reliability and reduce the research bias in future research. In future, based on the present findings, research can be conducted to identify the role of the marketing strategies and CB on the financial performance of the organization Adidas.

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