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   Free sample   Adaptation strategies of saint peter restaurant amidst the pandemic a case study

Adaptation Strategies of Saint Peter Restaurant Amidst the Pandemic: A Case Study


Task: How has the pandemic affected the food industry, and what adaptive strategies has Saint Peter Restaurant implemented to thrive amidst these challenges?



The pandemic has disrupted the hospitality industry in various ways. Customers are intrigued towards contact-less orders and payments. Tables in restaurants are reduced to avoid congestion. Moreover, the dine-out culture is getting altered and people are getting more intrigued towards online delivery from restaurants (Mahmood,, 2022). This report aims at exploring how the pandemic has disrupted the food industry.

Business overview

The chose organisation is Saint Peter Restaurant. It is an Australian restaurant that aims at serving seafoods that are sustainable sourced (Saint Peter Restaurant, 2023). The organisation was started by a chef named Josh Niland who is also known as the chief of “gill-to-fin”. The chef observed that, Australian is surrounded by water. Despite this, 70% of the fish is exported by the country (Basam, 2023). He identified the problem and decided to start the restaurant that further aims at sustainable consumption of fish.

Change in operation

The organisational leaders of Saint Peter Restaurant are undertaking a detail-oriented approach while serving their customers. Josh Niland who has opened the site decided to have only 17 people in the room which includes staffs and customers. They have decided to demolish the entire restaurant and make a bar where only 20 people can sit (Boys, 2020). The objective behind initiating such change is to comply to social distancing rules and add value to the lives of customers. Secondly, the organisation is also focused on leveraging an online delivery model.

Business success

Saint Peter Restaurant has changed their business model and have achieved success after the outbreak of the pandemic. They are adding value to the lives of the customers by helping them to enjoy sumptuous meal at the comfort of their house. Such initiatives have helped the restaurant to get listed under the best restaurants in Sydney (Treasure,, 2023). Customers have visited the restaurant after travel restrictions got relaxed. As per their feedback, the seating arrangements were limited. However, the quality of the food was excellent (TripAdvisor, 2023).


Saint Peter Restaurant have changed their operations by limiting seating arrangements and starting online delivery. However, no compromise on the food quality was made. This has increased the satisfaction rate of the firm and it was ranked as one of the best restaurant in Sydney.

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